drawing AllFember to a close

i’d promised Parisa i’d post some sort of gorgeous picture of myself and i might still do that. i have some ideas. but for now, these are my thoughts on the AllFember experiment.

so…what this month of (almost) all lady-posting has shown me is that even though i picked up about a dozen new all-female blogs to follow and re-blog from i still found it somewhat difficult to suss the women out from beneath the massive amount of dude stuff on my dash. don’t even get me started on how little satisfying ladyporn i was able to find. i tracked trans* posts, too, but felt like an interloper or an exploiter every time i thought to bring their struggle onto my blog.  what right did i have? what message would that send?

before the month of lady stuff even started, i was rebuked for titling it NoMaleVember …good point, but it stung because the anon should have known better than to assume i would embark on this for the wrong reasons, even if i sucked at coming up with titles.  i didn’t need someone standing over my shoulder chastising me before i’d even worked it out for myself. which, if you know me, i would have done instantly.

still, that very first message of the experiment, something correcting, judging and anonymously, sickeningly superior, set a terrible tone.  i worried that everything i posted would just be in an effort to send a big fat middle-finger to that one anon, even though they were likely a friend of mine.

thankfully, i got a lot of support and i put it behind me.

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