Thank you guys for making my dash beautiful and enjoyable for months. You are amazing and i love you all :3 


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In honor of you and your oh so innocent 20sakjfhdsajkdasomething years on earth (first rule of the Dee club. You don’t talk about Dee’s age), I present you this humble gift. I call it «the reason why I question Dee’s innocence. And at times, also her sanity». You should feel flattered. I had to go through a lot of dirty tags to get to these family friendly ones. No worries though Dee, I had lots of fun making this! Delusional and not-so-innocent Dee is probably my favorite kind of Dee. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE, I know I tend to bully you a lot and make too many cliff jokes but I love both you and your overly delusional brain! Hope you’ll have an amazing day AND MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE (except from the ones about Yoo Youngjae. Don’t make me bring up your age again). ilu ♥

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Just a quick appreciation post to the beautiful you(huehuehuehue) who have brought joy to my tumblr world. I was actually about to fall asleep when suddenly my love for you guys came washing me away.

So I wrote you guys a poem. 


let me drop by to say hey

why are we so far away

i think of you everyday

wondering if you’re doing okay

i would love to call you my bae

And I just wanna tell you that you’re more fantabulous than Kim K

you guys mean so much to mey

And that I love you more than dae

daejae are so gay 

/throws heart and glitters and unicorns and sunshine and rainbows/



rapgodbi asked:

I'd like to give a shout out too, rgmermaid,oncloud-Onew,taemeow,allfortheloveofoppa,shinee-pinee,jinkimon,Keyjink,wookey-s,jong7up,keyolo,bumkis,minbunnie,OnHo-things,daesperado,junki-bunny,jonghyuneritis,z-co,Jonghyuns-flat-ass,annd, little-jinki-onew-dubu. Theyve been amazing to me, so glad I've met them.

:-) rgmermaid oncloud-onew taemeow allfortheloveofoppa shine-pinee jinkimon keyjink wookey-s jong7up keyolo bumkis minbunnie onho-things daesperado junki-bunny jonghyuneritis z-co jonghyuns-flat-ass little-jinki-onew-dubu


Happy Birthday Dee aka allfortheloveofoppa ~~~^^

As you know I’m bad at messages so just know that I’m trying my best okay? xD

Ehem…First off, do you like my comic? huehuehue xP I won’t tell you how long I’ve spent doing this, but I’ll apologize for drawing Youngjae weirdly(?) @@ at least you know I tried my best right? haha~ Do you like how I drew you tho? Cause I do tbh >w<

Second of all, you’re one of the first few friends I’ve made on tumblr, and I’m still really glad that we became friends~! and also you making the first move by messaging me xP huehue we’re more than friends tbh because WE ARE SISTERS IN LAWS HAHAHAHA~~ xD ehem…anyways, though your presence here isn’t as often as all of us, but when you ARE here, I bet all of us spazz a little inside hahahaha~ I know I do~! :P Whenever I see a notification from you, I would always be like “OOOOHHHHH…Dee’s stalking my blog~~~” and I would be on cloud 9 xD *floats away*

You’re a really important person to me Dee~! and I bet to many others as well~ :) You’re truly an awesome person who so many people look up to and love by lots~ You never fail to give us all THEM FEELS ;w; no matter if it’s good or bad to our soul LOL So I guess it’s time for me to give you feels? xD I hope I succeed tho hehehe~ :p

Anyways…I think if I stay up longer this message will sound weirder so I’ll just leave it at that xD My brain is gonna shutdown anytime soon so I can’t think straight right now hahaha~ so…I apologize first if this message sounds weird to you @@

I love you so much Dee~!!! I miss talking to you but it’s actually not your fault tbh xD I kept on missing my chance to talk to you whenever you’re online hahaha~ I hope I can finally talk to you again Dee~~ :3

So, to my beloved friend and sister in law, Happy Birthday~~ I hope you have a wonderful celebration and may all your dreams come true~! ^^ *hugs you tightly* Millions smiles to you and accept my countless less than threes Dee~~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I hope you like the comic~~ :3

Merry Christmas

Hello my followers, I am sorry I cant do anything but….

I made a drabble, I will post it soon 


I kinda drew something for some of my followers, those who I think I need to give him a Christmas present too :-;

(I am really, really sorry about my bad drawing skills /cries/)

First picture: baybeematoki, yooyoungjaee, allfortheloveofoppa, demfluffycheeks

Second picture:
Yellowbabybunny,cherrymato, jaemoticon, iloveacheesecakelover

Last picture: destroyedparadise234,moonjongpoop, daejaewillbethedeathofme, jaeutiful

I drew more but it got messed up I am sorry;-;


Selca Tag! @@

Tagged by thebapderp & daesperado

I’m regretting this already >u< I wanted to avoid this tag so much but gahh I guess I can’t escape it OTL Yeah I don’t look funny at all taking random selcas in my own room….xD

nana950914 huehue Yoo complete mehhh tooooo~~~ xD 

I’m tagging! spontaneous-sublimation allfortheloveofoppa (don’t know if you’ll do it or not tho ><), preciousleader, daeception, superbaptan, nana950914 (I know you did it already but you can do it again right? xP) and bang-yong-guks-wife xP

Alright I’m gonna hide myself now….//hides inside a deep cave

allfortheloveofoppa asked:


  • SEND ME A: ”✉” and i’ll handwrite a little story for you

Try reading the story just like this without looking in the ‘more’ cut hahahahah
(Also, pardon for my english because i’m really lousy w tenses and my creativity is non-existent.)
(And I don’t really know how to end it so I’M SORRY D LOLOL or am i really)
(everyone’s gonna see how horrible my handwriting is for a girl LOL)

(Story typed underneath the ‘more’ cut for better experience lol)

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  • Listen

It’s the voice tag, chyeah~

Soooooooo I got tagged by thebapfeels and daeceptioni havent listened to your voice recordings cause i was busy panicking cause you guys tagged me and i sound horrible LMAO

Here are the questions:

1. State your name and username

2. Kpop group (group you’ll be answering the questions about)?

3. Say all of the members names.

4. How long have you been a fan? 

5. Your first bias of this particular group?

Your current bias and why?

7. Favorite body part of each member?

Favorite music video?

OTP and other ships?

Favorite live performance?

Favorite show they did?

12. Member you think has the best smile?

Your favorite cover?

Favorite choreography?

Favorite era? 

16. Do you own any merchandise?

Have you seen them perform live?

Favorite voice/singer?

Favorite dancer? 

20. Why are you a ___ (fanclub)? 

…and I’m tagging:

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spontaneous-sublimation asked:

Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass this on to your ten favorite followers (◡‿◡✿)

Monica, it seems to me like the more I answer these things, the more shattered my non-existent online swag becomes.  Hahaha.

I love you and you should know by now that you will always be one of my favorite girls on and off Tumblr, right? And your birthday is in three weeks, perfectly in sync with the BAP Rush ohmygoood. I don’t know if I should cry tears of joy or terror for you BECAUSE WOW JANUARY WILL BE ONE HELL OF A MONTH. 2014 already feels like another year of pain and struggle and life destruction. Happy Birthday more like nope good luck with the rest of your life do you feel  me. Haha.

And your new phone/laptop wallpaper. MONICA WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF. Lmao.

Thank you, my spirit animal.

5 Embarassing things about me under the cut

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but anyway, dee. thank you for being alive and thank you for letting me be a part of your life, no matter how small and insignificant it may be. thank you for filling my life with nothing but happiness, B.A.P crack, and being my #1 fan and biasing me. thank you for unlocking my tragic back story and being a huge support in my life, especially in my writing. I may not know your full name or even what you actually look like, but you made a huge impact in my life and I hope I could do the same one day.

with our novels about the struggles of an adult or a fangirl, filled with youngjae and daehyun bandaids, you always gave me something to look forward to. and with replies that will take weeks to look forward to, like I said — it’s like christmas because it’s like an amazing present I don’t know what I’ll be getting.

I want you to know that I hope you have an amazing year ahead of you dee! I hope you’re struggles won’t be as difficult and that you can live life freely (and even a little painfully) as a fangirl. I hope youngjae notices you … AND DESTORYS YOUR LITTLE INNOCENT IMAGE OF LOVE WITH HIS BULGE (long live the jaebulgedickmeup era — I’M KIDDING. LOVE ME DEE. ARE YOU DONE WITH MY CHEESY LAME LOVE LETTER YET. I HAD TO SHAKE IT UP A BIT JUST IN CASE IF YOU WERE FALLING ASLEEP.)

I hope you celebrate your birthday well (even though you don’t seem like you want to) and that you get to eat a lot (more than daehyun!) as well as spend it with people you love~!! know that whenever life (or youngjae) gets too painful, I’ll be there for you with a pack of youngjae bandaids at your disposal. even though I am literally on the other side of the world, I will be spending your birthday with you as well in spirit! //sends you a love song with pojaeto.


—your loving potato, kimm♥

P.S. I am slowly trying to make pojaeto’s blog happen. please be patient with me. but it’s something to look forward to this year, right? heuheuheuheu.

allfortheloveofoppa asked:

Once you get this you have to say 5 things about you publicly, and then send this to 10 of your favorite followers ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Actually, why don't you give us 5 opinions about Junhong? Hahaha. I love you Anda! ♥

  1. He should stop doing those flips if he doesn’t want to break his neck.
  2. He should wear some damn scarves. Please.
  3. He’s not cute at all. Ew.
  4. Leather doesn’t suit him at all.
  5. He’s a dumbutt.
  6. He should stop hanging out with Chan because this happens.
  7. He ought to watch his moves & face.
  8. Choi Junhong is a fetus.
  9. No.
  10. This is a surprise for you. ♥