Now for a change of style ;)

Amanda Palmer - Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner

So silently I sat and turned the pages
Recalculating our respective ages
Over my shoulder, he muttered, “If I get any older
You can hack my wrists off with your choice of objects
No, I’m kidding”


The Birthday Massacre - Promise Me.

We don’t listen to each other
Cause we’re all too busy talking
We’ll tell lies about each other
Cause the truth is such a bore
With the threat of dawn approaching
And our interest quickly fading
We will stumble home together
As we did the night before

Promise me to pass the time
Dance with me on plastic tears
Kiss me. We won’t feel alone
Till morning when we disappear…


Sierra Boggess singing I Dreamed a Dream.

I dreamed that love would never die.


Fullmetal Alchemist - Brothers.

(Translation from Russian here.)

I’ve been crying over this song for like a week. I just love it. Here’s the English version, which is even sadder if you ask me.


Stream of Passion - Passion.

Album: Embrace the Storm (2005)

This feeling´s rushing through me, and again 
I´m willing to surrender 
to the violent notes that spin around. 
I´d give it up for you. 
This feeling´s clinging to me, and again 
I´m willing to surrender. 
I could lose my breath, but even then 
I´d give it up for you. 

A dangerous stream of passion 
flows through my heart. 
The melodies sung in secret 
tear me apart…


Sia - Lullaby.

Place your past into a bookPut in everything you ever tookPlace your past into a bookBurn the pages, let them cook


Bat for Lashes - Trophy.

Album: Fur and Gold.

Heaven is the feeling I get in your arms…


The Cardigans - Communication.

Album: Long Gone Before Daylight.

You always seem to know where to find me
and I’m still here behind you

In the corner of your eye.
I’ll never really learn how to love you
But I know that I love you
through the hole in the sky
Where I see you…


Caroline Lavelle & Vangelis - Come to Me

All the while
they are dull
our lighter souls fuse,
fly and dive, my love

So stamp this night so strong
that I will remember
and have it ever after

P.D. There’s an overwhelming amount of incredible songs I would love to share and an also overwhelming amount of songs I am currently obsessing or have recently obsessed over, so I’ll try to organize this posting thing at least for the time being.

To do this I have chosen one artist to post about today. Tomorrow will obviously be about only one other singer and so on. Of course this organization will not last forever :P

Today’s choice was a personal favourite: Tori Amos.

Enjoy! And remember: collaborations and suggestions are always welcome. :3


~Lilith. ♥