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Violence against Trans Woman in Brazil

A petrified trans woman begged for her life moments before being shot dead in a sickening attack. Dandara dos Santos was dragged from her home and dumped in a wheelbarrow before being rolled to a back alley, beaten and shot dead amid cheers and laughter.

The terrified 42-year-old is seen crying on the ground as she is kicked, punched and hit with shoes and a plank of wood in front of residents in Fortaleza, Ceara state, Brazil.Horrific footage of the incident sparked outrage after being released by police last Friday to help find the alleged killers. The video was initially circulated online by LGBT groups in a desperate bid to raise awareness about the huge number of attacks against trans and gender diverse people in Brazil.

I will put the source under the read more sign. It contains the footage. I am shocked and outraged at this incident. Accept people for who they are and show love and compassion at all times. @sixpenceee stands with trans rights!

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hello it’s me again, there’s this musical called “daddy long legs” which if you haven’t heard of it already, go look it up asap

Cold As Ice

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Peter Parker x Shy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After discovering their powers and wanting to save a troubled citizen, the Reader is left to dealt with the consequences, but ends up finding out a certain secret from a certain spiderling instead.

Word Count: 3,180 (omg)

Warnings: Language, cuteness, discovery of powers, fluff, fight scene, shy!Reader, *slight* assault scene, suck-ass ending (bc I’m trash and I suck at writing), (Please let me know if I missed anything).

A/N: For some reason, I had such a hard time making a summary for this ?? Hopefully the anon that requested this thinks it’s okay. :// I’m slowly moving through all my requests (I have a lot lol). Anyway, let me know what you think as always and enjoy reading!

Walking into Midtown High, you cautiously grudge towards your locker in order to get your books for today’s classes.

These past few days have been strange, to say the least.

Despite it being almost the end of the school year and the hot weather finally arriving, you somehow felt cold to your bones.

Instead of wearing short sleeves and shorts, you started dressing in sweatshirts and pants.

Maybe I’m getting sick…?

Maybe it’s just the chills…?

You kept making excuses like that, but the coldness never seemed to go away.

It’s been happening for a couple weeks now, but you didn’t know what to do.

You didn’t know what this was.

Well, not until today.

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8.25 miles new BNHA same deal as always

  • -shot of Iida bleeding out in a dark alley-
    -shot of jarringly happy and peppy s1 Deku fanboying over Ingenium-
    -shot of Iida bleeding out-
  • “Look properly at who you want to be!” Look, as much as Iida’s been trying to drop like 193 bad-ass one-liners, Todoroki takes the cake here
  • Maybe Todo wins because he was also setting his arm on fire at the same time as he was shouting that
  • These eyebrows have been passed down the Iida family for generations
  • I’m glad to know Iida has always done…The Thing. The Hand Thing. Chop Chop Chop Motherfuckers
  • me, taking screenshots of every frame and stuffing them into my wallet: “these are my three sons
  • .^^^Tenya Iida–a man with a plan
  • ^^^Them
  • Iida: -takes two bullets knives for Todoroki-
    Deku, who wanted to be the one to take two knives for Todoroki: :/
  • Gran Torino: -calls Endeavor “Todoroki”-
    Me: No….put that back…that’s not his
  • Endeavor: Don’t look at your phone!
    Todo: Why? Cuz you hate Millenials, Dad?!!
  • ^^^This is the “Just Got Owned By His Son” Endeavor. Reblog for 10,000 more years of Endeavor getting owned by his son
  • Endeavor, dialing Mama Midoriya: “Hello, Mrs. Midoriya? I’m so sorry to bother you, but it seems my son Shouto has been sneaking out at night to see your son.”
    Mama Midoriya: “Oh my, that doesnt seem like something my Izuku would instigate. Where?? Doing what??”
    Endeavor: “Dark alley, murdering villains. That’s not the point.”
  • Okay the music they play during Endeavor’s fight is fucking bad-ass
  • That whole fight scene is wild jesus christ Endeavor
  • Tired hurt Deku getting a piggy-back ride is the kind of pure content I want more of
  • Todoroki: *Sokka voice* This is some quality rope!
  • I’m laughing at the fucking. Dragging noises. They’re just. Dragging Stain along. On the ground. Anything could happen. Oops he fell in the sewer. Was no one watching the manholes? Bye Fucker
  • I swear my favorite goddamn trope is
    Competent adults: -stumbling onto the scene- these are kids! theyre hurt! what happened!?
    Competent adults: -noticing the kids have somehow taken down the biggest most evil thing in the world- Okay nani the fuck
  • Todoroki, with 8 knives impaled in his body: I got minorly injured.
  • I lied my favorite trope is “Villain of Extreme Evil has taken a liking to the protagonist and gladly saves protag’s ass when no one else can”
  • Those whole last 5 minutes fill me with chills goddamn
  • ^^^save them
  • Gran Torino is in the Next Ep Preview and he straight up calls Todo “The Hand Crusher” and I can’t believe BNHA canon has started shitposting That Scene before I’ve even got the chance
  • Yeah I’m still gonna be shitposting the Hand Crusher thing fight me on it Gran Torino
Not Quite - Fred x Reader

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“(Y/n)!” George cheered, answering the door at the Burrow and pulling you into a hug. 

“George!” You laughed, hugging him back before pulling away and seeing who you guessed was Mrs Weasley behind him.

“Oh! You must be (Y/n), dear!” She said, pulling you into another hug herself, “I’ve heard so much about you! George seems to really be smitten with you!” 

You gave George a quizzical look and he shrugged as Molly went back into the living room, gesturing you to follow her. 

“Have you had a nice holiday?” She asked, waving her wand at the knitting on the chair.

You told her you had thank you and she proceeded to talk about how you hoped you’d enjoy yourself here over the next week before school started, how you could go to Diagon Alley with Fred and George and get all your school supplies. 

Then Fred came down, and pulled you into a hug and gently kissed your forehead, “Miss me?” He teased and Molly slapped him gently on the back.

“Watch out or George will get jealous!” She said, glancing at George who exchanged a quick confused look with Fred before slapping on a grin and wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his side.

“That’s right, (Y/n) chose me over Fred, we’re in a great relationship!” He kissed you on the forehead as well and Fred gave him another confused look.

Mrs Weasley smiled, patting both you and George on the cheek, “Aww. You two make such an adorable pair!”

Fred then cleared his throat and all eyes were on him.

“Actually (Y/n) is my girlfriend mum.”

George laughed, releasing you and stepping away.

“And you make an adorable pair!” He called mimicking his mum.


Some of Hercule Poirot’s famous cases

BTS reaction to their boyfriend finding out their a vampire

Deadass don’t know what this turned into but I’m not mad about it


You had just got home and as you were heading down the hall, you heard an odd noise coming from your and Jins bedroom. As you opened the door you saw Jin sitting on the end of your bed, biting the neck of a rabbit. The minute you locked eyes with him, his eyes would go wide in a state of oh fuck.

“Ahhh honey you’re home early”

You: “Why the fuck are you drinking rabbit blood?”

“Just sit down and I’ll tell you everything”

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You hadn’t seen or heard from Yoongi in a couple day stating to worry you head to his studio. You didn’t bother to knock or ring the doorbell as you entered the room, you saw Yoongi covered in blood sleeping on the couch. You ran over to him and shook him when his eyes finally opened you noticed they were a deep red instead of their natural dark brown. When he realized what was happening he pushed away from him.   

“Fuck, you really weren’t supposed to see me like this”

You: “Are you hurt? Yoongi whats going on?”

“Baby, I’m fine trusted me but there is something i need to tell you.”

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Rap Monster:

It was around 3 am when you stated to question where Namjoon was. You quickly checked to see if he how his location on lucky he did, after throwing on you jacket and shoes you hurried out the door. You had been walking for about 20ish minutes, when you finally found Namjoon. He was in an alleyway drinking the blood of a stray cat. Your screams echoed though the alley, he shot his head up dropping the cat. As he stood up realizing it was you, tripping over his own feet before stumbling a bit and regaining his balance.

“Babyboy, how did you find me?”

You: “That’s really not important right now. Why the hell are you drinking a cats blood?”

“How about we head home and I’ll tell you everything when we get home its actually kinda of funny.”

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You had just got home from work, when you noticed blood on the walls and floor. You followed the blood witch lead to the bathroom hesitantly you opened the door. Only to see your boyfriend sitting on the edge of the tub drinking from a deer. You stumbled backwards hitting the wall behind you before sinking to the ground. His eyes opened looking down at you before they widened in shock and fear. He quickly let go of the deer and wiped his mouth, flashing you a grin.

“Hey love”

You: “Hopi whats going on, Why were you drinking the blood of deer”

“Let me get cleaned up, how about you go make some tea and wait for me. I’ll tell you everything after I’m done.”

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You and Jimin had been dating for quite some time, you started to noticed his odd behavior like he’d look deathly sick one day and the next he’d look better than ever. Today was one of the days he looked pretty sick his eyes were glazed over, his skin was pale, and his face was sunken in. He gave you a kiss goodbye before heading back to the dorm, being the worried boyfriend you are you thought the best thing to do is to follow him. After about 10 minutes of following him you completely lost him Saying fuck it you started to head back home as you were passing an alley you looked down it in the distance you could see a person who looked like Jimin. You hurried down the alley when you got close enough you saw Jimin crouched down with something in his hands. When he realized you were there with him, he stood up licking the blood off his hands a smile appearing on his lips.

“Hey prince what are you doing out here?”

You: “Jimin, why are you covered in blood?”

“Come on lets get you home and I’ll tell you when we get there”

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After visiting your parents for the weekend you decide to surprise Tae, before heading to the dorm you stop by the store to pick up snacked and drinks. When you finally got to the dorm you open up the door noticing how quiet it was which is odd because there always music playing or you can here some of the boys playing games. Brushing it off you headed for Taes room a slight noise could be heard from the outside of the door. Entering the room you found Tae on the sitting on the ground with a raccoon in his hands drinking its blood. You drop the bad to the floor scaring Tae, he looked up at you with his puppy like eyes which were a deep red instead of their brown color. Biting his lip, he quickly got to his feet and pushed you out of his room.

“Just give me a couple minutes to clean up.”

You: “Tae, what the fuck why were you drinking blood?”

“Give me five minutes go sit in the living room. I’ll explain everything after I’m clean”

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Your boyfriend had told you he couldn’t hang out because he was busy working on something. Being bored out of your mind you though going for a walk to the corner store at 2 am was the best idea. Grabbed all the things you need and headed out the door, after walking for a while you could cut through the park or walk an extra 5 minutes. Deciding to go through the park you couldn’t really see much but you were coming up on something it looked like the outline of a person. After getting close enough you realized it was your boyfriend Jungkook, you yelled out his name and he shot his head up. That’s when you noticed the the blood dripping from his mouth, you ended up falling back on your ass and trying to get away. 

“ah ah don’t try and run away baby.”

You: “You’re covered in fucking blood and you expect me not to try and run?”

“Yes now be a goodboy and come here. I’ll tell you everything.” 

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Always Watching (Vampire!AU)


10) “I’ll never be able to erase that image from my mind.”

Member: Monsta X’s Hyungwon x Y/N x (ft. Kihyun) 

Type: fluff

Hyungwon swung his feet over the side of the building happily, taking in the city scape as the night air sent electricity pumping over his skin. It was a beautiful night by his standards; slightly chilly with a light drizzle peppering the air. He shook out his mildly damp bangs and grinned happily to himself. Yes, this evening’s hunt would be successful. He was sure of it. 

Breathing in deeply, the scent he had associated with everything decidedly you, filled his nostrils. He looked lazily down to the alley below and cocked his brow. 

“Right on schedule,” he chuckled. 

His ears immediately perked up at the sound of your sneakers hitting the pavement. Being blessed with superhuman hearing meant that he knew you were exactly three blocks away from him and approaching. What his gift also told him was that your pace was quicker than usual. 

He furrowed his brows as he leaned over, taking up a crouching position on the rooftop instead of his normally at leisure stance. His lips curled into a snarl as the wind shifted, pushing a smell that was very much not you into his nose. 

“Garbage,” he muttered, shaking his head. 

This would complicate things a bit. 

Granted, you weren’t his target hunt for the evening, no, simply a precursor to the terrible events he had to participate in. For being a vampire, Hyungwon had a surprisingly soft spot for humans. He considered them to be a science experiment of sorts. He didn’t want to kill them anymore than they actually wanted to be killed, so more often than not, he would prey on the weak or those begging to be put out of their misery. 

And he would never dine without permission. He considered anything else to be barbaric and rude. 

So if you weren’t his hunt, why was he waiting for you to walk by? Simple. You were the favorite part of his nightly routine. You brought an odd sense of normalcy to his supernatural existence. Taking the same path home every day, near his favorite hunting ground, you walked the same pace, and almost always listened to the same song on your phone. He felt a sense of peace as you entered your apartment building and locked the door behind you. 

He was fulfilling his small duty to keep mankind safe while simultaneously destroying it. 

Hyungwon groaned to himself as he stood up, his old bones noting no signs of age. He crossed his arms and clucked in annoyance as your steps grew closer, each smacking the pavement quicker than the one before. You were nervous. He could smell your fear. 

Quickly followed by the stink of rotting flesh. 

Vampires could usually hide themselves amongst humans well, but in the presence of other vampires, it was undeniable. They smelled like they had been decaying for years. And many of them had. 

They were left to live the unfair truth with one another. 

Hyungwon closed his eyes as the realization hit him like a truck. 

You were being hunted. 

And it pissed. him. off. 

“Monsters,” he grumbled, taking a short step off of the ledge of the building. He fell like a stone to the passage beneath him, landing effortlessly on his expensive loafers. “Can’t even prey on someone at the end of their life, but they pick someone so full of energy? Savages…”

Hyungwon cracked his knuckles as he walked, his stride a bit quicker than his normal stroll. If he had the capability to sweat, he would have been. He wouldn’t admit it, but he was edgy. 

In a few short moments, he had emerged from the path he was lurking down, and nearly slammed face-first into you. His thoughts pounded louder in his ears than his ability to hear your movements. 

“Watch where you’re going,” you nearly shouted, admittedly getting frightened by the man who emerged from the alley beside you. You shot him a dirty look, only to retract it once you made eye contact with him. He was gorgeous. 

He furrowed his brow as he returned your gaze, his mouth slightly ajar as if he were about to speak, but lost his words. 

You shook your head, looking carefully over your shoulder. Surely, he wasn’t the one you had felt watching you for the past two blocks? 

No, that someone was still following you…and you felt as if they still were, pausing in the nearby shadows. 

“I’m sorry, do I know you?” you asked quietly, biting your lip. You were only a block or so away from your apartment and you had been longing for the safety of a locked door. 

He shook his head blankly, closing and reopening his mouth again. 

You were probably the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. The most raw, human, he had ever seen. He winced as he continued to stare at you, words constantly failing him. 

“Yeah Hyungwonnie, doesn’t she knoooow you?” a sickeningly sweet voice cackled from the shadows. Hyungwon closed his eyes as he took a deep breath, popping his knuckles again. 

“No, but she doesn’t know you either,” Hyungwon growled. “Keep walking, Kihyun.” 

“See, I wish I could,” the voice sighed, dropping back to it’s normal octave. You tried to stifle a gasp as an equally as good looking boy emerged from the shadow of an unlit streetlight. “But I was going to grab some take out. Want to join?” 

“You know my taste is a bit different than yours,” Hyungwon sighed, taking a sidestep to block you from Kihyun’s view. You remained silent as you peered over the lanky man’s shoulder, unsure of what was happening. 

“Right, right,” Kihyun laughed. “You like the cheap takeout. I prefer the…” He leaned over, sizing you up before looking back at Hyungwon. “Five star meal.” 

“I really don’t want to do this with you,” Hyungwon sighed. 

“Then don’t, get back to your perch,” Kihyun hummed. “I’ll handle my business down here.” 

“I can’t let you do that,” Hyungwon grumbled. He crossed his arms and leveled the shorter man with a glare. “Now, I’m asking nicely. Next time I won’t-”

“What, you won’t be so kind?” Kihyun cackled. “Just because you have a little crush-”

“Wait, I’m confused,” you sighed, stepping out from Hyungwon’s nonhuman wall. “Who are you two? And what is this about? I really don’t want to get brought into the middle-”

“Aish, humans are so foolish,” Kihyun whined, stomping around. “So self absorbed, thinking their lives actually mean something.”

Hyungwon scoffed, stepping in front of you again. You were growing weary of his odd attempts at protecting you from the seemingly nonthreatening man. “Like you weren’t one only a few short months ago.” 

Almost as quickly as you had blinked, Kihyun had crossed the short expanse of sidewalk separating himself from you and Hyungwon. He gripped the taller boy by the throat, his face only inches away. Hyungwon’s cold hands reached back shakily, gripping at your coat. You heart beat shook your eardrums as you watched, panic setting deep in your stomach. 

“Don’t worry, doll,” Kihyun hissed. “I’ll be around when you aren’t. A man’s gotta eat sometime.” 

And for as swiftly as Kihyun had appeared, he had disappeared once again, leaving you confused and out of breath. Hyungwon stumbled, no longer in the grasp of his shorter comrade. He leaned against the brick of a nearby building and coughed, rubbing at his throat where Kihyun had originally grasped. 

You stared at him, uncertain of what to say. Your eyes grew wide as you remained cemented in your spot. He pushed himself from the wall and let out a light groan, beginning to pace back and forth on the short expanse of sidewalk. “Wonderful, just great. And now if I really want to keep you alive, I’m going to have to keep an eye on you. Granted I was keeping an eye on you before…but that was only a ten minute walk until I knew you were behind brick and mortar. Now what am I supposed to do? When will I get the chance to hunt? I’ll have to put deadbolts on your door. I guess I could go a few days in between feedings…but then I won’t be strong enough in case that incubus decides to…damnit, why did I pick this spot? Why me?” 

“I…um…I have no idea what is happening,” you said slowly. “So if you could give me like…a two sentence description of who you are…of what you are…I would be most appreciative.” 

Hyungwon looked up at you, his face disbelieving of the words that had interrupted his diatribe. “What…what am I?” 

You nodded briefly, scared to mention anything more. 

Hyungwon shook his head, chuckling bitterly to himself. “Right.”

With another blink, the handsome boy had disappeared, vanishing from your sight as if he never existed at all. You spun in place, repeatedly sending glances over your shoulder. Shaking your head, you took a deep breath, and allowed yourself a few nervous steps forward. 

What the hell had just happened? 

It had been weeks since your initial interaction with the strange Hyungwon, and the even stranger Kihyun, but you still felt as if something was following you. 

Your ten minute walk home from work every evening turned into four minutes as you all but ran across the pavement, only feeling safe once you were hidden behind the locked doors of your apartment. 

You had become much more paranoid in your every day activities as well, insisting that you would catch things out of the corner of your eye, but only confirming there was nothing with a second look. You had grown used to shouting out a nervous “Hello?” in most situations when you should be alone, half expecting for one of the odd boys you had met that night to appear out of thin air just as they had vanished… 

“I’m going insane,” you murmured, after another long shift at the bookstore. You took the steps to the front of your apartment complex by two’s and locked the door behind you almost as soon as you had it unlocked. You set your things down and were greeted by the peaceful silence only the safety of your home could provide. 

But you still felt the unmistakable feeling of someone watching you. 

You continued your motions, heating up a quick dinner, and getting yourself ready for bed. Just as you began to feel some sort of normalcy, you found yourself at your bathroom counter, feeling odd again. You brushed your teeth tentatively, unsure if you should continue something so small, yet so personal as someone watched. 

“Alright,” you spat, slamming the tooth brush into the sink. “I’m feeling a little crazy, so if you’re going to kill me, just do it.” 

You looked down at the sink, gripping the counter top on either side of the running water. “I’m really going crazy…” You whispered. 

“Crazy is relative,” a deep voice rumbled behind you. 

Your eyes flew open as you looked up toward the mirror. Catching your own look of terror, you screeched, and spun around on your heel. Just as your eyes met Hyungwon’s, you began to slip, crashing toward the floor. 

His movements were quick and elegant as he leaped toward you, his cold hands finding a spot beneath your arms to cradle you. He eased you down to the tile, realizing your legs were probably too weak to allow you to stand. He slumped slowly to the floor beside you and landed with a plop. 

“What are you…how did you?” you croaked, your eyes searching his face. 

“So…” Hyungwon trailed, looking anywhere but at you. He took a deep breath before stringing together a long sentence. “So maybe I’m a vampire - but not like with the “bleh, bleh, i vill suck your vlood” trope because that’s tacky and overplayed, but technically yes, I drink blood to survive, but not any blood, usually people who are dying or want to be dead anyhow because really it’s just common courtesy. And I’ve been watching you, not like stalking, but just kind of keeping an eye on you while you walk home because you seem nice and I haven’t seen you ever match plaids with polka dots, and that’s admirable, but really you’re kind of cute, but aish, so I have been keeping an eye on you and I saw Kihyun following you and I knew I had to protect you. He’s a bad guy, where as I suppose I’m the good guy, but he will seriously eat you if you don’t start being more careful, so I had to start like REALLY following you to make sure you’re alright, and that’s why I’m here on your bathroom floor explaining to you that I…Hyungwon…am in fact a vampire.” 

You blinked heavily, uncertain of how to respond. 

Hyungwon rolled his eyes before standing, pulling you up as well. He let out an exasperated sigh before motioning to the mirror. 

Your eyes grew in size as you stared at your reflections. 

Or rather, Hyungwon’s lack of one. 

A pair of pants and a button down were seemingly floating in air as you continued to stare, but still noted Hyungwon in your periferals. You looked back at him, not allowing a filter over your thoughts as you stuttered, “so…so like…what happens when your naked?” 

He took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of his nose before he could respond. “I’m not the damn invisible man when my clothes come off, Y/N. Just my reflection. I will still be very, very naked.” 

You chuckled to yourself, feeling your face grow hot with embaressment. You motioned to the mirror, incapable of turning back to it. “You know, I’ll never be able to erase that image from my mind.” 

“To be fair, it’s not much of an image really,” Hyungwon laughed. “More like a lack of one.” 

“Not to be…you know, rude, but um…what happens now?” you asked slowly, cocking your eyebrow. 

Hyungwon crossed his arms, leaning against the counter before you. A tilted smirk found his lips. “Well, I guess a lot of this? If you don’t like me watching you, you’ll have to get used to having me around…unless you want to be, you know, devoured?” 

You looked up at Hyungwon in horror, causing him to chuckle again. 

“You got any O-negative around this place?…Or I mean, cable and a pull-out couch will do.” 

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comments: thanks to @novaurora13 for talking this through with me. also sorry this became a vampire au. i went to a halloween store today and things went quickly downhill. 


At the back door, Montreal by Reinier Snijders

Title: Shaving Cream

Pairing: Handsome Jack/Rhys

Summary: Jack teaches Trans Rhys how to properly shave

Note: written on mobile.

Rhys stared at his mirrors reflection, leaning close to the glass and squinting at the peach fuzz creeping along his jaw and chin. He wrinkled his nose and rubbed the hair, scowling at the coarseness he felt.

“Everything alright, cupcake?” Jack yawned, scratching his stomach. He strolled into the bathroom clad only in his boxers.

“I didn’t bring any of my razors. I left my kit at the apartment.” Rhys sighed, leaning back. He crossed his arms across his bare chest and caught Jack’s curious, and hot, gaze across his shoulder.

“ Use one of mine, ” Jack saddled next to him at the sink. He pulled open one of the cupboards and retrieved a solid gold switch blade. With the flick of his wrist it opened revealing a deadly sharp blade.

Rhys swallowed. “That’s, ah, kinda, sharp?”

Jack tilted his head. “It’s what you use… Don’t you?”

Rhys shook his head. “I use a six blade razor.”

Jack snorted. “I bet it has those safety bars on them.”

“It’s better then a back alley death blade,” Rhys shot back.

Jack’s eyebrows rise before he laughed and shook his head. “Rhysie, baby, this,” Jack held the blade to the light, letting it gleam, “is a work of craftsmanship and art.

” uh huh.“

Jack rolled his eyes. "Alright smart ass, I’ll show you.”

Rhys frowned as Jack placed the straight razor on the counter and reached for a small metal cup and a brush. In a sort of ritual, Jack added soap and with the brush whisked it into a foam. Jack reached for Rhys’s throat and Rhys leaned back, uncertain.

“Cupcake, hold still.” Jack warned and Rhys stilled as Jack’s hand curled around his jaw, his blue and green eyes focused as he rubbed the brush in circular motions against Rhys’s jaw, chin, his upper lip and part of his neck.

Rhys awkwardly grabbed Jack’s waist, his fingers sinking into the boxers cotton fabric as Jack put the brush down, resting it back in the silver cup. At Rhys’s questioning look, Jack hummed.

“Just a moment, sweetheart,” Jack said before he suddenly moved behind Rhys, his grip firm around Rhys neck, his breathe hot in his ear. He pressed his hairy chest against Rhys and grabbed the switchblade with his other hand.

“Jack?” Rhys croaked, uncertain. His fingers were clutching the edge of the counter now, panic and worry reflecting in the blades light.

“Shhh, don’t move, Pumpkin.” Jack soothed. With more delicacy then Rhys would have thought possible, Jack brought the blade to Rhys throat and carefully scrapped away the foam and hair.

“Jack?” Rhys tried again, trying desperately not to flinch or move even an inch against the blade.

“When I first started wearing my mask,” Jack started, only pausing to wipe the blade clean against the towel wrapped around Rhys’s hip before he continued. “Normal blades didn’t do a good enough shave and it drove me crazy, itching like mad, until I found the that straight razors were perfect. They give a baby smooth shave and I can go for twenty-three, maybe twenty-eight hours without needing to shave.”

Rhys hummed low in his throat, his eyes tracking Jack’s movement as smooth skin was revealed.

“I figure with you, maybe a week? Am I wrong, rhysie?” Jack glanced at Rhys reflection and Rhys made another sound low in his throat. “Thought so…and just a few more swipes…” Jack murmured, his gaze focused on Rhys soft skin until the barest of foam remains.

Grinning, Jack stepped back when he was finished and looking far too smug. “Go ahead, princess. Give your face a quick splash and see how it feels.”

Following Jack’s advice, Rhys quickly splashed water, removing the last of the foam and gasping as he ran his fingers over the soft skin. “Jack if feels amazing!”

Jack laughed, slapping Rhys’s back. “Of course it is, Rhysie, now, tell me: whose your daddy?”

At Rhys exasperated look, Jack snorted. “See? Because I taught you how to shave?”

“God damn it, Jack.” Rhys stalked out of the bathroom, ripping his binder from his clothes pile while Jack howled with laughter.

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Honestly why would Thomas think that Martha was the devil at first? From first glance I would simply adore her!

Thomas slammed the paper down on the TA’s desk. She did not look up from where she was painting her nails.

This,” he snarled, “is unacceptable.”

She took her time putting the lid of the polish back on the bottle, opening the desk and one-by-one putting her various manicure tools away. He waited, fuming all the while. If she thought the wait would cool his temper, she was mistaken.

Finally, Ms. Kane picked up the folder of carefully typewritten pages. She considered the very large, very red curl of a C- in her handwriting on the front. She riffled through the pages one-handed, littered through with yet more loops of red. “It’s certainly not good,” she agreed finally, setting his paper back down, “but it is a passing grade.” She deigned to look at him for the first time, eyes green as poison beneath the heavy fringe of her lashes. “You know what they say,” she said, holding her nails at a careful angle to keep them safe as they dried. “C’s get degrees.”

“This is not a C paper,” he snapped, hitting the desk again with the heel of his hand. He was leaning dangerously forward. She was unmoved.

“No,” she agreed with a flutter of her eyelashes, “it isn’t.” She tapped the big red letter with a dry fingernail. “It’s a C minus paper.”

Bullshit.” Her pens rattled. She glanced, briefly, at the white-knuckled fist on her desk. It was a glance heavy with bemused disdain. She arched an eyebrow at him. “This paper is worth a B plus,” he said. “Minimum.”

“If it was worth a B plus,” she said, as if with infinite patience, “you would have a B plus. Ergo—”

“What’s wrong with it, then?” he interrupted. “Which part of this paper failed to meet the standards on the rubric?”

She said nothing for a long moment, as if waiting for something. When it did not come, she reached out, and flipped open the folder to the first page. She pointed to the first of many red paragraphs. “If you start here,” she suggested, “and read all of the red bits, right to the very end, you may just find the answer you’re looking for.”

This doesn’t explain a C minus,” he said, jabbing a finger at the notes. “This is pedantry.”

“It’s a logic class,” she reminded him. “Pedantry is the point.” She popped her Ps aggressively.

“I know exactly what this is,” he said.

“Oh, goody.”

“You don’t like me.”

“Don’t say it like it makes you special, dear.”

“You haven’t liked me since Delaney’s class freshman year, you’ve hated me ever since I beat you fencing—”

“I’ve done you the great kindness of overlooking your consistent and egregious failures to play by the rules,” she interrupted, “but this is poor sportsmanship.”

“—and you’re mad,” he finished, “because I’m better than you—”

She giggled.

“—and you know it. And no red pen, or stupid fake accent, is going to fix that.”

There was an impish twist to her mouth as he finished this tirade. “You’ve caught me,” she said, with a playful wrinkle of her nose. “There’s a dastardly conspiracy amongst those of us not raised to broadcast English, to insert structural flaws into your arguments to make them look bad.” He did not respond to this, his mouth a thin line, brows drawn. “However: regardless of how much joy it brings you to make me watch as you lavish affection upon your own diction, I will be needing to meet with other students today.”

“You shouldn’t even be teaching this class,” he accused. “You’re an undergrad.”

I grade no more harshly than Simmons,” she countered, “and he did not give such helpful notes. If you’re thinking about going to him for support, you’re likely to leave his office with a D.”

“I am aware of his grading policies,” he bit through his teeth.

“Are you aware that he’s given out a single, solitary A in the entire course of his tenure? Would you like to see what an A looks like?” She reached into her desk without waiting for an answer, and dropped a thick, spiral-bound stack onto her desk. “It would have been an A plus,” she explained, opening it, “but he thought the more interactive visual aids constituted passive-aggressive sass, and docked my grade accordingly.”

Paper shapes stuck up out of the page, creating a three-dimensional chart. He stared at it.

“Regardless,” she continued, shutting it again, “Professor Simmons would not have given me control of this class if he did not trust my judgment implicitly, and he is unlikely to find your verbal arguments any more compelling than I found your written ones.”

Thomas was silent for a long moment.

“I put a lot of work into this,” he said finally, slowly. “I came to every lecture, I did every reading, I. I did well on every test.”

“Oh dear,” she said, with an affected pout not meant to be endearing. “Did you think I couldn’t tell? Did you think it wasn’t obvious that you put your whole heart and soul into this thing? That you did your very, very best?” Her smile was faint and patronizing. “You’ve misunderstood the problem. The problem isn’t that you didn’t do your best. The problem is that your best isn’t good enough.”

The tension in his jaw was nearly enough to crack a molar.

“Though actually,” she continued, with a small and thoughtful frown, “I suppose a C minus means your best is just barely good enough. Just as badly as a person can do without failing. I suppose you’ve heard that joke, what do you call someone who barely passes med school?”

“Fuck you.” His leg had developed a sort of jitter, not quite bouncing.

“Doctor,” she corrected. “The punchline is doctor. It’s funny because it’s true.”

“I cannot get a — a C in this class.”

“You can, and you are.”

“I — I can do extra credit work.”

“There is no extra credit work.”

He hit her desk again. She reacted no more than she had to prior displays. She cocked her head to the side to watch as he struggled for words.

“I—I—I c—could have you fired,” he managed finally. “Expelled, y—your—your scholarship, I could—”

“Yes, I believe I get the idea,” she interrupted. “I was wondering when we’d get to this part, you may of course have me removed from your presence as suits you. Just call up Daddy and let him know that a girl was mean to you.”

Thomas was white-knuckled again. He didn’t try to speak.

Ms. Kane leaned forward, lacing her fingers together. Her elbows didn’t touch the top of the desk. “Would you like me to predict your future, Tommy?” she teased.

He said nothing.

“You’re going to graduate,” she informed him, “and you’re going to do your very best, and even when it’s good enough, it isn’t going to be good enough. You will live a perfectly acceptable life, and marry a perfectly acceptable woman, and you will never know what real failure even looks like. You’ll feel terribly unfulfilled, and neither your second nor third marriage will fix it. You have been given every possible advantage, and you will use them to maintain a comfortable mediocrity, assuming all the while that it’s simply how things are, because when anything threatened to be difficult you threw a tantrum until it went away. You will live your life as if it is your goal to be a footnote in someone else’s biography.”

“Not special like you,” he taunted, too shaky to be a sneer, his limbs like rubber bands ready to snap.

“Oh, it’s cute that you think I’d want to be.” She leaned back. “I will be doing… whatever I’d like.” She shrugged. “Because what I lack in natural-born advantages, I make up for in being as good at everything as you wish you could be at anything.” She picked up the receiver on the desk phone, and offered it to him. “Would you like to call your father now?” she asked. “Or do you have some sort of special line that let’s him know when you’re having a mean girl emergency?”

After a long moment, Thomas grabbed his paper. Halfway out the door, he flung it into the trash bin.

Wayne,” she barked, and he froze immediately, stopped in place by the force of the order. “Turn around.”

Slowly, fists at his sides, he did so.

“Do you think I enjoy wasting my time?” she demanded. “Do you think that it was some trivial thing, reading and rereading to try and pinpoint what was salvageable in that paper of yours? I did you a favor. I may not be able to blame you for wanting to put your work where it belongs, but those pages are more red ink than black, and you will show the appropriate gratitude.”

Thomas bent, and picked up the folder from the top of the bin, bent and wrinkled though it was.

“And what do you say when you’re grateful?” she asked.

“Thank you,” he said, barely more than a hoarse whisper.

She regarded him in silence; he allowed her to do so. “Good boy,” she said finally. “You may go.”

A Good Man (Bigby x Reader)

Originally posted by miyku

You knocked on Bigby’s door.

No answer, but that was typical. He didn’t usually answer the door for people who only knocked once, just like he doesn’t answer the phone on the first call, provided he hasn’t taken it off the hook completely. So, you knocked again, a little louder this time.

“Bigby?” You called softly. Maybe if he heard your voice he’d answer.

Still nothing.

“Bigby? Are you okay? I saw Colin in the hallway. He said you’d wanted to see me?” You paused for a couple more seconds.

Okay, now you were worried.

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