*~cherik fic rec~*

so, to keep record of some things I’ve read, I decided to do a list, then I thought: why not make a fic rec of it?
it’s not in a favorite/rate/word count order, it’s very random, though I’ll include these infomations

when I say random, it’s because some of them are just 2k of porn with plot that you can read in 30 minutes before going to sleep and some are 100k+(or almost 100k) that will take days to finish

and I’m going to add more fanfics everytime I finish one


thank you to authors for the beautiful writing and for making me cry or roll on the ground or laugh out loud 
i love you all

they’re all cherik

here it goes

 One Life for Yourself and One for Your Dreams ♥ by endingthemes

23K / Explicit

When 00 Agent Raven Darkholme manages to capture the elusive Magneto and bring him in for questioning about a dangerous arms deal involving international criminal Sebastian Shaw, it’s up to Quartermaster Charles Xavier to get him to talk. With time running out, Charles needs to convince Magneto to trust him, but they’re both far too good at keeping secrets, and the growing attraction between them is only making things more difficult.

Playing With Fire by professor

6k / Explicit

Charles is a detective determined to catch a serial killer.

 The stars incline us, they do not bind us ♥ by ikeracity and Pangea

162k / Explicit

Intergalactic Federation pilot Lieutenant Charles Xavier is assigned last-minute to a high profile mission: transporting over two thousand prison inmates from an old and overfilled prison complex to a newer, higher-capacity prison stronghold located on the outer reaches of the galaxy. Just as he’s settling down for a long and uneventful ride, things take a turn for the worse after the inmates riot and stage a hostile takeover of the ship, leaving Charles to find himself at the complete mercy of cold-blooded killers and facing the chilling prospect that he might not ever make it back home alive.

Paper Monsters by Clocks

39k / Explicit

Fill for this prompt: Charles meets Erik Lehnsherr, his favorite novelist of all time at a coffee shop, but doesn’t know it’s him, and Erik just criticizes his own writing in front of his biggest fan.

Rumor Mill by ikeracity

7k / General Audiences

Erik is the grumpiest, most foul tempered worker at Stark industries. His grumpiness is the stuff of legends.
So it’s obviously the talk of the office when Erik is being made to go to the company party and he’s bringing his husband. There’s rumors flying round about how much of a masochist or equally antisocial bastard Erik’s husband must be to put up with him. Others think he must be a meek mouse perhaps bullied by Erik.
What they weren’t expecting was the confident, charming, adorable and unbelievably nice Charles that turns up on Erik’s arm. What they certainly weren’t expecting was how much Erik obviously adores his husband and how happy he is to let others see this.

part 2: Theraflu and You by ikeracity

6k / Teen and Up Audiences

Summary:The story of Charles’s proposal to Erik will never fail to make Charles blush. Erik summarizes it as, “He literally threw the ring at me,” to which Charles will always protest, “There’s more to the story than that!“Rumor Mill verse backstory. How Charles and Erik got engaged.

The Courtship by dvs

98k / Explicit

A story about a courtship that began five hundred years ago.

Dreaming Men are Haunted Men by ikeracity

2k / Explicit 

Erik wakes up to discover that the Beach Divorce was really just a vivid, terrible dream. Charles comforts him and changes everything.

 Anarchy In The U.K. ♥ by Yahtzee

162k / Explict

"Good God, Erik thought. The Prince of Wales is gay.”

Charles lives in the unceasing glare of the public spotlight, yet keeps his sexual orientation a closely held secret, afraid he could lose his throne and force his deeply troubled younger sister into a role that would crush her. Erik, journalist and world traveler, has been a loner most of his life; he has little patience for closet cases. But a chance meeting in Kenya brings these two opposites together and sets in motion a love affair that will challenge the British monarchy – and their most deeply held beliefs about who they are, and who they should be.

 Good Boys ♥ by zamwessell (greencarnation)

34k / Explict

Charles has always been a good boy.  Erik Lehnsherr is about to change this.

Is it Erik with a C or a K?  by ikeracity and kageillusionz

5k / Explict

When Charles sexts his boss instead of his latest squeeze during one late night of report writing, the first thing he expects is a sexual harassment law suit and the last thing is Mr. Lehnsherr actually fucking him hard into his desk.

(Or the one where the moral of this story is don’t check who you sext if you want your boss to bone you.)

In The Punch Line by zamwessell (greencarnation)

29k / Explict

From the kinkmeme!
Basically, Charles Xavier needs a date to his tenth high school reunion. Enter Erik Lehnsherr, Raven’s best friend, who happens to be a model and the new face of Calvin Klein.

Roses are Red ♥ by ikeracity

4k / Explicit 

Being a mob boss’ associate has its ups and downs. Having sex in the back of a limo on Valentine’s Day is definitely one of the ups.

part 2: A Private Affair by Pangea

7k / Explicit

Summary: Charles is not Erik’s Bond Girl.

part 3: A Pertinent Reminder by ikeracity and Pangea

17k / Mature

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that getting involved in Erik’s mob business isn’t all fine dining and sex on yachts. There’s nothing like taking a couple of bullets to remind Charles of the reality.

Guilty by Association by Regann

61k / Mature


While investigating the homicide of a John Doe who he suspects might’ve been murdered while working the streets as a prostitute, Detective Erik Lehnsherr finds an unexpected ally in a hooker named Charles who seems as determined as he to solve the case. As they become more deeply involved both with the case and each other, there’s just one thing that Charles neglects to mention – that he’s really an investigative journalist, one quickly convinced that what they’re dealing with is more than simple murder. cop!Erik, fake-hooker-slash-reporter!Charles, Modern AU.

Rumor Has It ♥ by blueink3

165k / Teen And Up Audiences


“Did I hear the doorbell earlier?”

“Yeah, but I’d steer clear if I were you. It seemed a little tense. I don’t know what’s going on, but there’s a kid out there who looks freakily like the prof.”

Nearly six months after Cuba, Charles’ life is turned upside down for the second time. Though he’s slowly learning to adapt to the first, he’s not sure he can handle the second. Luckily for him, there are a few people out there more than willing to help.

To Have and To Hold by ikeracity

4k / Explicit


The wedding hasn’t even started and Charles is already bored. When he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, he doesn’t expect to find a gorgeous, stern-faced man having a quiet freak out at his reflection. He doesn’t expect said gorgeous, stern-faced man to turn around and start climbing him like a tree. And he certainly doesn’t expect to discover only after they’ve got their clothes back on that the man he just had glorious sex with is the groom.

Remis (Comic) by Arisu

this fanfic is in comics, so there’s not a word count / Teen And Up Audiences

After Cuba, Charles isolates himself from the world, while Erik rages against it with his brotherhood.

Eventually their paths will cross again, forcing them to face all they have lost.
There can only be one winner on the chessboard. But maybe the world is not all that black and white…

♥ Never Take Biology for Granite
by ikeracity and Pangea

7k / Explicit

(or you won’t be cummingtonite)

Charles is an internet celebrity who garners his fame from posting educational, in-depth videos about a different animal every week, though for some reason his viewers are always more interested in his sex life with his geologist husband, Erik, who happens to frown heavily upon all living things.

Except for Charles, of course, whom he’s missed these past couple days while attending a geologic convention–though considering the subject material of Charles’ newest video, he’s wishing he would’ve stayed away longer.

Order Up by ikeracity

4k / General Audiences

Charles has a terrible habit of multitasking, and that is probably why he absentmindedly tells the pizza man that he loves him when hanging up.

Then the pizza man says it back. And Charles is pretty much smitten from there.

You know what made me cry in 3.02?

Agatha saying goodbye to Verity. That just broke me. This old woman who seems so cynical and maybe even crazy to some was saying goodbye to her last family. To the only Poldark who is allowed in her old Poldark home. She was left completely alone with a man who wants her dead and a woman who just doesn’t care about her. Her only ally is Geoffrey Charles and even he is too young to do as he pleases and has to listen to George.

It felt as if Agatha should never see Verity again and it broke my heart as much as it broke hers. Combined with one of my favourite tracks from the soundtrack, it honestly made me cry.

(I haven’t read the books yet so I obviously don’t know if any of my assumptions are right or not, keep that in mind, please.)


This past weekend I was at VidCon and decided to bring some artwork to give away to some of my favorite YouTubers! These will all be apart of a special YouTube caricature book that I will be making containing TONS of YouTubers!

As a character artist, I find YouTubers to be incredibly inspiring. The life and personality they bring to the camera not only brings me joy and entertainment, but has become a great drawing exercise!

I am thrilled that they all really enjoyed their little art gifts! I can’t wait to start creating more caricatures for I have a lot of love to give to this community!

Check out the rad people I drew!
Alli Speed
Mamrie Hart
Charles Trippy and Allie

Imagine #21 (Request)

Requested by Anon: If you are looking for imagine ideas here is one : (Set in first class )The reader can control earth and water & instead of Eric stopping the Miss lies aimed for the beach the reader stops them before him by creating a giant water wall or tsunami (or something) & everyone is shocked because they haven’t been able to master their powers yet

Originally posted by prettiestcaptain

Not my gif

Words: 1627

Warnings: mild angst, typos

A/N: So, this doesn’t exactly have a ship, except for some hinted Sean x Reader, which you can probably ignore, I hope you don’t mind. Also Happy Easter to all of you, who celebrate it, and to all the others: I hope, your having a great day, too! Enjoy! xoxo

“We can’t take them, Erik!”, Charles said for about the 100th time that night. “We’ll need every last man, Charles. Shaw will have all his… friends prepared and ready to kill. And we definitely can’t afford to leave someone like y/n behind, just because you don’t believe them to be… what? Ready? Strong enough.”, Erik replied, moving his knight to H5.

“They aren’t ready, my friend! You weren’t there, you didn’t see the things that can happen, when y/n loses control. Yesterday in practice, I told them to put out the fire and they flooded half the mansion. And that was in a calm and secure situation. The things that could happen to them… and to all of us, if y/n loses control in front of Shaw…”

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Lost and Found - wallhaditcoming, whitebat - X-Men: First Class (2011) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: When Crown Prince Charles Xavier makes the impulsive decision to rescue a man who leapt into the river from enemy shores, his moment of selflessness ends up coming at a personal cost. In the process, however, he gains an ally and a friend. As Charles finds himself drawn to both Erik and his cause, he must find a way to satisfy both his conscious and his duty, all while separated from his troops and trapped behind enemy lines.

See notice posted by the author below; for those who would like to download before it gets removed from the archive!

‘Hey guys.  Just letting you know that I’m planning on taking this story down so that I can rework it into an original novel.  I’ll leave it up until October 25th so people can have a chance to download it, but after that I’m going to delete it.’


Request: A lot of you suggested me to write this one. Based on this imagine x

Pairing: X-Men x Reader (Non-Romantic).

Warnings: Slight violence (what comes with action) and language

Fandom: X-Men, Marvel.

Note: This is a parallel world where the X-Men stayed together after the First Class events. Also this is super long, I just wanted to do my best.

Originally posted by mrcalebljones

(Where’s my poor Beast?😢).

The day was gorgeous, a flawless blue sky was illuminated by a bright sun, on normal terms you could say that it was going to be a perfect time to go for a walk or something but right now what was happening was far from good.

Everyone had probably abandoned the city by that time, but you were still there. Smoke from explosions and gunshots filled the air; the government tried to stop the robots some unknown suspect had liberated however they were too much to handle for simple humans, so the only solution was to rely on mutants.

You were a mutant, yes, though keeping it secret was the best for now since what occurred in Cuba a few years ago. Despite this, there were lots of mutants who didn’t want to hide, the X-Men being one of those cases. This group even helped the humans to combat threats that were too big for them, in fact, they were helping right now.

¿What were you doing in the middle of such battle? You were trying to escape from the area you were at the time it all started, but a big blast destroyed a building leaving debris on the way, making impossible go out through the safest road. Well, the only left option was the main street where the fight took place. Your plan was simple: avoid obstacles, protect yourself and get out of there quick safe and sound. Nevertheless, your inner hero told you it was time to help when a horde of those killing machines surrounded the group of mutants.

“Shit!” You heard a blonde guy shouting; you weren’t far from their position after all.

“Charles! What the hell are we going to do now?” A blue woman yelled at one man in a wheelchair. ¿What was he doing there? Right now that didn’t matter.

You couldn’t lose more time; you ran to the middle of the warzone and placed your hands on the floor, the X-Men didn’t seem to notice your presence. Your eyes glowed bright green and the energy of plants flood through your veins, taking a deep breath you raised your hands to the sky freeing all the power you could. Big tree trunks broke the pavement and grew as long as you pleased intertwining each other to form a protective barrier, just before the robots could get to the heroes.

“What the fuck is this?” Erik exclaimed after a brief moment of shock. “It looks like we’re not alone my friend” Charles answered calmly, the team never understood how he could be serene in these situations. The telepath laid two fingers on his right temple to locate their new ally.

“Hello, my name is Charles Xavier” You listened to a voice in your head, that certainly wasn’t yours.

“Well, hello mister Xavier. Sorry for being disrespectful but it’s hard to keep a trees barrier if I’m not fully concentrating” And it was true, every second you spent having this little mental chat with him your head would suffer waves of pain. Also, the stupid machines were firing their guns to the plants, so you had to replace the damaged ones and try to maintain them strong.

“Sorry, I just wanted to ask you, ¿for how long you can you stay with this wall up?” You groaned lightly as one blast destroyed another tree.

“Just a couple minutes more, you better act quick” The pain was unbearable, so you dropped the conversation hoping they did something soon.

Charles looked at the team and let out a sigh. “Out there is a fellow mutant trying to help, this protection won’t last long. We must elaborate a plan”.

After a few minutes, they were all set with an almost perfect combat tactic: take down as many enemies as you can and don’t get yourself killed. “My friend, you can let go” You heard the same voice who had talked to you early, and that’s what you did. All the plants went back to the earth, and their energy came back to your body.

“Now!” Someone screamed. They attacked with all they had and even you helped; tying villains with vines, growing trees to stab your opponents with branches until there was no more danger.

You breathed deeply to recover some air. It was as if you had run a marathon but you never felt so good for being tired. Ready to leave you started to walk away but somebody tapped your shoulder softly. When you turned, you found a ginger haired boy smiling at you.

“Hey Green, there’s someone who wants to talk to you.” A little giggled escaped your lips from his nickname. He took your hand and led you to that “someone”. The man in the wheelchair who you recognized as Charles Xavier greeted you with a smile.

“I never had the pleasure to know your name” The telepath commented, and the others looked at you expectantly.

“My name is Y/N Y/L/N.” You replied, cheeks a little red from the sudden attention. “Well Y/N, we are all grateful that you helped us today… And also, we wanted to ask you if you would like to be part of our team” He proposed, looking at his teammates who nodded in approval.

“I…I don’t know” You muttered, ¿did they desired you to be on the team?

“Oh c'mon Y/N, your mutation is amazing! You could help us a lot” The blue woman stated. “Yes Y/N, please” Begged a blue and furry guy.

“O-Okay” You agreed. Maybe it would be good, maybe you belonged with them.

“Cool! What about a nickname for our new friend?” A blonde guy spoke with a little smirk on his face.

“¡I got one!” The girl who later you learned was Raven chirped, “¡Green Fury!”.

“Welcome to the X-Men, Green Fury” Charles announced and the only thing you could do was smile.

Hey guys, thank you so much for reading❤ It took me a lot of effort to complete this but I did it! You can request something if you want, my askbox is open. Also don’t hesitate to tell me about any mistakes you find.

This is dedicated to:

Cherik Historical AUs

I watched Jane Eyre. Amazing. Then I went on a cherik historical au marathon for the last two days. It was also amazing. Here are my favorites with a couple of early-mid 20th century. just cus.

The changeling; or, Charles Xavier (a Novel by a Lady) - aesc (PG-13 |Steampunk Historical)
XMFC meets a heavily-revised Jane Eyre meets steampunk. Faaavorite~! Charles is Pietro and Wanda’s tutor. 84K+ words of goodness.

Lost and Found - wallhaditcoming, whitebat (NC-17 |Royalty/Historical)
When Crown Prince Charles Xavier makes the impulsive decision to rescue a man who leapt into the river from enemy shores, his moment of selflessness ends up coming at a personal cost. In the process, however, he gains an ally and a friend. Charles rescues Erik, an enemy soldier. Charles has a heart of gold. Erik is suspicious at first but then gets protective because Charles is always leaping into danger. So good.

White Nights - spicedpiano, tahariel (NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Mpreg)
Duke Erik Lehnsherr of Ironhold needs an omega to carry on his line, and Earl Charles Xavier of Salem needs an alpha to give him the political leverage he needs in order to make his sister Queen. An arranged marriage brings them together, but Erik’s lust for war and Charles’ hidden agenda threaten to tear them apart. This is one of my favorite AUs EVER. It’s 190K+ words of greatness, and I loved how their relationship progressed from having a mutual arrangement to TRUE LOVE. (There’s also steamy sex scenes. *_*) Misunderstandings, romance, angst, hurt/comfort, virgin!charles, protective!erik, protective!charles etc etc it has all my kinks. ALL OF THEM.

All This and Heaven Too - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Historical: 1700s)
Shall we be lovers, then?” he asked quite courteously, as though they were discussing a stroll in the park. “Or are ye scared?” he put so much emphasis on the last word that it sounded almost like ‘scairt’. 

Better Outrun My Gun - Magnetism_bind (NC-17 |Western)
Erik is searching for the man who murdered his parents. Charles runs a saloon with his sisters.

The Waste Land - nekosmuse (R |SciFi/Dystopian)
The White Queen and her Shadow King sit on their throne, safe behind the psionic shields of the Walled City. The armies of Genosha batter uselessly at the gates, a war locked in stalemate. Magneto, camped in the frozen mud, receives word the Citadel intends to send a telepath to the front lines. The same telepath he met two years ago, who sat across a carved wooden chess set and offered Magneto the first friendly smile in a lifetime. The same telepath who still haunts his dreams. (This is more of a dystopian AU but it’s amazing. A must-read)

Overboard - rhymeswithmonth {PG-13 |Pirates!AU |Non-powered}
In a split second decision, Charles threw his hat aside and unbuckled his rapier from his belt, letting it drop to the deck with a clatter. Then he flung himself over the rail, to Armando’s alarmed cry, and hit the water hard.
Sequel: Take What You Can - rhymeswithmonth

City by the Sea - Black_Betty (NC-17 |Royalty |Arranged Marriage)
Erik is a Prince and Charles is his Betrothed. Arranged Marriage! Erik is an asshole and Charles just wants to be loved. <3

No Longer in Silence - Black_Betty (NC-17 |WIP)
Persuasion AU! I love all Jane Austen AUs.

Something Rich and Strange - winterhill (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Pirates)
Pirate AU: Max hasn’t seen Charlie since he left him for dead on a beach in Cuba. It’s a little awkward that they’re meeting again now.

The Body In The Bedroom - telperion_15 (NC-17 |Mystery)
Autumn, 1909 – Viscount Charles Xavier has invited friends and acquaintances to spend the weekend, hoping for good company and interesting conversation. But he doesn’t bank on murder being committed under his roof, nor his growing interest in the enigmatic Erik Lehnsherr…
Murder Mystery!!

Wanton in the Air - Rosie_Rues (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Slave!AU)
In which Charles rescues a gladiator from the arena and soon becomes somewhat disconcerted by this handsome new slave and his sharksome grin.

The Changeling Prince - Regann (PG-13 |Fantasy)
While seeking help to break a magical curse, a soldier named Erik finds himself trying to solve the mystery of a young prince’s illness, a task that leads him deeper into the fickle world of the fae than he ever imagined.

With pulses that beat double - aesc, pearl_o (NC-17)
It has been thirteen years since Charles watched his beloved childhood companion walk out of his life. Now, in fin-de-siècle Paris, a chance overheard remark may lead them to each other’s sides once more.

Taken By His Majesty - Pookaseraph (NC-17 |bottom!Erik |Slave)
A historical romance set during the early days of Rome’s occupation of Briton. Erik tries to kill Charles (who is a king). He fails and is taken as a personal slave instead.

The Gunpowder Files - Tawabids (R |Mutant!AU)
In a 19th century Britain, the wealthy Xavier-Marko couple pay Erik, a hired killer, to put their disabled son Charles “out of his misery”. Instead, Erik saves Charles from dealing with those kind of parents ever again. Charles follows Erik back to London and eventually convinces the assassin to take him under his wing and teach him the trade. When their lives cross paths with a destructive opium cartel led by the shadowy Sebastian Shaw, they decide to take down the businessman down no matter the cost.

Wind and Words - velvetcadence (NC-17 |bottom!erik |Age difference |WIP)
Lord Charles of House Xavier has been out-manipulated by Queen Emma into a marriage with her cousin. Still, there are worse fates than having to wed a handsome child.

The Seventh Tree - Clocks, RaelynnMarie (NC-17)
Erik has served Shaw, ruler of the desert kingdom Genosha, for years as one of his Elite Knights. His life of unquestioning obedience changes when he meets a man in the strangest of circumstances who is not at all what he seems.

The Boy with the Blue Eyes - nekosmuse, pallorsomnium (PG-13 |Fantasy)
We do not breach the void, his mother said, when he was a boy and new to such things…But Erik cares not for their words. He’s spent a lifetime staring into the void, into the startlingly blue eyes of the boy on the other side. We do not breach the void, the songs whisper, but Erik doesn’t listen.

And these non-modern aus. 20th century.

Xmas in Connecticut - Yahtzee (PG-13 |Human!AU |Fluff)
In December 1944, the entire nation loves Rebecca Lawrence - “America’s Most Beloved Homemaker.” Her columns about leading the ideal life in the country help lift people’s spirits on the home front during World War II. But when her publisher asks her to host a war hero for Christmas dinner, the world is in danger of learning the truth … which is that “Rebecca Lawrence” is imaginary. Really, she’s a combination of Raven’s snappy writing and Charles’ knowhow in the kitchen. This is a romantic comedy, a wonderful story which I always read whenever I need a smile on my face. <3

X Marks the Spot by thehoyden (NC-17 |Indiana Jones AU!)
The year is 1962, and Charles Xavier is a professor of archaeology who knows how his students feel, whether he wants to or not. He spends his spare time researching a mythical artifact, but he knows better than anyone that X never, ever marks the spot. Really great powered!au where Erik is on the search for the Tesseract and kidnaps Charles because he needs his help. Lots of delicious sexual tension.

Hier steh ich an den Marken meiner Tage - MonstrousRegiment (NC-17 |Human!AU |WW2!AU)
Erik Lehnsherr is a spy in the SS, and his British liaison is strategist Charles Xavier. Their relationship from the moment they meet to a year after the end of the war.

The Knight and The Dagger - Dow (NC-17 |Mutant!AU)
A Lieutenant in the Soviet Army, Erik Lensherr had no other goals than to find the man that killed his parents. But when a discovery yields a little boy with wings like an angel, Erik is shocked to realize that he isn’t alone. There are other people like him, both dangerous and alluring.

Cannot be Contained in Words - wallhaditcoming (NC-17 |Mob!AU)
Crime syndicate head Erik Lehnsherr travels to London on business, where he meets oxford student Charles Xavier. Their liaison spawns into a years long transatlantic affair, kept apart by Erik’s work and Charles’ studies,which Erik chronicles in photographs.

Dear Soldier - ToriTC198 (PG-13 |WIP}
When Charles’ school decides to send care packages to the soldiers fighting in Vietnam, he chooses to also include a letter and a few personal touches. When Staff Sergeant Erik is the recipient of that particular care package it will spur a relationship that will change them both.

Tessellation - nekosmuse (NC-17 |1960s? |Mutant!AU |Telepathic!sex |Hurt/Comfort |Happy Ending |AMAZING |EPIC |Canon Disabled Character |Astral Projection |Genosha}
He had been following Xavier’s career for years. He had read and reread and reread again everything the man had written. He had tried, on more occasions than he could count, to recruit Xavier into the Brotherhood, but each request for a meeting had been denied. Aside from his work, no one knew anything about Xavier. Not what he looked like, not the full extent of his power–though from what little they did know, he was by far the most powerful telepath in existence–and not what his intentions were.

The man was a recluse. As far as Magneto knew, Xavier had never once stepped foot outside his impenetrable Westchester manor. And now he was scheduled as the keynote speaker for the largest pro-mutant conference in the world.

I guess this could count as canon!au? Charles and Erik meet on their late thirties and they’re already pretty popular in mutant politics. Raven is Magneto’s second in command, Hank takes care of Charles, Erik still hates humans and Charles has emotional/psychological issues (and an alcohol problem). This novel I have read and re-read lots of times because it is really amazing and one every cherik fan should read.

Theme and Variations: War - ninemoons42 (NC-17 |Secret Agent/Spies!AU)
Erik Lehnsherr is a musical prodigy and a man destined for great things and great stages. But his life is shattered by a terrible accident that leaves him blind and trying to find his way back to his life, his music, and his place in the world.

Then he meets Charles Xavier, an agent of Section 8 of the Military Intelligence Directorate of Providence, and he finds himself listening in to clandestine radio transmissions and clicking Morse code, and these sounds are part and parcel of a war that can only take place in the shadows and the hidden places of history.

“I’m on a beach, in Cuba, with you” 

Charles giving back Moira’s memory isn’t a romantic gesture. The scene is shot in such a way to “straightbait” the casual audience, while everything makes perfect sense without heteronormaltivity and in a non-romantic context.

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My Personal Battle As A Previous CTFxCer

Bear with me in this block of text. It’s a cluster of thoughts swimming around in my mind that need to be released.

Okay, so let’s start out by saying that I was a fan of CTFxC starting around probably mid-2010. I would watch Alli and Charles’ videos religiously, even getting frustrated when the video wasn’t up soon enough. I was in love with the happiness they brought me, and the love they felt for one another in their happy little life together. 

When Alli was in Thailand and Charles had his first episode, I was there, watching and hoping that he would be alright. When Charles was on tour, I admired seeing new places and learning things with him. The wedding was a beautiful event. Their love and hopefulness made me hopeful. I admired Charles’ strength through his battle with cancer, with the ups and the bad days. I couldn’t believe how strongly Alli was there for Charles. I also admired her perseverance in a battle that wasn’t hers to struggle with. Watching her cope with the surgeries, tearily giving us updates on Charles’ condition, showed how much she cared about us CTFxCers. She was with us from the beginning, and with Charles.

There was a moment- I believe when Charles was on tour- when I realized something really important. I would sit impatiently through Charles talking at the camera, waiting for Alli to show us her part of the day. I would scroll through the loading bar, to see if she even appeared for any decent chunk of time. Her stories were the best. Her excursions were the best. Her friends and family were the best. Her sense of life was the best. 

When Charles would appear back at home, things would be different. I would see their bond again, but there was something else there. This is why I don’t understand how people didn’t see the divorce coming- even a little bit. They weren’t the Charles and Alli we were used to. Yes, they kept on with life, with the dogs, going out places, but we saw less of Charles going out with Alli at night. He would stay at home, not feeling well, or just not wanting to go out. I would hope that Alli would film something of the night. 

Then the divorce video came up. Alli haters rejoiced, and Charles triumphed. I cried. It was a weird sense of loss, and I didn’t know where my emotions pointed me. The many years that I cried with the couple, laughed with the couple, and got life from the couple had ended. Life as a CTFxC viewer felt over. My confusion and I guess pure curiosity kept me watching Charles’ lone vlogs. I saw the Alli hate, and wished Charles would stop addressing any of the hate. I didn’t want this to be a hateful situation. It was a mourning, to be so dramatic. I was confused about Alli’s lack of reply to the situation, but still kept my allegiances split.

Finally, I had a shock of realization while watching a CTFxC vlog.I felt impossibly bored with it all. It wasn’t that I just flat out missed Alli’s presence, it was that watching Charles without Alli to balance his immaturity and idiocy was torturous. I realized that I didn’t just like Alli’s stories or experiences or company in the CTFxC vlogs, I solely enjoyed Alli as a person. Of course, I had heard all the bad things about Charles, all the rumours, and wished to not be part of that. 

For all the people taking sides without explanation, or hating one side or the other, take some time and think about which presence you preferred and go by that. It took me time to realize what was amazing about the CTFxC, and Charles trying to ram another person into that pair of shoes is unrealistic. This is how CTFxC lost a fan, and Alli Speed gained a loyal and forever fan. 

Alli, I thank you for your positive videos, your realness and honesty, and your love of life. I don’t have enough kind words for you. I always thought that the CTFxC videos brought me out of my shell, but it was you alone who turned a down and insecure teenage girl into a positive confident person such as yourself. Thank you for being awesome.


April 23rd 1661: Charles II crowned

On this day in 1661, Charles II was crowned King of England, thus restoring the English monarchy. The son of Charles I, the future king watched as his father’s personal rule and usurpation of Parliament led England into civil war. Charles’s Royalist supporters were defeated in 1646, and the King himself was eventually captured. The Parliamentarians, including general Oliver Cromwell, put the King on trial for treason, which resulted in his execution in 1649 outside the Banqueting House in Whitehall. At the time of his father’s execution, the younger Charles was in exile in the Netherlands, and learned of the abolition of the monarchy and establishment of the short-lived Commonwealth of England. A leading figure of this republic was Oliver Cromwell, though his rule as Lord Protector became increasingly authoritarian. In 1650, Charles allied with the Scottish and battled Cromwell’s forces, though was defeated and forced to return to exile. The monarchy was eventually restored after a political crisis upon the death of Cromwell in 1658, and in 1660 Charles was invited to reclaim the throne. Having learned from the mistakes of his father, King Charles II pursued a more tolerant and co-operative relationship with Parliament. However, the King clashed with Parliament over his policy of religious tolerance of Catholics, and eventually dissolved the body in 1681. His court was also known for its hedonistic frivolity, frequently holding lavish parties; though this was generally welcomed by those weary of Cromwell’s Puritan rule. One of the events that defined Charles’s reign was the Great Fire of London in 1666, destroying a vast portion of the nation’s capital. Charles II died in February 1685, aged 54, and was succeeded by his brother who became King James II, as he left no legitimate heir.


Because I have done no art this week (staring at computer for 3 days doesn’t count) I thought I’d start to post some old, old stuff because urm I deleted the journal it belonged to and folks keep re-posting it linked to my old name. 

This was for a Fairy Tales X-men Cherik thing on LJ I did in pencil. The story is of the Irish tale of the Fomorians, who were a powerful and dreadful supernatural race. In this case mutants. It’s war between two of the aspects of the triple goddess ‘ The Morrígan’. Raven (the crow) who is on the side of good and Emma (the crone) who is controlled and warped by the Shadow King (The third is Illyana  Rasputina whose soul sword the Shadow King desires. All told by the meeting and falling in love of their main allys, Ravens brother and assassin Charles, and Emmas wolf Erik.


YouTubers React to Colorblind Man Sees Purple for the First Time

Why I no longer subscribe to the CTFxC.


I wanted to be finished with this, I honestly did. Alas, because of my feisty and opinionated personality and the fact that people who feel the way I do are constantly discredited for their opinions because they aren’t very well written or are very young, I decided to write my final piece on the matter. I hope we can all be respectful to one another. 

My opinion isn’t the majority, and I understand that. Tell me to screw off all you want – I quite frankly don’t care. I would just like those of you who will want to call me a variety of horrible names after reading this to remember that, in the end, my opinion won’t change and neither will yours – is it really worth it?

I wrote my initial reaction to the divorce here

( and I recapped Alli’s first video afterwards here


Read those for some background and to get a good grasp on how the rest of this post will go. In essence, I have unsubscribed from the CTFxC channel and, yes, you could say I took Alli’s side in the whole divorce situation. I have my reasons and opinions all ready to go, so I suppose we’ll just jump right into it.

Let me start off by clearly stating this: there is never just one person to blame for a divorce.

Simple enough, isn’t it? I wouldn’t say that is always true, but as a general rule, it is. Alli herself has said that there was not a specific event or situation that caused them to seek separation. That could mean anything, really, but I’m sure that Charles getting cancer, him touring immediately after their wedding and getting engaged so quickly (they’d only been dating around six months) had a lot to do with the stress of this relationship that maybe caused a certain person to seek comfort in another person. I mean, the day after their wedding Charles left to go on tour, and while he was on tour he was diagnosed with brain cancer. For God’s sake, they didn’t even have a chance to have a stress-free honeymoon stage. 

Another aspect that they are both at fault for are their clashing personalities. Alli is more mature, Charles is, admittedly, more immature. There is nothing wrong with that, and please don’t take that as me saying as much, but I’m sure that caused tension. Many times in the videos we saw Alli become emotional and Charles would respond with, “Hey, don’t worry about it – be happy!” Eh, doubt that it always went smoothly. On the other hand, Alli would want to be serious sometimes when Charles wanted to be goofy, and she got mad occasionally. 

So, now that we have that all out of the way, let me say this: Charles alone is why I don’t watch the vlogs anymore.

I’m sorry, but it is true. Do I think he is a bad person? No, not at all. Do I think he is the one who pursued separation because he had feelings for Allie? Yes. Do I think he is treating Alli horribly, and that many of the “diehard” CTFxCers that would defend Charles if he committed mass murder are blind ten year olds? Yes.

After the separation video, within a matter of days, viewers found out that Charles was going on double dates with another girl, who we now know to be Allie Weswhatever (that isn’t me being snarky, I just don’t know her full last name). The internet is the internet, and I’m not sure how Charles didn’t realize that said internet can pretty much find out whatever it wants. People were tracing back Facebook interaction between Allie and Charles dating back to November of last year.

Charles sort of responded to it initially in a video and a few comments, basically telling everyone to stay out of his personal life, to move on, and to let him be happy, which brings me to my first point in this saga:

  1. Charles is hypocritical.

Sure, I get it. He doesn’t like that his fandom is annoyed with the fact that the woman who has been a huge part of their CTFxC lives has been thrown out with very little closure and quickly replaced with another. What I don’t understand is why Charles believes he is exempt from negative criticism when he publicly posts sections of his life online every single day.

Whether he likes it or not – and I’m sure he does, considering he makes a pretty penny off of it – more than a million people are subscribed to his channel and he is famous in his own right. Once you’ve reached a certain level of fame, privacy doesn’t really exist, and negative reactions will happen. I didn’t hear Brad Pitt whine about a lack of privacy or lament over the fact that people were mad at him when he pursued Angelina Jolie while being married to Jennifer Aniston. Charles makes the decision every single day to post and share his life with strangers. If his privacy is really that much of a concern, perhaps he should take a break from vlogging.

Moving on. Charles later admitted on Facebook that he was seeing someone else, but maintains he didn’t cheat on Alli in any way, physically or emotionally. I personally don’t buy that - I think he had feelings for Allie and broke it off with Alli (God, that’s weird to type) because he didn’t want to cheat on her. Pictures on Instagram started to surface before Allie was properly introduced in the videos. In my opinion, bias for Alli aside, I think the pictures are stupid. They were (and he still posts many like it) pictures of Allie with captions so sickeningly sweet that a diabetic would need a shot of insulin after reading them. It’s annoying when it’s people you used to go to high school with and it’s annoying when it’s a YouTube celebrity, too.

Fans had mixed reactions, especially when it was discovered that Allie has a DUI. I’m not near as mad about this fact as some people are, but I’d be a liar if I were to say that it didn’t irk me. But, I’m sure it was a one-time thing for her and she won’t do it again. Shit happens. Other people weren’t so forgiving and called Allie “classless.” Brings us to the next point:

  1. Charles can be a huge jerk.

So, Charles sees that people are reacting unfavorably to the fact he admitted he has a new girlfriend a mere few weeks after he announced he and Alli were separating, and he decides the best thing to do is post a ton of pictures of her and say, (basically) “Fuck you guys, stop being all pissed off about this - she is the most beautiful thing since Van Gogh painted Starry Fucking Night and I love her, so you better start loving her, too.”

 It’s true in essence – it’s clear that Charles and Alli will never get back together and it’s only a matter of time before Charles decides to propose to Allison #3, so if you don’t like her, you either have to suck it up or leave. I still think it’s a pretty rude thing to do to your viewers, nonetheless, not to mention annoying. If I wanted to see someone and their brand new girlfriend fawn over each other in their new relationship phase, I would go sit in the student building at my college.

 It is also rude to call out your wife or passive-aggressively talk shit about her. Sadly, I don’t have the screenshots to show you myself (they aren’t mine and I don’t want to post what isn’t mine), but I can word-for-word copy the incidents in question:

On Facebook, a CTFxCer wrote:

“I stopped watching the ctfxc blogs ages ago when alli did nothing but dog Charles and treat him poorly… it took the fun out of the vlogs. Anyone remember dogging alli for that? Then you dog Charles for ending it? Now you dog this new woman..let’s face it, you all love to have someone to blame. I for one, don’t care how or what happened. I’m happy to see Charles happy, if this girl does that…Welcome to the ctfxc family”

That is all fine and well, though I personally disagree with the opinion that Alli treated Charles poorly at all (seriously, when did that ever happen?), but Charles was quick to respond with a simple “<3”.

 Really, dude? C’mon. Either say it yourself or keep your mouth shut.

Of course Charles deserves to be happy, and yeah, if Allie does that for him then that is fine. Whatever. But he doesn’t need to be passive-aggressively approving every bad thing said about his ex-wife. 

Which brings me to the infamous Instagram incident.

Someone on Instagram called Allie classless (for whatever reason). Charles so eloquently responded with “Mkay lets go watch drunk gaming together and talk!” After that, another person replied to the classless comment by saying their logic was flawed because Alli “drank like a fish, cursed” and what have you, and Charles replied, “There we go.”

Sorry, he’s kind of a dick. He did apologize for the comments and said he only said them because he was irritated, but let’s face it, irritated words are often laced with true feelings. Alli got shit-talked far more in the initial days following the separation announcement and she didn’t say a word. It’s not that difficult.

And now, I’ll finish with this final point:

  1. The majority of the CTFxC are blind children.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that most of the subscribed people to the channel are younger kids. Even during meet-ups and mail vlogs it is plainly clear that the majority of people who watch vloggers range from 10-15. That isn’t a bad thing, but the way said people react to this situation is disheartening and annoying.

Whenever someone like me voices their opinion, it is responded to with comments such as, “He has cancer, give him a break,” “You’re not a real CTFxCer,” and, my personal favorite, “Why do you care so much?”

Let me respond to all of that:

I’ll start with the cancer comment. I’m more than aware that Charles has cancer and it sucks. But, that fact doesn’t exempt him from me choosing whether or not to like the things he does. The fact of the matter is that Charles’ lifespan is limited and perhaps that made him want to pursue another relationship where he felt he would be happier all the more. That’s fine. I can choose to disagree with his methods and choices he makes and I don’t think that makes me an uncaring or heartless person simply because he has cancer.

It was his decision and his right to be with Allie and I respect that, let me make that very clear. I have nothing against Allie at all, not even a little bit, and I’m genuinely happy that she and Charles seem good together. All I am saying is that I preferred the dynamic of Charles and Alli and I think Charles handled multiple aspects of this ordeal very wrong, and I disagree with them.

As for whether or not I’m a real fan, that isn’t really for someone else to decide. I think I was. I understand a lot of people believe that the channel was Charles completely but I think that’s a big slap in the face to what Alli did bring to the channel. Face it – the majority of their subscribers subscribed because they loved the couple. Alli had a lot to do with the success of the channel. Now that the couple element is absent, it’s just hollow to me. Perhaps I am not a “true fan” anymore, but I definitely was. 

And finally, the beautiful comment “Why do you care so much, it’s not your life, get over it.” Why do you care so much? Are we both not watching a complete stranger vlog about his life every day and now arguing about it? It’s seriously the most backwards hypocritical comment I see and it totally baffles me. If I can’t care than you can’t either. 

All in all, that’s really all I have to say specifically about the situation and why I think it sucks, so I’ll move on now to why I don’t watch anymore: Alli helped create that channel and a piece of it is gone forever. As a result, I feel detached from the former connection I had.

I get that not everyone feels the same way, but ever since Alli’s departure, it hasn’t felt the same to me. Allie, admittedly, does make me feel sort of uncomfortable, but that is mostly because Charles and her are, like I said, sickeningly sweet and annoying to the point where I legitimately feel like a third wheel while I’m watching. Even when it is just Charles, though, I’m bored and skipping through most of it. I watch Alli’s occasional video and love it to pieces – I feel more connected, and in the end, you only watch vlogs you feel a connection with, and it’s absent in the CTFxC vlogs now.

That’s all I have to say, really. Feel free to voice your opinion to me and I’ll listen and respond back, respectfully.

Recs: Erik/Charles

And moooore recs. Because this pairing is all I’ve been reading and it is my mission to find all the awesome fics that have been posted on AO3. And so, I am reading all of them. O.O

Everyday Love in Stockholm - tahariel {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Dubcon |Captive!Charles}
Prompt: Magneto is the ruler of the posthuman world. His only secret? Charles Xavier, the human he’s kept locked in his bedroom ever since his right-hand woman, Mystique, came to him pleading for mercy for her stepbrother, who accepted her mutant form and protected her as a child. The human he started fucking after Mystique was killed in battle, despite the guilt he feels at contaminating even this last promise to the woman who was integral to his life’s work and happiness.

Casanova - madneto {NC-17 |Human!AU |Based on: Casanova}
Erik Lehnsherr, aka Giacomo Casanova, has been leading a perfectly happy life in Venice while waiting for his mother to return to him. That is, until the day he accidentally stumbles upon the young idealist professor Charles Xavier. Loosely based on the 2005 Heath Ledger movie Casanova.

Bea’s comment: Really nice fusion. :D
Guilty by Association - Regann {R |Human!AU |Suspense |Detective!Erik}
While investigating the homicide of a John Doe who he suspects might’ve been murdered while working the streets as a prostitute, Detective Erik Lehnsherr finds an unexpected ally in a hooker named Charles who seems as determined as he to solve the case. As they become more deeply involved both with the case and each other, there’s just one thing that Charles neglects to mention – that he’s really an investigative journalist, one quickly convinced that what they’re dealing with is more than simple murder. cop!Erik, fake-hooker-slash-reporter!Charles, Modern AU.

The Trouble with Telepaths - Calico {NC-17 |PWP |Humor}
The first eight times they fucked, Erik came first.

Kabalen und Liebe - melonbutterfly {PG-13 |Mutant!AU/Canon!AU |Mpreg}
Wherein Charles and Raven were born roughly fifty years later than they actually were, but Erik was not. Ultimately, this changes nothing. Bea’s comment: I NEED A PREQUEL ABOUT HOW THEY MEET AND GET TOGETHER YO.
❤❤Ghost in the Shell - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Based on: Firefly+Dollhouse |Crossover: Avengers}
Out in the black of space, where the only creatures whose company you can always count on are violence and death, making a living is a wager. Erik’s crew of mismatched social misfits scrapes by, toeing the line between law and crime. Normally, they prefer to stay out of the Alliance’s way, but when it comes to defending the very freedom they fought for a decade ago, they only follow one principle: when someone tries to kill you, you kill them right back. Bea’s comment: I had so much fun reading this! Erik is the captain, and Charles is a “priest”, Loki is a fugitive, there’s a Dollhouse and guh it’s just so awesome.
Lima Syndrome - Yahtzee {PG-13 |Mutant!AU}
Written in response to this prompt: “AU! where Erik is already the leader of the Brotherhood of mutants. Erik hears about this up and coming band of mutants lead by one Charles Xavier who advocate peace. Seeing him as a potential threat based on how fast his influence is growing, Erik kidnaps Charles in hopes of getting him to join the Brotherhood.

The Bell’s Toll - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Based on: Nikita |Dark!Charles |Hurt!Charles |Hurt!Erik |BAMF!Charles |Mutant!AU}
Charles Xavier goes to prison, and is recruited by a spy/assassin division of the government. Dismal a beginning as this might look, it unbelievably goes downhill. Erik, the necessary stoic ex-military man, gets sidled with him. Not a single person is amused. Bea’s comment: Charles is twisted in this, and his relationship with Erik is also twisted but I love this sfm.
That Cold Dead Place - kageillusionz {PG-13 |Post-XMFC |Mutants vs Government |Kidnapped!Charles |Hurt!Charles}
The Brotherhood are liberating the mutant concentration camps that have popped up by human run organizations. There Mystique finds someone abandoned in one of the torture cells who she thought she would never find in a place like this.

Five Days [X-Men: First Class] - cerebel {PG-13 |Post-XMFC |Kidnapped!Charles |Hurt!Charles}
Charles is captured. And then he is rescued.

From the waters and the wild - linaerys {R |Coast Guard |First time}
After the rescue, Charles and Erik have a moment alone. Bea’s comment: Right after they meet for the first time. >:D

even more of exactly the same - imogenedisease {R |Mansion!fic}
“Why are you afraid?” Charles asks, and Erik laughs, mirthless.

“You’re terrifying,” he says, and it’s the most honest he’s ever been to a man who can dive into the worst corners of his mind and come out unscathed.

Pin - Argyle - X-Men: First Class ( {NC-17 |Mansion!fic}
Charles thinks they’re really getting somewhere.

Placing Bets - i_know_its_0ver {PG-13 |Romance/Comedy |Mansion!fic |Pining}
written for a prompt: Raven knows her brother pretty well, and she´s sure that by the time he and Erik finally kiss he´ll lose a bit of control over his powers and project the scene to the whole mansion. Since they´ll know precisely when it will happen, the kids decide to make bets on how long it´ll take them. Cue them all trying to create or interrupt romantic moments between the two, each trying to make them kiss on the time the person bet on.

Intervention - AlchemyAlice {PG |Post-XMFC |Reconciliation}
Erik broods at the window as the sun sets on South America, and Emma is utterly bored with him.

Bifurcation - AlchemyAlice {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Crossover: Wanted |Wesley!Charles |Split personality}
Raven knew basically everything about Charles. She knew how much milk he liked in his tea, what shops in Oxford he bought his clothes from, and which possessions he would run back into his house to save if it were burning down. She knew his fear of spiders, and his guilty impatience with uncouth behavior. She knew that he could be unbearably pompous, and unbearably kind.
She also, for better or worse, knew about Wesley.

Tea with the Vicar - ximeria {NC-17 |PWP |First Time |Recruiting}
For all that Erik finds Charles confusing, he can’t deny his fascination either.

Small Worlds - manic_intent {R |Mutant!AU |Zombies!}
Say what you like about Erik Lehnsherr, say that he’s a madman, a ruthless hunter of grudges best forgotten, but the world’s a small place now, growing smaller and quieter all the time in the abandoned wastelands outside of the Quarantine Zones, and in a small and quiet world, sometimes it helps to be cautious.

Transmutation - ximeria {NC-17 |Genderswap |F/F, M/F, M/M |Girl!Charles, Girl!Erik |PWP |Hot}
That whole road-trip recruitment thing that Charles and Erik embarked on in the movie? I’m sure there were more than a few encounters we didn’t see.

Erik and the Earl - listerinezero {PG |Mutant!AU |Time Travel |Adorable}
Erik has a time-traveling 19th century earl staying in his apartment and he’s not sure what’s more frustrating: Charles’ habit of taking apart his appliances or the fact that he’s not Erik’s boyfriend. A Kate and Leopold AU.

The Twelfth Day of Christmas - keire_ke {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Crossover: Iron Man |Hurt/Comfort}
Secret Santa is supposed to be easy. You are assigned the name of a person of whose existence you are aware, you buy them a gift that at least implies you know the person isn’t a seven-headed dragon and you move on with your own gift of the same calibre. What to do, however, when the person for whom you are supposed to be shopping happens to be the man you have a thoroughly unmanly crush on?

The World Waits for No Man - kageillusionz {PG-13 |Post-XMFC |Angry!Charles |Worried!Erik |Happy Ending}
As soon as Charles is discharged from hospital post Cuba, all he wants is to be left alone to his own devices. The boys want to help and cheer him up but Charles begins to lock them out, neglects to take care of himself and begins drinking his woes away.

Emma pays him a surprise visit and then informs Magneto of Charles injury and the consequences that came with that one bullet. Magneto checks in on Charles, only to find Charles a bitter, defeated version of his younger chipper self, who feels there’s no point on fighting any more and who won’t listen anyone, not even Erik.

Men Of Steel - Caradee {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Series |Arch-enemies |Secret Identities}
In which New York’s greatest super hero “X” has been fighting the evil Magneto for years, but Charles and Erik are meeting for the first time.

Bea’s comment: I really had fun reading this, and I am looking forward to the second part of the series! :D
write this number down (you can call it anytime) - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Post-XMFC |Kid!fic (Canon) |Angst |Pining}
When Erik upsets his children, they have a habit of running away from home–and straight to Charles’ school for cookies and consolation. Charles doesn’t mind the visitors, but as they appear more and more frequently, he realizes that sooner or later, he and Erik are going to have to talk about what happened on the beach and what it means for their future and the future of Erik’s children. Bea’s comment: Takes place months after the end of the movie, in which Erik finds out he has twins and takes them away to stay with him and everytime he’s being mean, the kids go to the mansion. Adorable! Also guh the sexual tension between Erik and Charles was well handled (I just wanted to slap Erik though and hug Charles. Charles needs lots of hugs)
Reflections in a lens - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU}
Sometimes the unlikely meeting is the one bearing the best fruit.
Charles goes exploring while waiting for Raven to finish a photo shoot for a pro-mutant calendar. Bea’s comment: Can we get a sequel for this please? *_* Although tbh, I would like sequels to every fic written by ximeria.
Silent Night - hi_irashay {PG-13 |Hurt!Charles |Stalker |Protective!Erik}
Charles’ every waking thought strayed back to the box of letters and the pain they promised. He was haunted by T.M., the faceless adversary who drew Charles deeper into his web with every word.
Today was the seventh day, the last day of the longest week of Charles’ life. He steeled his resolve as he approached the mailbox. Today, it would end. Today, come hell or high water.
(In which Charles receives threatening letters, and no small amount of chaos ensues for him and for Erik). Bea’s comment: It was a good hurt!charles fic, although some parts did seem out of character for him.
This Crazy Game Called Life - chiasmus {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Domestic!fic |Comedy/Romance}
Raven declares game night in the mansion. Sean finds an elephant, Erik inherits one hundred unwanted cats, and Charles scars Hank for life with misdirected dirty thinking. This is five thousand-something words of crack with a dose of schmoop. I’m not sorry. Written for this kink meme prompt: Raven is tired of the boys going off to play chess (if they’re even playing chess!) and pulls out a load of board games from one of the closets in the mansion. Madness ensues. Bea’s comment: I HAD FUN READING THIS. IT’S HILARIOUS. HANK GETS SCARRED FOR LIFE, CHARLES GOES RED FROM HUMILIATION AND ERIK IS AMUSED.
Best Friends AU - chiasmus {PG |Mutant!AU |Adorable}
Modern AU in which Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr are best friends since childhood, and eventually more

silent treatment - chiasmus {PG |Kid!fic |Adorable}
Tiny!Charles and Erik get into an argument at the beach. It goes downhill from there.

the right time is the least appropriate moment - chiasmus {R |Canon!AU: Alternate Ending |Romance/Comedy}
Someone travels back in time and leaves Charles whisky-flavoured condoms, since they don’t exist in 1962. This is how World War III is avoided. Bea’s comment: lol best beach!au fic ever. Charles is a darling.

It’s a Disaster (But That’s All Right) - chiasmus {NC-17 |Romance/Comedy |PWP |Mansion!fic |Kitchen!sex |Domestic!fic}
Charles attempts to help Erik improve his cooking. Nothing quite goes as planned.

Another Way - glacis {NC-17 |Canon!AU: Alternate Ending |Powerful!Charles |Hurt!Charles}
Another way it might have gone, if Charles had found the right words, and Erik had listened.