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Attention Fiction Writers

We all put hours of time, spend copious amounts of energy, and pour our love into our stories for our favourite fandoms to read and enjoy. As much as we’re all happy to do it for free –because we love it– many of us are desperate for recognition, feedback, and critiques from our readers, because we often see very little, or no replies at all, on our fics.

So @crimsoncat21 and I @kendralynora are proposing we start a Writer’s Alliance where we promote “Content for Comments”.

As a group we would decide how many reviews we’d like to see on our fics before we publish more to our stories. Comments would be treated as more of an “unlock feature” that would allow an author to post more when they are ready themselves (or not at all ever). Comments would not be used as currency; putting an obligation onto writers to produce more content.

The intention behind this alliance is not to lord power over readers like they owe us, it’s to boost a healthier reader/writer experience and relationship. Especially for us authors who so often lose heart in writing when we don’t know when all our hard work is even worth it, because we never see a payoff.

If anyone is interested: please reblog, comment, & tag any fic writers that you may know, so we can begin a conversation and hopefully start a movement for the better.

Pansexual Problems:

  • Awkward explanations every time you come out
  • People forgetting the difference between gender and species
  • People telling you that you’re basically bi
  • People telling you it’s just a phase
  • People asking you if you have sex with pans
  • People telling you that you’re greedy

Pansexual Perks: 

  • The Bi-Pan-Ace-Aro-etc Alliance/Invisibility Alliance

kronprinzvonoesterreich  asked:

Imperial problem child verse: With Luke in and out of the Executor periodically, does Ahsoka ever cross paths with her old teacher in their mutual attempts to protect the Skybabies? How do those meetings go?

The first meeting probably went really really badly. He had thought (hoped) she was dead, so he wouldn’t have to go after her again, she’s got a million and one Rebel secrets to keep and doesn’t need even the slightest risk of someone gaining access to that information in her brain, and both of them have some scores left unsettled.

Vader goes back to his ship with one working arm and his cape is on fire. Ahsoka goes back to her ship with serious burns and a broken foot. Neither will admit that they’re secretly glad the other escaped.

The second time they meet, they’re literally both in the middle of trying to find Luke and a small ground assault team in the middle of a firefight (think the Jedha city ambush in Rogue One)
“I have no time for you, Tano,” Vader snaps, “I have come for my son.”
“Join the club!” Ahsoka retorts, “If you can find him! He’s your recklessness and his mom’s escape-artist tendencies in one terrible package!”

They tend to just sort of acknowledge each other’s presence and leave in subsequent encounters, unless they’ve both showed up to help Luke.

Except for once. One time they both turned up in a Zygerrian slaver fortress in the dead of night and wreaked such devastation that there was hardly anything left by dawn. Ahsoka had her lightsabers, and Vader muted his breathing and borrowed Obi-wan’s old saber, and both kept to the shadows. They left two survivors to spread a tale of “The Jedi’s Revenge”.
Nobody told Luke or the Alliance.

I want to add that I think you can get radicalized from transitioning FtM and stay transitioned. There are certainly radical feminist trans men and other female-bodied trans people. There are plenty of female-bodied trans people who have come to a more critical perspective on society through transitioning and many of them would agree with many points raised by radical feminism.

I’m into challenging certain beliefs about trans identity and transitioning but I know others have different experiences and are going to come to different conclusions. I have no problem making alliances with trans men and other female-bodied trans people who want to resist patriarchy and fight for the liberation of all females, regardless of why they think they’re trans or how they manage their dysphoria. There have always been trans men who know being born female makes a difference, who know they’ve suffered from misogyny regardless of how they see themselves, who sense some connection with women as a group even if they don’t consider themselves women.

I don’t think trans men are less evolved or politically enlightened than detransitioned women. I feel closer to trans men with a critical understanding of patriarchy then I do to radical feminists who think both women like me and trans men are “mutilated women”. I think a lot of us have the same experiences but come to different conclusions about what they mean. But sometimes we come to the same conclusions too. Many trans men become more aware of sexism after they transition and are more motivated to resist it. Many come to the conclusion that many of their problems are rooted in society. Some say in private that they realized they transitioned due to social pressure but decide to stay transitioned because it works for them.

I still feel that trans men and other female-bodied trans people are “my people” in some sense, I still have a lot in common with many of them. My experience of being a detransitioned woman isn’t all that different from my experience of being a genderqueer trans man and I face many of the same issues regardless of what I call myself. I am interested in finding points of commonality with radical trans men and other female-bodied trans people. We don’t have to agree on everything to work together to create a world where we both can be free.

Lydia Martin was a genius.

She’d since figured out that this was not something to share. Not everywhere, at least. She survived high school by pretending to be the vapid, social butterfly with a razor, sharp tongue while she scaled through AP classes and graduated early.

Somehow, all that wit had led her to the Big Brother House where she was, once again, forced to hide her brilliance. But this time, she could not wear the same façade she’d perfected in High School. While being brilliant and obviously calculating would bring competitive attention to her game, being bossy and loud and controlling would just bring unnecessary attention.

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  • Torin and the rest of the world: okay so there's this alliance problem going on with one of the biggest powers in the universe as we know it and their corrupt queen wants to take advantage of your youth and inexperience to marry you and there's just a lot of messed up stuff happening and the letumosis outbreak has started in the city and there's really no way to get an antidote and just basically the world as we know it is about to die--
  • Kai: I wonder if cinder thinks i'm hot.
Malec Prompt list [No. 1]

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Hey guys,

another collab between me and @malec-luv and this time we have a prompt list. There are so many great fanfics already but we thought, why not add to it by giving the great authors in our fandom a few prompts, so here we go:

1.Even with the threat of Valentine eradicated, the Soul Sword is still missing and Alec and Magnus prepare for battle along with the rest of the Shadowhunters and Downworld. Alec decides he wants to train Magnus in archery, despite the the latter’s claim that his magic is really the only weapon he needs. Does Alec truly want his boyfriend to be skilled in his preferred choice of combat? Or is this only an excuse to spend some time with him?

2.Alec is invited to a fellow Shadowhunter’s wedding in Idris, and desperately wants to invite Magnus along as his date. They have only just started dating, and so his nerves causes him to worry and fret over how exactly he is going to ask his boyfriend, believing that he does not have a way with words like Magnus does. Magnus, having heard from Isabelle about the invitation waits with unmeasurable hope that Alec will ask him to be his date. However as the wedding looms closer and having heard nothing from Alec regarding the wedding, he starts to think with a sinking disappointment that perhaps Alec does not want his relationship with a warlock being on full display at Idris and starts to pull away and avoid Alec, something that does not escape the Shadowhunter’s notice. Will the boys work their way around the misunderstanding?

3.Alec catches a cold, and despite Magnus’s concerns continues to train and accompany Izzy and Jace and Clary on their demon hunting missions. Until during one mission, Alec faints and is escorted to Magnus’s, where Magnus insists he cannot move until he is all better and regained all of his strength. This culminates in Magnus telling Alec that he must remember to take care of himself while trying to rescue the world, otherwise all their efforts would only be in vain. Alec disagrees, saying it his job as Shadowhunter to put others first before himself, which results in an argument between the two. How will they resolve their disagreement?

4.Magnus and Alec met each other when they were in kindergarten, and have known each other ever since. Both have had feelings for the other, however both has been oblivious in thinking that they were the only one harbouring feelings. Now, at 30 years old both have had everything work out for them, Alec doing his residency and Magnus a practicing lawyer, when Magnus’s current boyfriend proposes to him. Alec is left with the choice of whether to take the leap and confront Magnus with his feelings, or to let his first love go for good. And Magnus can’t decide if accepting the proposal will be his way out or the worst decision of his life.

5.Magnus and Alec have happily been together for 2 years. When Magnus’s past of being a former gang member comes back to haunt him in a form that threatens to hurt Alec, he decides it is best for him if they break up, telling Alec he no longer loves him, breaking his own heart in the process. Alec, seeing through the blatant lie refuses to give up on Magnus, arguing that whatever it is that he is going through they can face it head on, together. Magnus struggles with not being able to let Alec go and trying to protect him from his former gang member that threatens to break apart everything Magnus has been working to build.

6.Rockstar AU – My band is super successful and we are starting our worldtour in the next few days. I'magine my surprise as I encounter you, who has been my childhood crush that I’ve embarressed myself infront of countless times, as our new stage rowdie. Now I have to get your intention without you remembering that I’m the akward kid from the playground. (Bonus point: You can’t recognise me anymore and think that I hit on you for fun)

7.I need you to be my fake boyfriend for the wedding of my sister/mother/brother etc. and I had a crush on you since the day we became best friends. Only problem: You have a girlfriend who is a bit of a bitch/are already taken, but I can’t ask anyone else since it’s a bit shorttime. Since you don’t like me like that this can’t go wrong, right?

8.We have to secure the peace in my kingdom/alliance etc.. Problem is that we’ve been in love for a while but can’t be together anymore because the people in the alliance hate each others guts/ we can’t make choices for our people objectivly anymore.

9.You are the heir to the throne of my neighbourhood country, but your evil oncle/stepfather etc. Is after the throne so you have the escape. Sadly you fall from a cliff and end up on my doorstep. I really don’t have a clue what to do with you or how to regain your memories but damn your eyes…Do I even want you to get the memories back?

Obviously you don’t have to write a prompt but if you do please tag us so we can check it out ASAP! Lots of love xx

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“Commander? This is an unexpected surprise. What can I do for you?” Anderson’s words and tone were cordial, but his eyes were keen. He was vigilant as one might expect of any highly-trained and seasoned soldier. He observed the incoming officer closely. It wasn’t the first time that someone had walked into a human representative’s office with intent to punch someone in the face, after all.

“Sir,” Kaidan responded, noticing the Councillor’s wariness and coming to an abrupt stop. Offering a salute and standing stiffly as rage coursed through his body.

“At ease.” Anderson motioned in the direction of a pair of chairs. “Have a seat. Clearly there’s something on your mind.”

Kaidan didn’t budge. Now that he was in Anderson’s presence, a thousand questions, accusations, and insults flooded his mind all at once, but none managed to surface at his lips. He could feel the heat rising to his face however, and it clearly hadn’t gone unnoticed by his colleague.

“I read your report about Horizon. Despite the losses there, the intel gathered from you and the survivors will be valuable in preventing further trouble for human colonies in the Terminus Systems.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Kaidan hated how his voice wavered with the quiet question.

Anderson evaluated him for a moment, his proud stance faltering only when he let out a heavy sigh. “I hope you understand that I had to keep information on Shepard classified until I could verify what was going on. People don’t usually just come back from the dead.”

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Australian Survivor is just amazing, legendary, iconic and overall superior in so many ways. Here’s the Top 10 ways Australian Survivor has me shook.

1. The gameplay was INTENSE from the very beginning, none of that predictable, one dominating-and-unchanging alliance bullshit.
2. The twists were super iconic, original, and actually game-changing. Sometimes they totally came out of left-field and had me gasping!
3. The editing always leaves you SHOOK. Like you go into tribal thinking one thing and sometimes completely unexpected happens!
4. Australian Jeff as we like to call him (okay, Jonathan) leaves NO wig unsnatched and always spills the most scalding of teas. The questions he asks leaves not only the tribes speechless but the audience as well.
5. The men? FLOPS! The women? Queens, iconic, hag-royalty– each one special in their own right, and all made BIG moves.
6. The castaways weren’t afraid to make moves or take massive risks. Turning on their day 1 alliance? No problem.
7. Phoebe-fucking-Timmins & Kat-fucking-Dumont. (Okay and S-fucking-ue and Jennah-fucking-Slayouise and Kracked’t Kristie™ and KATE and heck even Flick… legends).
8. 55 days (yes, that’s 5 5) of survival instead of the usual 39. The castaways on Survivor US are absolutely demolished by 39 but these guys are toughing it out for more than two weeks longer!
9. The season started with 24 castaways! At first I was like NO WAY this is too much! I’m gonna be overwhelmed! But daaaamn Australian Survivor, I see you! Giving everyone a relatively equal edit and storyline??? Sometimes it’s like episode 7 in Survivor US and I’m like “…who dat?” but I basically knew everyone on this version by episode 2.
10. The cast is just so much more likeable… Even the people you hate you low-key have a soft spot for.

Anyway, I highly recommend you watch if you haven’t jumped on the train already. There’s only 3 episodes left.

Keeping Youth (Chapter One)

Camren Kingdom/Soulmate AU where you stop aging when you turn 18 until you meet your soul mate so you can grow old together. Lauren, along with all other royalty, takes advantage of this and kills their soulmate, along with every reincarnation of them so they can live forever. The princess of another kingdom finds a way to change this, but may cause problems between the two kingdoms.

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