Hi guys! Well, it’s my last year before college and exams are coming up, and I’m behind on a lot of school work, so I’ve decided to go on a semi-hiatus to catch up and take a break from kpop. Tumblr is a massive distraction so I felt like going off it for a while would help me concentrate on studying more, even though I know I’ll end up coming back every once in a while, but queue will be on until around November/December. :)

I’ve been planning to do a follow forever for the past few months so I felt like it would be a good time to finally get around to it. I hit my follower goal recently and am grateful for every follower I have, so thank you all for following me and putting up with the lameness I put on your dashes. This blog wouldn’t really be anything without you all so I decided to make this to say thank you to my favourite blogs for brightening up my dashboard every time I come on here! My favourite blogs are bolded^^

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Merry Christmas

Hello my followers, I am sorry I cant do anything but….

I made a drabble, I will post it soon 


I kinda drew something for some of my followers, those who I think I need to give him a Christmas present too :-;

(I am really, really sorry about my bad drawing skills /cries/)

First picture: baybeematoki, yooyoungjaee, allfortheloveofoppa, demfluffycheeks

Second picture:
Yellowbabybunny,cherrymato, jaemoticon, iloveacheesecakelover

Last picture: destroyedparadise234,moonjongpoop, daejaewillbethedeathofme, jaeutiful

I drew more but it got messed up I am sorry;-;

allfortheloveofoppa  asked:

Dear HT, I love and hate you. You have a nice bias. You make me cry because of your sass. You should just give up and surrender Youngjae to me. Someday I will meet you and hug you. You + me = RIVALS 5EVER. If I saw you now I’d steal your cup noodles. I want to hangout with you. I would build a SNOWMAN just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be SEXY AND SPECIAL. We could cry for Youngjae together under the stars. Love, D. (P.S. You should really be studying tho haha)

(because you wrote one for me, here’s one for you hehehe)

Dear D,

I love you (too, even if you hate me). You have a nice friend (aka me HAHAHA). You make me laugh/smile to myself with your posts all the time (not to forget those messages). You should know that I’ll forever fight over Youngjae with you. Someday I will WIN THIS WAR. You + me = frenemies (HAHHAHAHA)

If I saw you now I’d laugh at you because I’ve finished my cup noodles (and probably hug you and go quiet because ?! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY/ACT?!!). I want to ;) you. I would build a whole new heart just for you (since your heart will be so broken once I won the war). If I could sing you any song it would be Body & Soul (plays Jongup’s part). 

We could admire Youngjae’s perfection under the stars (cuddling under the blankets, and then probably fighting over the magazine because of youngjae in it). 


(P.S. I’ve yet to start studying HAHAHAH. oh and I love you <3)

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habooob  asked:

Will this is not a question I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful blog , I really liked it a lot :)

OMG thank you so much for dropping by!

I don’t know how you managed to stand all that lameness but wow thank you for liking/reblogging my posts and for calling my blog beautiful even though my blog is really far from it lmao. You just sweetened and brightened up my day 845% and I hope you’re having a lovely day too, wherever you are~

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If you are in charge of deciding the lineup for a kpop concert to die for, which groups would you include?
These are off the top of my head


· SHINee

· 2PM

· Super Junior

· Big Bang

· Infinite

· Block B




· B.A.P

If you’re stuck in a desert island forever, what five albums will you take with you?
· SHINee: Misconception series

· VIXX: VooDoo

· B.A.P: Badman

· GD: Coup d’etat

· UKISS: Collage (last Korean album with Dongho)

If you could spend one entire day with your bias, what would you do?
· I think I would want to go to my favorite coffee shop with him and just get to know him as a person nothing extravagant jut something clam and simple.

If you could steal one thing from your bias’ room, what would you take?
· I think I’d take one of his T-shirts

If you are on a relationship with your bias, would you like it to be secret or publicized?
· Publicized because it’s better to handle the fan hate now rather than in future, just get it over with and out of the way

If you could pick one fanfiction to direct a movie adaptation to, what would you choose and why?
· To be honest I’m not sure

If you could pick one song to be played on you and your bias’ wedding, what would it be?
· Nothing’s gonna change my love for you by Glenn Mederios

If you could choose one from your bias group to be the best man on your wedding, who would it be?
· Hyuk from VIXX because he and I are very similar and I always felt that if we ever met we would be great friends!!

If you can go anywhere for your honeymoon, where would it be and why?
· Bora Bora, it’s just such a beautiful place!

If you could magically quit kpop, what would you be doing instead?
· I think (this is so hard btw -.-) I would have still been as crazy about anime as I used to be when I was 14 and 15. I still love anime but I just love kpop a little bit more

If you could rate me from 1 to 10, how delusional am I? Lol.
· 10

1. If you could marry one of your bias’ who would it be?

2. What was your reaction when you first listened to kpop?

3. Your top 5 bias groups?

4. That one group you just can’t live without.

5. If you could be a part of one of the 3 major companies (SME, JYP, YG) which one would it be and why?

6. 5 idols you didn’t like at first but ended up ruining your bias list?

7. If you were part of an idol group what position would you want to be in charge of?

8. What does kpop mean to? Explain in 5 words

9. Your first kpop group and song?

10. Your first ever bias

11. Rate my blog! 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest ^.^


LOL What is this even xD

spontaneous-sublimation You’re just a little rebellious person aren’t you? Aren’t you scared to be scolded by Dee? xD

daesperado LOL YOU WISH YOU LITTLE POOP lol just kidding of course you’re the cutest! /hugs you aggressively

allfortheloveofoppa Hahahha it’s been corrupted by them a long time ago xD Awww I knew you love them deep inside even though they aren’t respecting their oldest unnie xP YES I ACTUALLY NOTICED THAT WHEN I BEGAN BEING ACTIVE ON TUMBLR OMG >< That statement is soooooo true!!!

/hugs all of you :3