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D-Day, Gold Beach: at centre and right, two members of No.3 (Misc) Tp, L/Cpls ‘Envers’ (Hans Engel) and ‘Moody’ (Kurt Meyer), debrief civilians at St Aubin-sur-Mer; at left is Capt Wilmot, intelligence officer of No.48 (RM) Cdo, to which they were attached. ‘Moody’ was killed on 13 June during the defence of the Orne bridgehead, and ‘Envers’ was wounded on 19 August. Note that both wear the skeleton version of the brown canvas assault jerkin; the ball sticking out of 'Envers’’ right chest pouch is the end of one of the London Underground spring-loaded handgrips which they carried as coshes.
(IWM B 5223)

Photo & caption featured in Osprey Elite • 142 No.10 (Inter-Allied) Commando 1942-45 Britain’s Secret Commando by Nick van der Bijl BEM

Bloom (4/?)

It’s nice for the latest edition of The Happiest Pregnancy Ever! In this chapter, Belle and Killian discuss Gideon’s magic, leading Killian to freak out about what it might mean for his unborn child. Good thing he has Emma there, right?

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Chapter 4: Magic

There were many things that Killian believed the denizens of the Land Without Magic took for granted. Warm running water, the machines that kept the air cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and the sheer availability of everything – clothing, food, and information. The first time he’d stumbled across the food market, he’d marveled at the options. He could purchase fresh fruit and vegetables out of season, and there were spices from all over the world that cost barely any coin. Even better, he could use the magic box and “google”, as Emma and the boy called it, a variety of recipes which he could then follow in the kitchen. He still preferred books to the Google, but he marveled at how easily he could find information cobbled together by experts on this matter or that. 

It was his quest for more information by means of books that drove Killian to the library. He had a few texts tucked under his arm to return, and was intent on gathering more. Besides, he hadn’t spoken properly with Belle in a number of days, and he was eager to catch up with his friend. Unfortunately, when Killian entered the library, he found a mess of books scattered across the floor flung around the room, a shelf knocked haphazardly to its side.

Worry pricked at him, and he found himself reaching for the cutlass at his hip. It technically wasn’t proper regulation for the Sheriff’s deputy to carry a sword, but that was not a concession he was willing to make. Despite wearing the star of law enforcement, Killian was still a pirate, forever and always. A sword he would carry. He set down his stack of books, giving him free motion with his hooked arm. Should anything attack, he would be prepared.

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The Only Thing I Love More Than Accepting People For Who They Are Is Telling Them What To Wear When They're In My Presence

Ask Amy, 2 September 2014:

DEAR AMY: I’m very accepting of same-sex marriage, and my wife’s sister is married to another woman. But this woman is very masculine in appearance, and intentionally so–as she seems not at all bothered when waiters at restaurants address her as “sir.” She has short, straight hair, uses no makeup, walks and dresses like a man, and doesn’t even own a skirt. She is so “butch” that I’m uncomfortable being seen with her. Is it asking too much for a woman –any woman– to at least display some feminine traits when with friends or relatives in public? – Right … or Judgmental?

Dear Right … or Judgmental?,

Look, I know you–a super-accommodating champion of LGBTQ rights who doesn’t actively oppose gay marriage and so is therefore the pinnacle of human tolerance and an authority on the subject of being the most accepting dude of all time–don’t want to play the gender police, but if you don’t ensure that whatever you imagine people’s genitalia looks like directly correlates to whatever you imagine their gender identity to be, who will?

All you’re asking is for the ability to dictate to another adult human being that they wear clothes they don’t want to wear, and affect mannerisms they don’t want to affect, in order to ensure you don’t feel weird in front of the server at Olive Garden.

With that in mind, I want to get straight to the crux of the question in your signature: are you right to demand that other people adhere to socially mandated outward signifiers of gender identity in your presence?

ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY! Man God created delicate lady helpers to complement and serve Man People like you, the extremely important boss of everyone. The whole entire population of planet earth anxiously awaits your ruling on how they should act and dress in your presence, lest a pair of slacks singularly usher in the end of everything you have ever known or held dear. After all, what if someone thinks your sister-in-law is a man, and then they saw you hanging out with your sister-in-law, thinking she was a man that you were hanging out with????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

When people defy gender norms in public, as if they have any right to a self-determined gender presentation or the wardrobe of their choosing, those who suffer most are the dudes they’re related to by marriage, because logically, flowers rainbows ballet unicorns dresses TOOLS BRICKS TRUCKS PANTS, clearly.

Oh sure, butch-presenting women, femme-presenting men, trans, queer and other gender non-conforming folks are frequently sexually harassed, assaulted and/or shamed both by other members of the public and by the police, politicians and elected officials who have ostensibly been tasked with advocating for and protecting them, but the real victim here is yoooOoooOoooOOOoooUUUuuUUUUuuu, a man-man whose manly manitude is wholly predicated on the sartorial subjugation of other adult humans according to culturally, geographically and temporally variable gender norms that have shifted, and continue to shift, significantly over tens of thousands of years of human history.

Have your wife craft a bedazzled menu of approved “feminine” traits from which your sister-in-law can choose (you wouldn’t do this, naturally, because DIRTBIKES BUD LIGHT FOOTBALL BUKOWSKI), and inform her that you won’t be seen in public with her unless she starts playing pretty princess for you. The situation should quickly resolve itself.

I’d Do Anything For You (Demetri Volturi Imagine)

Request:  Imagine Demetri having a wife in his human life and finding her with gold eyes, allied with the Cullens. Perhaps with a happy ending? Where he switched diets? 

2nd Request From rosa-berberifolia: Could I pretty please have a Demetri imagine? He needs more recognition for being total eye candy!! 

(Y/N) P.O.V 

I am a friend of the Cullens so when they asked me witness as Renesmee not being an immortal child I took their side right away. So now here we are standing in front of the Volturi. Even though my loyalty lies with the Cullens I feel a pull towards a member of the Volturi. No I can’t be with one of them I always told myself never to get a mate after the death of my husband Demetri, well I think he’s dead now I haven’t seen him in like what 1,000 years. 

As I look at the Volturi and their witnesses I see Demetri with red eyes looking into my eyes. No he drinks from HUMANS. Humans have never done anything to us, I mean all vampires were once human. Ever since I woke up from my transformation I’ve always and I mean always drank  from animal’s. 

Demetri P.O.V 

(Y/N). She’s here and a vampire, but she’s standing with the Cullens, and she has gold eyes. She drinks from ANIMALS. I mean her eyes are beautiful and all but does she have to drink from animals. But I still feel a pull towards her my mate. After a century of not being with my wife it feels so good to se her gorgeous face again. 

At the end of the confrontation with the Cullens I stayed and so did (Y/N).

“Your still stunning” I told her.

“And you drink from humans. What have humans ever done to you. You know you were once a human too” She started yelling at me. 

“I’ll change my diet if I have too, to be with you again” I told her.

“And what about your coven” She asked. 

“I’ll leave. I’d do anything for you” I told her. She then ran up and hugged my oh how I love her scent. “I love you” I said.

“I love you too” She said.

WOW. I like had a Demetri feels attack(if that’s a real thing) writing this. Hope you liked it Anon and  rosa-berberifolia

~Admin Madz