To All Writers...

You’re all LIT AS FUCK

I mean seriously you guys pour your heart and soul into this shit. You put in YOUR time and YOUR effort to make these beautiful creations and you don’t NEARLY get the credit you deserve. What must take you days or weeks people will devour in seconds and demand more IMMEDIATELY. Or people treat you like crap because it’s not how THEY wanted it. Honestly you guys are AMAZING. If you’re work takes you 3 hours to write: YOU’RE LIT AS FUCK. If it takes you 3 days: YOU’RE LIT AS FUCK. 3 weeks?: LIT AS FUCK. 300 words long?: LIT AS FUCK. 3,00 words?: LIT AS FUCK. Just started writing?: LIT AS FUCK. Been writing for years?: LIT AS FUCK. Don’t let others discourage you. Fuck ‘em. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. For the love of god you guys don’t nearly get as much love as you deserve. People on here forget that you’re doing this FOR FREE, forget YOU DON’T HAVE TO WRITE FOR US, and forget YOU’RE HUMAN BEINGS WITH LIVES THAT DON’T REVOLVE AROUND WHAT THEY WANT. FUCK THOSE HATERS. Just please remember that there are readers out there that understand this and respect you. that love what you do for us and appreciate every last thing you do


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Imagine: Poe saving you after you were captured 

For @allfandoms-obsessed, Enjoy! Everything might not be totally accurate since we know little about the space gangs in Star Wars…

It was musty and dark in the tiny room where you were being held. Sunlight poured in through a tiny window in the ceiling, revealing a clear blue sky above. You could see the dust dancing in the air. 

You had no idea what planet you were on. All that you knew if that you were in the Outer Rim territories because the guards at your door were being a little too loud and said that ‘they were on the most desolate planet in the Outer RIm’. It did little to nothing to help you figure out where you were.

You had been strapped to a rickety chair in the center of the room, your hands tied to it’s arm rests and your feet to it’s legs. After a useless struggle, your wrists and ankles were red with blood. 

The door rattled and your head jerked up, your eyes widening. You didn’t even realize you had tape over your mouth until you tried to cry out. 

The door rattled even more violently and then there was yelling, an angry, gruff sort of yelling. There was a brief scuffle outside of your room and from what you could hear, two people fell to the floor with a hard thud. 

Without warning, the door flew open, almost flying off of it’s hinges. Dust flew up into the air, making your eyes water. The figure that stood in the doorframe was vaguely familiar. They had messy black hair and - was that Poe’s jacket?

The figure stepped into the light quickly and you recognized his face, with his lip split and small gash on his forehead. He still had the same dark eyes and half smile. 

The pilot knelt down in front of you and gently removed the tape on your mouth, which stung your cheeks. His hands were shaking slightly.

“Poe.” You breathed, frantically looking him up and down. Poe set to work on your restraints, his fingers expertly untying the knots. 

“How’ve you been?” He murmured, looking over his shoulder at the door, which was was still creaking back and forth. 

You shrugged your shoulders. 

“You know, just a little on edge. It’s not everyday you get kidnapped by a space gang.” 

Poe looked up at you, his eyes dancing. 

“Not just any space gang. Kanjiklub. That’s pretty impressive.” He muttered, loosening the stubborn knot around your ankles. 

“I didn’t go looking for the Kanjiklub. What do they even want with me anyway?” You said, rubbing your cheek from where the tape was plastered on. 

“They’re probably just trying to get under the Resistance’s skins.” Poe replied, winking at you and ripping at the knot. It broke free and fell to the floor in a sad, limp pile. 

You threw your arms around Poe’s shoulders, pulling him into a tight hug. Your nose buried itself into the crook of his neck as he pulled you closer, his arms enveloping themselves around you. 

“Thank you.” You whispered, your eyes closing for a few moments. 

You felt Poe smile. 

“Anytime. I guess we should get out of here now.” He murmured, pulling away from the embrace slowly, his cheeks red. You smiled and looked at your feet, feeling your face start to burn. 

Suddenly, loud footsteps and voices reverberated around the room, causing your heart to leap into your throat. 

Poe froze, his hand flying down to his blaster pistol. 

“Follow me.” He whispered.

You and Me Against The World

[Request] @allfandoms-obsessed said: Hello! Could you please do #13 with Barry Allen? Thanks!!

[Summary] Barry and the reader have a fight.

[Prompts] 13. “Leave then! See if I give a shit!”

[Pairing] Barry Allen x Reader

[Universe/Fandom] The Flash Fandom / Flarrow Universe

[Warnings] Nothing really :)

[A/N] Hey, just a quick note! I will not be featuring the word count since I am not writing on my laptop for the time being, I am writing on my phone since I am leaving for the Philippines and I wasn’t able to bring my laptop. I hope you enjoy! Much love :)

I run my fingers through my hair, “Barry, are you kidding me right now?”

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The Jealousy Party (Part II)

Part I


Part I :Imagine one day Vision needs advice on how to ask Wanda out and you tell him a nice home made meal should do the trick, but he doesn’t know how to cook well. You help him and get a little too close. Wanda accidentally sees you guys and gets jealous so she goes off flirting with Bucky to make you jealous.

Part 2: The date is still on the roll. The reader feels betrayed by her bestfriend and goes out for comfort with Natasha. Bucky speaks up and expresses his feelings to the reader but things don’t go as planned. 

||Pairing|| best friend!Wanda x reader, best friend!vision x reader, best friend!Natasha x reader,  Vision x Wanda, Bucky x Reader

So a lot of you guys enjoyed part I and I am afraid this  might not reach your standards, but here it is :)

||Warnings|| Cursing

Word Count: 1402


The Jealousy Party (Part II)

“Wanda,” Vision stood up from his seat, walking up to her, where she stood near the doorway. Giving her the flowers he had gotten earlier, he said, “I’ve missed you.” He embraced her into a hug as she wrapped her arms around him. “These are beautiful. I’ve missed you so much as well. ” She let go of him after a few seconds. He looked at her face and instantly knew something was wrong. “Is everything alright?” Vision asked with sincere worry written across his face. 

“Of course, why wouldn’t it?” Wanda lied looking anywhere but at him. 

“Okay…” Vision took one last glance at her before grabbing her hand and walking her to the seat opposite where he was sitting just a few seconds ago. He pulled out the chair for her to sit and placed a napkin on her lap when she sat down. 

“Wow Vision, this looks amazing.” Wanda smiled as she watched Vision get a glass cup and handed it to her. 

“Ah yes, Y/n helped me prepare the food.” With the thought of you, Wanda’s face went back to a sour one as the memory where you caught her kissing Bucky replayed in her mind, over and over again. Vision took a seat in front of Wanda, “Are you sure you are alright?” He looked at Wanda yet concerned for his beloved friend. Wanda shook her head, trying to get the memory out, “Yes, of course, dear. Why wouldn’t I?” 

“You look distressed my love.” Vision reached for her hand and she flinched a little but gladly Vision did not notice. “It must be because I haven’t been here in a while and it feels a little different. Tony and Steve still have a few differences they need to deal with. There’s a lot of tension in the air.” 

“Don’t they always have their differences?” Both Wanda and Vision chuckled.

“Hey, Visi-” Wanda got interrupted when she saw you come into the kitchen. You nodded at the couple not making eye contact with any of the two. You went to the freezer, got yourself a quart of ice cream. Grabbing two spoons from the drawer, you walked away but you didn’t leave the room without  glaring at Wanda, someone you once considered a great friend. 

“What was that all about?” Vision asked.

“No clue.” Wanda took a bite of her pasta. 


“You don’t understand Natasha, she is acting like nothing happened. She freaking kissed Bucky! My Bucky! Why would she even do that?” You rambled handing her the ice cream and a spoon before going to the tv and plugged in a movie. “She must have a reason. I mean it’s not like someone would just go off kissing her best friend’s crush.” Natasha said, taking a scoop of ice cream.

“I know, but what could I’ve done so bad?” You took a seat next to her on the couch.

“Did you pull her hair again?” Natasha gave you an earnest look even though her mouth was filled with ice cream.

“Really? Pulling her hair?” You laughed snatching the ice cream out of her hands and onto your lap.

“Okay maybe not that, but it was something serious.” Just as you were about to take a spoonful of ice cream, someone knocked at the door. “I got it.” Natasha was up and on her feet, walking up to the door. 

She opened the door enough for her to see who it was, “Barnes,” Natasha nodded at him. “what are you doing here?” She quickly glanced back at you to see if he should come in or not. But all you did was stare back at her afraid of what would come out of your mouth if you spoke in your mixed emotions state. 

“I’m here to see Y/n.” Bucky patiently waited for Nat to let him in. “I don’t think y/n is in the mood to see anyone right now.” Natasha was about to close the door on him, but he caught the door before it could fully close. “It’s urgent.” 

You made your way towards the door. “I don’t think it’s a g-” You interrupt Nat by giving her a pat and squeezing her shoulder, “I got this.” 

“In that case, I’m out. If you need anything, you know where to find me.” You nodded as she made her way out, pushing Bucky to the side, accidentally pushing him towards you where you caught his arm before he tripped. You lightly smiled at him, “Come in, I guess.” And so he did walk into your room. “It’s a nice room or at least better than mine. I definitely don’t have that.” Bucky pointed at your mini bar. 

“Bucky I’m not in the mood to discuss about furniture. I’m trying to be nice here but you’re making a thin line where I’m about say things you won’t like. So get to the point or leave and write your speech down, send it in a nice envelope and I’ll gladly read it.” 

Bucky had the nerve to chuckle, “Oh no you didn’t.” That’s when you started punching the heck out of his chest. But having his metal arm, he grasped one of your hands and pulled you close to him. You tried wiggling your way out but it was no use since he was obviously much stronger.

“Y/n, Wanda told me about your crush on me.”  That got you to stop wiggling from his hold. “So even after she told you about my crush, you go off kissing her?” 

“No y/n it wasn’t like that. I have liked you ever since I met you. Heck who doesn’t like you, you’re very attractive. But when I started to get to know your inner self, I fell for you like autumn leaves. I knew you were too good for me, so I never made a move. When Steve and I go to bars, I see Steve with women surrounding him basically begging him to take them for the night and each time someone comes up to me, all I can think of is you and I back them off. 

“At 2 in the morning, I wake up screaming with nightmares and you’re always the person trying to calm me down. I’ve never gotten the chance to thank you. I’ve done shitty things to you all the time while all you have been to me is nice. Back in my days, things weren’t so complicated. If you wanted someone all you did was ask them out on a date and the next thing you knew you were getting married. But now all I feel when I’m next to you is my self-esteem dropping, my confidence slipping away, and I catch myself rambling all the darn time. So I get it if you’re angry, and I understand if you don’t want anything with me. “

Bucky let go of you waiting for your reaction, “Bucky I’m not mad, I’m hurt. There’s a difference.” You crossed your arms in front of your chest. “My best friend made out with you. My friend was waiting for her with a romantic date planned out. Wanda is probably acting like nothing happened between you two. And I will have to carry this secret because I will not ruin his happiness, the way you ruined mine.”


It had been 2 hours of chuckles and pasta before Vision got the courage to ask Wanda out, “Wanda,” She looked up from her plate and saw Vision connect their fingers, “I’ve been meaning to ask you, would you be interested  in being my girlfriend?” He obviously wasn’t the greatest at asking out. It was his first time after all.

Wanda nodded frantically before words came out, “Yes! Yes! Of course!” Vision bolted up from his seat and went to hug her just as she stood up. But Wanda didn’t hug him back, she had another idea. She wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him down and connected their lips. The kiss was sweet and nothing too extreme. Her lips brushed against his once they let go, he felt a smile form against his lips and soon found himself kissing her again just with a little more passion. 

“Was it too fast?” Vision asked once he had let go of her.

“Just right.” Wanda hugged him and let her head rest on his chest as he got the idea of the romantic dance, “FRIDAY can you play the song?” Wanda looked up at him and then the song played, ‘Falling in love with you’ by Elvis Presley. And so their date ended with a slow dance and a few more laughs every now and then when Vision would step on Wanda’s shoes and vice-versa.


Part 3 will be up in a few days :) If you haven’t been added to the tag list or would like to be taken off, message me. 

Promise that in part 3 there’ll be more bucky x reader

So this was it part II. I was honestly scared it wouldn’t be great as the first but once I finished it and it seemed pretty okayish. 


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More Than Just Friends.

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Fluff, 

A/N: This is all for you @bovaria !

Summary: Imagine You catch Bucky playing the piano and he is really good and then he sees you watching him and then he stops but you tell him to continue and feelings are exchanged. 

Tagging: @sincerelysaraahh @bovaria @angelkurenai @vividimagines @allfandoms-imagines @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @writings-of-a-british-fangirl

Titled: ‘More Than Just Friends’ 

You were finishing up on closing up shop at the business you were currently residing employment. Your friend, Bucky came and visited you during your shift but you don’t think he ever left. 

It had been two or three hours or so you had seen Bucky but he never came up and said goodbye to you so you just assumed he stayed until closing. You were upstairs finishing up on some paper work and you were glad when you finally finished and at the fact you could go home. 

You turned off the light in the tiny office room and you closed the door behind you when you heard music playing and it sounded like it was coming from the piano down stairs on the main floor. You started down stairs quietly and wanted to investigate where the noise was coming from. 

You were pleasantly surprised to see Bucky sitting in front of the piano playing some song. You never knew he could even play the piano. Well, like your mother always say to you. 

You learn something new everyday. For awhile you just stood there and stared at him playing and you couldn’t believe he was still unaware of you standing there watching him. You thought too soon though.

Probably when you thought that, Bucky felt like he had an audience and turned around and saw you. “Y/N! How long have you been standing there!?” Bucky asks slamming the final keys and standing up. 

“Long enough. You never told me you played.” You say joining him on the first floor. “Yeah nobody knows and I would prefer to keep it that way.” He said in a warning tone. “Why are you giving me that look for I wouldn’t tell a soul!” You exclaimed even though everyone knows you can’t keep a secret to save your life. 

“Y/N.” Bucky says squaring an eye at you. “Bucky” You say mimicking the exact tone of seriousness in his voice. “Alright, alright I promise I will keep this secret.” You say throwing your pinky high in the hair for you and Bucky to pinky swear on. 

You and Bucky have been pinky swearing since you were kids and you were carrying it out when you were adults. 

“Thanks for that.” You say as the boy who looked to be around your age, help you up off the ground. “No problem.” He says shrugging one of his shoulders. You thought you had seen him before. “Are you in Mrs. Barret’s class?” You ask turning your head to the side a bit and squinting your eyes. 

“Why yes I am.” The boy says nodding his head. “I’m James but my friends call me Bucky. You can call me Bucky.” He says bringing his hand up for you to shake on. “My name is Y/N and instead of shaking on our friendship let’s pinky swear we’ll be friends for forever and ever.” You declare revealing your  pinky finger. 

Bucky intertwines his pinky with yours and you swore on it. 

Bucky chuckles to himself as you swear to him through pinky swear. He couldn’t believe you still kept up that little tradition from when you became friends in grade school. 

“Before I am supposed to forget about you knowing how to play the piano can you play for a little longer, Buck?” You say giving him your best puppy dog eyes. “Oh, I don’t know Y/N aren’t you suppose to be telling me it’s closing time?” Bucky asked raising an eyebrow suspiciously at you. 

“I can get overtime for this.” You say winking an eye. “Now you will please play some more?” You practically beg him, and you sat down at the piano and you patted the spot you left for him to sit. 

“Anything for you, Y/N.” He says sitting back down. You clapped your hands together quickly and then he began to play again. 

His finger tips swept across the keys like it was second nature. You were mesmerized by the he made music. You could never that and you wished you could. Bucky took his eyes off the piano and look you in the eyes. 

“Do you want to try?” He asks you, knowing you can’t play. “I can’t play like you can, but I guess I can try..” You answer uneasily. “Come on it’s easy I can teach you!” He offers you.

“That is very sweet of you Barnes but I am unteachable.” You declare sadly and . “Oh that can’t be true, Y/N. It’s easy to play the piano. Watch me.” Bucky instructs first. “You said the same thing about ice skating…” You mutter under your breath. 

“That’s completely different.” Bucky tried to rationalize with you. “Sure it is.” You say rolling your eyes. That is a different story for a different time though. Bucky started to go slower this time but he played the same song. 

“Do you think you want to try know?” Bucky asked after a little while. “Sure why not?” You say gesturing your hands to the piano. Bucky stopped playing and waited for you. You were nervous and your hands shook a little. 

You got the first keys actually right but you looked at Bucky who was staring you down and you got nervous and you messed up. “See! I told you!” You throw your hand up in a exclamatory manner. 

“It was only because you lost focus, so focus really focus.” Bucky said poking your shoulder. “Okay I’ll try again.” You say exhaling. 

So you tried again and you did better but not perfect. You stopped playing and you looked over at Bucky and asked if you did better. 

“Practice makes perfect and one day you might be as good as me.” Bucky said not being able to contain his laughter much longer after that. 

“Oh okay that’s fine, Bucky!” You say sighing to yourself a little. Bucky’s face inched closer to your face, you leaned your head over a little bit and you knew what was coming next. 

You and Bucky kissed for the first time. It was sweet and passionate and meaningful. It was a long time coming for you and Bucky and now it finally seems like you are going somewhere. 

Your lips left each other’s lips and you both opened your eyes and looked at each. You instantly stood, you were blushing red but not because you were embarrassed it was because you couldn’t believe you just kissed a boy, but not just any boy it was Bucky!

“That was…” You say but you couldn’t even finish what you were going to say because you just didn’t know what to say. Bucky remained sitting and he just was smiling like an idiot. 

“I have been waiting to do that for a long time.” Bucky admitted meeting your eyes. “How long?” Now you were curious. 

“A long time, Y/N.” He said licking his lips tempted to do it again. “Y/N, I have like you for a long time and kissing you was only the sart of what I want to do to you.” He said standing up. 

“I’ve liked you too Bucky but you need to slow down, Cowboy.” You say pressing a finger on his chest. Bucky laughed a little to himself. 

“Alright. So now what do we do?” Bucky wondered out loud to you. 

“This is usually the time you ask me out on a date.” You say grinning. 

“Oh right Y/N will you go out with me?” Bucky asked blinking his eyes.. 


“WHAT?” Bucky was very confused now. 

“I’m kidding yes I will go on a date with you, Bucky!” You giggle. 

“You had me there for a second. Now let’s get out of here I need to walk you home.” Bucky said offering you his hand. 

You grasped his hand and you walked out of the door together. 

The End!

an open letter...

There is one thing you will find when wandering around fandoms and that is the lengths some insidious people go to, to get their opinions heard. Opinions that are so far fetched, so delusional, so full of malice…I’m not surprised that they live such unhappy lives; surrounding themselves with the only thing that makes sense…life on social media. Haters will follow haters; the mean girls, the shallow pretentious and very unhappy lot. All full of spit and foam. They’re not content to allow others a moment of happiness, they target those they disagree with, purely for sick kicks, purely for attention and they get it, which makes them come back for more. My rule of thumb; never trust an anon, even when they are coming across all sweetness and light. The very reason they don’t have a tumblr account should tell you all you need to know. To follow twitter, you get a twitter account or several egg accts, but at least they show up, purely so you can block their asses when they start foaming shit. If you want to join facebook, same thing, register and post. So why not prove you are not an insidious hater and get a tumblr acct, so that at the very least you have the balls to own your shit?

This creeping around, posting in inboxes, creating a nice little feeling of ‘there i stuck it to you‘ poor, poor little people, wow how low your life really, truly is. You don’t know Sam Heughan or Caitriona Balfe from adam. You are basing your comtemptious hate on two people, who have done absolutely nothing to you, except in your petty, twisted view of the world ‘owe‘ you something. Fandoms are filled with narcissistic wannabes, filled with bile and prutrid hate. Obsession on the male, twists their reality into fantasy - were they see their object of affection, single and readily available and ten foot away from his co star. Because that’s a red flag, a red card, code red to all you obsessive stalkers.

Let’s talk about stalkers shall we? You seem to forget in all your phlegm and foam, that you follow or know of one of the stupidest stalkers, liars, delusional multiple personalities of them all. Her stories so far fetched, so full of holes, so spectacularly dumb and you are so far up her ass, you can’t see straight. Known for her stalking; making up stories, sources with sources matching her delusional stories. Calling a hotel resort, calling a bar…feeding all her stupid sheep or should i call them lemmings, because they will follow her shit over a cliff?

You attack those, who have exposed that idiot and her lies, because you are frightened that they just might be telling the truth all along. You are either still very young and have yet to understand the meaning of love, what it looks like how it feels…or you are old enough, but have adopted the fantasy realm of social media as your only reality and are just another obsessive ‘stalker‘ who NEEDS to know what the male obsession is doing, NEEDS to know who he meets up with, what he eats, what clothing store he shops at. NEEDS to know when he travels, who he travels with. And if it doesn’t fit the agenda of the story running inside your head ‘invent‘ a story that suits. You embarrass yourselves each and every time you attack people getting on with their lives and supporting what they believe in and that is actually ‘respecting the lives of both Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. Not trying to create stories about them and creating a bad taste in this fandom mouth. But, as i have found in my travels around fandoms…that’s all haters do; obsess over the male, hate or are jealous over the female. I’ve seen it destroy the Twilight community and i see it happening in the Outlander community to. Never allow those, who go out of their way to bring others down win. Instead, feel sympathetic to their dilemma, because they see you happy, they see the warm community that you are part of and they want to come from the cold and join that warmth. But they are too bitter on the inside, too long kept in the dark like a mushroom and fed shit from an empty headed charlatan, so full of pious vitriol - she can’t see beyond her lies to the truth anymore. She has dug a trench so deep, that those who believe her bitter excuses are trapped forever on that crazy merry-go-round that never stops. To suggest the stories she piles on heavy as the truth, my honest opinion is she could make a killing doing something that would make her money. Instead of sitting behind her PC hating on those, who are successful in their lives and write novels instead. Put her over active imagination to good use, because she has a flair for the fantasy fiction.

To attack personally is to expose an even deeper problem going on in the haters lives. You want to poke fun at someone’s personal life, make sure your own is pristine clean. To mock someone who cares for family, shows you to be a very empty, heartless shell and I only pray you will have people around you who will care for you, when you no longer have the ability to do it yourself. But i suspect, judging other people’s lives has pushed any person, who has wanted to be part of your life away. No one knows what goes on in the real world when you step away from the fantasy realm of social media…there is a greater problem with mental health it seems and it is exposed constantly, when people use social media as a platform to hate, mock, degrade and gossip about others who have done absolutely nothing, except stay in their happy little world. To come to someone’s blog, tumblr acct etc and post vile, disrespectful comments. Believing you are hiding anonymously,  therefore you are clean of any direct action, simply to create pain, to wait for the response…constantly refresh in hopes of a response…you sad little person, you disgrace of a human being.

To plant seeds of doubt; to create lies in hopes of it being believed, two faced is never a good look. Because in the end, you will no longer be able to decipher which face you use and neither will anyone who will try to get close to you. In the end…YOU the passive aggressor, the bitter and filled with jealous hate. The story teller, the mockingbird and joker. The spiteful wannabe looking always for attention will never win, why? Because those you hate, those you mock and make fun of. Those you obsess about and create fabricated lies about. Those you try and trick with misleading information…are STILL getting on with their lives ‘outside‘ social media and whichever fandom they like being in. And you will still be sitting behind your computer, clicking the refresh button.

Thought You Were a Murderer

||Prompt|| Imagine you want to surprise your boyfriend Peter so you go to his house without telling him and he ends up sticking you against the wall

||Warnings|| Swearing and a little sexual tension 

Not edited so might be bad….

          It is your 6 month anniversary with Peter and you want to do something special since he always plans the other dates. So for the past week, Aunt May and you have looked for a nice place and decided to reserve a place at a private Park. She was a great help with helping you make Peter’s favorite food. Everything was ready but you. 

          You and your friend sat in front of your closet looking for the perfect outfit for the special day, which was in about an hour. 

“What if I wear heels?” You ask before pulling the black heels out of the closet.

“Who the hell wears heels to a park?” With her valid argument, you threw the heels back to the closest.  “What if I wear these sneakers?” You pulled out your Nike shoes. “Are you planning to run a freaking marathon with him or something?” You threw the shoes back. 

          “Flats?” It took her a while to answer before she nodded in agreement. She quickly stood up and started getting pieces of clothing already having an outfit pictured in her mind. She pulled out a white lacy tank top, your favorite dark blue jeans, a light black cardigan, and took the white flats out of your hand. “Perfect.” She nodded and made you change into the clothing. Being the best friend she also did your makeup and hair. 

          You texted May that you were at the front door so you wouldn’t have to knock and make Peter know you are here. She quietly opened the door and let you in. May hugged you and kissed your cheek before letting you go, letting you go forward with the plan.

          You soon found yourself tip-toeing into Peter’s room, you noticed he was listening to music with his headphones so he couldn’t hear you at all. “Oh how wonderful”, you thought. 

          But when you closed the door, there was a loud squeak because someone has a freaking rubber ducky lying near the door and you stepped on it. Out of nowhere white string (or what later you learned was silk just like a spider) was all over your shirt and you screamed since the ‘string’ was strong enough to push you to the wall. 


“Oh god Y/N, I’m so sorry.” He took off the thing that was wrapped around his wrist before helping you. He softly pulled some of the string off your neck sending shivers down your spine. He followed the piece of string down to your chest where his hand tried pulling it out. He accidentally squeezed one of your breasts. “uh….sorry?”

“Peter just get some scissors.” You could barely mutter the words out. 

“Yeah sounds g-good.” He walked out of the room giving you space to catch a breath. After what felt like forever, he came back with kids scissors. “Oh yeah Pete, we are totally going to get out of this problem with those scissors.” Your sarcastic comment made Peter roll his eyes at you. “Hey! It’s not my fault I’m stuck here.” You stared at him as he gently found string and started cutting it. 

“In my defense, I thought you were a murderer!” He threw his hands up to the air. 

“A murderer? Really? Going with that excuse, again?” He didn’t answer, or even looked at you, he just went back to cutting. You knew he was hiding something but you  also knew he wasn’t obligated to tell you anything, so you changed the subject (or so you thought).

“Anyways I keep forgetting to ask, why do you even have that thing?” You would’ve point at the wrist thing he had on earlier but your hands were still trapped so you nodded at it.

“Oh, that….I’ll explain later.” 

          “Okay,” You were finally free and made your way to his bed as he still stood where you were just a few second ago.You took off your shoes and made yourself comfortable in his sheets. “You probably don’t remember, but it’s our anniversary. I reserved a place but if you need to go to wherever you go every day and never tell me, I’m totally okay with that.” You faked a smile as he looked back at you.

“Y/n don’t.” With three strides he was in front of you and sat you up.“I know you hate the fact that I’m lying to you, and I hate it too. But I’m afraid it can hurt you. Y/n this is big. Like really big.” He then gave you a smile. “Tony Stark big.” You gave him a questioning look. “Mr. Stark was here today, in my room.”

You nodded not believing a single word. “Mmmm sounds amazing Peter, but I should get going the food is probably getting cold or worse the birds are probably eating it.” You stood up and made your way to the door. 

“Y/n wait.” He pulled your forearm and pulled you into his arms where he hugged you tightly, “I promise I will explain everything to you today if you take me to the place you have been talking about.” You nodded and noticed his lips were close to yours, so you leaned in and pecked his lips. 

“So Tony Stark, eh?” You smiled at him as he chuckled, walking out to the front door.


First Imagine!! And request are open!

The Jealousy Party (Part III)


Part I :Imagine one day Vision needs advice on how to ask Wanda out and you tell him a nice home made meal should do the trick, but he doesn’t know how to cook well. You help him and get a little too close. Wanda accidentally sees you guys and gets jealous so she goes off flirting with Bucky to make you jealous.

Part 2: The date is still on the roll. The reader feels betrayed by her bestfriend and goes out for comfort with Natasha. Bucky speaks up and expresses his feelings to the reader but things don’t go as planned

Part 3: Reader and Bucky talk through some things. Wanda and reader’s friendship is recovered. Fluff..

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Vision x Wanda and some Love doctor starring Steve Rogers.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,525

Here it is, the ending…


The Jealousy Party (Part III)

It has been at least a week since you last saw Bucky, Wanda, and Vision. You avoid Wanda and Bucky because you didn’t feel the need to remember the kiss. You couldn’t even look Vision in the eyes when he asked you if you were okay. You were actually trying to move to a hotel until things settled down only coming back to the tower when you needed to train, but Natasha said that was way too overboard.  So you settled with takeout pizza, Netflix and only going outside of your room when you were on a mission, training or when the alcoholic drinks supply ended.

Natasha would go on a daily basis to check on you and tell you gossip about Bucky and the newly formed couple. She would also tell you that everyone was asking about you and if you were okay. Physically and mentally you were okay but emotionally? That was a whole different story. 

At the moment you were at your mini bar, drinking wine while changing the channel on the TV looking for some entertaining, comedy, and romantic TV show but didn’t find many since you’ve already seen all the good ones.

There was a sudden knock at your door startling you, “Who is it?” You asked making your way towards the door. “It’s Steve.” With that, you checked yourself in the mirror before opening the door. “Come on in.” You smiled at him leading him into your room. He took a seat on one of the beanbags you had near your bed as you took a seat on the rocking chair that faced directly at him. 

“Wine? You look more like the beer type of dude.” You handed him a beer that sat on the nightstand. He took it from your hand, opening it and taking a sip. You guys sat in silence as the both of you watched the Big Bang Theory. You explain some things that didn’t make sense to him mainly ruining his innocence when you explained dirty jokes. After an hour of the TV show and two beers down you finally spoke. 

“So what brought you here, Cap? I don’t think you came here to bond.” You asked cutting it to the chase. 

“About that…”

“Is it a mission? I’ve been dying to let some energy out.”

“Yeah you can call it a mission but first, you need to go to the training quarters and get some new equipment.” But before Steve finished his sentence, you were up on your feet and putting on some Nike shoes. 

“See you there, Cap.” You bounced on your feet, making your way towards the hallway. Steve easily caught up to you with his long strides as the two of you made way towards the elevator. You pressed the button that signaled going down. 

As the elevator doors opened, it revealed Bucky who was on his phone and hadn’t noticed you. “Uh…” You turned around not wanting to talk to him but Steve pushed you inside the elevator. But what Steve forgot was that you were quite clumsy and tripped on your own feet. You close your eyes waiting for the impact. Bucky looked up from his phone and noticed you trip. He immediately dropped his phone and caught your waist pulling you back up. 

“Now talk things through and stop acting like little kids.” Steve said never entering the elevator. 

“What about the mission?” You yelled, taking Bucky’s hands off of your waist. Just as the door closed you heard, “This is the mission.” The elevator started going down.

“Ugh, I hate guys.” You didn’t give a second glance towards Bucky as you pressed the button to take you back up, but first, you’d have to wait for him to get off.

“You’re going to have to get comfortable; I’m going to the first floor.” He smirked as you turned around to glare at him. You guys were on the 40th floor. 

“Fine, I’ll just get off at the next stop.”

Bucky took a step, making the space between the two of you smaller but with every step he took, you took one backward. “You are the most naive, self-centered, selfish, egoist person I have ever met.” By now he had you cornered and placed either hand on the sides of your head leaning towards your body. “Just because you had some issues with some of us, it does not mean you can go run away from your problems. Just maybe for one day you can put on some pants and act like the woman you are then go running behind mommy’s legs.”

You pushed him off of you and turned him around so now he was against the wall, “And maybe just oh one day, you could not be a man whore and actually confess your feelings for someone before you kiss their best friend? Maybe then I can actually be a woman.”

Just then the elevator door opened and there stood Natasha and some new agent but the two of you didn’t notice, too busy in the moment, “Y/n how many times do I have to tell you, it was all a damn accident!” 

“Uh….can we get in or…?” The agent stepped in finally capturing both of your attentions. 

“GET OUT!” You and Bucky yelled at the same time. 

“Accident my ass and I’m not wearing pants? Really? Says the man who had to get his friend to get me here. You just couldn’t go to my room. Very manly if I can say.” 

“Y/n,” And again he turned you and now you had your back faced to the wall and held your waist close to his body. “can we just stop the fighting for a second and please listen to me.” You kept silence giving him the sign that you were also tired of fighting.

“I don’t know if I explained myself right about that day’s events.” He let go of you. “The day you saw us kissing well…when we had just arrived back to the tower, Wanda went to the kitchen to help you guys cook but saw you and Vision getting really close and that got her really jealous. So she decided to find me and kiss me, a sort of payback to what you had done to her. But back then she didn’t know what really happened.

“When she told me what really happened I knew I had to find you. But when I told you how I felt that day, you stormed off and I stayed there waiting for you until the night but you never came.”

“Yeah I went to the bar…and drank like crazy. Trust me that migraine was not good. I think I slept in for more than half the day.” Both of you smiled as you remembered about that day.

“I honestly thought you got laid.”

“Oh trust me I can’t get laid even if I paid anyone.” You laughed watching his reaction but all he did was frown but then a smirk appeared on his face, “You don’t need to pay me.”

You punched his shoulder, “Who said I wanted to get laid by you?”

“You did.”

“When did I ever sa-“

“Right now.” He kissed your lips, pressed your body against the wall, pulling you up and in instinct you wrapped your legs around his waist.

After a few minutes, the elevator doors opened to the 1st floor where Steve, Tony, Natasha and Thor stood, a few surprised and others just glad that you guys got together. “That’s my girl.” Tony lifted his arm and placed his hand into a fist as a sign of victory.

The two of you let go, you fixed your hair as Bucky fixed his shirt and said, “That’s my girl.”


The next day the two of you made your relationship known to the rest. And Tony decided to throw a mini party, just the avengers and few of the other people who had worked with them. Mostly people who felt like family.

At the huge diner consisted of, Bruce and Natasha sharing a large plate of fries, Clint with his family, Pepper had just arrived and Tony was treating her like a queen. Thor, Jane, Steve and Sharon talked about some mission where Thor made a fool of himself. Sam brought a new girl since he doesn’t seem to ever settle down. This left Vision, Wanda, Bucky and you to sit in one corner discussing the day of the kiss. “Yeah Bucky explained everything, honestly, I guess I should forgive myself for getting too close with Vision?” You looked at Wanda.

“God no, the only one who should be forgiving is me. Because I got jealous over something I didn’t even know about.” Wanda stood up and hugged you.

“I think we were all jealous over something stupid.” You laughed letting go of Wanda. You looked back at Bucky who pulled you into a kiss and you noticed Vision doing the same.

“Hey, there are children here!” You heared Clint yell as  Bucky let go of you and Vision did the same causing the four of you to laugh.


The End!

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