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Power Rangers!

Omg, an ask!! Thank you for this! Alright, get ready, hehe…

Mighty Morphin’, Alien, Zeo, Turbo, in Space - Jason/Kimberly, Zack/Trini, Zack/Tanya, Rocky/Aisha, Aurico/Delphine, Andros/Ashley
Lost Galaxy - Kai/Kendrix, Damon/Maya, Mike/Haley
Lightspeed Rescue - Chad/Kelsey, Joel/Angela
Time Force, Wild Force - Lucas/Katie, Trip/Nadira, Eric/Taylor, Cole/Alyssa
Ninja Storm - Cam/Tori
Dino Thunder - Connor/Kira, Trent/Kira
SPD - Jack/Ally, Sky/Z, Sam/Nova
Mystic Force - Chip/Vida
Operation Overdrive - Will/Ronny, Dax/Miratrix, Ty/Rose
Jungle Fury - Theo/Lily
RPM - Scott/Tenaya, Flynn/Summer
(Super) Samurai - Mike/Lauren
(Super) Megaforce - Troy/Emma, Gia/Emma
Dino (Super) Charge - Tyler/Shelby, Shelby/Kendall
Ninja Steel - Brody/Sarah, Preston/Sarah

Alright, what we have been waiting for, the OTPs:
Mighty Morphin’, Alien, Zeo, Turbo, in Space - Billy/Kimberly, Adam/Katherine, TJ/Ashley, Zhane/Cassie
Lost Galaxy - Leo/Karone
Lightspeed Rescue - Carter/Dana
Time Force, Wild Force - Wes/Jen, Merrick/Alyssa
Ninja Storm - Hunter/Kelly
Dino Thunder - Tommy/Hayley
SPD - Bridge/Syd
Mystic Force - Xander/Madison
Operation Overdrive - Mack/Rose
Jungle Fury - Casey/RJ, Dom/Fran
RPM - Ziggy/Dr. K
(Super) Samurai - Antonio/Mia
(Super) Megaforce - Orion/Emma
Dino (Super) Charge - Ivan/Kendall
Ninja Steel - Calvin/Hayley

I hope we have some ships in common! Message me if you do!

Natalie said last night that she wasn’t going to talk game with James anymore because he was kind of making fun of her for it, and she knows that she’s lost in this game and that she should defer to James because he’s played before. But she is literally right about everything game related and all of her observations and I’m so mad that James refuses to listen to her. Like he mostly just “mhm’s” her when she’s clocking the house dynamics, and then when he doesn’t give any input she’s always like “well that’s just what I observe, but I obviously don’t know anything about this game so don’t let me sway your opinion”. How absolutely frustrating that no one believes in her and she doesn’t believe in herself.


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