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  1. What was your first concert? - Big Gig 2005 a girl-guiding concert (yes i used to be in the guides omg) and i saw people such as rachel stevens girls aloud and i can’t remember idk
  2. What is your favourite quote from a book? anything relevant from harry potter tbh
  3. Films or Television shows? hmm depends what i’m watching
  4. What do you think is underrated? (like a film, or a band or whatever) i was watching matt cardle on loose women this morning and it’s not my type of music but i think he’s really underrated, the summer set are underrated too
  5. What is your favourite season? summer come back
  6. What is your most played song on itunes? if you run - ymas, don’t even need to check
  7. Cakes or biscuits? biscuits yum
  8. Do you believe in soulmates? yes omfg i’ve wrote a massive page about it on tumblr but it’s “private”
  9. What is your dream career? disney princess c:
  10. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? near a disney park so i can do my dream career ofc so florida or california
  11. Which fictional character do you identify the most with and why? i’ve always identified myself like ronnie from the last song because i feel our personalities are similar but idk

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your questions -
  1. do you believe in soulmates? (stealing becky’s question ok)
  2. favourite comedy tv show?
  3. have you got an all time favourite song and why?
  4. your dream vacation? give details on what you would do if you can be arsed:
  5. what was your hobby when you were a kid?
  6. what’s your favourite subject at school as in the most interesting?
  7. when looking for a house to buy, what features matter to you?
  8. favourite disney movie?
  9. how’s your relationship with your parents?
  10. describe your favourite jumper:
  11. favourite car?
tagging game and i got tagged for once yay

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1) What is your most favourite food in the entire world? 
it really depends on my mood these days! it used to be pizza but these days i never want to eat it anymore so idk
2) Who is the person you cherish most? 
3) What’s the last thing you ate? 
went to a cafe a few hours ago and had beans on toast with chips umf
4) What is your favourite film? 
it was always the last song but tbh i think my favorite harry potter ones have taken over, but if i don’t include them then yeah the last song, my sister’s keeper is really good too
5) If you knew you were going to die tomorrow what would you do? 
well i’d have no time to go to florida sigh maybe disneyland paris???
6) Favourite book? 
the harry potter series, well my favorite book out of them is POA, but again if i don’t include them then it’s the last song or ones by sarah dessen
7) What would you love to change about you? 
just everything haha
9) Favourite country? 
i’ve only ever been to england wales and france idk man they aren’t that great
10) Who’s your first celeb crush?
erm it was either jesse mccartney or harry judd  
11) A fact you’d like to share?
i’m actually addicted to this game, i’m pro on all but two levels omg 

if your tagged, these are your questions c:

1) do you prefer dogs or cats, and why?
2) what was your first obsession?
3) what age do you want to get married and have kids, if at all?
4) your favorite adult (not including anyone in your family or anyone famous)?
5) what was your favorite subject at school?
6) describe your dream vacation:
7) what was the first job you wanted when you were young?
8) what was the best concert you’ve ever been to?
9) if your hair wasn’t the color it is now, what color would you want it?
10) what is your earliest memory?
11) are you any good at cooking?