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How did you get into polygrumps?

Oh, man. Some details are a bit fuzzy for me, but I know that I had been watching the show for a while, and I really liked the interactions that I saw between everyone. Then I saw a post that involved shipping, and I was pretty much like, “What? This is a thing?”

So I did some research and found that, yes, polygrumps very much was a thing. I read a couple good fics, then I sorta left it alone and moved on to reading septiplier fics.

Then some personal things happened, and I fell into a depressive state. I had no idea what to do. My desire to write was huge, but I had no motivation. Then I looked back on the show, and how they were able to make me smile even in trying times. And I saw how healthy and happy the polygrumps fandom was. From there, I kinda knew what I wanted to do.

But I was sort of ashamed, so the most I did was entertain some thoughts. Then I talked to my best friend about it, and they encouraged me to create a blog for polygrumps/septiplier. So I did just that, found a few prompts I liked, and wrote my first couple of fanfics.

And now, I’m still here! Happier, healthier, and with some more wonderful, awesome friends thanks to polygrumps. To be honest, I didn’t think I was going to stick around this long, but I’m glad I did. <3

I have this lil scenario where Amren goes around Velaris just because shes bored and sees Rhys and Feyre walking with both their hands held together while eating ice cream, Cassian and Nesta sneering at each other, Mor laughing her ass off from something Azriel said and Lucien and Elain admiring the flowers from a near by shop.

So she walks past all of them not bothering to say hi and she comes across a little kitten in a alley way. Not far off the stench of it’s mothers dead body makes Amren flinch a bit.

She scoops up the kitten taking it immediately home, she has enough pride not to ask others for help on how to take care of a baby animal. So she does it all from assumption.

She first hands the kitten a slab of meat and it does nothing. She trys again, nothing.
After twenty trys and a shop to the market, the kitten laps up some milk.

After wards bath time because she could still smell its dead mother. She struggles a bit as the kitten bit her at one point as she got it in the tub. It took ten seconds for her to convince her self to not kick out the blasted thing.

She feeds it again, places down some papers for it to do its business, and gives it a pillow to sleep on.

She went a week without the inner circle realizing she was caring for a kitten.

Jason’s boots clapped against the cold pavement, his hands hidden within the pockets of his leather jacket. A crimson hood covered his head, shrouding his face to the general public. The lateness of the hour would explain the absence of activity on the sidewalks. He would take a few more steps before a sudden shriek would assault his ear drums.

Approaching the alley in question, a woman could be seen harassing a man. Being his usual curious self, he could overhear her talking about a certain sum of money that he owed her and her associates. It was definitely the local bookie, Charlie. She and Jason had a slight history, butting heads over a territorial dispute regarding this area of town. Jason had his methods and she had her own. Knowing this, the pair frequently feuded.

Given the circumstances, Jason knew that she wouldn’t appreciate him interrupting her little ‘session.’ With that in mind, he patiently waited for her to finish from the end of the alley way.










And that about does it for tonights challenge! Honestly, did not expect to get any submissions, but MAN was I wrong! Great job everybody! See you next time!

Freeman Alley on a bitterly cold night. Lower East Side, New York City.

The winter gives New York City a more clearly defined edge. It’s an edge that can be found off the beaten path during nights when the windchill dips into the negative. The lights flicker like icy cold stars leading the way down alleys and streets not well traversed late at night.

Monotonous rushes of wind rhythmically pulse through these stark pathways lined by the frozen tears of winter that cling desperately to the ground and in the distance the warm glow of a distant sun penetrates winter’s frigid grasp.

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Pictures from the stream (thanks to all who attended)! If you missed it, there may be another stream this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Anyway, in no particular order, the sketches done tonight:

Dumb-Bell/Rainbow Dash

Twilight/Flash Sentry

Queen Goo/Sapphire Shores

Pinkie Pie/Gilda

Allie Way(Pinny Lane)/Unknown

Sapphire Shores/Unspecified Mare

Big Mac/Fluttershy

And to everyone asking for more Queen Goo, that was intended to be a side project to update whenever I had an idea. No ideas to advance things for right now, so please, stop asking for more. That decreases my drive to work on her.