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I forgot to post this but if you do conventions or are thinking about it, i made a video with some sales tips! will make more when im a lil less swamped with schoolwork
Square Register for Comic Conventions
Working conventions and art fairs means running your own storefront. The more organized and streamlined you can be, the …
By Jacob Halton

I wrote a tutorial on using Square to manage all your products and sales at conventions and art fairs. These techniques have helped me be more organized, save precious time, and be able to focus more on the fun part of working conventions. I hope you can benefit from these tips too.


Steven Universe pins updated photoset. 1.5 inch gem pins for sale.

Rose. Pearl. Amethyst. Cracked Amethyst. Ruby. Sapphire. Garnet (S). Garnet ®. Centipeetle. Heaven/Earth beetles. Peridot (old). Peridot (current). Lapis. Cracked Lapis. Jasper.

Currently sold at $2/each, we’re working on reducing overall cost to bring down price with future batches! (We are expanding to include other fusions in the future and do take requests!)


I’ll be selling prints of this at Fanime 2015 with my homes Eric :) Come say hi! We’ll be at table 1125



I have some leftover prints after a slow weekend at MomoCon with marlinrae! I have $10 11x14 and 11x17 prints, and $8 prints for anything smaller than that. I have mini copies of the Avatar, Astrid, and Harry Potter prints. And I have some stickers leftover too! So email me at if you want to grab what is left!!!! I would really appreciate it!

Lava-Alley’s Button (Pins) making business now open!

Hello folks! My name is Lava-Alley and I own a button maker.
I want to make buttons for you.

Buttons are perfect for business advertisements, school events,selling at artist alley, and so much more!

How does this help you?

I print, cut, and punch every button. You don’t have to do any of the work! These buttons are mailed to you with your designs and are ready to go when coming into the mail.

Plus,you Don’t Need A Machine. Button machines are expensive,so  this way you can avoid the heavy start-up cost.

Button Price List - 1.25 Inch Buttons

Total Button Order Amount        50-100             100-500              500 - 1000
Per Button : Multiple Designs           $0.35                  $0.33                      $0.32
Per Button : Same Design                 $0.32                   $0.29                      $0.27

Minimum order is 50 buttons

“Same Design” means the full order only has one design to work with.

No limit on designs.

*Rush orders of under 1 week: Additional 50% of the total order’s cost.*

**Please save your designs as high quality 300 dpi .png files!**


Turnaround time for making regular button orders (500 or less) is about 1 week

for (500-1000+) it will take 2 weeks.

If you plan on having your buttons shipped to you, plan 2 weeks+ for the shipping time.

I ship from USA.

International shipping is accepted!

Regular mail in US will take around 2-5 business days.

For Canada/International orders, regular shipping can take from 8-10 business days. Express usually takes between 3-7 business day.


Please fill out the Button Order Form and send a email to   with the following information and submit it:

Name, Email, Shipping Method

1. How many buttons you would like to order in total.
2. How many designs you are using.
3. The quantity of each design.
4. Your location (Country, State/Province, City (With zipcode))

5.When you need the buttons by/if you need rush delivery. 

For a sample pack please contact:

For orders or any other informtion and questions please contact:

You should get a message back within 24 hours.