I tried to help three whores near where I lived

One had layers of mental baggage I was incapable of unpacking

I always packed my own suitcases

So I was always ready to depart to my twisted dystopia

Only to realize I left my notebook in my dreams

Though wide awake to see the performance ahead of me

They stuck a pistol to his face and demanded gold

Bandits can be so cruel at winter

I am still wiping brain matter off my psychosis even now

Even though its summer piercing down my pack

Natives and settlers always seem to disagree  

Just remember one thing children

Colonization is tough

Ol Dirty Bastard

I studied O.D.B lyrics like ancient scriptures

But found out he was dead on a Wikipedia adventure

Round about the same time I was on a YouTube voyage

Hence why I am here now

Lying on a stinging wooden floor

Trying to lift my brain off Prozac and xanax

Its time to leave now

I don’t share the same thrills as these cheap goombahs

But then I stayed and bought some Supreme

I forgot that Versace was the long term plan