Can I also just tell you I would DIE for Taylor nation.

As we drove away I just yelled to Allie “I LOVE YOU” and she was like “SEE YOU ON TOUR”

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Fifth Harmony

It was the sixth anniversary of Fifth Harmony and what better way of celebrating another milestone in their careers than by singing in front of thousands of people. It wasn’t just any other concert. It was in Madison Square Garden, New York no less. This was their biggest concert by far. Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane, Normani Kordei, and Ally Brooke sang and danced to their songs from Reflection, 727, and their self-titled album Fifth Harmony.

My innocence is wearing thin

But my heart is growing strong

So call me, call me, call me

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (ohhhhh)

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (on and on and on and on and on)

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (on and on and on and on, on and on and on and on)

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (hey… yeah yeah)

Yeah, I’m movin’ on



“Madison square garden thank you so much for having us tonight!” Dinah speaks loudly through her microphone. The crowd goes wild as the four girls move closer towards the centre.

“Tonight is a special night for all of us as you know. Six years of Fifth Harmony and we couldn’t have a better celebration tonight. We started off six years ago with thirty to forty people coming to our mall tours now we have 85,000. This is unbelievable” Normani says with extreme awe at the crowd in front of them. Indeed, through that six years, their fan base has grown bigger.

Ally took her turn to speak. “We’d like to share this special moment with you as we all look back to our journey. So, join us as we view this short video of Fifth Harmony through the years”

All four of them turn around to look at the screen in front. A montage starts playing. None of the girls has seen this video. They knew something would be playing but the management never told them what it would be. A surprise for them as well in some sense. (video would be something like this credits to owner)

As much as they try not to be emotional, they can’t help themselves from tearing up. One drop follows another. The crowd too had tears in their eyes, witnessing the transformation of young dreamers into the pop stars that they are now. Before anyone realises it, Camila appears on screen and cheers can be heard all over the place. Even the girls were quite taken aback by her participation on the montage.

“Thank you so much harmonizers for supporting the group through the years. We won’t be here without you guys. Seriously, thank you so much. I’m so proud of the girls for what they’ve achieved, for their success, and will always be proud of them. To my girls, I will always love you. You are my sisters for life. We may have had our differences but deep in my heart I still love you so much. I will always be a part of Fifth Harmony and you will always be a part of me.” Camila ends her message by blowing a kiss to the camera. The video continues to play, recounting all the awards and achievements they received in their six years together. The last frame ends with simple words, “Thank you Fifth Harmony.”

The girls try to clean up their faces before turning around again to face their fans. Everyone claps their hands for a wonderful video that summed up the years of Fifth Harmony.

Normani is the first to speak amongst the four. “We were five normal girls trying to reach our dreams and here we are today standing proudly on this stage. If not for you, we wouldn’t be here today so, thank you so much harmonizers. I would like to thank our families too for keeping our feet to the ground and protecting us and loving us no matter what. Our dream was very small. It was just an idea of us recording our own songs and maybe one day sing it in our own concert. Then it got bigger and bigger. Our lives did change.”

“We’ve become who we’ve always wanted to be. With you and our families and our team, we’ve gotten something not every fifteen or sixteen-year-old could have. We started touring the world and wherever we were there were people screaming at us. We didn’t know what was happening. You guys are one of the main reasons why we’re still here tonight. My mom, my dad, my siblings, and every one of you thank you all so much. You have truly been amazing.” Lauren says through her tears, her raspy voice sounding even raspier.

“We’ve had our sacrifices our differences but at the end of the day, we made it through the crazy because of you. I believed in myself because you believed in me too, in us. Thank you guys so so much. My family, my relatives, every single one of you, thank you for making everything possible. You made our dreams come true over and over again. We’ve met people the people we’ve met because you lined up in our concerts, bought our albums, you did everything for us. It’s been absolutely incredible.” Dinah blows a kiss after her own words.

Ally then speaks up after the youngest amongst them was done. “The past six years would literally be nothing without you. We’re so blessed to be here in front of such lovely crowd because of your support and love. Thank you, harmonizers. We appreciate what you’ve done for us and you made us realise what we’re doing was something amazing. You’ve supported each and everyone in the group through our ups and downs. Once again thank you so much. And to our families thank you for supporting us in our six years.” Cheers go louder as the tears on the girls’ faces pour down. Smiling through tears is something not easy to do.

Lauren clears her throat as she recomposes herself for her next words. “Sadly, the time has come for us to say goodbye.” Gasps from the fans can be heard all over Madison Square Garden. “Trust me we’re all dreading this” she continued with her voice breaking. “Our lives have changed drastically and it’s very overwhelming. We didn’t know what was happening to us and here we are six years later saying goodbye to it all. It’s not an easy thing, I tell you” Lauren wipes her tears as Dinah comforts her with a side hug.

“This song, this next and last song is very special to each of us in Fifth Harmony. This started everything for us; our dreams, our career, everything. This means so much to us and we hope this would mean something to you too.” Normani introduced their finale song and the melody starts playing as she spoke. “May this song remind everyone of you here right now that everything is possible. That the impossible is possible if you just believe. You believed in us and we got to do everything for six years because of all you here tonight.”

“Madison Square this is ‘Impossible’ and this will be our last memory of Fifth Harmony so make it a good one!” Dinah tried to put the crowd in hype despite her own voice betraying her. Ally shouts “We love you” before they started singing.  


I remember years ago

Someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love

I did


And now when all is done

There is nothing to say

You have gone and so effortlessly

You have won You can go ahead tell them

Tell them all I know now

Shout it from the rooftops

Write it on the skyline

All we had is gone now


Tell them I was happy and my heart is broken

All my scars are open

Tell them what I hoped would be


[Dinah & Normani:]




[Dinah & Normani:]




[Dinah & Normani:]



I remember years ago

Someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love

I did


The song becomes very emotional like every word sang by them is a blade plunge to everyone’s hearts. This their last song and it was their very first song together. This is mainly the reason why all four of them decided to end their journey with the same song that fired up their dreams. It felt…home.

At the end of the song, Lauren, Ally, Normani and Dinah hugged each other just like all their other performances. They broke off their embrace and started speaking again starting with Ally.

“I’m trying my best not to cry but I’m crying.” Ally tries to joke around. “We’re all crying. Lauren’s crying, Dinah’s crying, Mani’s crying, you guys are crying. It’s really hard to hold back our tears tonight, isn’t it? It’s really true when they say ‘as one journey ends, another one begins.’ Fifth Harmony maybe closing its book but four stories will be opening after tonight. Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and I will be braving the world as solo artists but we’ll continue to support each other nevertheless. These three ladies right there are my sisters. Thank you for being my sisters. I’ve had the best time in my life more than you could ever imagine. We’ve literally had so much fun and I couldn’t imagine doing it with someone else. I love you so much ladies and I will always be here for you.” There were a lot of ‘awws’ heard in the audience with Ally’s speech.

Normani followed after with her own words of gratitude. “We started out as strangers from different states and walks of life but we’re ending our story together as sisters. It’s been a wild ride but no matter how fun every ride is; it just has its end. Despite that, I know I would always have these ladies with me. Lauren, Dinah, and Ally, you are the sisters God forgot to give me. Your parents are my parents and my parents are yours. My three best friends in the whole world, thank you so much for our time together. No matter what, regardless of any circumstance you are always in my heart. I am and will always be proud of you. I love you”

Seeing as though they were speaking by age, Lauren took the chance to speak after Normani. “To my sisters Normani, Dinah Jane, and Ally, I love you so much I hope you know that. DJ I’ll miss your annoying arse pranking us 24/7, and Mani I’ll miss your chicken wings cravings, and Allyson Brooke, the sunshine of the group, I will definitely miss your cooking. We’ve spent our teenage years together and you’ve been my pillar through everything that was thrown my way. You’ve accepted me for who I am when I was confused and scared and trying to figure out myself. I just want to give a massive shout out to the three of you. You all are such amazing ladies. I love you so much.” Lauren was beaming with pride for her sweet speech. It’s true that the girls have been there for her no matter what and thanking them through those short sentences was not enough but it would have to do for now. “Also to Camila, Camila who’s not here with us tonight, thank you very much Camz for all the love and all the time you gave us when you were still in the band. We love you very much.” Of course the fans especially those who have been rooting for any interaction between Lauren and Camila have their spirits on cloud nine for Lauren’s unexpected message to Camila. Dinah Jane smiled to herself thankful that Lauren had done that. In the end, Dinah never stopped being Camila’s friend.

“Alright. Alright, my turn I guess. What’s up Madison Square? Six years with these girls were crazy. Imagine living with four hormonal teenage girls. I have a bunch of siblings and when I got into Fifth Harmony I gained four more. These three girls, Ally, Mani and Lauren will always be the big sisters that I will look up to for the rest of my life. I can do stupid things and I know they won’t judge me. We may be halfway across world away from each other, I know they’d be wherever I was if I needed them to. I love you girls so much. Imagine all the aeroplane rides and the buses we’ve been on. You’ve given me millions of memories I will keep forever. I love Y'all.” The four of them gather again for one more hug. Dinah broke away however so she could shout something one last time. “Me and my girls will always conquer the impossible!”

The crowd claps their hands for a very touching night. It’s been surreal to witness a very wonderful performance that turned out to be a finale performance then witness again the goodbyes of the four girls.

“There’s also one more person who also would like to join you ladies there on stage if you’d like me to.” The girls are startled with the footage that played behind them. They are very familiar with that view. It was the passage from the backstage towards the front stage and the person in the view is no other than their former member, Camila Cabello. The fans go wild again upon seeing Camila joining the rest of the girls in her old costume.

“I’ve spent four and a half years with you ladies and I just couldn’t miss paying my tribute to this band that I once called family. Like I said we’ve had our differences and troubles but we’re all past that now. I wanted to take this chance, we all wanted to take this chance to give you this proper goodbye that you all deserved. No more letters. Here I am joining my sisters in this stage for this final moment. And I also would like to use this time to give a special shoutout to the four of you. People always ask, ‘what’s your favourite memory of Fifth Harmony’ and I guess this one of those favourites. I will never forget this night just like all those times we’ve had together. Dinah, Ally, Normani, and Lolo, I love you girls so much. Thank you for everything” The girls welcomed Camila to their embrace after her heart-warming speech. They may have had some trials and tribulations before but none of those matters anymore tonight.

“After 6 years of being together, we are doing this one last time,” Dinah announces to the crowd as she smiles to her girls.

“Hi, I’m Dinah Jane,”

“Hey, it’s Normani Kordei,”

“Hi, I’m Lauren,”

“Hey, I’m Ally,”

“Hi I’m Camilla”

They all took hold of each other’s hands, interlocking them together. Normani on the farthest right with Ally on her side. Beside Ally is Dinah who has Lauren in between her and Camila. For the last time, they spoke the words they’ve mastered by heart.

“and we’re Fifth Harmony!”

They raised their interlocked hands up in the air before taking their final bow. The confetti dropped on cue while the girls continued to bow in every side of the Madison Square Garden. “Once again thank you Madison Square Garden and the rest of our Harmonizers all over the world. Goodnight everyone and goodbye!”

Six years together, five sisters brought by fate, four promotional singles, three albums released, two record labels, and one story that ended in harmony. They are and will always be Fifth Harmony.

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Hey Cap! Idk if you're still writing rn but could you maybe do one where Alex meets Eliza for lunch and forgets to take off her engagement ring and Eliza notices and realizes and stuff and is protective and wary because it's only been a year but then Maggie comes to pick Alex up at the end of lunch (totally unaware of the sitch) and Eliza just looks at how in love they are (esp Maggie with Alex) and she gives her blessing and it's cute

She hasn’t told her mother yet.

It hurts her – to not. 

Eliza gets a lot of things wrong, but she also gets a lot of things right: and while Alex is so good at lying that she can fool a polygraph, the whole secrets thing really doesn’t agree with her.

It had, in the beginning; when she first joined the DEO, when she finally had something of her own. Something all hers, something… something that made her special. In her own right.

But it wore on her, grated on her.

Because secrets really don’t agree with her.

But she hasn’t told Eliza yet – about the ring, about the plans – because she knows what her mother will say, and she just wants to enjoy. 

Enjoy being engaged to the woman she loves without the stress of Eliza’s judgment of it’s too soon and are you sure, Alexandra? and you’re just coming out, sweetie, don’t you think you need to expand your horizons a little bit before settling down?

But she also knows that Eliza loves Maggie.

And that’s the second problem with telling her.

Because she wants Eliza’s approval and she wants Eliza’s support – it’s all she’s ever wanted – and Maggie? Maggie has it. 

Maybe Eliza won’t be too big of a fan of the engagement right away, but she’s quite fond of the woman who fights for both of her daughters, who plays pool with her science nerd son, who fights crime with her almost son-in-law son (and she really needs to speak to Kara about Mr. Olsen, because really, how could Alex let her let him go?).

And that’s also what Alex is afraid of.

Because they won’t be telling Maggie’s family.

Because Maggie’s family won’t be there, won’t support her, won’t love her.

And if Maggie can’t have her family, a part of Alex doesn’t want her to have to see Alex having hers. Doesn’t want her to go through that pain.

So she hasn’t told her.

But she’s running late – working on new tech with Lena and Winn, on the communicator with Cisco Ramon, always makes her lose track of time – so she forgets.

Forgets to take her engagement ring off.

And Eliza might not be a secret agent, but Alex gets it from somewhere.

She notices. Of course she notices.

“It seems like you have something to tell me, sweetie,” she tells her right after she hugs her, right as they’re sitting down, right after she’s taken stock of the way Alex seems friendly with everyone who works at Noonan’s – right after she’s taken stock of the way Alex seems, now, to interact with people outside her work.

She wonders when that happened, and she thinks it probably has something to do with the ring on her left hand.

“Um, yeah, I told you, Mom – didn’t you get my text? – we were working on an atmospheric – “

“No, no, dear, I know you lost track of time in the lab.” She chuckles softly to herself. “Like mother, like daughter, I suppose. No, Alex, I meant… something else.”

She doesn’t glance down at Alex’s ring; she doesn’t move her eyes from her eldest’s face at all.

She doesn’t have to. Because suddenly, Alex reaches for her left hand, for her fourth finger. She reaches, and she groans.

“Mom, I – it just happened, it’s recent, I didn’t want to um… I didn’t want to tell you on the phone – “

“You mean you didn’t want to tell me.”

“Mom – “

“Is it because you know how soon this is, Alexandra? Maggie’s a sweet girl, honey, a really lovely girl, and I’m not saying you should break up – god knows, she seems good for you, Alex – but marriage? Don’t you think – “

“Don’t you think you should congratulate me, Mom?” Alex deadpans, her voice as cold as the gun in her waistband, and Eliza’s stomach sinks, because her daughter has always been… headstrong.

But the edges of her voice have the damage of a soldier, now, the ice of a warrior, and it breaks her heart.

Especially because she knows – she knows – how much Maggie has been thawing that ice for Alex. With Alex.

“I… yes, dear, I… congratulations, Alexan – Alex – I want to hear all about it. I just… it’s my job to worry about you, Alex, surely you can – “

“Yeah. I get it.”

“Alexandra – “

“I know a year is short, Mom. I know. I know everything you’re going to say. But you know what, our lives are short, too. I almost died, Mom, I was…” 

Tears swirl in her eyes suddenly, unwelcome, and she has to remind herself that there is no water filling her lungs. “The whole world almost died. And Maggie… Maggie fought her way through the streets, alone, out of ammo for a quarter of her trip, saving school kids on the way to me. To me, Mom. The world was ending and she fought and saved people on her way to me. I held on for her, for Kara, I held on, I…”

Her voice breaks and her jaw sets, and Eliza finds her hand covering her eldest’s; she finds that she can feel the scar tissues in her daughter’s body, that she can hear the scar tissue around her heart.

“You held on for you, sweetie,” Eliza whispers with a soft smile. “It was your love for them that kept you holding you. You. Your love. Your heart. Your mind has always been brilliant, Alex, but your heart has always been your superpower.”

Alex refuses to break – the entire reason she chose Noonan’s was that a public place would be less likely to precipitate an outburst – but she can’t stop the tears cascading down her face.

“All that, but you still think it’s too soon to get married,” she murmurs, and Eliza sighs.

“I just wonder why a woman, kind as she is, who initially rejected you because you were just coming out would be agreeing to marry you less than a year later, sweetie. Everything you’ve been through can also be an argument for not making big life decisions, you know, dear – “

“Mom, I’m marrying her. That’s the end of it. She’s not manipulating me or taking advantage of what I’ve been through or – “

“Why don’t we just enjoy our time together, Alexandra?” she interrupts, and Alex holds her breath, counts like she’s been working on with Sara Lance, sets her jaw, nods, and tries to keep her hands from trembling.

They stick to calmer topics throughout the rest of lunch – the latest research in bioengineering, Winn and Lena’s latest project, how Lucy’s doing – and they almost make it through without Alex’s phone chiming.

“Sorry,” she stammers, “it’s probably work, I have to – oh!” A smile slips over her face – a smile Eliza has rarely seen, one that seems to reverberate through Alex’s entire body – and she blushes. “Um, Mom, uh… Maggie’s heading over here to get coffee for her colleagues, she uh… she wanted to give me a heads up. Because she knows I’m here with you.”

Eliza stiffens slightly. “Of course, dear, it’d be lovely to see your fiancee.”

Alex nearly rises, nearly yells, but she just stiffens her core like she’s bracing for a punch, and she tries to exhale the way Maggie’s been teaching her.

She nods curtly and they sit in painful silence until Eliza clears her throat and asks Alex about how James is feeling with all his new superhero duties.

Alex launches in readily, eager for the distraction. So eager, so relieved, to lose herself in talking about her training sessions with their brother that she doesn’t hear the chime on the door ring, doesn’t turn to see her fiancee slipping up behind her.

Doesn’t know Maggie’s come into Noonan’s, motorcycle helmet in hand, detective shield gleaming, grey henley under perfect leather jacket, until she feels her hand tracing up Alex’s arm, until she feels her soft lips on her temple, until she feels her breath in her ear and hears the words she needs to hear more than anything right now: “I’m so proud of you, Ally. I love you,” Maggie whispers, soft so Eliza can’t hear, quickly so the praise, the love, can seep through Alex’s veins and uncord her tense body.

And it works: Alex melts immediately into Maggie’s touch, into Maggie’s voice, and Eliza has never seen her so relaxed in public. So affectionate with anyone other than Kara. 

Because Alex’s hand finds Maggie’s immediately, instinctively; their fingers interlink like they were created to fit each other’s, and when her eldest tilts her fiancee’s chin with a gentle finger so they can exchange a soft kiss on the mouth, Eliza knows.

Knows that Alex has discovered romantic intimacy.

That Alex is guarded. That Alex is prioritized. That she’s cared for and that she’s worshiped and that she’s truly, utterly loved.

Because Alex would never kiss anyone like that, so casual yet so intimate, so natural yet so needed. So perfect.

“Maggie, sweetheart,” Eliza stands, and Maggie gulps and smiles as she straightens up, accepting Eliza’s hug with one arm, fighting not to cry at a mother’s warm touch. 

“Lovely to see you, Dr. Danvers,” she tells her, and it doesn’t sound at all like the rehearsed lines Alex’s college boyfriends had given. It sounds confident, if nervous; genuine, if full of underlying turmoil, underlying emotion, underlying scar tissue. 

Confident, because this woman loves her daughter. Wholly and completely.

“I see congratulations are in order,” she tells her as she pulls back from the hug, and Maggie nearly drops her helmet. Alex takes her hand and Maggie clings to it.

“Dr. Danvers, I – “

“Kara mentioned earlier that you’re not the closest with your family, Maggie, and forgive me if this is forward, but I would be honored to take you wedding clothes shopping when the time comes. If you’ll have me.”

Maggie’s lip trembles and Alex’s chest wracks with a sob.

And Noonan’s has never seen, before or since, a more emotional, a more relieved, a more cathartic, a more healing, three-person hug.

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i think i love you because we have all the same interests. literally everything and your art is so good??? feeding hungry stans like me wow you're incredible please never stop making art TT

HEH HEHHH it’s hard to balance all three of my main fandoms but i try to draw them in alternating sequence each time!!!!!! hope to fatten all of you with content that can make a hard day just a little better!! ☕️

The 77 Adorations to Aphrodite -

I adore you, goddess of Love,

I adore you, ever persuasive and charming,

I adore you, born of seafoam and pearls,

I adore you, cherub faced, and the one who smooths of the lines of age,

I adore you, heavenly goddess

I adore you, who walks brides down the aisle,

I adore you, the reminder that hearts are not just a valentine, but rather a gory pulsing muscle,

I adore you, laughter-loving, sounding of bells,

I adore you, the one holding the hand of birthing mothers,

I adore you, bringer of victory,

I adore you, the dewy eyes at the altar during I Do,

I adore you, who entices flesh upon flesh,

I adore you, providing the strength and motivation for the frail teenager to re-learn to love themself and their body,

I adore you, who chose her own lover,

I adore you, goddess most celestial and ethereal,

I adore you, who protects against unwanted advances,

I adore you, rolling curves and dimples,

I adore you, whispering both breathless I love you’s and sweet nothings,

I adore you, the deceptive inspiration of lovers to elope

I adore you, the one who wipes away mascara tears and deletes their numbers from the phone,

I adore you, divine and shining,

I adore you, our ally in love,

I adore you, the high-crowned and regal,

I adore you, who brings the warmth of sleeping beside your lover,

I adore you, who rhymes off ballads and spits out insults most cruel,

I adore you, making a grave out of a ditch, and filling it with bodies without a second glance,

I adore you, the friend of flowers whose beauty is only rivalled by you,

I adore you, lace and matte lipstick,

I adore you, weaponized femininity, rose gold brass knuckles,

I adore you, goddess of the flocks,

I adore you, who holds the dove close to your beautiful heart,

I adore you, she who rests along the harbour,

I adore you, mother of desire,

I adore you, protector and one who stands alongside sex workers,

I adore you, the sound of house and taxi doors slamming when learns they need to love themself instead of the partner that hurts them,

I adore you, she who embraces us all,

I adore you, mother of the mountain,

I adore you, who rises strong from both the ocean and equally salty tears,

I adore you, starry and glittery and golden,

I adore you, who walks among the gardens,

I adore you, O protector of marriage,

I adore you, cloaked in sheer fabric and perfumed most,

I adore you, who celebrates with couples at pride, and leaves bloody lips and black eyes for those who arrive to preach harm,

I adore you, courtesan,

I adore you, whose mouth pours with pretty lies and milky pearls,

I adore you, killer of unworthy men,

I adore you, conniving and unholy,

I adore you, gentle and sweet,

I adore you, goddess of the heights,

I adore you, she upon the tombs,

I adore you, who was born of Cyprus,

I adore you, the bather in the well,

I adore you, who knocks on the wood of initials and hearts carved in trees,

I adore you, the silent comfort to the one who lost their married partner of forty nine years,

I adore you, the dark divine behind crimes of passion,

I adore you, she who turns herself away,

I adore you, mistress of animals,

I adore you, who ruled over love and war, and both at once,

I adore you, in hushed whispers and bubbly giggles,

I adore you, squeezing the hand of the teenager experiencing their first heartbreak,

I adore you, who is fiery in both hair and temper,

I adore you, figure of beauty in her soft rolls and warm smile,

I adore you, skilled inventor,

I adore you, who bids us fair voyage,

I adore you, bearing physical and verbal weapons,

I adore you, she of the foreigner,

I adore you, of quick glances and words left unsaid,

I adore you, who digs graves in both earth and hearts,

I adore you, merciful goddess,

I adore you, fairest of all,

I adore you, provider of pleasure and flushed cheeks,

I adore you, the watchful eye of unions,

I adore you, who ignites passion and extinguishes old flames,

I adore you, lipstick on collars and lovers quarrels,

I adore you, protector and healer of those domestically abused,

I adore you, the unknown guest of honour at every beach wedding,

I adore you, Aphrodite, goddess of love, lust, and that for blood!


I think all the “Freak lovers” in the world need that video to watch over and over again. Picture yourself as Allie. Enjoy. I love you. 

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random fluff idea (it's not lafluff but it's fluff so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯): Pidge loves cats, but if you get her started on lizards there's a good chance she'll whip out her phone and show you the pictures of that one time she made little clothes for Matt's lizards to wear

I like, approve of this 1000000000000% 

But okay, can we like;

Pidge showing off the pictures to an Empress of the Planet they just saved: Yeah, so here’s my brother’s lizard in a Flash Costume, and like, look at that flat face, oh my god, isn’t he the best —??

Shiro opening his way through the crowd: MR. PEAS THE LIZARD IS ALIVE? HOLY SHIT —!!! 

I’m all aboard for this heacanon.

Also, bonus, can we pls imagine Lance and Pidge knitting together??

Lance: what…Pidge, you added another leg hole? How many legs do you think they have????


They bond over knitting and you all can take that away from me from my cold dead clammy dry and slightly small hands, ok. 

Also, ally, sweetie, I love you and you are precious. 

Maggie Worshiping Alex (”I love you” smut)

prompt from @thebiwisebrownkid – “some like happy playful smut where they focus on the i love yous and alex’s badassery. Basically maggie worshipping alex and showing her how much she loves her by wrecking her in multiple different ways. plz dont dwell too much on the trauma or the stalking or alex almost dying. shit happened recently and im focusing on the what ifs too much and rn sanvers is the only thing distracting me and alot of the new fics arent really doing that.”

They said it once, and they said it twice, and they said it three times.

They said it, and they haven’t quite been able to stop saying it.

“I love you, Alex Danvers,” Maggie whispers as she kisses the back of Alex’s neck while Alex is brushing her teeth.

“I love you, Maggie Sawyer,” Alex grins after she spits, Maggie kissing the toothpaste away from the corners of her lips.

“I love you,” Maggie gasps when Alex lets her mouth roam down her jawline, down her throat.

“I love you back,” Alex breathes while Maggie navigates her by her hips out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

“Do you want me?” she asks before she goes any further, because Alex’s pulse is thrumming under her lips and Alex is whining and Alex is exhaling “I love you”s with every breath, but she needs to be absolutely sure.

“Please,” Alex begs, and Maggie smirks.

“Please what, Danvers?” she can’t help but tease, because Alex Danvers is always, always, always destructively attractive.

But Alex Danvers, blushing and grinning and spluttering and flustered?

Is near the top of Maggie’s growing list of weaknesses.

“I… Maggie, please, I…”

Maggie steps back just to hear Alex whine, and she’s rewarded richly.

“Maggie!” she moans, reaching for her, and Maggie melts into her instead of dodging her, lets Alex toss her backwards onto the bed, the thrill of Alex’s strength coursing through Maggie’s blood like oxygen.

“Such a badass, Danvers,” Maggie tries to sound cool, collected, unsurprised, but Maggie is shook and Maggie is soaked and Maggie is so, so far from chill.

“Mmm, I am, aren’t I?” Alex tries to straddle her, but Maggie has other plans.

“May I?” she asks, and Alex cocks her head in an unspoken question.

“May I make love to you, Alex Danvers?”

Alex softens immediately, all the cockiness of a moment ago gone like it was never there, and Maggie delights in the way Alex trusts her enough to let go like this with her.

“I love you, Maggie,” is Alex’s only answer, and her body pliantly follows Maggie’s down to the mattress, Maggie arranging Alex on her back, slowly, slowly, slowly stripping away her clothes, lifting her shoulders, her hips, as needed, asking each step, each new thing, if it’s alright, if she wants it, if she wants her.

“God, Maggie, yes, please,” Alex whines, and Maggie chuckles into her stomach.

“And here we are again, Danvers. Please what?”

“Mags – “

“What, my badass girl can’t tell me what she wants?” Maggie winks, but her gentle fingers on Alex’s wrist tell Alex that if she really isn’t in the mood to talk, of course she doesn’t have to.

But god, does she want to.

“I want you to fuck me, Maggie. Please.”

Maggie smiles and crawls up her body to kiss her lips soundly. 

“Mmm, I will, Ally. I promise you that. But I’m gonna worship you a bit first, okay?” She leans up on her hands and glances down Alex’s naked body, licking her lips unconsciously.

“The woman I love deserves to be worshiped.”

“The woman you what now?” Alex asks, because she will never, ever, ever tire of hearing it.

“The woman I love, Danvers. You, in case you were wondering.”

“Mmm, I was, you never know, you could be talking about someone – ah!” Her banter cuts off into a sharp scream that makes Maggie freeze, but Alex begs her, begs her to keep going, because Maggie’s lips have found Alex’s nipple, and Alex needs more, more, more.

She tangles her fingers in Maggie’s hair and she grinds her hips up into Maggie’s thigh, and she moans and she writhes and she begs and she pants, I love you, I love you, I love you.

When Maggie lifts her lips from Alex’s hardened nipple, Alex whines and tries to press Maggie’s head back down, but Maggie presses her palm over Alex’s breast and tugs at her nipple just the way Alex likes. 

“Gotta give both of them the proper amount of attention, babe,” she chides her playfully, and Alex’s laugh turns into a sharp gasp when Maggie makes good on her word, lowering her lips, her tongue, her teeth, to Alex’s other nipple, licking and sucking until it’s hard and pebbled in her mouth, until Alex can do nothing but whine and moan and beg her not to ever, ever stop.

“I’ll never ever stop because I will never, ever stop loving you, Alex,” Maggie whispers when she pauses for breath, pauses so her jaw can take a break, pauses so she can look down instead of up into Alex’s eyes.

“I love you, Ally Danvers. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything.”

“Maggie,” Alex breathes, tears stinging her eyes, and Maggie kisses her until both of their faces are wet.

“Can I continue?” she asks, and Alex squeaks, and Alex nods, and Maggie grins, because Maggie will never, ever finish her task of worshiping this woman, of making sure this woman feels as special, as loved, as needed, as wanted, as desired, as worthy, as she deserves to.

She starts with a continuation of what she started on Alex’s breasts, but she doesn’t end there. 

Doesn’t end there, because she has other places she needs to be.

So she takes Alex’s fingers into her mouth, slow, slow, searingly slow, keeping eye contact with Alex the entire time, and Alex has never thought she could cum from just looking at something, but the way her fingers disappear into Maggie’s lips, the way Maggie’s eyes scald hers with raw want, raw reverence, raw need? 

She is so, so quickly coming undone.

Maggie takes Alex’s fingers, wet from her lips, from her tongue, from her mouth, and places them on Alex’s nipples, and, with her own hands, encourages Alex not to stop playing with herself while Maggie occupies her mouth elsewhere.

Alex tosses her head back into the pillows and Alex writhes and Alex screams, and Maggie has never been more in love.

“I love you,” she whispers with each kiss she presses down Alex’s torso.

“I love you,” she murmurs with every lick she sends shivering up Alex’s inner thighs.

“May I?” she asks when her face is between Alex’s legs, and Alex begs, and Maggie tells her she loves her with words, and then without, as she lowers her mouth to Alex’s clit, dragging her tongue firm and slow across her most sensitive spot, making Alex pant, making Alex writhe, making Alex beg and scream and bruise Maggie’s lips with her wild thrusts, and Maggie doesn’t mind because god, god, god, this woman is everything.

“I love you, Alex,” she moans as she brings her tongue lower, lower, so she’s fucking Alex with her mouth, and Alex pleads for more, for deeper, for harder.

“You want my fingers inside you, Danvers?” Maggie wants to know, her voice an octave lower than usual, and Alex can only answer with her screams, with the way she brings her hands to tangle with her own hair, with the way she keeps repeating that she loves her, she loves her, god she loves her so much.

So when Maggie slips her fingers into Alex’s dripping body, one by one by one, and she feels Alex tighten around her, and she curves her fingers deep inside her body that she knows Alex needs, she keeps her lips, her tongue, occupied with her clit, shifting so when Alex thrusts – and god, does Alex thrust – Maggie’s chin can give her the pressure on her clit she needs to accompany the way Maggie is beckoning her fingers deep, deep inside her.

And when she cums, it isn’t loud like it usually is. 

When she cums, squirting all over Maggie’s hand, all over Maggie’s forearm, making Maggie moan deeply into Alex’s clit, grinding her own hips down into the mattress because god, the woman she loves is the sexiest woman that’s ever existed or ever will exist, she isn’t loud like she usually is.

When she cums, it’s with a string of soft, desperate “I love you”s on her tongue.

“I love you, Maggie Sawyer. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“What a coincidence, Alex Danvers. I love you, too. So, so, so much.”


make me choose: anonymous asked: dinally or caminah?
“Well, I admire her affection and how she’s, well, very affectionate. And then she just loves a lot of things. She loves people, she wan’ts to make sure that everybody is okay, like all the time. And I love her admiration for food too. Me and her we go in for food. Aw, Ally I love you. You’re so cute.

Like She’s Mine (part three) - Stiles Stilinski

part one here
part two here

warnings: swearing, teen pregnancy, depressing content that’s possibly triggering (???)

We left the building in silence

We drove home in silence.

We walked inside in silence.

It wasn’t until I sunk to the floor by my bed that I spoke to her since hearing the news.

“You can’t tell Stiles”

I stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror as the shower was warming up.  I pulled my shirt over my head, and took off my shorts.  I still stared at my stomach in the mirror, turning to different sides, wondering if I’d seen a change.  Sure, three weeks along I’m not gonna have a full on stomach, but I thought I’d notice a difference.

Tears welled in my eyes as the situation really caught up with me.  I was pregnant.  With Theo’s child.  The lying dick twitch never used a condom like he said he did.  How stupid was I? I looked down at my belly, rubbing my hands over the skin smoothly.  What was I going to do? What do I tell my family? My friends? Only Allison knew.  She could keep a secret but could the others? Could I even? This was hug what if it accidentally slipped? Sooner or later guilt would catch up and I’d force myself to tell them.  Scott, Lydia…


No no he can never know.  He’d be too disappointed, it would just ruin our friendship, it would ruin everything-

What about college? Could I even go if I got in now? A freshman girl in college expecting her baby any day now? Who wouldn’t ridicule me?

The tears spilled over the longer I thought, and soon I was just standing naked in the bathroom sobbing to my reflection.  When I got cold I sat in the shower, curling up in a ball and sobbing there some more.  What mess had I gotten myself into?

I was sitting in the living room, binge watching Netflix when Allison called me.  It was about nine, and I figured she was home from her date.

“Hi Alli” I said softly into the phone.

“Hey, hey honey how’re you holding up?” I shrugged, knowing she’d figure out the answer without my verbal one.  “I was thinking you’d want someone to talk to, ask questions” She offered.

“Yeah, that’d be nice” I whispered.

“You wanna talk in person tonight? Or tomorrow?” 

“Tomorrow would be good, maybe we can get coffee or something” I said, and I could tell by her voice that she smiled.

“Sounds good y/n.  I’m here for you for anything, okay? No matter what, I love you so much, and I want you to have all the support you need” I teared up at her words, or maybe it was the hormones, but I think it was her.

“I love you too Alli” Your voice cracked.  “We’ll talk tomorrow for sure okay?”

“Yeah, yes of course” Allison said, and you took in a shaky breath.  “Take it easy honey, goodnight”

“Goodnight Allie”

“I love you”

“Love you too Al, I’ll text you in the morning”

With that the call was over, and I sunk further into the couch.  The show currently playing was a dull background noise.  But it will all be okay soon.  Well, at least, manageable.  I’ll talk to Allison, and we’ll sort everything out.  

“It’s going to be okay” I whispered to myself.  “It’s going to be okay”

I accidentally fell asleep on the couch, but I wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable.  It just happened to be I’d pushed myself to far in the day without rest, and I couldn’t stay awake anymore.

I dreamed about paint, swatches of pastel pinks and blues, buying little stuffed animals and lots of rattles, bottles, blankies.  I dreamed off bouncing a little baby on my knee, tickling their face with feather light kisses.  Of rocking a little boy or girl in a chair, holding them in my arms and gazing lovingly down at their angelic features.

I awoke to my phone’s alarm at nine am the next morning.  I stretched, rubbing my hand softly over my stomach as I made my way upstairs, plugging my phone in as I went through my dresser.  I easily settled on jeans and a loose tee shirt.  I brushed my hands over the material, slipping under the fabric and skin running on skin.  I did this for a few minutes before Allison texted saying she was ready whenever I was.  I told her she could swing by and get me anytime.

Ten minutes later I was sitting across from Allison at the cafe by Lou’s Flower Shop.  There was a fresh cup of french vanilla coffee in front of me, and Allison sat with her legs crossed and her hands wrapped around a mug of caramel machiatto.

“Let’s take this slow, yeah?” She murmured.  I nodded in response.  “One thing at a time, go ahead and say or ask anything, it’s just me” I licked my lips as I thought about where to start.

“I guess… I guess we begin with what I’m going to do with it- them” I caught myself.  “I can’t keep them… I can’t afford to I don’t have the time to raise a.. A baby” I whispered the last part out of paranoia.

“There’s other options, lots of people are out there wishing they could have a baby, there’s adoption.  But if you don’t think you can handle the pregnancy-”

“No, no not abortion” I said.  Yes, I was all for pro choice and I guess I’d thought about it before in these situations.  Of course back then I didn’t think it would be bad.  But now, looking down at my belly, there was a little boy or girl in there, my little boy or girl.  I couldn’t kill them, I couldn’t abort them.

“Okay” Allison nodded slowly.  “Are you thinking adoption?” I chewed on my cheek as I nodded.

“There’s lots of good parents out there who can’t have children, and I’m in the opposite pair of shoes” I said.  “It would be wrong of me not to give the responsible adults- they deserve to be happy, and if I can do that for them, then I must.  It just seems like the right thing to do” Allison smiled softly and nodded.

“How noble” She said, and I laughed lightly through my nose.  I didn’t say anything. But took a drink from my coffee.  “And, and the other day you asked me not to tell Stiles-”

“No no he can’t know” I pleaded.  Allison’s eyes widened in shock.

“It just surprised me, I figured you would’ve told him first” I ran my fingers around the top of my mug.

“I would disappoint him Allison, he just got through telling me I wasn’t a whore because it was safe” I ran my hands through my hair.  “What will I do? What will I do about college?”

“You can still go y/n-”

“No Allison that would be humiliating” I said, shooting down the idea of going.

“Alright, well there is online courses as well, if you’re still interested”

“Yeah…. Yeah that could work” I whispered.  And suddenly an idea sprung.  “Stiles could go to Washington DC, I’ll stay here, take online courses, have… have the baby” The slightest of smiles grew on my face.  “It could work Alli” She pursed her lips and nodded.

“I’m staying here for University, I could help you out, you know if you get cravings or… just anything like that” I smiled softly and nodded.  “Are you going to tell anyone else?”

“I guess… I guess Lydia?” I said, and Allison nodded again.

“And Theo-”

“No.  No, no, never” I decided.  “That would end.. No I can’t, we can’t, no one can” I rushed.

“y/n he is the father..”

“No, no he’s not, whatever man choices to adopt them, that’s the father” Allison gave me a look.  “I’m serious Alli, he can never know” She nodded, slow, a barely there movement.

“Okay, just me and maybe Lyd” I nodded, finishing the last of my drink.  Allison reached a hand over the table, placing it on mine.  “It’s going to be okay y/n” She said gently.

I was laying in bed, knees propped up and holding a book against them.  There was a can of pringles next to me, leaning against my stomach that was now half empty.  I’d long stopped reading and again my mind was plagued with thoughts of the baby inside of me.  I’d barely even thought about telling my parents.  But at the same time they were hardly around.  I mean, I guess I could always pick up a few extra shifts at Lou’s, maybe make enough for an apartment and I could live on my own.  That’d keep the secret well.

But it felt a lot like going into hiding.

My phone began to ring, and I answered without looking at the screen.

“Hey it’s y/n”

“y/n, y/n come over!” Stiles’ enthusiastic voice came through, and I began to shuffle out of bed and pull on a pair of red socks.

“Okay what is it?” I asked, rushing down the steps, phone in hand and in search of shoes to wear.

“The letter from that detective place- it’s- just come here as fast as you can!”

“Okay I’m out the door”” I yelled, hanging up as I ran through the neighborhood.  The shoes I’d picked, flats, were not exactly the best for sprinting, and soon I was wheezing but in a  few minutes I’d arrived at Stiles’ house, clutching my stomach, and rolling my ankles to relieve the pain in my feet.  I opened the door, and Stiles was pacing by the stairwell.

“It’s from George Washington University” Was all he said, holding out an envelope to me.  My eyes widened as I stared at him.

“That’s the letter-”

“This is the letter” He confirmed, begin to chew at his nails.

“Have you opened it?” He shook his head rapidly.

“No, no I wanted you to do it I want you to- will you open it?” I hesitantly stepped forward, taking the letter with trembling fingers.

“Slowly or quickly?” I asked.  Stiles shrugged, still biting his nails and shaking his head.  “How about on the count of three?” I suggested.  He nodded, and I took in a deep breath.  “One… two… three!” I ripped it open and hastily pulled out the paper.  “Mieczyslaw Stilinski we are proud to inform you that you have been enrolled-” I stopped reading, my excited squeal taking over as I jumped up and down, shaking Stiles as he grinned so big his face probably hurt.

“I got in!”

“You got in!” I screamed happily, and his arms wound around my waist, lifting me and spinning me around in the air.  We were both yelling and laughing, and it just felt… good.  One of us achieved something actually worth everything.  One of us will live an amazing life.  When he set me down, I was catching my breath from the immense enthusiasm that was just surging through my bloodstream.

“Have you heard back from Corcoran yet? Miss school of the arts” He grinned and tickled my sides.  I laughed, but shook my head.

“No not yet, but any day now I’m sure” I said, mustering the best smile I could.  Stiles gave a pout.

“It better, I can’t go across the country without you” My face grew pink I’m sure, as a wave of guilt came over me.

“Don’t worry Stiles, it’ll come in soon I’m sure” I said, smiling and nodding again.  Then put my hands up on his shoulders, shaking and squeezing him slightly.  “You got into your dream school Stiles” I said, giving him a real smile.  “I’m so proud of you” He smiled and hugged me close.  I buried my nose in the crook of his neck.  “I’m so proud of you” I repeated, a few tears in my eyes.

“I’m proud of you too y/n”

It felt like someone grabbed my heart and squeezed it.

“But I haven’t done anything” I said, pulling away.  Stiles gave me a half smile.

“You have” He said surely.  “And you still will”

I could nearly see my heart in the hand of a black leather glove, spurts of blood dripping and the pink flesh being squished through the cracks of their fingers.  The guilt was more than I could bear.

We’d decided on celebrating later, with Scott, Allison, and Lydia by going out to dinner.  But for now him and I just plopped on the couch and picked out something to watch.  It was probably two minutes in when I abruptly asked if he had any popcorn.

“Yeah I always do” He said, standing up.

“I’ll make it I know where it is” I said, and made my way to the kitchen, grabbing the bag and ripping the plastic off faster than you can say craving.  I put the bag into the microwave and tapped my foot impatiently as it began to slowly pop.  When it was ready I dumped the bag into a large plastic bowl and made my way back to the living room.  Stiles pushed play on the show and I laid down across his lap, my head on the arm rest.  I set the bowl on my belly, and Stiles snatched a few pieces.

“This show’s sorta dumb” He said as we were both eating my snack.  But I didn’t make a scene about literally needing to eat it and needing to eat it now.  Because then he’d start asking questions.  Stiles is a smart guy, he’d figure out the tie between an abrupt popcorn craving and getting sick a lot.

“It is” I replied, trying to eat quickly.

“Why do we watch it?” I shrugged.

“Because we watched everything else” I responded.  It was quiet as we just watched intently.  The people were all fighting now, trying to kill the girl in the pale blue dress.  I hadn’t caught onto her name yet, she wasn’t really an important character.  But I jumped when one of them drove a sword through her stomach.  She died crying to her lover about a baby he never knew about.  My heart rate was so fast I thought it would leap from my chest and plop into the bowl on my belly.  I looked to it, and shifted it off of my stomach and onto the floor.  It was empty anyways.

I must’ve fallen asleep, because my eyes felt heavy when I opened them.  I yawned and stretched, taking in the brightness of the room.  The tv read would you still like to continue watching Netflix? I fumbled for the remote sitting next to Stiles, and turned it off.  Then rolled over and curled back against him.  He was passed out, his head sitting on the back of the couch as his soft snores filled the room.  I chuckled quietly, pillowing my head on his arm, breathing in his scent.  I would miss that a lot when he’s away.  His hand moved, brushing across my cheek and stroking through my hair just barely.  He wasn’t awake enough to do much else but comb my hair.  So I just smiled a little and fell back asleep.

I was dressed in a black dress that fell a little above my knee, long lace patterned sleeves that stopped at my wrists.  It was a nice restaurant, so Lydia and Allison came over to get ready with me.  Lydia was curling her hair at my vanity, and Allison was sat on my bed, already ready to go.  I had to hand it to her, she always was flawless.  They both were.  But Allison just zipped up a white dress that hugged her just the right way and she combed nonchalantly through her hair and she was ready.  While Lydia and I took our time, she was just.. Ready.

“So MIT Lyd, we’re celebrating you here too” I chuckled, but she rolled her eyes.

“I knew I was going there since I was ten y/n, this isn’t about me, it’s about Stiles” She told me.  I smiled at her, still feeling proud of the strawberry blonde.  “How about you? Hear back from your art school?” I bit my lip, looking at Allison for a moment.

“Um, yes actually” I said softly.

“You did?” Allison asked in shock.

“Sort of?” I said, walking over to my desk.  Lydia raised a brow, releasing her last curl and turning off the iron rod.

“y/n.. What does sort of mean?”

“Well, well I got a letter” I said, opening a drawer, and pulling out an envelope.

“WHAT!?” Both Allison and Lydia yelled.

“I haven’t opened it-”

“Why not?” Lydia asked, and I looked down to the paper with my name on it.

“I… I’m scared”

“Honey I’m sure you got in” Lydia assured, stepping forward and putting a comforting hand on my shoulder.  I swallowed thickly.

“That’s what I’m afraid of” I whispered.  Her brows cinched together, and now Allison had gotten off of the bad to stand next to me.

“I don’t understand” Lydia said, shaking her head slightly.

“I can’t go to Corcoran because…” I said quietly again.  Lydia waited patiently for me to finish.  “Because I’m pregnant” Her brows raised, but no one said anything.

“Okay” Eventually she murmured out.  “Stiles’?” My head snapped up, and despite the situation I let out a choked laugh.

The next twenty minutes was the three of us sitting on the floor and me spilling about the situation.  I felt a lot more comfortable now, explaining the story to Lydia knowing that I’d already done this once and Allison made me feel so cared about and protected that I wasn’t afraid this time.  It took some further talks when she asked why Stiles couldn’t know, but eventually we reached an understanding with each other.

“Are you sad that you won’t be going to DC together like you planned?” Lydia asked as I went through my jewelry.

“Yeah… yeah it’s one of the worst parts” I replied with a frown.  But the baby is due in early February” I said.  “So he’ll be gone for school while I’m visibly pregnant, and I’ll give the baby up for adoption and it’ll all work out okay” I said with a grin.  Lydia gave me a sad smile.

“What about your dream school?” My heart fell at her sad tone.

“I’ll take online college courses, I’ll still get a degree, and that’s… that’s what’s important” I think I said this more for me than her.  Not that it worked.

“I wish I was sticking around to help you out” Lydia told me.

“It’s alright, I’ve got Alli here and I know how to take care of myself fine” I said with a watery smile.  “Thank you so much Lydia, both of you, you’re the greatest friends a girl could have” ‘

Cue group hug as I held back tears to not ruin my makeup.

I walked into the restaurant, behind Lydia and next to Allison as the waitress led us to our table.  My eyes were scanning over the beautiful place.  It was like in the movies.  Red velvet looking floors muffling the sound of our heels.  Murals on the walls of gorgeous women, most having to do with flowers in their hair or scattered on their skin.  Even the light fixtures were designed like chandeliers.

“Here’s your table” I barely heard the woman say, still staring all around me.  I’d managed to turn myself around, gazing at the tables with candles, and smooth white tablecloths.  There was even live music, cellos, violins, an elegant grand piano.

“Wow” I spun around nervously upon the voice, and smiled anxiously at Stiles.

“Hey” I said, giving him a more genuine smile.

“You-you look really nice y/n” I looked down at my dress and short black boot wedges.

“Thanks” I replied, surely blushing.  “You cleaned up nice yourself” I said, nodding to his deep blue button up and khakis.  Stiles couldn’t bite back his smile as he put his hands in his pockets and looked down at his shoes.

“Whenever you two are done” Lydia chirped.  “I’d like to talk about this school of yours, Stiles” I giggled softly, making my way to the seat next to Allison at the circular table.  But Stiles beat me, pulling it out.  I raised my brows as I couldn’t stop another giggle, but sat in the seat.  He pushed in the chair and sat next to me.  Lydia on his other side, Scott next to her, and then Allison.  It was the perfect sized table for us.

Allison held my hand under the table the entire night.  As Stiles talked about his excitement for GWU and about how him and I were gonna visit all the monuments in DC, maybe even get an apartment together because god knows he sucks at laundry.  Everytime he smiled my way, saying how excited he was for us to slay college together, I squeezed Allison’s hand, but nodded reassuringly to Stiles.

Food came and we ate our soups and salads as well as whatever expensive meal we bought.  Scott talked about going to UC Davis, and how he’s mostly excited to be able to stick around with Allison.  Lydia MIT was too far from the shopping in NYC, and Allison spoke little of how she was staying in Beacon Hills for community college.  But that she would manage.

I was comfortable, until the waitress came over with a glass of celebratory champagne for us, saying one glass wouldn’t kill some underage teens who sure deserved it.  I gave a secret look to Allison, knowing I’d have to think of some excuse for not wanting any.  She’d poured Lydia and Stiles’ glass, then went to pour one for me, but I held up my hand and shook my head.

“No thank you, not for me” I said.  She nodded simply and gave the glass to Allison.  Stiles gave me a funny look.

“Since when do you turn down free booze l/n?” Stiles asked.

“First of all, it’s not really booze, it’s champagne, and it’s not free” I said.  “Second of all, last time I drank I ended up sleeping with Theo” I gagged on his name, but luckily no bile rose in my throat.

“One glass isn’t going to get you drunk” Stiles said, brows furrowed.  I began to squeeze Alli’s hand, just to know I wasn’t alone at this table.  But I shrugged to Stiles.

“I just don’t want to be reminded of it” I said coldly.

But the cravings and morning sickness told me I’d be reminded of it for the rest of my life.

“Hey, y/n?” I was stood outside on the curb, trying to enjoy the crisp nightly California breeze.  Allison had gone home with Scott, and Lydia, my ride home was in the bathroom inside.  I turned to Stiles, who’d just walked outside next to me.

“Hi Stiles” I said softly, not protesting him being near.  It was strange how he brought me comfort, but every time he was around I just felt guilty.

“I’m sorry if I upset you, I don’t want to force you to do anything and that’s probably what it sounded like I was trying to do-”

“Don’t apologize” I whispered, eyes falling to the gleaming city around me.  It was prettier in these parts of Beacon Hills.

“I just feel bad it was dumb of me-”

“Stiles” My voice cracked on his name and he turned to me instantly.  I did as well, but was unable to look up to his eyes.  Mine were watering as I stared at out feet, toes inches from touching.  “Stiles I have to tell you something” I whispered.  He nodded and hald out both hands for me, but I wrapped my own arms around myself, refusing to hold them.


“I didn’t get into Corcoran” I said.  I looked up at him through my eyelashes, and his features visibly fell.

“Wh- you didn’t?” He sounded out of breath, and a few tears spilled onto my cheeks.

“No… no I didn’t” i whispered.

“How.. how long have you known? I don’t understand how did you not get in the site said you qualified-!”

“Stiles you’re yelling” I said, looking around at passing by people, of the upper class might I add, scowling at me for causing a scene.  He sighed, and put his hands on my shoulders.

“It’s okay, we’ll figure it out” I pulled out of his hold, and shook my head.

“You’re going to George Washington, Stiles” I whispered.  He began to shake his head, and more tears flowed from my eyes.

“y/n not without-”

“It’s your dream school” I choked.  “It’s all you’ve ever wanted” Stiles’ brows furrowed, and his eyes swelled with tears.  “I’ll be here when you’re back” I reached my hands up, curling them on the base of his neck, running along his shoulders and back to his collarbone softly.  “There’s FaceTime, and you’ll be back for the summer” You told him.  “We’ve still got a month left of this summer, we’ll make it count, right?” He nodded, and my hands curled around his jaw.

“I’m sorry you didn’t get in” He murmured, and I sniffed.

“Me too” I whispered back, eyes flicking up to his.  “But hey, maybe that means it wasn’t meant to be”

“But your paintings they’re-”

“Not good enough” I finished.  “Don’t bother with flattery now Stiles” I let out a bitter chuckle, and his own hands cupped my cheeks.  I sighed, pulling my lips into half a smile.

“But they were perfect” I shook my head.

“Not by their stand-”

“But they were” He said, voice final.  I accidentally let out a sharp breath, the tears taking over.  “I’m sorry y/n, out of everyone, you deserved it most” I leaned up, and he pursed his lips.  I buried my head in his shoulder, and Stiles hesitantly hugged me.

“Hey y/n ready to- oh” Lydia stopped as she exited the building and I pulled away from his hug.

“Yeah I’m ready to go” I said softly.  I nodded to Stiles, then followed behind her to her car.

The whole ride home, I was sure she wanted to ask what happened between Stiles and I, but thankfully she didn’t.  One of my favorite things about Lydia? She knows when someone doesn’t feel like answering questions.

She dropped me off, told me to take it easy and that she had a nice night, then drove off again.  I went upstairs, unzipping my dress, and pulling on a pair of cotton shorts.  Unclipping my bra was probably the best thing I felt in the past week.  I put on an old band tee shirt and wiped my face clean of makeup.  I was about to crawl into bed, when my eyes landed on something on the floor.

My envelope.  I hastily made my way across the room, picking it up, and hooking my index finger into the flap of the letter.  I paused.  If I threw it away now, I’d never have to know.  Never have to know if I lied to Stiles, if I truly was not good enough, never have to know if what could have been, actually could have.  But if I left it closed… I would always wonder.  I’d never know, I’d never be satisfied.

I ripped open the envelope, quickly yanking out the folded piece of paper.

Dear y/n l/n” I read aloud.  “We are privileged to inform you that you have been enrolled in the next semester at the Corcoran School of Arts-”

My hand clamped over my mouth, the paper shaking as my whole body trembled.  I sunk to the floor against the bed.  I’ve never screamed while crying before, but I sure felt helpless now.

Maybe it was the hormones and mood swings.

Maybe it was because now I’ve let everyone down.

oh no she lied to stiles, what will come of that? 

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note to the readers: lying is bad! ;)

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To all my LGBTQ+ lovelies

I’m so sorry you even have to read things like that “Nashville Statement.” (If you haven’t, don’t.)

So I want you to hear some other things that I and a LOT of Christians believe:

You are valid.

You are beautiful.

You are wanted.

You belong as much as anyone.

You are not sick, or lying, or wrong for living as the person you know you are.

Heterosexual and cisgender Christians are no better, holier, or more loved by God than you.

It’s not a surprise or an offense to God that you’re LGBTQ+.

God doesn’t hate you.

God doesn’t want any of us to hate or shun you.

People who tell you otherwise have a very, very messed up sense of the Gospel.

And most importantly, you are LOVED. You have allies. Even if you don’t think you have one anywhere else, I will always be here trying to be the very best ally I can be. I love you, and I’m here for you to the end.

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Hey I'm the praise+restraint kink anon😅 well alex has the praise kink and is restrained

It’s the middle of the night and Alex can’t sleep.

She tosses and she turns and she sighs and she bites her lip and she tries to run through the astrophysics equations that used to soothe her to sleep in college, but nothing’s working, nothing’s working, nothing’s working, because Maggie’s sleeping, but all she wants… all she wants is Maggie. Her hand starts to skate down her stomach and under her pajama pants, and she whines slightly before she can stop herself.

“Alright there, Danvers?” Maggie rasps sleepily, and Alex jumps slightly.

“I’m so sorry, did I wake you? I didn’t – “

But Maggie is rearing up on her elbow and squinting into the darkness at Alex’s face, and a slow smile is growing on her lips as her eyes rake down Alex’s needy body.

“Something you want, Danvers?”

Alex’s breath hitches and she licks her lips and she stares wide eyed as Maggie’s body wakes fully, as she documents every piece of Alex’s desire just by looking at her, just by reading her like her favorite book.

And Alex hasn’t the faintest idea how, but Maggie reads her perfectly.

“You wanna be a good girl and strip for me? Not that I don’t love your pajamas, I do, but um… I wanna touch what’s underneath them.”

Alex gasps softly and does as she’s asked, lifting her hips so she can drag her pajama pants and thong down off her ankles, sitting up slightly so she can drag Maggie’s henley over her head.

Maggie growls deep in her throat, and Alex’s hips roll of their own accord.

“You are so beautiful, Ally.”

“Maggie, I – “

“I know. I’m gonna give you everything you want, okay?”

Alex nods desperately, her hips continuing to roll into the air, because she needs Maggie, needs her, needs her.

“Get on your stomach,” Maggie asks, and Alex complies eagerly, willingly, desperately.

Maggie kisses the back of her neck tenderly, softly, lovingly.

“Color, sweetie?”

“Green, Mags, green.”

Maggie grins and shucks off her own shirt, her own underwear, carelessly tossing them to the side. Her focus isn’t on herself. It’s on the gorgeous woman laying underneath her.

She kisses every inch of her bare back, every freckle and every birth mark, every scar and every stretch mark, until Alex is breathless just from her tender kisses, until Alex is whining and desperate and wrecked just from Maggie’s worshiping.

“Something more you want, Al?” Her voice is husky and Alex whines and grinds her hips down into the bed at the sound of it.

“You,” she begs, and Maggie smiles.

“Good girl, Alex, I love when you tell me what you want. You wanna do a great job for me and tell me exactly what you want me to do to you?”

Alex loses her breath but Maggie paints kisses across her shoulders, runs gentle hands up and down her sides, and Alex pants her answer out. “Tie me down and do what you want with me.”

Maggie tosses her head back and groans and she knows Alex is smiling from the effect her words are having.

“How do you ask, gorgeous girl?”

Alex whines and grinds her hips down hard into the bed.

 “Please, Maggie. Please?”

“Your wish is my command, princess.”

She leans over to their nightstand and pulls a pair of cuffs out of the drawer, and Alex whimpers as Maggie pauses with them just above Alex’s hands, which are sprawled out above her head.

“Color?” she rasps.

“Green, green, please, please.”

The cuff snap closed and Maggie checks meticulously to make sure they’re not too tight, kissing above and below Alex’s wrists before shifting back down her body to continue her ministrations.

“What I want with you, huh?” she asks, and Alex whimpers again.

She runs a finger down Alex’s inner thigh, and Alex barely contains a scream.

“Oh, be a good girl and let me know how you’re feeling. Don’t hold back, baby, I love your voice, I love when you scream for me.”

She accompanies her words with slipping her hand underneath Alex’s body, soaking herself in Alex’s clit, and Alex lets go for her.

Maggie groans under Alex’s unrestrained scream.

“Good girl, darling, you sound so fucking amazing. Do you want me to come inside you baby?”

“Whatever you want.” Alex’s voice is wrecked and Maggie loves it, but she’s not ready to give in, not yet.

“Be my best girl and tell me what you want.”

Alex screams at that, slams her hands down into Maggie’s palm at that.

“My clit,” Alex gasps. “Pressure, you, I need…”

Maggie grins and nods and complies. “Good girl, Ally, you’re perfect. I love when you tell me what you need, babe, it’s so sexy. You’re so sexy, you’re so fucking perfect for me.”

Alex moans and tugs at her cuffs and Maggie stops immediately.

“You okay, babe?”

“Yeah, yeah, god, Maggie, don’t stop, please.”

Maggie obeys, grinding her palm up into Alex’s clit as Alex slams her hips down, down, harder, faster, soaking Maggie’s hand with how turned on she is, dripping all over for her and making Maggie nearly lose control.

She stops, stops, stops, because she needs to breathe, because she’s so turned on by this woman, this woman naked and on her stomach and cuffed and writhing and begging underneath her.

“Mags, you’re not gonna hurt me,” Alex reassures her, but Maggie remains frozen.

“I love when you’re this turned on, babe. We can stop, we can always stop, if you want, of course, but Maggie, you don’t… you don’t have to be scared. I want you. I want you to be able to let go. I want you to do what you want to me. Please, Mags. If you want.”

Maggie does want. She wants so badly that she can barely rasp out the words she has planned for Alex next.

“God, babe, you are so fucking wet me for me, do you have any idea how hot you are?”

“Fuck, Ally, that’s right, be a good girl and rock your ass back for me, just like that, good girl, good girl.”

“I love when you scream my name like that, Danvers, I love knowing you’re mine.”

“Wanna be my best girl, my only girl, and cum for, Ally?”

And she does, she does, she does, screaming and writhing and begging and cursing and pleading, but the words that surprise them both aren’t the filthy strings of curses or the screaming of Maggie’s name while she rocks through her orgasm.

The words that surprise them both are the words she says as Maggie unlocks her cuffs and kisses her wrists tenderly, gently, lovingly.

“I wanna be yours like this forever, Maggie Sawyer.”

“Well then you will be, Danvers. You will be.”

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Now My 'spontaneously turn into a girl' ask with the allies. BTW I love you forever, i normally never get my asks answered <3

((love u too bby 💕im just gonna add yonsu bc he’s bae))

2P! America:
- “woah wtf i don’t remember my mirror getting changed”
- “wait no holy shit”
- breaks the mirror
- shook ((would date himself)

2P! England:
- “……pardon?”
- nope nope nope this ain’t happening deny deny deny
- “oh i look cute as a girl”
- has accepted his fate

2P! France:
- he can finally answer the question he’s been wondering for y e a r a
- google search history: how does sex feel like for girls
- hey don’t get me wrong, this french baguette is more than sex
- initial reaction: “….aliens”

2P! Canada:
- “allen i swear to fucking god if this is some shitty prank-”
- touches the boobie
- gasp
- the boobie is real
- time to pursue his long term plan to live in the woods

2P! Russia:
- calls a fuckin doctor, psychiatrist, optician, etc.
- thinks that him loosing sanity is a more reasonable idea
- “this is scientifically impossible unless magic is science but sadly it isnt what the,,,,,,,”
- mumbles for eternity

2P! China:
- yelling
- y e l l i n g
- oh did i mention yelling
- more yelling

2P! South Korea:
- “w hoa who’s this hottie”
- “wait shit”
- yelling but lowkey
- “okay, jin, dont freak out but im secretly a girl”
- its easier to explain


Allison  smirks and adjusts her earrings. She shakes her head at her sister.

Allison: I’m not the one you’re angry at, Lala. Don’t take it out on me.

Lala: You’re right, Allie.  I’m not angry at you. I’m disappointed. I’m so disappointed in you. Yes, your childhood was very rough and very sad. No one is taking that from you. But now? Now you have so much to be thankful for. A handsome husband who adores you. You’re in good health, you’re a cancer survivor. You’re beautiful and smart and funny. Everyone who meets you is charmed by you. And you have more money than you could spend in a lifetime. But it’s still not enough. You just want more and more and more.

Allison looks down at her feet.

Allison softly: I don’t have a baby. I’d trade my wealth, my health, my looks…everything… for a baby with Nico.

Lala: And lying to Nico about being pregnant is the right way to go about creating a baby with him? Trying to destroy my relationship with Remy so you can have our child, that’s the right way? 

Nico upset: Allison, what the hell is she talking about? Tell me what she’s saying isn’t true. 

Lala: It’s true. She stole the pregnancy test I used to confirm my pregnancy and lied to you with it. She’s not pregnant. And now she wants MY baby, and she went out of her way to hurt me so that she could have my son. 

Nico: Allison. 

Lala: I need to speak to Remy. Alone. And after I do, I’m leaving. I don’t think I can be around you right now, Allie. I love you so much, but I’m going to love you from a distance. You’re more like our mother than you know.  And I could never be around Mami either.

Allison gasps in shock. Their mother? 

Nico softly: Come on Allison. Let’s give them privacy.

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Ally I love you with all my heart but the way you're hating on Snape is unjustified - he definitely did some bad things but Dumbledore isn't a saint either. He was a teenager when he hurt Lily&I think we all did some things we regret later & yes, he hang with the wrong crowd in slytherin but that doesn't make him a bad person either. I think the way he grew up is a reason he wasn't able to show his affection in another way but protecting Harry was something he did because he loved Lily so much


He “hung with the wrong crowd”??
He literally became a death eater which believed in a class system and killing off those who were ‘impure’
These are people who believed certain families deserved to die because of their bloodline. He agreed with that. 
That’s very different to hanging out with kids at school who are into drugs and alcohol. 
And he didn’t care if James and Harry died so long as he could spare Lily
And then tormented not only Lily’s one and only eleven-sixteen year old child but also Neville, who practically lost his parents too
He also bullied Hermione for literally no reason at all, a 14 year old girl. ??? There is no excuse for that.

He had a crush on a girl who only wanted to be friends, that’s not an excuse for a lifetime of awfulness.
James feelings were unrequited too but rather than joining a racist cult he decided to grow up and become a man worthy of her time.

Snape decided to be bitter, jealous and hateful.
His protecting Harry was out of reluctance, and it was also largely because James risked his life to save him.

He’s an excellent character and fantastically written, but he isn’t a Good Person.

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Sanvers prompt cause i need me some validation in my life right now, but maybe some more ace!Alex and Maggie making out after Maggie assures Alex she's not going to stop loving her even if she's ace?

She doesn’t mind sex. Not with Maggie.

It’s not her favorite thing, and it usually doesn’t make her scream like it makes Maggie scream.

She’ll masturbate sometimes, to work tension out of her body, to help her fall asleep. But it’s not something she feels like she needs.

But Maggie?

Maggie loves sex. 

Not that she says it to Alex. But Alex knows, by the way Maggie bites her lip and clamps down moans, the way her eyes drag over Alex’s body sometimes. 

How hard she comes when she masturbates with Alex’s name on her lips.

And Maggie has sworn up and down that she’s proud of Alex for coming out twice. Once, as a lesbian. Again, as ace. 

“It doesn’t make you a bad lesbian, Alex, and it doesn’t make you a bad girlfriend. You’re pretty fantastic at both, to be honest,” she’ll tell her, and Alex will blush and smile and melt and swoon.

Maggie bought Alex an ace pride tank top for her first Pride, and she almost cried as she held Alex’s hand and felt Alex inflate, breathing in the energy of being surrounded by people like her. People like them.

But Alex Danvers is nothing if not thoughtful. Sometimes, over thoughtful.

And tonight is one of those nights.

One of those nights when they went out with Sara, Lucy, Lena, and Kara, and Maggie danced with Sara.

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