Ally baby is Always waiting to see all her children being supportive of each other and than she comes and show all her love 🙏😍💃💗

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I'm a queer Catholic and I have to deal with people always telling me that if I REALLY cared about social justice issues or my queer identity I would leave the Church (and join one of THEIR super-liberal Protestant churches, obviously) and it just drives me up the wall. So thank you so, so much for all of your religion blogging and your unapologetic Catholicism. It's inspiring and wonderful to see.

Thank you for this message, anon! It’s really brightened my night.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why so many people who are otherwise dedicated to diversity and inclusion will have as their first response to a queer Catholic (or a queer Muslim, or a queer member of any other religion that’s commonly perceived as “conservative”), “Wow, you should really change a fundamental part of your identity to better fit in to our progressive community!”

That’s…that’s really not what justice looks like.

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I read a while back that you guys like FOB and Panic at the disco. Could you pick a song from both bands that fit each member of the allies? I thought this would be fun. I love FOB too.

Yaaas!!! These are the Admins favorite bands. <3. Of course we’ll do a post for it!!! Coming right up!!~ Admin Sarah and Jay!!!!!!!!!

Panic! At the Disco:
Fall Out Boy: Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends.

Panic! At the Disco:
There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet.
Fall Out Boy: The (Shipped) Gold Standard 

Panic! At the Disco:
Death of a Bachelor 
Fall Out Boy: Of All The Gin Joints In All The World

Panic! At the Disco: Northern Downpour
Fall Out Boy: Miss Missing You  

Panic! At the Disco:
Build God, Then We’ll Talk.
Fall Out Boy: Just One Yesterday 

Panic! At the Disco:
House of Memories 
Fall Out Boy: The Last Of The Real Ones

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There’s gay country music? Where is it????

YEAH i was surprised too but there are apparently quite a few openly gay artists? chely wright, ty herndon, billy gilman, steve grand (he’s like fusion pop-country), shane mcanally, and brandy clark are all pretty popular!

and some iconic gay country music includes:

All-American Boy (steve grand)
I’m Here, I’m Queer, I’m Country (freddy freeman, also this guy is my idol, his album cover is the bear flag god bless him)
Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other (willie nelson, who is not lgbt+ btw, but has very old and outdated concepts of sexuality bc it’s originally from the 80s? so be aware of that)
Cryin’ These Cocksucking Tears (lavender country, this song is from the 70s holy shit)

and the most popular one, Follow Your Arrow by kacey musgraves who got more popularity than any of the songs above because she’s straight and also the line about lesbians is just that: one line. so eh. thanks i guess??? it’s a cute song tho!


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Hi can I ask the s/o trying to learn their native language but with the allies? Thank you so much for the great posts you guys make!

Aww, no problem!! We’re glad you guys enjoy our blog <3~! ~Admin Sarah and Jay

America: *chuckles nervously and rubs the back of his neck* “Do you want North, South, East or West? Every region has almost their own language…”
Alfred would be confused by their request at first…his native language? Did they mean Native like the tribes? Or native like English? Either way there were too many dialects or actual languages to pick from. Southerners sound very different from Northerners and the East Coast has an entirely different speech pattern from the West Coast.

England: “Alright…I guess I could teach you proper English.”
Arthur would do his best to teach his s/o his language…though he would always make little jabs at America, since he would always refer to his way of speaking as proper English. He would take it slow and make sure they understand some of the pitfalls of the language, like the verbs or homonyms (ex. their, there, they’re). Arthur would always ask if they had questions or needed him to clarify since he would know that English isn’t an easy language to learn.

France: “Oui..! I’d would love to teach you.”
Francis would love to teach his s/o how to speak proper French. He’d tease them playfully if they ever had a little slip-up, but he would think it’s adorable. He’d often speak French around the house so they learn his little phrases and what they mean.

Canada: “Huh..? I can try to help..but that depends..”
Matthew would be a little nervous for a few reasons…one of which being that Canada itself is a bilingual he’d want to know whether they wanted to learn French or English..but also, French Canadian is different than the French you would hear in France…he’d hate to teach them what’s “improper”, but if they insisted, he wouldn’t mind.

Russia: “You are cute while trying!”
Ivan knows that Russian is an extremely hard language to learn, yet alone be fluent in. He would try and help his s/o out as much as he could, but would also give them a lot of credit for trying. He wouldn’t expect them to pick it up quickly, but would be proud every time they spoke back to him.

China: “I can teach you!”
Yao would love to teach his s/o his language, though he would want them to pick a dialect before starting his teaching. He would try to balance learning the spoken words with the characters and would devote as much time as they needed to each part. Yao would take it slow and make sure to explain everything, though he would be very pleased with any and all progress they make as they learn.  

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I feel bad for ally though she doesn’t really stand out like the others and ‘ot5’s’ barely support her. Maybe if she sings soulful songs and not stick to pop she’ll be more appreciated and be her own person u know? I just want them all to be able to continue doing what they love and be appreciated man they deserve it they’ve all been through so much

I think it’s just the sad reality of the entertainment business in general, one has more luck/push/means, while the others don’t. Especially in girl groups (even boy bands), not everybody will shine (sometimes it’s because of unfair treatment from labels, sometimes it’s simply a lack of a certain mass appeal).

The thing is, unlike previous GGs from other generations, each member of 5H has the potential to make it as a solo act. They all have it - the talent, the charm, the personality. They’re not just fillers. Some members just get overshadowed because other members have a bigger presence, but I can see that the potential is there.

I know what you’re saying about Ally, she’s usually the one who is unnoticed, even though her contribution to the group (vocally speaking) is solid.

But I also think that it’s just a matter of tapping into the right niche for her. It’s all trial and error, and I love what they’re doing now. They’re all doing solo stuff and they’re finding their own sound. Of course there’s bound to be failed attempts at first, but I’m sure that if they continue what they’re doing, they’ll eventually find what they all are comfortable in doing. This year (and probably the next) is like them developing their own artistry, which is needed for a healthy growth. It’s organic, the way they’re all taking their time honing their skills and meeting new people.

Ally has been vocal in her desire to try acting or comedy, so maybe that’s where she’ll shine eventually.

The thing is, happiness and a sense of fulfillment differs for every individual. Like Camila may walk the path of a pop sensation, charts and all, and Lauren may choose a more indie or laidback sound, Mani may be RnB, Dinah tbh could do anything with that awesome voice of hers, and Ally is versatile as well because she has comedic timing and she has range. My point is, the others may not chart, but it doesn’t mean that they’re failing. It’s just a matter of finding the right place for their individual expression.

The important thing is, they are enjoying what they are doing.