Feels Like Tonight

Alli’s tan hands carefully hovered over what seemed like dozens containers of makeup. Tubes of mascara, lipstick, lip balm, lip stain, cases of eye shadow, foundation, and blush with a few sticks of eyeliner thrown in littered the top of the small wooden desk. Every single item of makeup she’d acquired within the last couple of years had been pulled out of the various drawers they’d been tucked away in. As soon as the final bell of the day chimed Alli had hurried home to get ready for her hang out with Julian. Luckily, Mr. and Mrs. Bhandari were both working late tonight. She could just imagine the stream of never ending questions they’d be spitting out at her if they were there. “Alliah, where are you going? Why are you so dressed up? Who is this Julian fellow and why haven’t we met him before?” Laughing quietly, Alli applied one last brush of mascara with a swift flick of her wrist. A quick glance at her clock told her that Julian would be there any minute. She made her way over to the full length mirror in the corner and checked herself for any last minute imperfections that needed fixing.
Her dark brown hair was curled gently; the waves framing her face. Since she still had no idea where they were going she had to do some guess work with her outfit. “Dress up a little” both intrigued and confused Alli. Finally she ended up settling upon a hot pink and black sundress with a bright floral pattern on it. Paired with black heels and black jewelry it was definitely fancier than she would ever dare to dress for school. Not that she had that option anymore, the disgusting khaki and colored polo uniform was still in place. Frowning, she grabbed a piece of hair that was sticking it out and carefully moved it back into the correct place. Wherever Julian was taking her, Alli was determined to look as close to perfection as possible. The very thought of him made Alli blush. Her stomach twisted itself into knots, and she assumed this is what people must mean when they said they had butterflies in their stomach. Julian made her feel nervous, giddy, giggly, excited and safe all at once. Ever since the night of the carnival she hadn’t been able to keep her mind off of him. When she was bored in Perino’s class she often found her mind wandering to memories of that night. The way their hands had fit together naturally, as if they had been made for each other. The temperature must’ve dropped dramatically during the short time they were there but he’d still insisted on wrapping his coat around her shoulders. It was like a scene out of a cheesy romantic movies; the ones that were usually hidden favorites of hers.
There was no doubt in her mind that they’d both felt something that night. Yet their second hang out at the Dot had seemed a bit strained at first. It was as if Julian wasn’t all there. As much as he tried to hide it, his mind was definitely preoccupied with other thoughts. Alli had gone home after and reread their conversations from the days before and replayed their…whatever it was, over and over again in her head trying to find that small mistake she’d committed that had him so distracted. Eventually she’d given up and had taken the fact that he’d asked her to go on this mystery outing with him was a good sign. Over thinking the situation would only make matters worse. A firm knock pulled Alli from her jumbled thoughts and she felt her pulse quicken with excitement. Grabbing her black bag from her bed she jogged down the stairs to answer the door before Jenna or KC could answer it first. Inhaling deeply, she gripped the brass doorknob and opened the door. After taking in the boy standing before her, Alli found herself grinning automatically, “Hi. I’m ready if you’re ready.”

Elektroauto: Hohe Zustimmung bei jungen Fahrern (Umfrage)

Etwa zwei Drittel (73 Prozent) der Deutschen zwischen 18 und 24 Jahren würden ein Elektroauto nutzen, wenn es in Leistung und Preis mit einem herkömmlichen Kfz vergleichbar wäre. Das geht aus einer aktuellen Umfrage der Allianz im …

Elektroauto: Hohe Zustimmung bei jungen Fahrern (Umfrage)

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By @allianmusica “Esperando que hayan disfrutado de un fin de semana brutal, los invitamos a que vean el video oficial de nuestro tema #MeDejeLlevar. El link, lo pueden conseguir en nuestro perfil. ¡Feliz domingo! #Allian #DejateLlevar” via @PhotoRepost_app


130907 Ailee - I Will Show You + Crazy In Love @ Music Bank in İstanbul (Fancam) 

Stop The Tape And Rewind || Ian

“I hate you,” Ian spat at his girlfriend before storming out of his quaint dorm room and as far away from the girl as he possibly could. Yet again, the couple got into another heated fight. And once again, it was about Allie’s conspiracy theory that Ian was in love with Camilla. The couple threw insult after insult at each other, like they were trying to see who would cave in first. Her persistent personality worked him up. She knew how to push his buttons and boy, did she push them. As always, the boy let his temper get the best of him, not knowing what he was doing or saying. The three forbidden words left his mouth before his brain could process what he was saying, leaving Ian left with a sour taste in his mouth.

The large door of Beaumont was forcefully pulled open, chilling wind making contact with his skin.  He was too angry to take in his surroundings or pay attention to anything. The only thing on his mind was how infuriated he was over her, over everything. It wasn’t until he heard the loud shrill coming from people behind him did he realize what was going on. All he could see was amber colored flames encompassing the building and students running frantically. There were tears and screams of terror coming from people behind him, the sound of the fire truck siren rang in his ears.

And that’s when it hit him. Allie. Allie was still in the building. The fight the two of them just had was long forgotten, the only thing on his mind being her. If anything happened to her, he would never forgive himself. As fast as his feet could take him, he sprinted towards the building in the direction he left her. Right when he took the first step up the stairs and reached out for the door handle, he was pulled back by two pairs of strong arms. “Son, you can’t go in there. It’s too dangerous. We can’t let you in,” they said to him in a calm manner as Ian fought against their restraints, not wanting to listen. “No! You have to let me in! Allie’s in there! I have to make sure she’s okay! I need to get Allie!” he yelled, kicking and screaming in the air as they held him up. “I’m sorry, kid. We can’t let you in,” one of the firefighters said sympathetically, setting the boy on the ground.

The emotion Ian was feeling was indescribable. All he could think was that it was his fault. If only he didn’t leave. If only they worked it out. If only he wasn’t such an idiot, she’d be with him. She would be safe in his arms and the both of them would be okay, but yet again, Ian had to let his own selfish emotions get the best of him. Holding his head in his hands, he let the tears freely fall down his face. He punched the ground with his fist, hitting a small piece of metal. Taking his eyes away from behind his hand, he looked down to see what he hit. He took the small item in his frail hands, realizing that it was the promise ring he threw out the window.