me abt tao: most beautiful angelic saint. your happy radiant light after a stressed day. define: sunshine = huang zitao. eighth wonder of this world. greatest creation. undeserved by us all

hater: you’re* :)

now that everyone is posting hype about origins

its time for: just a few of my chandra headcanons

  • she’s autistic and bipolar
  • her autism plays a role in her origin story (as it was told in her novel), but that never occurred to her, and it’s so closely tied to her pyromancy abilities that she interprets any ableism she’s ever encountered as people being anti-pyromancy
  • she’s uncomfortable with any sort of physical contact but wishes she wasn’t
  • she’s really afraid of the dark
  • she can only read well enough to be considered basically literate, she can barely write at all
  • HATES wearing shoes and pants
  • she likes to go for solitary walks, exercise, run around for no reason, but she’s also a little lazy and gets tired quickly
  • can’t swim, could drown in a puddle
  • she likes to dance
  • gets cold really easily due to her own high body temperature, a warm fire doesn’t help at all, she has to wear layers on layers when it gets cold. can’t get through the winter without getting sick at least once. most pyromancers aren’t quite as literally on fire as she is, so she’s a lot less sensitive to extreme heat, and a lot more sensitive to extreme cold. a light rain can give her the sniffles.
  • she helps out the elves in the western wood and the humans in the farmlands whenever she gets the chance, filling in for the blacksmith’s apprentice, helping cook a big feast, etc., just to have something to do and to feel productive. luti says it keeps her out of trouble.
  • she’s sunburnt at all times; she thinks she’s immune to it because she doesn’t understand how the sun works.
  • but on the plus side, that gives her those cute freckles.