zaynuh asked:

Would you rather eat a bag of milky ways or butterfingers?

I’ve never had those before. Though, I love sweet things so I’ll eat both! Milky ways sound really good! 

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mullinugh's valentines

harryballsack - delanie, you are my absolute best friend. i love you so much. you’re gorgeous inside and out. im so glad that i met you. i have absolutely no idea where i would be if i didn’t have you in my life to help keep me strong. you make me a happier person. thank you for everything that you have done for me. i can’t believe we’ve known each other for 2 years now. like, sometimes it seems like a long time and other times it doesn’t seem that long. i love you so much. keep smiling, gorgeous.

bluntmalik - naissa, you’re seriously gorgeous and so amazing. like i don’t even know. you make me laugh when i want to cry, and you’re just a really good person. i knew we’ve only known each other for like a month but you’re one of my closest friends and i love you a lot. 

allforhaz - ayala, i love you. you’re so gorgeous and fantastic again like, ive only know you for about a month or so and you’re still one of my closest friends. thank you for trying to make me feel better about myself when im upset. thank you for helping when when im down. i love you lots.

nickjonasissexykbai - kaily, you need to change your url the first time we talked i had no idea that you would become one of my closest friends. i love you and i care about you a lot. we’ve known each other for almost a year, but it seems longer than that. you’re beautiful, and very talented. i can’t wait for the day you’re performing on my tv and im like “I know her!” it’s going to be so great. i love you so much

porterwhore - ashley, i know you already have a valentine and you’re someone else’s valentine but i have to add you to this list cause i love you lots. we’ve known each other for 2 years! i can hardly believe it. my life would be completely different if i never would have talked to you. i love you so so much and i can’t wait to see you in may, because you ARE coming here, okay? you’re an amazing person and i love you so much. you’re beautiful.