Straturday Sategy 300th Follower Edition: Reaper, King of Tribes

@beardfoot is my 300th follower, and as he has requested today I’ll be going over a build for a Reaper King EDH.

Reaper King grants an anthem to scarecrows while giving them permanent destruction on entering the field. Scarecrow tribal is one way of going about this commander. Instead, we’re going to go Magic: The Gathering tribal.

With a lack of Scarecrows, we’re going to use a different creature type: Changeling. Changelings count as every single creature type we need them to be at all times, so this allows any tribal bonuses to apply to them. This goes beyond +1/+1 bonuses.

First we want all the changeling creatures. Then we want Blades of Velis Vel, Wings of Velis Vel, and Runed Stalactite.

Now that we have those in, we want all the major tribes represented in our deck. Myr (Myr Reservoir), Soldier (Captain of the Watch), Spirit (Drogskol Captain), Elf (Elvish Archdruid), Sliver (Gemhide Sliver, Necrotic Sliver, Manaweft Sliver), Goblin (Goblin Chieftain), Knight (Kinsbaile Cavalier, Knight Exemplar), Zombie (Lord of the Undead, Rooftop Storm), Barbarian/Warrior/Berserker (Lovisa Coldeyes, Raiders’ Spoils), Dragon (Utvara Hellkite, Crucible of Fire), Illusion (Lord of the Unreal), Minotaur (Rageblood Shaman), Ally (Sea Gate Loremaster), Faerie (Scion of Oona), Vampire (Stromkirk Captain), Treefolk (Timber Protector, Rootgrapple), Werewolf (Full Moon’s Rise), Merfolk (Merrow Commerce), Giant (Crush Underfoot), Wizard (Diviner’s Wand, Sage’s Dousing), Human (Mass Appeal), Rogue (Knowledge Exploitation), Elementals (Horde of Notions), and Kraken/Octopus/Leviathan/Serpent (Whelming Wave).

There’s a few cards that work well with Changelings being crazy. Distant Melody and Descendants’ Path (which the latter triggers for any creature). 

So why tribal tribal? Any deck worth its salt can function without its commander. Reaper King offers you spot removal so you have to pack less. Each creature was selected based on its tribal abilities, Lord of the Undead grants +1/+1 and also recurs your changelings. Death Baron is also a solid option. When selecting your tribes for the tribal consider what keywords you’re giving and what abilities they grant you, gun for the most flavorful and the most useful keywords and abilities. Try not to double up. Happy tribing!


for: Abigail @mcmharry​ 

 by: Morgan @colorreturningtolife​ 

 a story about how a college football rivalry might be more than just a rivalry

word count: 4499 

 warnings: some language 

 main pairing: Harry/ofc

Mackenzie Reynolds stood on the sand and watched the sun start to set as the water lapped at her feet each time a wave crashed against the shore. The summer was coming to an end and this time tomorrow she would be back home in Columbus and all of this would just be a memory.

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I am the barrier of Divine.
I stand between friends and foes.
I weave the Light to protect my ideals.
Words of power and prayers are more than utterances.
Light’s vaunted justice stops damage before it occurs to me.
I know power without drawback.
I know shields that can never be shattered.
I am the barrier of the Divine, the safeguard that can’t be breached.
Against me, the assault will fail.

I am the conduit of Light.
I provide refuge for the weak and the tired.
I channel the holiest energies to breath new life.
When bandages and poultices fall short, my power mends the body.
When allies are at death’s gate, my will stands between them.
I know magic more potent than death.
I know healing without sacrifice.
I am the conduit of Light, the wellspring of life.
Against me, no wound is fatal.

I am the wrath of Shadow.
I eat away at the soul and corrupt the mind.
I summon the minions of the void to assail my victims.
I weave visions of their demise into their minds, weakening their will.
Curses and maladies of the mind that obliterate their resolve.
I know relent without reprieve.
I know madness that never sleeps.
I am the wrath of Shadow, the darkness the corrupts the soul.
Against me, all will be worn to nothing.

I am a Priest.
I am life and death itself.


anonymous asked:

how did you start the austin and ally gate

have you not heard the story i??

okay sit down children as i tell you the thrilling tale of the austin and ally gate in 2013

it was a bitter night in the big brother 15 fandom, fights and racism and bigotry was at a high at this time of month and there was nothing we could do to solve it. 

we had nowhere to go, the live feeds weren’t much a help. it was just bed gates and wine gates and idiots ruling the fucking house. we were at a loss. starving, dehydrated, thirsty for anything.

sometimes i still have-

war flashbacks

anyways - we had nothing else for us. to take it out we began laughing at anything that wasn’t big brother 15 (mind you bigotry EVERWHERE)

and i just so carelessly posted “lol austin and ally actually has a fandom on tumblr guys”

oh how i was wrong to do so

fights broke out, war was declared, mothers cried, child died, police ate donuts in complete confusion as the out break on tumblr, and everything was at stake. we had to fight and fight to show our victory as the united big brother 15 fandom of 2013. we had nothing else going for us so we gave it our all

the most famous quote from the battle was from the opposing side and i quote this word by word

big brother from another mother

most of us have yet to recover from this battle, we still have nightmares upon it and sometimes we wonder if it was even real

 but it was anon, oh it was

thank you for gathering with me on our thrilling story time

next time we will be discussing aaryn drinking nail polish remover
Bill Gates' Foundation Gives Its Largest Gift Ever To Combat Ebola Crisis

The fight against Ebola has found a deep-pocketed ally in Bill Gates. The billionaire philanthropist’s foundation has pledged $50 million to fight the viral outbreak in West Africa, according to a statement by the organization. The Associated Pres…


伴星の星輝兵 フォトン / 星輝兵 ガーネットスター・ドラゴン
Companion Star Star-vader, Photon
“Now, join your friends.”
Grade 2 / Star Gate - Link Joker - Cyberoid
Power 9000
Shield 5000
Auto: When this Unit appears in a Rearguard Circle, if you have a “Star-vader” Vanguard and your opponent has at least 1 Locked Card, Choose 1 of your opponent’s Rearguards, and Lock it. (A Locked Card is turned face-down and cannot do anything. At the end of its owner’s turn, it turns face-up)

Star-vader, Garnet Star Dragon
“Feel at ease… You shall share the same fate as your allies.”
Grade 3 / Star Gate - Link Joker - Cyber Dragon
Power 11000
Shield N/A
Activate (Vanguard Circle): [Legion](20000)[“Companion Star Star-vader, Photon”](If your opponent has a Grade 3 or higher Vanguard, once, this Unit can return 4 cards from your Drop Zone to your Deck, search your Deck for the designated card, and Legion with it.)
Auto: When this Unit performs a “Legion”, choose 1 Rearguard in the Front and Back Row, each, and Lock them. (A Locked Card is turned face-down and cannot do anything. At the end of its owner’s turn, it turns face-up)
Auto (Vanguard Circle): When this Unit attacks a Vanguard, it gains 2000 Power during this battle.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

再び櫂たちの前に姿を現したリンクジョーカー! そしてその使い手は……!?
《リンクジョーカー》にもついにレギオンユニットが登場!! 新たな「星輝兵」である「ガーネットスター」のレギオンスキルは、レギオン成立時に相手2体を同時に呪縛! 
レギオンメイトの「フォトン」は、リアガードにコールされたとき、相手に呪縛カードがあれば、もう1体を追加呪縛だ!! どちらもコストがないので、能力を使いやすいのも嬉しい!
これまでの《リンクジョーカー》デッキに組み込んでも猛威を振るうこと間違いなしのユニット。「星輝兵 インフィニットゼロ・ドラゴン」と組み合わせれば、脅威の5枚呪縛も!? 
この2体は7月11日発売のトライアルデッキ『決意の呪縛竜』の切り札レギオン! そう、呪縛がさらに凶悪になって帰ってくる……!? 待て! 続報!!!

Link Joker appeared before Kai and his mates once again…! And the one using them is… …!?
Legion Units for “Link Joker” have finally appeared!! The new “Star-vader”, “Garnet Star” has a Legion Skill that when it successfully Legions, it can Lock two opponent Rearguards at the same time!
Its Legion Mate, Photon, when it’s called to a Rearguard Circle, if your opponent already has a Locked Unit, can lock another Unit!! And since neither’s ability has any costs, they’re super easy to use!
These Units are sure to go on a rampage if you add them to your existing “Link Joker” Deck. If you combine them with “Star-vader, Infinite Zero Dragon”, you might be able to lock 5 cards at once!?
These two cards are the Trump Card Legions of the Trial Deck “Will of the Locked Dragon”, which comes out July 11th, 2014! So Lock is returning again, even worse than before… …!? Wait! For further news!!!