Knicks suddenly relevant.

#Lin #Linning #LinSanity #LinSane #AllIDoIsLin How could you not love this story? In football it was Tebow now its Lin. Mayweather tweeted yesterday that the only reason were talking about Lin is because he’s Asian. That could be true, but he is proving that Asians can play in the NBA too. Given the right coach & the right system hell mybe he could make it in the NBA too haha. Funny how another race come in and does something unheard of and people start hating. Lin could’ve given up on the game of basketball when he got cut the first time. He has a BA in Economics from Harvard and I’m pretty sure he could land a job somewhere making a decent amount of money. This is what #Linning is about… Taking advantage of your opportunities. (Taken with instagram)


Jeremy Lin uploads a video explaining his Secret Handshake with Landry Fields.

Lin: and then I…
Fields: *smacks Lin’s butt*
Lin: I touch his…
Fields: Smack on the booty
Lin: Smack on the booty and he touches mine
Fields: Shows how ready we are..
Lin: Shows our …friendship *awkward face*