alliance shinobi

Sakura had enough chakra to heal the Shinobi Alliance, heal Naruto, activate her Yin Seal, summon Katsuyu, revive Naruto, aid Obito while crossing dimensions to save Sasuke, knock down Kaguya and still had enough chakra to heal Sasuke and Naruto in the 4th Shinobi War. ( All hail the queen!!!)
—  Sakura Haruno fact

“Hinata was in this exact tiny percentage of manga I calculated with my own two hands therefore she’s not important”

Iruka, you were first to acknowledge Naruto and literally gave him hope, watching past your own pain and loss, you took it on yourself to raise an orphan everyone hated. Your teaching helped Naruto befriend Kurama, who’s literally made out of hate and anger. You’re in his heart, you’ve been since he was 12 and you’re still in his heart at 30. But sorry, you’re unimportant because you weren’t in every panel ever.
Kushina, you gave your life for your son (..the protagonist) and were a great person. But sorry, you were mostly in flashbacks, you’re not relevant.
Mito, you were in like three flashbacks, so even though you helped Hashirama defeat Madara, you had Kurama sealed inside of you out of love and you taught Kushina how to be happy even though she was a Jinchuuriki, you’re not relevant.
Shikaku, Inoichi, you died and entrusted your hopes and techniques to Shikamaru and Ino. But you were side characters so lmao bye.
Ramen guy, you fed Naruto for years and you were the only one, in the Village, to not scorn him or hate him out of ignorance. But you’re nothing more than a background character, so you’re not important.
Sasuke you were in like 5% of your daughter’s life, so you’re not important to her. Nevermind that you were away on a mission to protect the whole world.
Dan, you were represented in like 0,02% of the manga and only through flashbacks or a weird ghost, so I guess your romance with Tsunade sucks asses. Nevermind that it was stronger than death and she fulfilled your dream of becoming the Hokage, that you gave her hope after the loss of her little brother.
Killer Bee, you’re a great Jinchuuriki and helped Naruto befriend Kurama but I guess you’re just there for comic relief purposes? Unimportant.
Rin, you were in just a bunch of flashbacks and that Gaiden that is so weirdly placed, so I guess you’re irrelevant to the story. Also your design is b-o-r-i-n-g. Nevermind that your death was one of the causes of a mass murder and a war. 
Kankuro and Temari, you’re side characters so nobody cares for you (nevermind that you’re Gaara’s only family and helped him through his redemption, helped him become the Kazekage he is today, you were his advisors and you fought so hard to bring him back when he died and you trusted Naruto to help you, when p much everyone else was still afraid of him because of Kurama)
Izuna Uchiha, IRRELEVANT
Gai, you helped Rock Lee become the great Ninja he is today, you helped Neji in his redemption, you helped him to become the man he was, you sacrificed yourself to protect the Shinobi Alliance and you gave us one of the most kickass fights ever, your chapter was even dedicated, by the author, to his late dad. But you’re not a main, so you’re not important (also do something for your hair *brings hands together*)
Maito Dai and Sakumo Hatake? Unimportant. Fugaku and Mikoto? Irrelevant. Haku and Zabuza….. who? Asuma? who’s dis. Yahiko? Unimportant? 

Orochimaru, you were in pretty much every arc of Naruto. You get a golden star that says “outstanding”

I’m slighty tipsy and I’m ready to make this statement once and for all: Naruto should have ended in a giant musical number set to that one Black Eyed Peas song Where Is The Love. 

  • Sakura Haruno: defends her team from the sand trio. Saves Sasuke's life from Garaa.
  • Heals Kankaro's life from a poison that took Sasori years to make in the span of minutes. Defeated Sasori with the help of Chiyo( the first to take down an akatsuki). Heals Naruto from the kyuubi's toxic chakra. During Pain's attack, Sakura took down one of the summons with a single punch to save an old lady and her granddaughter. She than heals countless injured shinobi's, exhausting her Chakra beyond her limit. Sakura heals Hinata from her grave injuries. Sakura at one point was willing to kill Sasuke for the sake of her village, to take upon the burden of doing it so that it does not befall on others. She also did it to save him from falling further into darkness. She took down one of the white Zetsu clone, spying on the base. During the war she again healed many shinobi's ( including Naruto and Kakashi) sakura also awakened the yin seal,a powerful​ S rank technique, that only 2 people in history have ever achieved. And these people were from powerful clans while Sakura was not. By Awakening her seal, she destroyed hundreds of juubi clones in a single punch. Her strength was said to be greater than Tsunade Senju by Hashirama Senju himself. Minutes after Awakening her seal, Sakura summoned Ketsuya- one of the legendary summons- and activated her advance network healing to heal all of the shinobi alliance ( for which she was called one hellava girl). Sakura also kept Shikamaru alive till Tsunade came. She kept Naruto alive by pumping her heart manually. Sakura also used vast amount of her Chakra to bring Sasuke back from an other dimension with the help of Obito Uchiha. Most importantly she punched Kaguya- the rabbit goddess- in her blind spot to stop her from escaping and to permanently seal. Finally Sakura healed Naruto and Sasuke from bleeding to death. After the war Sakura opened a children mental hospital to help traumatized kids from the war. She took down a fraud who was instigating a termoil between the villages by copying Sasuke Uchiha's chakra signature. During gaiden Sakura took down a mangekyo sharingan user in a single blow- rupturing most of his internal organs. In Boruto the movie, Sakura saved the civilians from a falling debris, saved Hinata when she went after Naruto. Sakura healed many injured shinobi's, including Hinata ( again).
  • Sakura is said to be the most powerful konuichi in the world, surpassing her master Tsunade when she was 17.
  • Anti's: Lol she's still useless
  • Me: .........
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Konan should have won or at least survived the fight against Tobi. She had the strength, wit, abilities, determination, and had spent years studying him. That thing where she filled the whole ocean with billions of explosives should have killed and rekilled him and the explanation as to how he survived was absolutely bullshit. Her being defeated and dying (In a unnecessarily cruel way, btw) didn't serve no purpose to the development of the story, she already had her whole character reduced to support for Yahiko and then for Nagato, the tvtropes page explains it quite well (Satellite Character: Take away Yahiko and Nagato's influence on her and what do you have left? A near-emotionless woman with paper powers who likes to do origami.) And ok i get it that Obito & Madara were some of the ultimate villains and had to have their own arc where Naruto defeated them at the end but Konan could had survived her fight against him and become a extremely powerful ally to Naruto and the shinobi alliance during the fourth war arc now that she was free from the shackles of Yahiko/Nagato/Pain she could become her own character with her own desires and motivations instead of being decoration for male characters, and the fact they decided to kill her almost immediately after Nagato/Pain died confirms that the mangaka only ever saw her as an extension of a male character instead of her own individual character and that's terrible. She deserved better. Every single female character in this franchise deserved better. She was so powerful but we almost never see her fighting or doing anything interesting. The fight with Jiraiya was a huge opportunity for her to show off her abilities but Nagato/Pain just had to step in and take the spotlight. We never get a chance to see her character develop emotionally, girl was forced to hang around the corpse of her deceased boyfriend who was possessed by the soul of her chronically ill childhood friend and yet her feelings about this bizarre situation were never acknowledged. Not to mention this hell fandom still reduces her to "the group's mom friend" and "pain's wife" or a "bitter old bitch who gets in the way of the yaois uwu" and completely ignores all the potential she has to be so much more. And I'm still pissed about all this. I'm still pissed!

Sasuke has finally returned to Konoha. Amidst public ridicule, harassment, and disdain, can he still call this place his home?
Canon compliant to chapter 698

He thought he remembered, momentarily, why he’d hated this village so damned much. Of course, other than the fact that certain decisions made here had resulted in the massacre of his entire family.

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Hinata's character development and its "dependence" on Naruto

Hating on Hinata has always been a thing but now that NH has become canon and is the main focus of the Last, it seems that it has picked up remarkably. No surprise I guess. Some of people’s favorite accusations against her are along the lines of: “her whole character revolves solely on Naruto" , “she only cares about Naruto”, and ”she’s all Naruto-kun” which not only are false but also criticized out of proportion.

So as per popular belief, Hinata’s character development immensely revolves around Naruto. And…that’s an outrageous and definitely rare thing in a manga called ‘Naruto’, about Naruto striving for people’s acknowledgement. What about Neji’s character development revolving almost entirely on Naruto? What about Gaara’s character development relating almost exclusively to Naruto? Practically every character in the manga that has been influenced by Naruto has their development tie with him, more or less. Then again, what about Sasuke’s character thoroughly revolving on Itachi? What about Sakura’s character revolving on her feelings for Sasuke? What about Obito revolving on Rin?

It seems like it’s totally fine to do so unless you are Naruto’s love interest.

Claiming that Hinata only ever cares about Naruto is a shameless fallacy. In the occasional screentime she’s had as a side character, she has shown interest and concern about other people and situations, whether they pertain to Naruto or not, and this can be seen in several circumstances.

Starting off with something simple from before her character’s progression begins. During the Chunin exam preliminaries, she refrains from cheering on Naruto (which only Team 7 and probably Lee would do, the others just expected to see Naruto ridicule himself)  because she is considerate of her teammate Kiba and how he would feel if someone from his own team cheered on his opponent instead.

When the fight is over, she offers medicine for Kiba, even though he’s already in medics’ care. She’s worried about her teammate and wants to aid in his recovery of her own too.

Later on, during the war, we see that Hinata cares about what Kiba has to say and acknowledges the importance of his statement when everyone else doesn’t seem to be paying attention to him or mind at all. She supports her friend when he seems to be ignored.

In Hinata’s dream inside the Infinite Tsukiyomi, Neji is very much alive and spying on her date with Naruto along with Hanabi. This genjutsu allows people to live whatever they crave their reality to be, and Neji is a big part of it.

Moving forward to situations that directly involve Naruto.

Hinata hated the way she was, that’s no new. She hated her weak self and she was even casted aside by her own father because she didn’t come up to Hyuga’s prowess. And although she was trying, she always failed. She didn’t have confidence in herself, nor faith in her strenght. But Naruto’s not letting his flaws and his failures discourage him inspired her to believe in herself and keep trying. His determination made her muster the courage to overcome her weakness and change into the confident person she would like to be. For her own sake, not Naruto’s.

She wanted to change so that she would feel satisfied and confident with herself. Standing up against Neji to prove that she’s not bound to be a failure is a very decisive step in her character progression, and the driving force for her to make that step was her aspiration to grow stronger and break free from her shell, not her feelings for Naruto. Naruto’s determination was the push for her to gather the courage and keep trying, not her reason to change. He inspired her like he has done with various other characters, with the notable difference that in most cases (if not all), Naruto made them discover a purpose to fight for, while at this stage Hinata had her own purpose to achieve.

And Hinata changed into what she wanted, she turned from a shy girl who stutters and fidgets, a wierdo as Naruto called her, to a teen who bravely stands up for her beliefs and the people she loves without needing emotional support from others anymore, who has the guts to slap the person that would always make her a blushing mess back to reality, who’s now the one to inspire and support Naruto of her own. 

This brings me to another big subject in her character development, ch.615, about which people often seem to dismiss something very important. Hinata slaps Naruto, reminds him of his nindo and bolsters his spirits, alright. But she didn’t only do it just so Naruto would stay true to his ideals. 

She did it because if he gave up, Neji’s death would be in vain. Because if he gave up, the shinobi alliance was doomed. They wouldn’t be able to fight against Obito and Madara without him. Everyone was putting their hopes for victory on him, all their effort into backing him up any way the could, and if Naruto gave up, he would be betraying all these. This is Hinata being considerate of Neji’s sacrifice, of everyone who was fighting on Naruto’s side and the very future of the shinobi world. If she only cared about being with Naruto, she might as well surrender to Obito’s motives and live her fairy tale with Naruto inside the Infinite Tsukiyomi. She could watch the world fall in despair doing nothing and in reuturn she would get what she wanted without even trying. 

True though, Hinata is thinking about Naruto a lot, like every girl in love naturally does. In fact, during the war arc, we saw her think about Naruto 4 different times:

# Number 1

Hinata makes herself a promise to be by Naruto’s side and 

even hold his hand

, which she did an amount of chapters later. If that was not clear foreshadowing about what would occur in ch.615… She’s been chasing after his shadow for years, and this is the first sign that she’s now ready to cut free from that part of herself and make another step forward into becoming the kind of person she wants to be. 

# Number 2

Hinata thinks that she can’t slack off when the person she admires has been trying his best, she doesn’t want to fall behind again now that she has reached him. Once again, Naruto’s growth and determination inspires her to keep going in the path she has set for herself.

# Number 3

Upon realizing that Naruto is at death’s door, she rushes to his aid (although it’s highly unprobable that she would be of any help), but trips and falls. Other than increasing the suspense about Naruto’s condition, this scene is plain showing us that Hinata is fairly worried about his well-being, as anynone would feel if the life of the person they love was in great danger.

# Number 4

Before she’s completely trapped inside the Infinite Tsukiyomi, Hinata mentally calls out on Naruto. Another scene showing us that Hinata is still at it.

Now, we know that Hinata loves him, why bother to show that 4 different times in a single arc, which also happens to be the final one?

To imply that Hinata only cares and worries about Naruto to the verge of obsession? Na-uh, absolutely not.

It was Kishimoto’s friendly reminders to a certain doubtful part of this fandom and not only that despite promises of a lifetime, misleading parallels, and girlfriend jokes, NH was still sailing stong. Because, as it turns out given the canon pairings and his recent interviews, when Kishimoto showcases a girl’s persistent romantic feelings, he means business. It really was no coincidence that the first time she contemplates about him in this arc occurs after Naruto’s feelings, his promise to Sakura, as well as the first parallel to Kushina were brought up, while the following three times took place after the girlfriend comment. It was to show that she never ceased to be there for him.As it has been confirmed, Hinata was intended to be Naruto’s mate since the early stages of the series. Plus, she was a side character in the manga and as such, she didn’t have endless individual screentime. It’s only normal that in the overwhelming majority of the times she appeared, it would be something associated with Naruto. So cut her some slack already!

Sasuke and Sasukarin part 6

War is in, Itachi pulls a talk no jutsu that aligns with the hax of the arc, Izanami. Basically saying once and for all yes I love you, yes I am a konoha fanboy no matter how bad the elders did me, it is my home but the thing is you can run around in a loop forever or chose to break free and stop the cycle. He has an existential crisis about his shinobi identity and entire moral code and stance in life, and it does not include Karin.sit. Taka, who he again,  proved in the fight to not be personally connected to sought him out and he was like??? But he went to awaken orochimaru to get answers from the kages, while Karin went to find tsunade with oro.


I swear if anyone ever apologized to me like that I would get a raccoon to piss on their face. This is not an apology, he literally said it to stop her shouting. And her reaction? Kishimoto why?????

She shows her usual focused self

But she also regresses to her old selfish self

A kage..needs to be is war…Jesus come on

Sasuke is told by the #1 hokage aka the bae hashirama that conflict always arises no matter the time, but it is up to the new generation to change that (following the theme of kakashis new generations are better than the old, and asumas protect the new generation bc they are the king, and tsunades and hiruzens views of the inspirational little leaf ninjas. Kishimoto is a good fucking writer man why is she so shitty as a character). Sasuke is like ok I will become over lord :)

Goes to help Konoha because he wants to over throw the system 


He kept warning her to keep safe from Madara, double checked on her and kakashi, saved them with the susano even tho he knew and said multiple occasions that Naruto is the one who the world will end without. Any mean comments were dragged down by Naruto asap who called bullshit at sasuke who was trying making her and kakashi hate him for his edge lord plans

A thing, by the way.

He did not even let her hit the floor, and said his thanks even under 7 layers of the curse of hatred and you think he would let her fall in lava??? Stop.

Selective reading is cringey.


Um, no. Sasuke just declared he would kill the 5 kage, along with naruto and start a revolution based on hatred. 5 kage are not innocent but sasukes plans are a literal dictator ship. And confessing your feelings has never been selfish.

She attempts to stop him by asking the same thing Naruto wants, for him to just come back and for people to unite. And hah, even under 800 layers of hate and clouded judgment

The reason why he cut his bonds with the people he loves comes to bite him in the ass, he cares. He suffers because he cares. His resolve weakened in part one because he loved team 7 no matter how much hatred was collecting inside him. He falters for a second and shows her the genjutsu to 1) knock her out to ensure she does not follow. 2) Hate him so he can move on to his plans, and she can move on in her life


Kakashi tells sasuke it is not fair to do that to her, when all she did was try to help. She confessed her love saying she would have taken on all of his pain if she could. She did not fucking threaten him with a gun, to Kakashi this was uncalled for since sasuke offered no god damn explanation.



When kakashi was like??? Sakura just wanted to help???

He acknowledges the romantic context of their relationship himself, but then goes on to state that whatever they both feel is not relevant because there is no reason behind it (Again, sasukes jaded way of thinking is a theme, he does not believe in the unity of the shinobi alliance, he believes they got together for a common reason.)

What a beautiful sentence. A true sentence. If you sit down and think what reason your friend or lover gives you to love them,,it‘s not love

‘she suffers from loving you’ ‘only hate needs a reason’ Sasuke immediately flashes to his own selfless love that never needed a reason, the love that made him suffer the most, the love that caused him to bear the risk of hate

Sage states love is a difficult thing, he goes on to say love turned to hate with sasuke, while the panel focuses on sakuras face. Kakashi asks if there is no hope for sasuke. Hagoromo says no not at all I believe in them to break the cycle, and I wish for his hate to turn to love while the panel focuses on sasukes face. The fuck who made the moon ships it.

Sasuke and Naruto communicate the only way they know how, fisting each other. Sorry, fighting each other. In that fight Sasuke keeps trying to kill Naruto for being the only person who stands in his way of being alone, naruto stands opposite him and says neither of us has to die, I know what it is like to be alone and I don’t want my best friend to go through that for eternity, I don’t want us to die, I want us to live and change the system that fucked us over. Sasuke you got it wrong, itachi did not mean to cast the past away, I learned everything I did from the people of the past. We look to the past to reference how much better our future has become. Peace and unity are attainable, I learned that through comradeship..the sharing of pain can change us and unite us together and no it’s not just for a common reason. I want to communicate that to you, because you special snow flake bitch, it takes a lonely boy who learned all of that and became happy, to communicate it to a lonely boy who is still miserable. We can change the system bitch! If you just learn to share that pain and accept love!

An arm later, the curse of hatred is removed.

He comes to the conclusion on his own, the source of Narutos power that gave him an inferiority complex and reminded him of Itachi was always love and the fuckin sharing of pain. Situations may differ, 2 very lonely boys with very different backgrounds but the feeling is the same (Gara’s speech makes a comeback kishi stop you are too good)

Love needs no reasons, unity is possible and the sharing of pain can be applied to bigger things. All it needs, is endurance. The power to never stop believing in change, and the help of shouldering the burden as a unit instead of on your own. The answer to his existential crisis. What is a ninja? One who endures. Jirayah and Orochimarus theme comes to play, kishimoto you son of a bitch. Sasukes monologue was beautiful.

Sasuke coming to realize the love he starved for was always there was so earth shattering that he cried. His blood is connected to his best friend and he finally gets what YOU ARE MY FRIEND AAAAH ANO HI NO YUME means.

And he wanted back everything back he lost, and he made an effort


First of all, no. The forehead poke had both its negative and positive connotations throughout the series. It was affection and love, it was also distance. Sasuke changed it to a completely positive note. ‘Mata condo da’ was what itachi used. The da is open ended. It is a maybe next time kind of thing. Sasuke says ‘mata condo na’ after he says he will go on a redemption journey. HEDOESNOTWANTHERTHERE. Yes, because she has nothing to do with his sins, and this is one final thing he wants to endure on his own. That is why it is mata condo na. I will see you soon, when I am better, when I understand the world with a clear head, then we can (fuck) love properly. He does not look exactly like he hates her tbh :/

My Right Hand Part 3

Part 1/Part 2  FF Link

As I said, the third chapter was half-written so I finished it a lot quicker. The next chapter is going to be done from scratch so it will probably take me a bit longer to update. I will try to provide regular updates, I really love this setting, but, as always, I am not making any promises. It will depend on the response I get. If you like this story, please reblog it. It will give me drive to write more.

See, the reason I don’t update my fanfics very often and I choose to focus on other projects is that it takes a lot of time to write a 4000+ word chapter and more often than not, I feel like my time is wasted, especially now that the NaruHina train has slowed down considerably.

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flashback/ messages

Nine months ago…

Naruto came back from his scheduled trip at the hospital to find some bags hanging on his apartment’s door handle. There was a note pinned on the door. He recognized the handwriting immediately.

My dearest Naruto-Kun,

I prepared some food for you. I hope you enjoy it.


He grinned widely. It had become a sort of a routine for him. Every time he came back home, either from the hospital, or from a mission there was some food on the door waiting.

He didn’t know how she did it. One would expect that her schedule would get in the way. That she would be on long missions, that she would want to take a freaking break from making food for him every now and then. But no, that bag full of food was always waiting there for him, always hanging on his door handle.

He looked forward to receiving it in fact. It somehow felt special to have somebody like Hinata cook for him. It was the first time somebody was doing something like that for him

He lowered the bag on the ground as he picked up the key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He inwardly felt a small sense of satisfaction as he realized that he was now able to do it a lot easier.

“I’m home…”

There was no response…

He sighed and slumped as he went inside…

Of course there wasn’t a response. Hinata merely helped him until he got his prosthetic. It wasn’t like she was his girlfriend or wife or anything…

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Shhh I honestly believe that Madara was just as much of a victim in the series as Neji and the entire shinobi alliance was. They were all just used by Kaguya, plus he had the curse of hatred so the cards were all stacked against him. And then finally once Kaguya was defeated and sealed away madara realized how wrong he had been and was happy that he and Hashirama were going to be friends in the after life. Madara was a good man who fell victim to the machinations of Kaguya and Black Zetsu and I will support this to the end.

SasuNaru and the pinhole : part 3

If we do a time skip to after the akatsuki arc, Naruto comes to understand why someone wants revenge when their loved is killed and admits yeah he didn’t really get sasuke and this is where it gets :/ on Narutos behalf for me

In the land of iron sasuke is falling rapidly deeper into the curse of hatred because he is using mangekyo more and more, he is doing very unethical things like attacking the cloud and trying to live capture a man..he is a full blown S ranked criminal whos name alone was capable of triggering a war, no matter how I a sasuke fan can justify and explain his behavior people who don’t know about the COD can’t. Naruto himself was like?? Who are you dude. But obito shows up and he is told. Naruto is woke about the curse of hatred and he says ‘sasuke loved his clan a lot and that’s why he cant forgive.’ But at that time that was not the case. During his fight with danzo his mangekyo evolved the most to a point where afterwards he was losing vision, and his issue wasn’t just that he wants his clan back, his issue was was the massacre and the discrimination. Naruto was like near the point, but homeboy missed it. In fact, the one who actually point its out is Kakashi, but he says both Naruto and Sakura see it, meaning when they both saw sasukes way of talking about Konoha, they understood him better. I cut Naruto slack because he tried understanding sasuke constantly, no matter how much sasuke cut him off. But this shit does not get an easy pass, where he jumps in to clash with sasuke so they read each others thoughts,,its funny bc he says he gets it…then proceeds..not to get it

Why is he talking about himself here? I respect that Naruto always tried his best to understand him

but he knows about the fucking curse and he says one bad move and I would have been like you? Nah, sasukes fate was chosen the second he saw his parents corpses. Naruto hears him talk about the uchiha,,,,and says this. :// It’s insensitive to the fact that sasuke isn’t just a survivor of a tragedy, hes a survivor of a national genocide. But he literally doesn’t mention it.

Meaning they both know Indra and Ashuras charka are in them

Lol another misinterpreted scene is the ill shoulder all your hate scene, while im sure he did want to end sasukes miserable suffering, he was talking about protecting Konoha and ending the cycle of hatred.

‘sasuke wants to kill naruto bc he knows his love will save him!111! No, it’s because the annoying orange stands in his way..also naruto still feels disrespected 

And sasuke atm isn’t having that ‘ill stop you because you are my friend.’ Stuff, which is mistranslated as ‘I am your friend’ but this entire arc was naruto speaking in I terms. Im meh about it.

Oh lol and the bane of my existence..’sakura and kakashi are selfish and tried to give up on him..naruto wanted to save him!11!!’

Lol to which sasukes response was ‘im itching to kill you kakashi’ so futile arguments remain futile

It’s not Kakashis fault sasuke is a man who lent his hand to a terrorist organization, attacked a village, live captured an innocent man who is a jinchuriki meaning he was actively help start the war,  and as shikamaru said a war would have started out in his name and he even attacked an international peace meeting..his motives were not to change the system but pure revenge over Konoha who even though is problematic has innocent citizens in it. Itachi is a good guy for killing his loved ones to stop a war and protect his brother the second Kakashi and Sakura do it they are selfish and don’t understand him.  Kakashi acknowledged he adored him no matter how far he is fallen and that he doesn’t want to kill him but he must do whats necessary, sakura knew that the current sasuke isn’t a sasuke the real sasuke would condone and she did what kakashi tried to do with obito, aka end his misery, as well as keep naruto from the akatuski, prevent a war, keep konoha safe and shoulder kakashis burden.

In fact, they acknowledged his victim status, but still a war in his name is a war in his name

‘sakura gave up on him!11!!’ she had a moment where she realized he would never do something like his own teammate and she noticed right away, no chakra sensing needed that he is definitely changed. She didn’t betray him when she didn’t even know any part of the truth, just like to innocent people in konoha like Kiba, he was the one doing the betrayal.

‘he doesn’t care and wanted to kill her’ is also funny bc he trusted her for a moment but called bullshit very fast

His face is not exactly ‘im itching to kill you sakura’ when she is all like im here for u :) fuck konoha :)

Sasuke chose not to frontally attack her. She is here to kill him and he knows it but deep down (like,,really deep down) this fuck still cares about team 7. This scene is fucked man, but it is not abusive in the context of the series at all.

Yeesh the second attack was sakura protecting kakashi, and self defense on sasukes part,,so no still not abusive..and if refutes the ‘she gave up on him’ argument because

The attack starts with her remembering all the shit he is causing right now,,he ain’t sasuke,,and poor kakashi is being burdened by this

But the second she is about to? She remembers real sasuke and isn’t able to do it, meaning no she has some hope for him. When naruto gives his speech she has a moment of sad realization that she isn’t able to stop sasuke as naruto emphasized only he can, so she decided to trust them naruto that he can bring him back and trust that sasuke isn’t as far gone as he seems.

‘he tried to kill her because he hates her’ ‘he doesn’t care at all!11!!’ ‘he wants her dead!11!!’

Lol this isn’t the most murderous face hes done so far tbh

Aint trying to say this scene is hallelujah but at least the context isn’t he wants to kill her and laughs about it in her face like he did to 3 people who really did not deserve that.

Misconceptions about the war : Sasuke only cares about naruto (seriously this trend needs to die) and he gives 0 shits about Kakashi and Sakura.  Ignoring the fact that when he first arrived she’s the one he acknowledged and answered to, the reason he had to keep saving Narutos ass is said multiple times by the s man himself..yin release and yang release

But no,,,he doesn’t care about sakura or kakashi

‘whatever he would have let them fall in lava, even tho naruto said that isn’t true’

‘whatever, he still called her useless’ No, he asked ‘if you heard whats going on outside, what would you do?’ then he shuts kakashi up and says he is in charge to which Naruto scolds him for not being a team player. Not for verbal abuse. ‘He said that bc he thinks shes weak.’ No he really didn’t.

Clean PC : sasukekun on tumblr

Sasuke goes on to talk about his revolution

And Sakura confesses asking him not to go any further into hatred. It’s funny how people call her selfish for confessing or pretend that you’re annoying has negative connotations beyond volume 18,, when her literal confession states that she wants to do anything for him that she can and she hates that she isn’t able to talk to him about his issues, nor is she able to exchange blows with him. Its really?? That people call her selfish bc all she literally says I hate that I cant help you despite how much I love you but please don’t go further into hate, lets just stay united and get through it. The..exact..same..thing..naruto…was…communicating

And it did make his resolve literally made him shake, people pretend he was happy to show her that genjutsu (to ensure she hated him) but,,,that is not the case he doesn’t look happy at all

Oh and ofc the famous argument lmao

‘He said he has no reason to love he only married her for pity’ gross, sasuke is the biggest leo bitch there is, too much pride to stick his dick in something he doesn’t really want

‘are you suggesting I enjoy a little renai?’ (romantic love) ‘I have no reason to love her and she has no reason to love’ /= I hate her and I have no feelings for her considering this was his mental view of everything…Kakashi saying only hate needs a reason isn’t guilt tripping..bc that’s..what..naruto communicated to him

Again, sasukes jaded way of thinking is a theme, he does not believe in the unity of the shinobi alliance, he believes they got together for a common reason.

‘she suffers from loving you’ ‘only hate needs a reason’ Sasuke immediately flashes to his own selfless love that never needed a reason, the love that made him suffer the most.

but no he has no feelings left for her :/ lol

‘Sasuke wanted to kill naruto bc he is his light, and the only thing holding him back from total darkness’ except, no this is a shonen

‘narutos bond can be romantic bc naruto said they aren’t indra and ashura…sasuke said one and only friend..they clearly have romantic feelings for each other’

Sage : my children will continue the cycle :/ this sucks

Naruto : no bc we aren’t indra and ashura

Also Naruto :

‘well sasuke called naruto still his closest friend and he knew no one else accepts him’

That was his mentality and it was wrong, just like when he was confused why Taka still looked for him after what he did. Naruto still remains sasukes best friend, that is true..but the one and only term sasuke uses is the exact same term Itachi used  yuuitsu to describe their relationship. So, no it’s not romantic, it is still brotherly.

 And the fight is the biggest proof of what ive been trying to say, they represent the naruto quite well . Naruto learned that power comes from unity and the sharing of pain, that the world isn’t perfect but we can endure  and change it little by little. Hagoromo confirms ss will happen lol

Read those 3 pages carefully please, specially if you are pro revolution

Sasuke goes off to state what his experience made him learn and ofc misses the point

And heres a page to focus on, if you really don’t believe this was a dictatorship



1.    a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force.


Autocrat, monocrat, absolute ruler

How a dictatorship works : Dictatorship is a form of government  where a country or a group of countries is ruled by one person or political entity, and exercised through various mechanisms to ensure that the entity’s power remains strong

A dictatorship is a type of Authoritarianism, in which politicians regulate nearly every aspect of the public and private behavior of citizens. Dictatorship and totalitarianism societies generally employ political propaganda to decrease the influence of proponents of alternative governing systems.

Literally a dictatorship.

Naruto wants to teach him power and change come from love and comradeship, he doesn’t want his friend to do that to the world or himself, and since he is the only one who can save him, its pretty noble of him to try and understand sasuke and open him to interpreting the world differently instead of charging at him with hate, which given everything would be justified.

This goes back to Gaaras speech

When they wake up lol sasuke says the exact same thing Kakashi did except after the fight sasuke is free from the curse so he is able to think properly . this is the one aspect I really love about their relationship. Naruto knows loneliness so well, just like sasuke and he never gave up trying to teach him what he learned along the way. 2 boys, different experience, same feelings. The entire series on a small scale level. Thanks to Naruto persevering instead of hatin, sasuke found salvation. Why did Naruto persevere? Like Iruka said,, he just did. No reason needed.

Theres no fucking reason for love and friendship, you just want to share peoples pain because they matter and that’s that. 

The lesson that sasuke was taught was the message of the entire series, by the hero Ninja Jesus..thats why im not particularly anti ending in a political respect unless you count the uchiha massacre which btw you say its why youre anti ending but lol naruto agreed on this in volume 50 something…when  he met itachi under edo tensei, so its not an ending issue it’s a naruto issue…this series never addressed things as politics, it addressed them as conflicts due to hate and misunderstanding.. it’s a kids series after all. One piece takes political issues and gives them political relevance but naruto was never about that. Im anti Naruto uzumakis ending bc imo NH is crap, hinata is up there with Karin on most badly written characters and it makes no romantic sense..the guy in the hokage chair is not Naruto and I hate it. But in boruto when an issue arises, we see the 5 kages fight the war (and tbh from the moment Hiashi prostrated to Neji) we see the hyuga issue is no longer a thing Kishimoto chose to be politically relevant he stuck to his comrade theme. So hating kishimoto for an ending when it’s a consistent message is useless..but in some aspects yeah ew

‘sasuke felt pain when he saw naruto in pain bc hes special’ lol no. he was always watching Naruto desperately try to make bonds and it reminded him of his own lost bonds. He saw a kid, unlike him try his best to find people and although he saw him a brat first he later thought it over and saw that it made him relieved that theres somebody out there trying to make the same time he saw it a weakness bc bonds mean attachment and not killing Itachi..the pain thing? Stop excluding team 7 like they don’t all matter to sasuke the same

That’s reading up or down..thats why

Good for him, he got the message the entire shinobi alliance learned from Naruto..a little late but hes always been a special snow flake

Lol he explained it better than I did almost. That’s it..he explained their entire relationship.

Sasukes ‘I lost’ came from the realization that Naruto got his power from his comrades, by feeling their pain and wanting to protect them and from shouldering their pain. Like I said, the whole point of the series echos in these 2s relationship. Countries used to be at war because they were no t allied bc they had no reason and war bred fear, fear bred hate and caused conflict and acts of injustice, along comes the child of prophecy changing the hearts of the people teaching them about unity and sharing burdens because of what he learned.-

He apologizes to Sakura, which I don’t think hes apologizing only for what he did to her per se, as much as its like what he said ‘everything’ …trying to say he was never wrong is :/ trying to say she guilted him is :/ he himself apologized for the emotional pain she did not ask him too

He apologized to sakura bc he wanted to take back that bond..its funny how a lot of sns hate sakura when its sasuke who initiated the apology and made the ship canon its petty and has a blind double standard cant erase sakura, nor Kakashi..theyre all his bonds

Naruto doesn’t seem so depressed about them reuniting either, so where is the romantic context? 0. Null. Nada.

Or people who try to twist sasukes words here as ‘hes ignoring her’ when he literally stated himself she had 0 to do with his crimes and he needs to understand the world before jumping full turkey into a relationship when his entire life was viewed from a skewed perspective

‘the forehead poke means distance and its negative’ mata condo da, next time maybe. Mata condo na, next time definitely. A promise for a better future after he is ready..he deserves some time after all he has been through, so? There we go.

The forehead poke had both a negative and a positive connotations, but it was still an act of affection from the person he loved the most and he does not look hateful doing that.look at that smile he is so cute


Once again, the series goes full circle.

The most important message of the series people miss

I never said devaluate naruto and sasukes bond, I said realize sasuke is a character who bought the series together, who had many bonds of different kinds. If you look at the series with the point of perspective as a reader whos just reading instead of a fan of a particular aspect of it, you’ll see that despite it’s inconsistent parts sometimes, it’ll seem a whole lot more enjoyable.

Bye, this has been a PSA.

Oh and I think I saw on your blog you said sasukes arm isn’t cut in the flashback?

Theres literally a clear cut line of the cut

LawLu Story Idea 31 (LawLu Week Day 8)

A is for Alliance of Shinobi and Samurai AU. There was once a great clan called the Clan of D. They were such an important power that they decided to spit up based on family groups and wandered off to different corners of the land. Soon the D in their names was all that showed their connection, as well as their tendency to create a big impact on the people and politics surrounding them.

One branch of this great clan was the Monkey clan. They chose to become ninja because, in the leader’s wise words “all boys love ninjas”. Plus it allowed the Monkey clan to influence the world around them without bringing attention to themselves (usually). The current head of the clan is Monkey D Luffy wishes to become the freest man in the world by becoming the world’s greatest ninja, answerable to no one. He attempts to accomplish this feat with the help of his nakama, whose unique skills help them to overwhelm any enemy that stands in their leader’s way.

Another branch of the D’s is the Trafalgar clan, who specialize in medicine, though to defend themselves in the past they are also skilled samurai. Tragedy struck the clan some years ago when a politician by the name of Doflamingo betrayed the family, allowing an enemy group to kill everyone but the current head of the clan, Trafalgar D Water Law. He was saved by Doflamingo’s brother Rocinante, whose betrayal saved Law but ultimately cost him his life. While acting as a simple samurai group with some medical knowledge, Law and his nakama are trying to take down corrupt political leaders, while Law secretly plans to get his revenge on Doflamingo.

Every five years the clans of D try to get together and brag about all the chaos they’ve caused (at least, that’s what the Monkey’s do). Law usually does not attend the meeting, not wanting to be reminded about the loss of his family, but he decides to attend this time after hearing about the accomplishments of the head of the Monkey clan, Monkey D Luffy. This meeting results in a positive view of the other for both of them, which help motivate Law to save his fellow D when he tries and fails to save his brother from being executed for his father’s crime of being against the government’s current corrupt establishment. When the two D’s meet again as Law is infiltrating a secret facility of Doflamingo’s, he offers to form an alliance with the indomitable D. Now all he has to do is try to stick to his plan without thinking too much about the strange effects his body experiences around his charming ally. (Especially when Luffy is in full ninja gear. Did his outfits really have to be so tight?)

100 reasons to ship HashiMada

1. Hashirama’s unconditional love for Madara.

2. Madara’s unconditional love for Hashirama.

3. Ardent beauty.

4. Strength and grace combined.

5. It’s sensual.

6. You’ll never get tired of them.

7. “I thought Madara was a enlightment from heaven.”

8. Madara awakened his sharingan because he was going to break his bond with Hashirama.

9. Madara thinks about Hashirama all the time.

10. Madara is everything for Hashirama.

11. Madara’s hand was trembling when he thought Hashirama was going to kill himself.

12. Sexual innuendos: “I’m coming, Madara!” “Come, Hashirama!”

13. Hashirama was willing to do anything for Madara.

14. “I won’t let you lay a finger on him…”

15. “I want to carve your face in this stone!”

16. “It’s enough… I’ve already seen your guts….”

17. Madara never stopped loving Hashirama.

18. And Hashirama never stopped loving Madara.

19. Their chemistry is breathtaking.

20. After Hashirama “killed” Madara, he built statues of them. And Madara implanted Hashirama’s cellson him but this has a deeper meaning… It’s like they can’t live without the other.

21. HashiMada is a masterpiece.

22. When Madara sensed Hashirama’s chakra, he forgot the shinobi alliance in an instant.



25. HashiMada is air.

26. HashiMada is extremely passionate.

27. HashiMada is extremely well written.

28. HashiMada is extremely poetic.

29. HashiMada is extremely unique.

30. HashiMada is more beautiful than gothic architeture.

31. Madara is always complaining about everyone who is not Hashirama.

32. You can actually see how Kishimoto writes HashiMada passionately.

33. It’s more beautiful than a symphonic metal conecert.

34. Kishimoto sexualizes HashiMada.

35. It makes you feel excited.

36. It makes you want more and more and more of it.

37. It’ll make you want to write fanfics about them.

38. You’ll listen to music and you’ll think about them.

39. It’s breathtaking.

40. It will be present in your life all the time.

41. You’ll wake thinking about them.

42. You’ll eat thinking about them.

43. You’ll sleep thinking about them.

44. And you’ll dream about them!

45. It’ll make you want to prepare a feast and drinks.

46. It’s extremely great.

47. It gives you extreme joy.

48. It gives you wisdom.

49. It’ll help you in anything.

50. It’ll give you anything you ever need.

51. It’ll fill you.

52. It’ll give you a motivation to do things.

53. It’ll make you feel glad you exist.

54. It has A LOT of tension.

55. It’ll make you a sharp defender.

56. It’s seductive.

57. It’s more beautiful than classic movies.

58. It’ll make you feel prideful.

59. It will give you a lot of satisfaction.

60. It’ll be one of the best things in your life.

61. It’s more than epic.

62. Hashirama let Madara name the village.

63. When Sasuke asked Hashirama the meaning of a shinobi and what is a village, Hashirama actually told about his bond with Madara which means that he sees himself defined by his bond with Madara!

64. It’s more beautiful than a flute’s melody.

65. It’s more beautiful than historical castles.

66. It’s plausible.

67. It’s more fascinating than the mystery of the world.

68. It’s more beautiful than troubadours compositions.

69. It’s more fascinating than mermaids tales.

70. It’s more beautiful than the sea.

71. It’s intriguing.

72. It’s profound.

73. It gives you energy.

74. It’s vitality.

75. It’s more beautiful than a candlelit dinner.

76. It’s more fascinating than medieval history.

77. Hashirama is extremely important to Madara.

78. And Madara is extremely important to Hashirama.

79. Their last talk in chapter 691 will always make you cry.

80. It’s unforgettable.

81. It’ll be part of your sense.

82. It’s glorious.

83. It’ll give you intense sentimentality.

84. It’ll benefit you.

85. It’s fabulous.

86. It’ll make you feel like you are in paradise.

87. HashiMada is one of the greatest pairings of all times.

88. It’ll give you euphoria.

89. It’s sacred.

90. It’s excellent.

91. It’s extraordinary.

92. It’ll make you feel inspired all the time.

93. You’ll never leave HashiMada.

94. You’ll use poetic words to describe it.

95. You’ll want to honor it.

96. It’ll give you great ideas to veruthing.

97. It’ll give you more appetite in life.

98. It’ll make you see things clearly.

99. They shared powerful emotions together.

100. Because it’s undeniable.