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Jazz patrons attending singer Baby Ruth’s set at Detroit’s Club Owens, June 3, 1945. Club Owens (formerly the B & C Club) was located in the historic black neighborhood called Paradise Valley.

Paradise Valley was the business district and entertainment center of a densely-populated African-American residential area in Detroit – known as Black Bottom – from the 1920’s through the 1950’s.

During the 1920’s, the black population in Detroit swelled from 41,000 to 120,000 as new migrants from the South arrived daily to seek employment in the automobile industry.  The cramped near east side neighborhood of Black Bottom was one of the very few areas blacks were allowed to reside. The residents’ daily needs were amply met by more than 300 black-owned businesses in Paradise Valley, ranging from drugstores, beauty salons and restaurants to places of leisure such as nightclubs, bowling alleys with bars, theaters and mini-golf courses.

(original 4" x 6" photo from our private collection, club photographer unknown)


Remember that time Corey Cott auctioned of his Pumpkin Obama mask at the BCEFA Flea … That was a good time.

when my mom was younger, there was a bowling alley here and a theater
when i was younger, there was a grocery store and a few gen stores
my niece if young, there’s a park and a gas station, and we don’t have a mayor anymore and we’re losing our status and getting fused with another one

just in case you wonder how fucking poor this place is

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Imagine Steve really loving the musical South Pacific. Bonus if he takes everyone to go see it in a crappy Brooklyn back alley theater and they fall in love with it too

Nat spends more time watching Steve than she does the performance of the show. At least, she does the second time he takes her to see it in a tiny, run down theater in the heart of Brooklyn. But god do the actors give it everything they’ve got.

It’s because of Steve that she adores this play. Musicals aren’t really her thing, but the way he can’t seem to stop smiling through the entire performance wins her over. What really did it, though, was the look in his eyes when he was watching it. It was like watching someone lost find something so familiar that they had to grasp onto it like a lifeline. Nat understands- to a degree, she feels that same sort of safety when she watches ballet.

She wondered, through the whole second performance, if he was thinking of a long lost love or if he’d ever dreamed of romances like this when he was tucked away in a foxhole somewhere. She wished she could have seen him in that element.

When Steve convinces Sam and Bruce to go see it as well, Natasha asks if she can come, and Steve’s whole face lights up.


Just did my first read-through with 80% of the cast of “Suckers,” and I’m feeling pretty great about it!

The director said we did well, and he thinks we’ll be right on track. Opening day is April 11th, which is hella-soon, but everyone is pretty cool, so I think we’ll be alright.

Imagine Being on a Late Night Date with Bucky and Seeing a Clown

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 You stood behind your boyfriend scared for the first time in months. HYDRA? You could handle that. Enemies with guns? No problemo. Clowns? FUCK THAT.

 So when you and Bucky left the theater at 2 am after watching The Girl on the Train, you were a little unsettled to see a grown man in the alley near the theater wearing the scariest fucking clown costume ever. Bucky immediately shoved you behind him, tensing and coiling his left arm as the clown began to run at you.

“Stay behind me, doll.” He growled. You were shaking like a leaf, and knew better than to step out from behind the Winter Soldier. 

 For a millisecond you almost felt bad for the clown, he hadn’t recognized James, and he certainly didn’t see the vibranium arm Bucky housed under the rough fabric of his hoodie. 

 Bucky let his arm fly at the last second, connecting with the clown’s jaw. Thankfully he didn’t use his full strength, or he might’ve cracked the wacko’s skull.

 “Fuck, ow.” The man moaned, cradling his face as he laid on the pavement.

 “You stay the fuck away from my girlfriend and stop dressing up like a damned clown.” Bucky shouted, grabbing your hand and wheeling you towards his car. “America sure has gotten weird over the years.” He mumbled, buckling you in and placing a calming kiss on your lips.