allie grant

This idea has been bugging me for a while, and I need to write it down because I’m sure I won’t have the time to write it soon:

A supercat college au, where Cat has a terrible older brother (let’s say he’s a senior and she’s a junior) whom she lives with. He’s Katherine’s favorite of course, the ‘golden boy’, the heir of the Grant legacy (because Cat has always struck me as a person from an old-money family). 

Anyway, he’s awful. Not just awful to Cat, but to people in general. They both go to NCU where Cat is studying journalism (against her mother’s wishes because Katherine wanted Cat to be a lawyer, and had planned it since the day Cat was born), and he’s about to finish pre-med, and go to med school. 

So Cat’s brother (let’s call him, Matthew), loves to party and find ridiculous ways to spend his generous trust fund (Cat didn’t get one because she’s a disgrace to the family). He has already almost flunked out of school several times, but a hefty donation or the opening of a Grant Library always gets him out of trouble. (Cat had no such privileges because her mother would gladly see her flunk out of - *shudder* - journalism school. She even had to beg her brother to let her live with him because she couldn’t afford a place on her own.)

But this time Matthew cuts it close and Katherine orders he get a tutor, who is none other than Alex Danvers, science genius. It would all be good and well (Alex seems immune to Matthew’s charm, because the guy is good looking I’ll admit. He’s a freaking Grant.) except Alex brings her younger sister to their study session one day. Kara Danvers.

As soon as Kara walks in Matthew’s whole attitude changes and Cat’s alarms go off because she knows that look. Matthew’s favorite sport is to get sweet, naïve girls to fall in love with him. And Cat can tell from the moment she saw her that Kara was too sweet for her own good.

So she decides to thwart her brother’s plan just to mess with him. Because she hates him. So she befriends Kara, and ends up falling in love with her. But Kara does fall for Matthew, and Cat does everything she can to spare her the pain, to make her understand, but Kara is too naïve to see the truth. So all Cat can do is be there for her. She doesn’t know how many times she’s had to sit in her room with her earphones at maximum volume because Matthew is having sex with Kara in the next room (he’s never cared if she’s in the house or not, always making a big fuss about it – grunting loudly and making the bed creak as loud as he can- just to make her uncomfortable, Cat is sure), and Cat usually couldn’t care less, but this time she does, and it hurts, and she felt her heart break the first time she heard Kara moaning softly in the next room (because Kara always tries to be quiet for her sake, because they’re friends, and it must be so awkward for Cat).

And one day when Matthew brings a girl home that’s clearly not Kara, Cat loses it and yells at him, and slaps him, and actually goes as far as to punch him in his stupid face because how could he do this to Kara. And Matthew punches her back, and leaves her with a black eye. So Cat furiously leaves the house, and walks to her favorite coffee shop (where she writes all her articles), and just sits there and cries. And it is past closing time but she’s friends with the owner and he tells her she can stay as long as she’d like, while bringing her some hot chocolate. They talk for a while, Cat calms down somewhat and decides to leave because surely the owner has some other stuff to do.

While she’s aimlessly walking around, she runs into Kara who is astoundingly concerned for her when she notices her black eye. Cat avoids her, doesn’t want to tell her that it was Matthew who did it, because she’s still trying to protect Kara from the pain she know her brother will inflict on her anyway. But Kara will not let Cat leave until she explains everything, so Cat pushes her away, but boy is Kara stubborn, and so, so pushy. And so, so pretty in the moonlight so Cat selfishly goes back to Kara’s apartment, and lets her tend to her wound.

And finally she tells Kara the truth. Cat half-expected Kara not to believe her. To start making excuses for Matthew but, to her surprise, Kara is enraged at the whole situation and vows to break up with him immediately. Cat cries for the millionth time that evening and falls asleep with Kara’s arms around her.

Matthew is furious that Kara broke up with him of course, and blames it all on Cat. He’s hell-bent on making her life impossible but it’s not so easy anymore since Cat is barely home. She spends almost all of her time at Kara’s, and they strike up a deep friendship very quickly.

It doesn’t take long for it to become a relationship, and Cat has never been happier. Matthew finds out, and is so enraged that he outs his sister to her mother, kicking her out of the house. Katherine immediately cuts Cat off as well, just one year away from graduation. Cat is devastated, but Kara immediately takes her in, and doesn’t let her succumb into despair. Cat gets a job and a scholarship, and manages to graduate at the top of her class. And later gets a job as Perry White’s assistant.

All in all, this is the reason she had to build CatCo from scratch. Except in this universe Kara was always at her side, and their love was the thing that kept her grounded and made her immensely happy.


OKAY this is a fucking gem, if you haven’t already seen it YOU SHOULD. Aside from being a hilariously well-written monologue, Calista is cute af and pretty damn hot in those leather pants, also Rachel Dratch is brilliant and the makeup artist who did that is fucking amazing??!? 

Ugh a young Calista just does things to me this shouldn’t be legal also how good she still looks at 52 shouldn’t be legal either and GAWD she should just always wear leather because damn.