I have been following this blog for quite some time. Her characterization of Santana Lopez is not only spot on, but her stories are intriguing. She has taken they story lines Santana had in Glee and given them depth. Instead of skimping over them with a small mention she has taken us inside of Santana’s mind through her struggles in her high school years.

When reading her blog I cringe, laugh, and think ‘this bitch’ when reading Santana’s interactions, which one should. For those reason, All-hail-auntiesnix is our Santana of the Week.

I love the Brittana between lowfatcheerio and all-hail-auntiesnix. They haven’t done too much but what they have blew me away and made me wish canon showed more of their relationship behind closed doors. Santana’s fear seems very real and the I love the way Brittany’s trying so hard to wait for her to come to terms with herself. I don’t know if its because the players are together in real life but the chemistry is unreal and they are by far my favorite Brittana.

If it’s done at all I hardly see Santana’s summer “surgery” story line done the right way but I want to thank all-hail-auntiesnix for doing such a great job at giving Santana doubts/insecurities and making use of her fear to give REAL reasoning for such a big decision. It’s really refreshing to see a player dedicate so much time and effort to making Santana’s motives believable when so many play her as /just/ a shallow bitch.