Idk I was really scared for my results, which is reasonable considering they will be the only deciding factor for my university place, but then I realised how lucky I am. Honestly, my only worry is will I get the grades? Like there are people worrying where their next meal will come from, people who are worrying about death due to water shortages, people who are living in war torn countries, worrying if they will be woken by bombs or birds. Honestly Allah has given me so much and it would be ungrateful of me to be worrying about my exams. I wish I had realised earlier just how blessed I am. I accept I tried my best during these last 3 years of exams, I put my all into it, and I also accept that the rest I’ve left in the hands of Allah. Surely he knows all and what is best for me, if it wasn’t meant for me it will not be, it’s that simple. Honestly I feel at such peace now. I cannot thank god enough for everything.