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i’m really happy with the article!!!! ;;___;; i’m glad i got this opportunity to address the problem of how people see fanart as a “lower” form of creative work and how fan communities are challenging that very notion by taking digital content to the next level. fandoms are great and reinforce lots of faith in community support. i’m very thankful for each and everyone of you.

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I didn't read the ask said salad bowls and I thought they were underwear until I read it shshjjsjs

now u made me want to do the axis and allies as underwear. u brought this onto the world:

I think what I find the most fascinating with tinhats is how determined they are to be unhappy.

Like, yes, they pretend to be happy. They spend their days saying antis are pressed and miserable and that they, the virtuous tinhats, are just enjoying the lives of their favs, despite hating everything they actually see of said favs’ lives and regularly feeling angst about it.

But we all know what they thrive on is despair.

And I just… don’t understand why?

Because at the end of the day, turning their tinhat theories around and putting a positive spin on them would have been… so easy??

Why didn’t they just decide that Briana was a surrogate? That Danielle and El (and whichever girl Harry might be briefly linked to) are friends of theirs happy to help them “blend in” until they’re ready to come out?

Why didn’t they just go with the idea that instead of a big conspiracy to keep Louis and Harry unhappy, they themselves just decided that they weren’t ready to come out yet, or did not want to deal with the inevitable scrutiny?

They could get to enjoy Freddie, they wouldn’t have to imagine Louis as a mere pawn, a spineless man whose suffering is basically ignored by his partner. They could just enjoy both Harry’s and Louis’s solo careers for what they are, and STILL imagine them spending time together whenever we don’t see them.

Like, they’d still be wrong, obviously, but at least they’d have things to rejoice over instead of spending their days desperately trying to find explanations for things that can’t be explained away!

Yet any time a tinhat tries to put a positive spin on things, they’re shunned by the rest of the group.

And I sit there wondering… why???

Posting mostly for my baby LGBT+ followers but even if you’re not it’s a good watch (albeit long, and still might not be your thing if you’re not into Let’s Plays).  But yeah.  Made me happy cry like a little bitch.

Jacksepticeye.  Quality ally.  Doing the lords’ work.

Hello everyone I love dogs

My life🏳️‍🌈

There has been many things in my life that I’d consider to be good things but few are my best moments. One meeting the love of my life and soon to be husband. Two is finally being proud of who I am and not being afraid of being who I am. And three the one that made those two possible is discovering @taylorswift . Taylor is the reason I am who I am and the one person who I may have never met but I would give anything to just have a conversation with because I want to thank her for making my life possible. I am here today because of Taylor Alison Swift. She is my saving grace and my angel from heaven. Thank you Taylor for letting me know without knowing me that it’s okay to be who I am and be unapologetically me. 💋 Love forever, Jared (Swiftie for life)


Q: Now that you’re famous, how are you going to use your fame to inspire other people?