allie are you laughing at me again


Request:  Hey :D I wanted to say thank you for doing the LJ imagine for me! It was great! I was wondering if you could do a part two, that would be awesome! I know you just did that one so take your time :) thank you again.

Requested By: @imaginesforthepeople

Part One

He petted your hair softly, murmuring in your ear as you cried. He held you, cradling you in that dark ally, shielding you from the world. Even a jokester like him knew nothing could help ease your pain. Your body shuttered violently against the cold wind, your torn clothes exposing yourself to the night. You shook so hard and cried so painfully you thought you might actually break into a thousand pieces in this strange mans arms. You couldn’t explain why after everything you just went through, you trusted him. You’d think the idea of being in an unknown mans arms would make you retch, but you didn’t. You felt safe, whether it be because he did in fact save you, or something a little more subconscious, you were okay. He noticed you beginning to shiver and touched your arms a little stronger.

“Come, darling. Let me take you inside.” His voice was rough but kind, like he genuinely cared for you. He spoke small, as to not frighten you. When he went to lift you up, you cried out weakly, still stunned and scared. He pulled you up the rest of the way and laid your arms around his neck, he gently grabbed your back and legs, lifting you up. You whimpered again, burying your face in his neck.

“Shh, its alright, Im going to take you inside, fix you right up.” He whispered.

You didn’t realize how long you both had been walking for, until you raised your head and saw the sun peaking out over the mountains.

“Were here” He giggled, turning and walking through the big iron gates of an amusement park. It was all broken down and dusty, but he seemed right at home. You didn’t say a word, only looked around at what was before you. He only walked a few more minutes once inside the park, until he came to a small little rickety house. He walked up the steps quietly, gently kicking the door open with his foot, and walked you over to a small couch by the front windows. He bent over to softly lay you down, being careful of your now very colorful bruises.

“Easy does it,” He said softly, standing back up to look at you “I’ll be right back sweetheart.”

He returned the next minute with blankets and pillows, grinning widely. He gently moved you to settle you in, a worried look taking home on his face when you winced and groaned. After he got you tucked in, he squatted down to your level. Softly petting your hair, he smiled at you.

“Sleep now, when you wake i’ll have some nice hot food for you to eat. Sleep, darling.”

You nodded and closed your heavy eyes, choking out a weak “Thank you”

 "Anytime, lovely.“

After sex comments with the 2Ps
  • 2P!America: let's do it again~
  • 2P!China: wasn't I great?
  • 2P!England: I need to wash the sheets...
  • 2P!France: don't call me, I'll call you
  • 2P!Russia: ...
  • 2P!Italy: when are we getting married?~
  • 2P!Germany: ...I should probably untie you now haha
  • 2P!Japan: let's do master and pet next time...
  • 2P!Canada: i'm hungry, let's go have some poutine
  • 2P!Romano: I'm sorry, what was your name again? *laughs*
  • 2P!Austria: how did you like my glorious signature position?
  • 2P!Prussia: I... really love you...

stillwciting  asked:

“This thing is itchy as fuck!”

Kylo Ren had to stifle his laughter as he helped Rey into her new outfit. “You will become accustomed to it, I assure you.” He replied, his gloved hands tying off her black sash. “My costume is not without its woes. But appearance is important.” He explained. “You are allied with the first order now. And you’re my apprentice. You must look the part.” he said before smiling again, “We can always remove some elements should they prove too cumbersome.” he teased lightly before leaning in to kiss her.

Mistake [OQ]

Based on the dialogue prompt, “You lied to me,” in the context of Tinker Queen (also my brOTP, anon!).

In which a matchmaking fairy finds an unlikely ally, and Regina finds herself in the habit of making one small boy’s wishes come true, until he unknowingly returns the favor. This is what Nina really thinks went down during that missing year (sorry, Smirk-verse)… [ffn link]

Regina grips her fork so hard it nearly snaps in two. Not this again.

Tinker Bell is whispering something into his ear, and he’s whispering something back. And then the fairy is laughing, a sweet delicate sound, like a damn carol of the bells, or one of those precious wind chimes adorning the town hall doorway back in Storybrooke that Mary Margaret had loved and Regina could not stand.

And then Tinker Bell’s hand flutters to rest on the thief’s arm, and he’s chuckling and refilling both their wine goblets.

And Regina can’t take it anymore.

Her utensils clatter to an untouched plate as she shoves her throne back from the table, earning looks from either side of her—Snow’s concerned, Charming’s perplexed. She ignores them both, wordlessly discards her napkin and stalks for the door.

“Oh why don’t you get a room, you two,” she sneers as she passes, and the thief’s lopsided grin instantly drops into a gentle frown, but she doesn’t need his pity, or his anything at all, and so it’s with square shoulders and a look that drips disdain that she spins and walks away from him.

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Watching the Ballie scenes
  • Bea and Allie in the showers
  • Bea giving Allie a haircut, Allie flirts by ‘‘Oh thanks, I’ve got a good hair dresser *smirk*’’ when Bea says, ‘’Hair looks good’’  to try and hide the fact that she was staring
  • Bea and Allie slot; rapping, making each other laugh, talking about Debbie
  • Allie saying that Bea is her strength
  • Bea calling her Alliecat
  • All the staring and heart eyes in the yard and cafeteria
  • Allie flirting, Bea blushing
  • Allie worried about Bea, caring for her cuts and be there for her
  • Allie giving Bea a cream for scarring
  • Allie applying said cream
  • Allie flirting again and Bea smiling, then ‘‘nothing’s gonna happen between us’’ sure jan!
  • Bea drawing Allie
  • Bea being protective abt Allie
  • The ‘‘You care about me’‘ scene
  • The kiss!!!

And pretty sure Bea is gonna be the one who suggest taking it forward in 4x08- well either way i’m gonna cry