alliance crest


I’ve remastered my Alliance Desu! and Lok’tar Ogar Senpai! icons to a much more sleek design that suits print a bit better. Both are up in my Redbubble store! (watermark free of course)

NEVERMIND BLIZZARD BITCHED. I’ll do something else.

The original’s are still available as well, for those that might enjoy the ‘toony’ feel the others had :] 


A few more Star Wars duvet options to spruce up your pad! Available in King $129, Queen $99, and now Full size $89. Available here:

All of these prints are also available on shower curtains, pillows, tote bags, and more!!

Star Butterfly, Queen Butterfly, and Miss Heinous have the Shuffle Alliance

In “Mobile Fighter G Gundam” reference, they have the shuffle alliance crests on their hands. Star Butterfly has a Love of Hearts, Queen Butterfly has a Regal of Diamonds, Miss Heinous has an Odious of Clubs, and unknown character has a Spades is the mysterious.


Would you like to be a guinea pig for sweatshirts for my Utinni Bikini shop? A guinea pig is tries out a new product for me and sends me photos in exchange for a slightly above cost fee. If you’re interested, these are available in both men’s and women’s sizes from XS-3XL. Each sweatshirt is $45 with $8 shipping to any address worldwide. And just $2 per each additional item. There is an up-charge of $5 for 2XL’s and $10 for 3XL’s. If you’re a lady in the upcharged sizes, you can likely get a comprable men’s size for less.

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No longer do we just have regular string bikini tops and bottoms! We now have a ton of options for you to pick from! We have a ton more print options in other colors too, you don’t have to pick from just what is above. Message us on Etsy if you’re interested. (Sorry, the mock up of the regular bikini bottoms is a bit wonky!)

Utinni Bikini on Etsy

OTPs are hard, but Han/Leia is definitely one of mine, and I figured I could do a simple (if rough) rendering for them. The thumbs are where I represented them, with a Rebel Alliance crest on my left thumb and a very rough attempt at the Millennium Falcon. 

The base for all of the nails is Sparitual Smoke ‘N Mirrors, with China Glaze It’s A Trap-Eze (UNINTENTIONAL JOKE) on my fingers and OPI Black Onyx for the designs.