A+ read via @hangingsliders The MLB Fan Cave Needs Women, But Do Women Need the MLB Fan Cave?

…Ten years ago, according to this Gallup Poll, 37 percent of women self-identified as baseball fans, compared to 49 percent for men. But the trends were moving in opposite directions, with women’s baseball fandom increasing while men’s fandom was decreasing. In the last few years, many media outlets have reported that women now comprise 45-47 percent of all baseball fans, making it the most gender-balanced of the four main professional sports.

…As of this morning, the Fan Cave was following 1,283 people on Twitter. Only 130 of those are women, give or take a few that were hard to figure out. Of those 130, about 40 are women baseball writers, bloggers or radio/TV analysts, a good number but it could be much higher. I’d guess another 40 or so are women baseball fans. The rest? Five Playboy models. Five Miss USA contestants. Noted baseball aficionados Kourtney Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Martha Stewart, and Snooki from Jersey Shore. And so on.

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Wendy’s bang-on article got me to thinking, do I even care about the MLB Fan Cave? Not much. Between going to all the Blue Jays home games and watching away games on TV, I’ll have little time or interest in a reality show about baseball fans in competition to prove how big a fan they are. I care more about the baseball players and the actual games themselves.

Fandom is more fun for me up on Twitter and Tumblr where the male/female ratio is more representative of real life, and folks simply share their experiences and observations. It’s the sharing part that attracts me to fandom; I’ll leave the competing to the boys on the field.

PS/ I only know one person IRL who’s submitting an application to Fan Cave, and that’s a girl who covers baseball in Canada, my friend @alleycat17. You can see her video at