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❀ i’ll probably do abt three bullet points per character, but if i ever get a request for one character’s boyfriend/girlfriend headcanons, i’d do abt five ❀

♡ allies ♡

America / Alfred F. Jones

‣ He loves to surprise his significant other with date nights every once in a while, but they may only consist of staying in and binge watching old 90′s movies.

‣ He loves to sing in the car and will expect his significant other to join him in a duet every once in a while. He also enjoys holding hands with his s/o while driving, which could be a bit dangerous because he’ll only have one hand on the wheel.

‣ He likes to show off his relationship on social media every once in a while, so his s/o should expect many selfies of the two of them being posted to Instagram and Twitter. If his s/o is uncomfortable, however, he’ll keep the selfies to a minimum.

England / Arthur Kirkland

‣ A romantic date to him would be going to a quaint coffee shop and reading a book with his significant other or just going on a quiet stroll throughout the park.

‣ He loves to give his s/o kisses on their hands and arms. If they’re just sitting down on the couch, relaxing, he may grab their hand out of the blue and leave kisses on their wrist and knuckles.

‣ He may leave notes for his s/o, reminding them how much he adores them and how he treasures them.

France / Francis Bonnefoy

‣ Francis, being the romantic type that he is, would take his significant other out on dates at least once a week. These dates would consist of moonlit picnics, balcony dinners, or going dancing.

‣ He would love to cook for his s/o, especially if they let him cook let breakfast in the morning.

‣ He’d bring up thoughts about the future frequently with them. He would inquire about whether or not they would want to be married or have children or move in with him. He wouldn’t be asking because planned on asking them to marry him anytime soon (unless he thought they were both ready to take that next step) but because he is genuinely curious.

Canada / Matthew Williams

‣ Matthew would take his significant other ice skating or to a hockey game if they liked the sport. Those are the kinds of dates he thinks are best for him to connect with his s/o and get to have fun with them. However, he will probably let them decide the dates most of the time since he wants them to have a good time with him.

‣ He’s the type to send his s/o sweet good morning messages and the type to constantly ask them how they’re doing. He’d send them lovely messages, telling them that he was wishing them well throughout the day and that he hoped the stayed safe.

‣ He loves being affectionate with his s/o, though he is very shy about it. Even if they’re just chilling on the couch, he’ll cautiously place his arm around their shoulders and softly play with their hair.

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I really want to believe that they're still talking, but i've been 2 years in the army and it's the same bond: you live together cry, poop, shower, laugh, miss home together and i love these girls to death but now we're finished and everyone kinda just got back to their old home-life and we barely talk. And it's okay. I know the love and the memories are still there but it's hard to keep in contact. I want to believe it's the situation with the girls

It’s not so much the fact that they don’t talk as much anymore that bothers me, it’s the fact that in the billboard interview Camila was made to say that she reached out and was ignored by the girls, that’s where it’s different. If only a few days after you left the army in good terms one of your friends called you, would you ignore her? Camila and Dinah were still incredibly close just days before before Camila left, Normani cried at Camila’s last concert with them, Ally cried five times during the last concert of the tour and Lauren even went as far as finding the courage to tell Camila how pretty fucking “Dope” she is - they all knew she was leaving, obviously all that had already played out long before, so any resentment towards her leaving was already dealt with for the most part, so why would they stop talking to Camila and ignore her? That doesn’t make any sense! So maybe they don’t talk as much anymore but the friendship is definitely still there, no feud is actually happening, it’s just the medias trying to create a story they can use, and having Camila and the girls fighting will sell a lot more magazines than them being happy and supportive of each other - that’s the insanely stupid world we live in…
A Yellow Rose in Box Five Chapter 11: An Eight-Foot-Wide World, a phantom of the opera fanfic | FanFiction
Why yes, that's *exactly* what you think it is

A Yellow Rose in Box Five has updated, on FFN and on AO3! :DD

Read that summary thing again after finishing the chapter, it’ll make more sense

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I didn’t know you were a Jedi... | Cassian Andor

Pairing: ReaderxCassian

Warnings: None really

Word Count: 1179

Summary: Cassian finds out you are a Jedi. 

You are not particularly proud of your status as a Jedi. Not that there is anything wrong with it, per se, but after twenty years of hiding (you were the one youngling not at the temple when Anakin came to kill all of you), the appeal of it faded. The first ten years were spent with Obi-Wan, attempting to get yours skill from padawan to master as quickly as possible. But when Luke was 10, and curious about ‘Old Ben’, you were required to disappear in the night. The Force surrounded you too strongly. 

So you had left, sneaking off to Alderaan. Leia was fully aware of the Jedi and the Force, but not necessarily of her past. So her father and mother were your best allies for the next five years, as you continued to train in pieces here and there. 

But then the Rebel Alliance got even more involved, with more cells popping up around the Galaxy. And that required you to abandon the Organa’s homeland, quickly moving to Yavin4. There you hid your Jedi status and helped the best you could. Mon Mothma knew of your past, and quickly helped you cover your previous life as much as she could. If Anakin knew you had escaped the killing, he would be after you. 

A year after being on the base, you met the one-and-only Cassian Andor. You had heard of him, but he worked mostly out of random cells throughout the Galaxy, rarely coming to Yavin4. However, he had been finally stationed, officially, on base. You were (and still are) Mon Mothma’s assistant. That boils down to you doing whatever she tells you to do.

On that particular day, it was greeting the Intelligence Officer and showing him to his quarters. 

The Captain was awfully quiet and stern the whole time, driving you crazy. For all the wonderful things he has done for the Rebellion, you expected someone much more jovial. Or at someone who replied to you in more than one word, for Maker’s sake. 

Over the next year, the two of you interacted increasingly more. From brief passings in the hall to full-blown conversations in the mess hall, slowly but surely, he began to talk more. 

However, your Force visions, once calmed, were rampant at night once you met him. You had vivid dreams of Cassian being hurt or captured. And almost every time you had one of these dreams, he came back from his mission injured or without all of the intel. Just most of it. 

It terrified you as you felt more and more of a pull towards Cassian. It didn’t take long for you to realize it was something in the strange ways of the Force, but still. Were you intended to protect him? Intended to love him? Were you Force bonded? What was it?

But here you stand, three years after that, two years after admitting your feelings towards him (leaving the whole visions and Force stuff out), wide-eyed as Cassian stares at the lightsaber on his bed. More specifically, your lightsaber. The smooth silver metal looking jagged in comparison to the even smoother metal box you stored it in. You swear you hid it well enough so that only you could find it. Cassian is a very, very curious man and occasionally ends finding stuff you swore you hid before. 

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