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2p Allies react to s/o's champagne ferret, being able to open a bottle of champagne.

2p Canada: “Just don’t touch my beer.”

2p France: “Finally, a useful animal.”

2p America: “Ha! This is actually comedy gold! Can it dance too?” 

2p England: “Oh, why teach it such things like that?

2p China: “Heeeeeeeeey! How bout that! Let’s get you more bottles!”

2p Russia: “Why does the rodent get alcohol?”

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asdjklfaskdf omfg I’ll list a few facts about him lmao

★ His name is Aldric Trevelyan! He comes from the Antivan branch of Trevelyans (which has ties to a certain Dalish clan). He’s the youngest son of Bann Trevelyan and was sent to the Conclave by his parents went willingly to the Conclave to avoid being sent to the Templar Order because he is a good, dutiful son.

★ For his canon romance, currently I’m thinking he’s going to romance Josephine Montilyet. They also happen to be childhood friends! ;)

★ As a child, his family and close friends called him “Allie.” Aldric’s father would call him “his little alligator,” as Bann Trevelyan was a man who was rather fond of puns. A handful of people still call him that today—much to his chagrin.

★ Aldric’s beard is a force that must be respected. He can go from “fuckboi” to “farmers market hot” quite easily.

★ He received the scar on his nose during the events of Trespasser, courtesy of a Qunari spearman. (If he’s not the Inquisitor, then it was from a very angry bear.)

Thanks for the ask! :)

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Wasn't bo xi lai actually really corrupt though? I mean his wife killed a guy who was blackmailing them for being so corrupt.

Yes, he was, but an incredibly large portion of the CCP is corrupt and relatively few figures get nailed for it, so which party officials get arrested can be seen as an insight into internal party politics. Had the CCP wanted to protect Bo from corruption charges, they could have, but they instead allowed him to take the fall several months before Xi came into office. Given the context, it seems pretty likely that a desire to clear Xi’s path to power by eliminating a fellow princeling and perhaps the largest figure in the Chinese New Left was a motivating factor in Bo’s imprisonment. The fact that Bo’s ally, Zhou Yongkang, was arrested and jailed for corruption two years later, even after his retirement, further supports this theory.

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1p allies reaction to s\o wanting to keep her last name when they get married cause its special to her?

Some of these boys would be a little heartbroken, but as long as their s/o is happy. ~Admins Sarah and Jay

America: “Can Jones be in there somewhere? Please?”
Alfred would be fine if they wanted to do a double last name, but he would want Jones in there somewhere. He knows his last name is so basic and common, but it would make him so happy to be able to call his partner by their name and have him included in it. Though if it would make them happier to not have Jones, he would deal with it.

England: “Oh…alright…”

Arthur would try not to take offense to his s/o not wanting his last name. Looking at his brothers, he could understand somewhat why someone would not want to be a Kirkland, but it would hurt him a little…he wouldn’t say much at first, but overtime he would begin to think that it is because of him…that he did something to make them angry and not want his name. 

France: “You don’t want Bonnefoy?…Okay..”
Francis would be a little bit hurt. He’d think it’s something against him or his name, but if they explained that it was because their name was important to him, he’d understand a bit more..Though he would beg them to at least put his last name with theirs, if they didn’t, he’d be a little bit annoyed with them, but it’s their choice.

Canada: “You don’t want my name?..Oh..It’s okay.”
Matthew wouldn’t care too much about it, though it would make him a little bit worried. Was it because Williams was too boring for them?…He’d hope not. As long as his s/o is happy with their name though, he’d be fine with whatever they choose.

Russia: “Huh? You are not wanting my name? That is fine.”
Ivan wouldn’t see it as a big deal. If his s/o wanted to keep their name, fine by him. It’s not his choice, and it wouldn’t matter. All that matters is that they’re happily married and it will hopefully stay that way

China: “So…do you not like it? Then what do we do?”
Yao wouldn’t understand why they wouldn’t want to take his name. He would be confused and sad. Did they not like it? Why didn’t they say so before the wedding? Will they have to do the double last name? He would have so many questions and each one would fill him with more anxiety than the one before.

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What about 2p!Allies having an S/O who has easily markable skin? (Get bruises regularly, scratches stay for a while, etc.)

Protects you so you don’t hurt yourself anymore: 2p China, 2p America, 2p Russia

Always prepared to take care of your marks and tries to prevent them: 2p England

Looks after you intensively: 2p France, 2p Canada

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How would the allies react to their s/o always working on very old unsolved cases for their job and when their really wrapped up in one there’s papers everywhere, pictures tacked on all walls, everything else is second because they need to crack this and find out the murder no matter how old the case is

America: WHOA THAT IS AMAZING! LET ME HELP! Loves that his s/o is super into this stuff cause he is too. He’s all about justice being served and helping the victims family find closure. He would be a good partner to this type of s/o cause he can always lighten them mood when things get to heavy

England: Why, that is very admirable of you. Is there possibly any way could help? His inner detective fanboy is positively screaming with joy. Boi LOVES mysterious and solving puzzles. Wither s/o wants him or not he will do his best to help. Will help with all the pictures on the wall, he got a spare room or two that they can use.

France: All this is so dark though…Just be careful mon amour. I’m here for you. He won’t try to stop s/o cause not only does he know his s/o likes the work, but he also knows how important this job is for the families. Will do little things to help out, but won’t be actively involved. Is a good soundboard though when needed. Plus, since he isn’t into this stuff he can think of out of the box ways that could be very helpful.

Russia: So you are Sherlock? Can I be Watson? Wither he wants to or not, dark subjects somehow end up following him around. This time though, for his s/o, he will embrace it! While very smart, he will volunteer himself to be the muscles of the duo while s/o is the brains.

China: Why are you into this dark stuff? This is no good for your chi! Aiyaaaa always making me worried! Will nag and complain, but when needed is willing to help out. He is the one to make sure s/o stays in line and out of danger. Also somehow knows everyone, so will be good when needing to find connections through people.

Canada: Hmmmm, have you though of this perhaps? Like France, he is a very good soundboard when s/o need someone to bounce ideas off of. Also since people have a hard time noticing him, super helpful when needing to infiltrate a place. He can play the good cop. Plus he is always there with a hug for s/o when things get dark.

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Im awfully confused. Does sinbad care for aladdin and the others. Cause I know the reason he took them in was because he thought they were powerful allies and all but I like to think regardless he very much cares for them. I love it when aladdin affectionately calls him uncle sinbad.

Hi ! ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

I think Sinbad actually cares for them even if he sorts of uses them. I think that,  back in Balbadd, he genuinely help them because they saw some potential in them, but also because Sinbad in general wants to make the world better, and he knew that Alibaba had potential to be a good king for Balbadd. Of course, Alibaba being the king would also grant him some benefit because he would have him as an ally, but that’s also part of his “i want to make this world better” plan, same when he asked Aladdin to be Sindria’s Magi.  but as Sinbad said, he’s a man who doesn’t mix his personal feelings with doing what he thinks “it’s necessary/the only way” to achieve things ( When he spoke with Alibaba through Zepared Kougyoku). In the end Sinbad does what he does because he thinks that’s the only way to create the peaceful world where everyone will be happy and they won’t suffer, and even Alibaba understood this at the end ( when they spoke in the sacred palace) Sinbad would do the dirtiest of things for a good/just cause, that’s the way he has thought since he was a teenager, but he does care for people and in the end he “uses them” but he thinks “it for their own sake/i will do something better this way”. Or at least that’s what i think ^^

Also, the scene when he tells Ja’far that the kids sort of remind them of him when he was younger always stayed with me, i think he sees himself a lot in them, and that’s another reason he sponsored them and helped them in various ways ( he helped Alibaba contact the Yambala, gave money and was worried about Sending Aladdin to Magnostadt by himself, actually cared about Morgiana having a nice object as household vessel… haha xD)

I think it’s really cute that Aladdin calls him Uncle! ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

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I love Airplanes so much, not even joking it gives me life every time I see an update. Thank you for giving Theo the story he deserves not that half baked "enemy turned ally", he's honestly one of the most layered characters in the show and I was rewatching season 6 Thiam scenes, everyone talks about Theo's heart eyes for Liam but did people also notice when Liam says hurtful things as a reply to Theo there actually is a tiny flash of hurt on Theo's face after? (Props to Cody's acting too tbh)

Thank you so much :D

Theo is such an amazing character and although I LOVE his character development in the series I wish he got more time to explore his character because we could have had so many fun scenes of Theo kinda finding his humanity. Cody did a fantastic job with Theo.

Yes!!! Theo’s tiny flickers of hurt when Liam’s being a bitch are fabulous and heartbreaking. Especially because half the time they come half a second after Theo giving hm major heart eyes.
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Fleeing from his captors, a young Nagai crash lands on a snowy little planet where he finds unexpected allies.

It’s not necessary to read any other stories in the series to understand this one, but Harkbacker and Four Ring Circus would provide background for a good deal of the OC’s.

In what can only be described as an act of complete and utter stupidity, I deleted the original publication of this work yesterday, along with all the kind comments people left. However, I just finished reposting the complete, final version for anyone who wants to finish reading!

After spending most of yesterday wallowing in self loathing, I checked my spam box and found a tiny miracle! FUN FACT: If you ever delete a story, Ao3 emails you a copy of the text and html document. Thank god the people at Ao3 are much smarter than I will ever be.

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2P!Allies with a rebellious S/O (Talks back to teachers, Skips classes, etc.)

(If their s/o skips classes)

“You shouldn’t do that, education is important”: 2p Russia, 2p Canada

Doesn’t say anything but thinks it’s stupid because some people don’t get to get the education you are able to get: 2p France

He does the same but he wants only the best for you so he starts going to classes with you and makes sure you don’t do any other stupid shit: 2p China, 2p America

“Please don’t”: 2p England

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1p Allies reacting to their S/o being very excited enough to trick or treat with little kids when it's Halloween?

America: HAHAHA THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FUN! Loves to trick or treat! You can never be to old! Will dress up with s/o in matching outfits and trick or treat all night long. Will end up in his house sorting their candy and sharing a couple of kisses, hershey kisses :3

England: Aren’t we a little old for trick or treating? loves that his s/o is happy and excited, but aren’t they too old? Will be nervous the entire time, but wants to please s/o. Will be blushing the entire time they trick or treat, but is having a blast with his love. 

France: Honhonhon as long as you are happy mon amour ^3^ will go with s/o and will be in couple costumes. Will comstantly kiss s/o and ruin their special effects makeup, but neither could care.

Russia: Oh, we are doing the trick or treating? Sounds fun! He never has been trick or treating before. He tried one time yearssss ago, but everyone was scared of him, so he quit and just leaves a bucket of candy outside his door instead. Will be nervous that he will ruin everything, but as long as s/o stays by his side and continues to smile, he will be happy

China: Aiyaaa, aren’t you too old for trick or treating? I know I am! Will tease s/o, but wull accompany them trick or treating. He left a gaint bucket on the door step, but is also carrying more candy around and giving it to little kids he sees trick or treating when out with s/o.

Canada: Well, what should we dress up as? Hasn’t gone trick or treating in a couple of years due to rather liking t hand out candy to kids, but will trick or treat with s/o. Most likely will make it a family event with America, France, and England. america will trick or treat with them, France and England will be bickering and having a contest to see who could get more candy.
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  • Ally: I'm cold.
  • Normani: Here, have my jacket.
  • Camila: Hey, I'm cold too.
  • Lauren: What? [taking off jacket] I told you to bring more layers but of course you didn't listen and now [piling scarves on Camila] now look, I've got to make sure you don't FREEZE to death and [taking Dinah's hat] how long have you been cold? You should've said something sooner.