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P.S. I Never Told You

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written by: Lexi | @goldenheadfreckledheart

prompt: A piece of paper attached to the pillar. It reads, ‘p.s. I was falling in love with you.’ @oftheskyepeople

word count: 5315

“You left her a note? How old are you?”

“I can’t tell if you’re implying I’m immature or old and out of touch.”

On the other end of the call, Octavia sighs. “Both, probably.”

“Your support is always appreciated.”


“I know it’s stupid.” He admits with a sigh of his own, rubbing a hand over his eyes. “But when have I ever not been stupid about her?”

His sister is silent for a moment, a confirmation.

“You said she went there all the time right?” she finally asks.

“Yeah, even before we were friends.”

“So she’ll probably go back. And she was friends with you, so who knows? Maybe she’s into that kind of inept flirtation.”

He wants to argue—but, “That’s really the only kind I’ve got.”

“Good luck, Bell.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Bellamy became friends with Clarke Griffin in the way that feels like a whirlwind but was actually a fairly basic, linear series of events, starting two years ago:

He moves to the city, fresh out of undergrad, to work as a glorified assistant at the city library archives. Which isn’t to say that the library isn’t great, but Jaha doesn’t trust him with doing any original research yet, so Bellamy spends most of his time filing or verifying details on the other archivists’ research.

It’s a start, is what he keeps telling himself. Octavia’s got an amazing scholarship to a school in California; she’s having the time of her life. Which means Bellamy can stop worrying about her and work towards having a career he actually loves, instead of working as many jobs as possible, on top of balancing classes.

He’s still getting used to it.

It’s raining when he meets Clarke, the first rain of the fall, and he obviously didn’t think to check the weather that morning, so his walk home from the library is decidedly dreary.

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happy belated birthday  @magnusragnor  ♥

elle you are an incredible person and an amazing writer, i couldn’t be more grateful to have met you and call you friend. love you!!

i am so sorry it took me so long to post this but i hope you like it

(the biggest thanks to @maghnvsbane who was the most patient beta i could have asked for and went above and beyond when helping me with this)

Sometimes Alec reminds Magnus of a cat.

He can’t remember the first time the idea formed in his mind, but it had probably been before they started dating. Back then, Alec had acted like a stray cat, wanting affection but so afraid to receive it – letting his guard down one moment just to be defensive the next, wary and hissing every time he felt threatened. Magnus had found himself reacting in kind, scared of doing something that would only spook him further, instead extending a cautious hand and holding his breath, hoping it will be perceived like the offering it was but knowing it could be scratched instead.

Now that they are together, the image Alec conjures in Magnus’ mind is that of a content, spoiled cat. Never shy about seeking affection when they’re alone, closing his eyes and melting every time Magnus runs his fingers through his hair, practically purring when touched in the right places – and Magnus delights in discovering and exploring all the right places.

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I hate liars. (chapter 2)

Author’s note: first of all, finally decided on a face for our villain and he is the actor Dong Ha (whose real name is Hyungyu and I know he’s not actually petite but I wanted him to be so yeah). His portrayal of a psychopath in Suspicious Partner was so chilling, he’s the first one that came to mind. Hope you’re not disappointed with that. second, I might have gone slightly overboard. This is waaaaay longer than the first chapter and idk whether this is the kind of lengthy chapter you’d like or whether shorter ones would be better. Please let me know! Other than that, I hope you enjoy~

Genre: mafia!AU, very graphic imagery, attempted suicide, suicidal thoughts, mention of rape (if you’re not comfortable with any of those themes, please do not read) // female mc

Word count: 5147.

Summary: You never really knew how your father got involved in a gang but you knew what he did for a living, for the most part. When a rival gang comes to get what they’re due and your father refuses, everything turns to horror.

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          The whole ride to their HQ was a complete blur. You vaguely remember the tall blonde-haired man lifting you up into his arms and bringing you over to a big black range rover, putting you in the front seat and putting your seatbelt on. After that, you only remember the streets of Seoul, flashing before your eyes. Your head leaning on the cold hard glass window, you stared at passerby as they looked back at you before glancing away rapidly. Your entire world seemed to be falling apart piece by piece as you moved further away from your father and closer to what was going to be your future. You thought of running away. You thought of suddenly opening the car door when the driver stopped at a red light but you didn’t have the strength to bring that thought into motion. You just stayed there, motionless.

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Rooftop Season (Peter Parker x Reader) Part 4

Distracted doing homework with you, Peter ends up running late for an outing with Aunt May and things take a turn for the worse.

(Longish) A/N: I haven’t abandoned Rooftop Season guys!! Two things happened: first, I was struck with a massive, nasty case of writer’s block. I didn’t know how to develop the plot (sometimes I plan things when I write, other times I let it flow. For RS I let the direction of the story surprise me). And when I finally overcame that, I was overwhelmed with uni work. Still kind of am, but I found some time to sneak in a new part. I hope I haven’t kept you waiting THAT long, I do apologise, and hope you have still fun reading. Thank you thank you for keeping up with the story so far, I love youuuu

Tag list: @teacoffeeandstudies @rosaetum @totallynotkaibiased

Parts: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

It was 4.30 pm.

The library was empty as usual, save for you and Peter, both busy slaving away at your respective assignments.

It wasn’t the first time you found yourself alone in his company. In fact, these ‘after school hangouts’ had become the norm between you and Peter.

Ever since he danced to Rihanna and invited you to sit with him for lunch, your friendship with him had deepened.

It hadn’t been easy to get to this stage of easy intimacy. Initially sitting with him and Ned had been nothing short of awkward. The two of them didn’t really know how to make conversation with you, having been so used to entertaining one another. And being shy, you didn’t know how to approach them either.

So more often than not, the three of you would sit staring awkwardly at your plates or phones and make small talk.

Eventually, the tension melted away. Rather than glance at plates for lack of confidence for eye contact, you held staring contests all the times. Phones were no longer on the table except if you were texting each other in the group chat. Superficial jokes turned to inside jokes. Video games at Ned’s house on the weekends were scheduled all the time.

Whereas one time Peter and Ned were solely friendly faces in the hallway, they were now your closest friends. Especially Peter.

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anonymous asked:

daveed drabble with him and reader living together and he just shows up with a dog one day pls! ik that's a super weird request lol

It’s not a weird request at all!! It’s super cute! I hope you like it!

Originally posted by endless-puppies

You jumped at the unexpected clap of thunder as you lounged on the couch trying to watch Netflix to pass the time. The rain had been relentless all day and had only gotten worse as the evening progressed. You checked your phone again hoping to see a text from Daveed. He was supposed to be home 45 minutes ago and still you had heard nothing. 

“I’m sure he is fine… he is probably hanging with Oak or Rafa until a break in the storm,” you reasoned. Not that it looked like it was going to let up any time soon.

Worry grew with every passing moment and when another roll of thunder rumbled through the sky you decided that a text wasn’t enough and called his phone. Straight to voice mail.

“Okay… don’t panic… he’s fine,” you mumbled, “I’ll just call Oak and see if he is there.”

“Hey (Y/N)! What’s up?”

“Hey Oak,” you said trying not to sound to worried, “Is Daveed there with you?”

“Diggs? No, he left almost an hour ago. Why?”

“Oh um, he just isn’t home yet so I figured he might of been hanging out with you because of the storm,” you said as your lip quivered a bit.

“Hey I’m sure he is fine. He will be home any minute.”

“Yeah… well thanks any way Oak. I’ll talk to you later.”

You hung up the phone and stood up and walked to the window. With the rain you couldn’t see the street well enough, anyone walking along the sidewalk looked like a blob through all the rain beating against the glass. Letting out a shaky breath you tried to calm yourself down. Daveed was an adult and knew how to handle himself, he would be fine. 

“Baby?” Daveed’s voice rang out as he shut the door behind him.

You whipped around quickly and felt relief rush through you at the sound of his voice. He was standing in the entry way to the living room looking sheepish and soaking wet. His curls hung limp and were dripping water, his jacket was saturated, and you spied a trail of water across the wood floor. 

“Thank god! I was so worried. I tried to text you and to call you and you didn’t answer and Oak said you had left a long time ago and with this weather…”

“Hey shhhh. I’m sorry my phone died and I sorta left my charger in the dressing room and well…”

“Daveed… why is the front of your jacket moving?” You questioned looking at the front of his jacket that had a suspicious looking moving lump under it.

“Oh that is just…” Daveed seemed nervous as you stared at him, “Don’t be mad okay.”

You raised an eyebrow as your worry for Daveed’s safety melted away into suspicious curiosity. He slowly unzipped his jacket and you jumped back slightly as a head popped out of the opening he had created. It was a puppy, a soaking wet brown lab puppy. Daveed gave you a pleading look as you looked between the puppy and him.

“Now I know this is kinda sudden, but I was walking home on my way from stopping at Rafa’s for a few and he was just sitting in an alley shivering and trying to get out of the rain and…”

A wide smile spread across your face as you scooped the puppy out from inside of Daveed’s coat, “You poor thing! You’re soaking wet.”

Carrying the squirming wet puppy down the hall you rummaged in the laundry and pulled out an arm full of towels and Daveed’s favorite blue zip up onesie. You carefully wrapped the dog up in a towel and carried the rest out to Daveed who was still standing in the same place shifting from foot to foot nervously.

“Here baby. I grabbed you some towels and a change of clothes,” you said cheerfully, “Why don’t you take a warm shower before you get sick.”

Daveed wandered into the living room and watched as you laughed at the puppy attempting to defeat an old sock on the floor. 

“Soooo are you mad?” He asked as he sat next to you.

“I’m surprised, but no I’m not mad. I’m just glad you are okay,” you replied before giving him a kiss.

He was fidgety and drummed his fingers on his legs as he watched the puppy growl at the offensive piece of fabric. You glanced at him and gave him a questioning look.

“Is there something you want to say Diggs?” You laughed.
“Can we keep him?" 

You burst out laughing at his innocent and hopeful question, "I’m thinking yes. He is going to need a name though.”

“How about Thunder?”

“That’s corny as fuck Diggs,” you laughed, “I love it.”

Hyde - Ravi/Kim Wonshik x Reader - Prologue

Summary: After having an unfortunate and frightening encounter with Kim Wonshik, you learn that he is in fact, sharing his body with a much more evil personality, Hyde (Ravi). A ruthless and violent person. When put into a situation where you encounter either of them almost everyday, not knowing which was which upon meeting, how will you manage to live a decent peaceful life, whilst developing feelings for the much more sane one of the two?

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Multiple personality disorder is a mental disorder characterised by at least two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states.

Or as many people saw it, Jekyll and Hyde. If someone were to ask you what you thought of it in previous years you wouldn’t exactly know how to answer them, the sole reason being you had never encountered it. Working in a local tailor shop assisting your father at the counter and mother behind closed doors, you met many people. Young, old, rich, poor, everyone came to have either their shoes or clothes fixed. Your father wanted you to take over the family business and your mother just stood and nodded her head, both disregarding your desire to be something more. What they didn’t know was that you were aware of the growing debt they owed the aristocrats, something you certainly didn’t want to inherit.

On particularly stressful days you’d go down to the river bank and have a nice chat with the workers who were on a break, or if the kids had asked, you’d play with them. One day you had been working straight from morning to evening, yearning for some kind of break, however, your last errand was holding you back. A delivery to a particularly influential family with much control of the district. You personally found them horrible, what with the snide remarks that constantly greeted both you and the people below them, however, business was business and you intended to keep it that way.

The sun had set long ago, making you extremely weary of the path to take but sucking it up you walked on, accompanied by the darkness that seemed to swallow the empty streets. Reaching the doors of the overly large house you could see the bustling of the finest and richest of people for their monthly gathering. Upon arriving at the door you were greeted with denied entry.

“O-oh, I’m here to deliver this suit for the master of this house…”

The man stood at the door snorted at your pathetic attempt to talk to him and pointed to a dark side of the house. Following his finger, your eyes widened slightly as you began to feel extremely uncomfortable in this particular area.

“Can I not leave it here with you sir?”

He seemed taken aback at your question and quickly regained his composure before glaring at you maliciously and saying,

“And do half of your job? What a half arsed worker! I ought to get you fired! Go and finish what you started, you wretch.”

The words stung but just like everyone else you were used to it, after all, everyone inside that building saw themselves as Gods when compared to the rest of you. Apologising whilst holding your head down, you walked away and entered the small alleyway that you hated. Knocking on the metal door, a servant greeted you nodding, taking the suit and disappearing into the house. An advantage of paying before hand was that you got to leave immediately after finishing your errand.

With a relieved sigh you began to walk away, only to be greeted with the sound of someone crashing through the door. Turning you saw a greasy, overweight man who was most probably drunk, holding a glass of wine. After seeing you he stumbled over and grabbed a hold of your dress. The smell of alcohol that followed him made you inwardly gag.

“Ah! Sorry I should be on my way now!”

He grinned at you and shook his head before tugging you towards him.

“I don’t think so, why don’t you spend your night with me? I’ll pay you finely…”

A loud slap echoed through the alley way and you instantly regretted your decision to hit him, as his face had begun to redden and rage consumed his expression. Pushing you roughly, you landed on the ground, pain shooting through your left side.

“How dare you, you filthy peasant! You should be grateful I’m even looking at you, you stupid whore!”

His hands began to tug at the hem of your dress and you screamed for help, however, the music coming from within the house drowned out your desperate pleas. A twisted grin made its way on to his face as his hand trailed up your leg, coming dangerously close to your inner thigh.

“Payment isn’t always an option.”

You carried on screaming for help, a tear stricken face accompanying the shrieks of horror. Closing your eyes you feared the worst but the sound of slow footsteps made you open them. A lean man was walking through the alley way and your heart thumped in the hopes of him being able to help you, calling out to him you pleaded that he do so.

“S-sir! Please help m-me!”

As he walked by his head turned toward you and you were greeted with a smirk. Horrified that he found this entertaining, you tried to bargain with him.

“P-please! I have money.”

Your words came out in a strangled cry and you wiggled against the fat man who had been watching the mysterious man suspiciously. The man just shrugged with the same smirk on his face and carried on walking. You began screaming again in the hopes that he would change his mind to no avail.

“Hey! Who do you think you are, walking through this alley without permission! Do you know who we are, you deluded simpleton?!”

That was enough to make him stop, though he had yet to turn around.

“What did you just say?”

A fairly deep voice echoed through the alley and you shivered in fear of what was to come next.

The older man seemed to sense the tension in the air and tried to dismiss it as best he could.

“J-just mind your own business and carry on walking you nosy fool.”

Now the man had certainly taken that to offence as he turned around and made his way towards the both of you, the smirk still plastered on his face though it didn’t suit him. It was as if he had a mask on.

“You see, that’s exactly what I was doing, until you and your three chins called out to me.”

Without a second to spare, he grabbed the man by his hair and slammed him against the wall, shattering the glass of wine that had previously been set down. Picking up the largest shard he buried it straight through the mans neck, repeatedly hacking through the extra fat until the man beneath him was a gurgling bloody mess.
Scared out of your mind the last thing you wanted to do was remain in a vulnerable position. Shooting up you earned the attention of the merciless killer who had crimson blood smeared across his hands.

“I-I… d-”

A spluttering mess you tried to reason with him but couldn’t get the right words out of your trembling body.

“Shut up.”

Instantly you froze, the trembling stopped immediately and you didn’t dare make a sound as he eyed you carefully. Making his way over you braced yourself in fear of what was to come next. Stopping beside you, his arm shot out and gripped your arm a little too tight for it to be comfortable in any way.

“Get out of my sight, before I kill you right now.”

Letting go of your arm he stood there with a grim look waiting for you to move and that was exactly what you did. Rushing out of the alley way you ran all the way back to the tailor, too frightened to look behind you. Upon arriving the reality of what had just happened hit you hard, that man will never be seen walking again. His family would miss him dearly, a vivid image of his hunched over body appeared on your mind and everything you had eaten that day came out within a second. Wiping your mouth you leaned an arm against the wall and sobbed. You heard the clicking of a tongue behind you and looked up to be greeted by the very same man that had just murdered someone, stood behind you, hands tucked into his pockets. A small sound of shock came out of you and his eyebrow raised at it. “I thought I told you to get lost?”

“I-I live here.”

You hiccuped and realised that you had given away vital information about yourself to a psychopath. Backing away from him you tried to rephrase what you had said.

“I mean I… stop here sometimes!”

His smirk dropped and he looked extremely frustrated. His face screwed up and he walked toward you, arm shooting out and gripping your neck gently. It was as if he was teasing you, just toying with you for fun.

“I didn’t ask nor do I care. So you want to die right?”

Just as his hand began to clench around your throat his eyes widened and he let go before roughly gripping at his hair and keeling over in immense pain. Without a second to lose, you ran into the tailor and locked the door behind you, peeking out of the gap in the curtain. The man was now kneeling and shaking his head vigorously.
“A-ah shit!” Screaming and yelling he startled you with his sudden outburst.

“No, no, no, NO! FUCK OFF WONSHIK!”

Terrified you backed up through the doors behind the counter and up the stairs to the house itself where your parents sat at the table, talking. As soon as you entered they noticed the frightened look on your face and questioned you.

“y/n what happened? Are you okay?!”

Shaking your head with widened eyes, you told them what had happened. Abruptly raising from the table they sought to investigate your panicked claims of a mad merciless murderer freaking out outside the shop.

The only problem was, when they went to check he was gone.

And yet the next day he came back.

Imagine Matt getting jealous of your fascination with Luke's powers- Requested by beeba-sun (Marvel Defenders)

Y/N means your name by the way, the imagine starts below. Y/N giggles as Luke lifts up her car with one arm. Matt glances down, gritting his teeth while Jessica notices. 

 “What’s up with you, pointy ears?“She asks with her smug sarcasm.

 Matt shakes his head, “Nothing, it’s just, Y/N it’s not all about strength. Right?”

 Y/N nods, “Yeah, but a car though? That’s totally rad Luke and being bulletproof.” 

 Jessica scoffs, “I can fly though.” 

 Matt sighs, “Yeah but power doesn’t mean everything. I’m just as capable. Without powers!”

 Y/N notices Matt’s firm tone. “Matt, what’s wrong?” 

 Matt grins, his shades reflecting off a red tint, “Nothing Y/N. I need to clear my head.” 

 Y/N turns as Matt cuts a corner and down a near alley way. She gives Jessica a questioning glare. 

 “C'mon Y/N a guy who dresses like a devil has got major issues. I told you he was weird.”

 “Ease up Jess, he’s still a friend”, Luke warns.

 “Barely”, Jessica corrects.

 “I’m going to talk to him,” Y/N says, before following where Matt, cutting the corner and starting down the alley.

 She shivers against the frosty air glaring around. “Matt! Matt, c'mon! Where are you?”

 She glances up a building, only to have a shadowy figure drop down behind her. “Jesus!” Y/N gasps, putting a hand on her chest. 

 Matt grins at her, now wearing his daredevil battle suit and cowl. “Don’t say his name in vain Y/N.” 

 Y/N sighs, “Matt, what’s wrong? Why’d you just walk way?” 

 Matt turns away, “ I just needed to clear my head.”

 “Ok, then why are you in your battle suit?"Y/N asks, crossing her arms.

 Matt sighs, Ok, I just wanted to put it on real quick. I knew you liked it I-” 

 Y/N finishes his sentence, “You were jealous of Luke weren’t you ?” 

 Matt admits it with a nod. “I just thought you wouldn’t care for me, since-no powers.”

 Y/N takes Matt’s hand, “Matt you’re a hero. You’ve protected me, Foggy, Karen- the entire Hell’s Kitchen without powers. And FYI I like you regardless of powers and a stupid red battle suit.” 

 Matt chuckles, “I think you’ve been hanging around Jessica for too long. You really like me?” 

 Y/N leans in to kiss him briefly, “That answer your question?” Matt nods, bringing her into a tight hug.

 “It sure does” 

 - If you have a request for a Marvel Defenders character message me. And if you want a specific gender pronoun, I’ll include it as well, just tell me with your imagine request.

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character moodboards: Vin

“What do you know about them, Kelsier?” she asked. “When’s the last time you slept in an alley, shivering in the cold rain, listening to the beggar next to you cough with a sickness you knew would kill him? When’s the last time you had to lay awake at night, terrified that one of the men in your crew would try to rape you? Have you ever knelt, starving, wishing you had the courage to knife the crewmember beside you just so you could take his crust of bread? Have you ever cowered before your brother as he beat you, all the time feeling thankful because at least you had someone who paid attention to you?”

- The Final Empire, Brandon Sanderson

“But how did you get into this in the first place?” Kelsier demanded. “Did she attack you?”

Vin glanced down at her feet. “I attacked first.”

“Why?” Kelsier asked.

Vin sat for a moment, Sazed working on her cheek. “She was going to kill Elend,” she finally said.

Kelsier exhaled in exasperation. “Elend Venture? You risked your life—risked the plan, and our lives—for that fool of a boy?”

Vin looked up, glaring at him. “Yes.”

“What is wrong with you, girl?” Kelsier asked. “Elend Venture isn’t worth this.”

She stood angrily, Sazed backing away, the cloak falling the floor. “He’s a good man!”

“He’s a nobleman!”

“So are you!” Vin snapped. She waved a frustrated arm toward the kitchen and the crew.

“What do you think this is, Kelsier? The life of a skaa? What do any of you know about skaa? Aristocratic suits, stalking your enemies in the night, full meals and nightcaps around the table
with your friends? That’s not the life of a skaa!”

She took a step forward, glaring at Kelsier. He blinked in surprise at the outburst.

“What do you1 know about them, Kelsier?” she asked. “When’s the last time you slept in an alley, shivering in the cold rain, listening to the beggar next to you cough with a sickness you knew would kill him? When’s the last time you had to lay awake at night, terrified that one of the men in your crew would try to rape you? Have you ever knelt, starving, wishing you had the courage to knife the crewmember beside you just so you could take his crust of bread? Have you ever cowered before your brother as he beat you, all the time feeling thankful because at least you had someone who paid attention to you?

She fell silent, puffing slightly, the crewmembers staring at her.

“Don’t talk to me about noblemen,” Vin said. “And don’t say things about people you don’t know. You’re no skaa—you’re just noblemen without titles.”

She turned, stalking from the room. Kelsier watched her go, shocked, hearing her footsteps on the stairs. He stood, dumbfounded, feeling a surprising flush of ashamed guilt.

And, for once, found himself without anything to say.

—  Brandon Sanderson, The Final Empire: Chapter 31
Red Light Rabbit

(( This one was requested multiple times. ))

Alfred had never gone into the red light district of the village before.

Although village was really an inaccurate name for it. He came from a village, after all, quite a ways further west, populated solely by his kind: wolves. Now that? That was a village.

This was something else entirely and it could fit maybe one hundred copies of his village into it. There weren’t just wolves here—there were geese, deer, fox, bear, mice, you name it. They all lived in relative peace as far as you could expect from such a massive congregation, surviving in collective despite bickering and minor tensions. All in all, it was a pretty safe place to be for prey animals, since the punishment for eating one was death.

Alfred had seen the horse guards and he didn’t doubt for one second that they were fully capable of bashing his skull in with their clubs, wolf or not. He wasn’t an idiot.

But the idea of an area squared off solely for sex had eluded him until just that last week, when his co-worker, a beaver, made a not so subtle jab about his nature and suggested he spend some time ‘cooling off’. Which spiraled quickly into Alfred’s delighted discovery.

Wandering the district, he found that the name red light was wholly accurate—they really did use a fuck load of red lights for everything. He supposed it was for the best, because when the street itself pretty much screamed fuck me, you probably had to take some precautions for the sake of lost pups.

You wanted to bang a gazelle in a tutu? It could happen here. You wanted to feel the full girth of a rhino’s horn? Done. You wanted a swallow who’d swallow? There was a place for that.

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Sunggyu x reader Sweater Wheather

Summary: When you are cold on a date

Word count: 452 words

Genre: Fluff

Sunggyu and you were walking down the alley, you were shivering from the coldness of the air. You didn’t know it would be that cold today so you just wore an A-lined skirt with a cute t-shirt, nothing to protect you from the cold air. The air sting your skin. It was sunny and bright and warm this morning but now it was windy and ice cold out.

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      “DUCK!” The sound of a laser gun being fired. Again. Again. Again. The last screams of a dying Dalek echoed through the narrow alley. It still sent shivers down his spine; painted something in his eyes, that could have been pity if this hadn’t meant he was being soft and easy to kill. It would mean his end. And there was only one end he would like to make. If he died ending the war, then at least his own death would service a purpose. But he wasn’t that far now. Not now.

     “Do you have any idea how utterly STUPID it is to be walking around this part of the district?” His voice was a low hiss, his eyes laying hard on the person, when he had finally reached her. A young woman. He didn’t know her face but she should be in Acardia with all the others. Safe and sound.

    The grab around her upper arm was rather rough when he pulled her closer to the wall and along with him. He couldn’t leave her here. He wouldn’t leave her here. He had some unfinished business in Acardia anyway.

                    “What were you thinking?!” // @friendoftheood LIKED FOR A WAR STARTER!

Prompt based on this fan art^
“Oh… Somebody is in the mood.” Dean smirks as his younger brother backs him against the wall outside a bar.

“Shut up Dean.” Sam blurts. He is a tad bit drunk. Okay, maybe quite drunk. But that is not the reason why he pulls Dean out of the bar.

“I—” Sam pauses to let out a burp, which amuses Dean even more, “I can’t stand those guys with their hands all over you.”

Dean is grinning like an idiot right now, “So you are jealous, Sammy?” He emphasizes on the nickname, making Sam’s pinkish cheeks turn into a deep crimson.

They were at the pool table doing their usual duo cheating game. All was good and their pockets were getting satisfyingly stuffed until this big buys came up to challenge. Sam knew he was not here for the money because he was losing to Dean way too obviously. Dean did not seem to have a problem with it as long as the notes kept rolling to him. But not Sam. He watched the guy closely and he stole touches on Dean’s shoulder and arm and finally when he had his hand on the small of Dean’s back, Sam snapped. He called a quit and dragged Dean away.

So now they are standing in a dark back alley in a chilly winter night.

Dean’s smile has not wilted even though Sam is staring at him with the best glare he can manage in his condition. “C’mon Sam. That dude wasn’t going to do anything.” Dean rubs Sam’s arm, trying to reassure him, “Even if he really was going to try something, I could have handled him with one hand.”

Sam’s harsh expression softens a little, “I know Dean. But…” He presses their foreheads together and sighs, “I just don’t like him standing so close to you and trying to touch you…” His voice is so small and whiny, which makes Dean smile even wider, and more adoringly.

“Come here you silly boy.” Dean pulls Sam down into his hug and lets Sam slump all his weight onto him. “You know you are the one who owns me, right?” He starts to rub small circles on Sam’s back. The contact makes Sam’s tensed shoulders slowly relax and he leans more into Dean. Sam nods and nuzzles his face into the crook of Dean’s shoulder.

“Good.” With all his tenderness, Dean cups Sam’s face so he will look him in the eyes. “Remember that okay? I’m not going to say it twice.”

A faint smile finally spreads across Sam’s face. He looks down shyly, “Thanks, I was being stupid.”

“Yes you are and you’re welcome.” Then his big brother brings their faces so close that all Sam can see is those big green eyes. The mesmerizing green makes Sam all of a sudden forget everything that has been bothering him.

Sam licks his lips a few times nervously, and gingerly, he places his lips over Dean’s.

Humming happily against Sam’s soft lips, Dean parts his mouth to welcome Sam’s tongue. Sam’s breath tastes like alcohol, cheap mint flavored gum but most of it all, it tastes like Sam. Dean moves his hands to the back of Sam’s neck and entangles his fingers with the ends of Sam’s hair, enjoying Sam’s soft moans into his mouth.

They break away after what seems like forever. A cold breeze blows pass the alley and Sam shivers. Dean brings his hand down to rub over Sam’s chest, “Let’s head back. What do you say?”

Sam nods but he stares into Dean’s eyes for a while longer, drinking in the beautiful view in front of him. It may be the alcohol, or the sleepiness that finally catches upon him, but right now in this narrow, shabby and dark alley, Dean is more beautiful than anything he has ever seen.

“…Yea, let’s head back.” Sam mumbles absentmindedly after zoning out for a couple of seconds. He leans down once more to brush their lips together, “Let’s head back and do something to make us warm.”

Broken Nails and Vacant Alleys PROMPT FICLET #3

dust2dust34 said: Prompt! “Oliver. You broke my nail.”

I hope you like what I’ve done with this. And smut. You demanded smut. Lol. Here goes nothing.

“Damn it, Oliver! You broke my nail!” 

Felicity’s hushed whisper reached him just as he pushed into her wet heat and her hands grasped for his shoulders. He shook his head, a smile threatening his mouth and hitched her higher against the alley wall, her ass filling his palms. Her glorious, glorious ass that he had spent countless nights mapping, with his hands, his mouth, his eyes. He had not known he was such an ass kind of guy till he had hers in his bed, and fuck, he got harder than he already was inside her.

“You were the one strangling the life out of my bow, Felicity,” he whispered back, flexing his hips and eliciting a groan from her. “How the hell is it my fault that you broke it?”

Her head was thrown back now, the long line of her neck at level with his eyes. Unable to resist, he leaned forward and bit at the pulse. He loud moan filled the vacant alley, making his body shiver, making his desire spike a hundred times more. He still marveled at the fact that despite of being with him for so long now, knowing him like she did, she still had zero idea of what her natural reactions did to him- how her sounds made him want to crawl into her and never leave, how her rushed breaths made his heart swell with an aching tenderness he had never felt for another, how the sound of his name on her lips turned him into the most primitive of beasts.

He stopped moving, holding still, keeping her poised on that precipice and himself inside her wet, welcoming heat. She felt him halt and glared at him from those lustful, blue eyes, from behind her glasses. “Your bow is an extension of you and I was gripping it so hard because you could not control the urge to fuck me in a random alley.”

He bristled at that. “I hadn’t seen you for a week!”

“Then fuck me, you giant idiot!”

He felt a bubble of laughter erupt inside him at her desperation and hid his face in her throat to hide that from her. Apparently, he did not successfully. Because the next thing he felt almost made him drop to his knees with heady sensation.

Felicity, the tiny spitfire that she was, suddenly clamped her walls around him, squeezing the life out of his erection, clenching and unclenching her muscles, milking his cock for all it was worth. The tingling started at the base of his spine, indicating his early demise if she continued. 

He pushed her harder into the wall and she smirked, unrelenting in her wet heat. 

“You need to stop right now if you want me to last,” he growled, just wanting to let go inside her.

“And you need to fuck me like you promised you would if you want to last,” her soft, seductive voice came from just beside his ear. 

“I can’t believe I married such a vixen,” he muttered, bringing one hand to cup her breast, pulling on her nipple. 

“And I can’t believe I married such a tease,” she ground out, her eyes rolled back in her head. “You want me to talk dirty to you, baby?”

He grit his teeth at her teasing voice and with a roar, pulled out of her almost completely before slamming inside her so hard her jaw trembled. Before she could completely recover, he was back out and slamming home again. Her walls were shaking completely around him now, weeping for a release only he could provide. 

She was panting now, incoherent sounds coming out of her mouth that aroused him more than he could have believed. He kept pistoning his hips into hers, with swift hard strokes, over and over and over again and then she was exploding in his arms, biting into his leather-clad shoulder to muffle her screams and that wild bite of her mouth on his flesh unhinged him, his movements becoming erratic as he filled her and she came again, her entire body vibrating in his arms in the aftermath, his power thrusts slowing and gradually stopping. 

Slowly, their bodies calmed down, his heart slowing and he pulled his face back, still inside her, and surprisingly, still hard. Well, that’s what a week of blue balls did to him apparently. 

She touched her forehead to his, breathing in his scent. “Welcome home.”

His heart clenched at her whispered words, the value of those words making him speechless. For so long he had not had a home. For so long he had just been lost, a nomad moving from purpose to purpose. And then she found him and she became it. She became the reason to fight, the reason to return every night, the reason to smile on the worst of days, the reason to become human again. She became his reason. She became his home.  

He brushed her nose with his, reveling in the feel of her body, her presence. A week was too fucking long.

“I bet you.” The smirk in her voice made him open his eyes and consider her. Her playful smile was still glazed with lust. His cock twitched harder in her.

“Bet me what?” his voice was hoarse, his leather suit still all around him.

“You can’t make me break any other nail, Mr. Queen.”

Raising his eyebrows, he rotated his hips, watching in fascination as she bit her lips hard. Feeling lighter than he could have, he grinned back, knowing he was going to exhaust her into just chipping it at least, so it wouldn’t hurt. Oh, this would be fun. 

“I accept, Mrs. Queen.”

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Wrong Spell  II Jungkook Smut

Originally posted by kookie-bts

Jungkook has a massive crush on you and the boy accidentally meets strange fortuneteller. Will she help him?

Jeongguk x Reader

/ mature / drama / 

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Summary: Sequel to For Better or Worse. Their life had been drastically changed by the lottery and a visitor changed everything even more. 

Prompt: Sequel to For Better of Worse: After Blaine recovers, Kurt is truly happy for the first time, just going on real dates with his boyfriend, shopping for nice clothes, dreaming of their wedding and planning their futures. But their peace doesn’t last long, because a few days after they move into their beautiful new house, a congressman from Ohio shows up at their door, telling a crazy story and claiming to be the father Kurt never met.

Warnings: Past homelessness, abuse, kidnapping, mental illness 

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wearenxthuman  asked:

Fawn curled up in the alley, cold and shivering as the sun started to fall behind the buildings. Her hands were over her head, trying to cover and hide the doe ears that were protruding. A shadow loomed near where she sat and she huddled closer to the wall as she looked to the person now standing feet from her.

Damien saw the girl and tilt his head carefully approaching her. “Uh, excuse me? Are you okay?” He ask in a calming voice.

back alleys shiver at the thought of me
the echo of my heels, like cat claws
the scream on my lips, like an eagle
but i don’t go by such violent names
think of something sweeter

most people would call me justice
the kick to the teeth the world had coming
the hero this city needs
but i live and breathe the law as a day job
come on, be more creative

i’m the stuff nightmares dream about
the masked girl with a temper
the tragic past dripping with trauma and blood
but that's enough of a hint
and you’re running out of time

think hard
of the night sky and dark wings
of songs that could bring you to your knees
it’s on your tongue, i can see it
say my name

—  i am the black canary, a.d.