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Bad Vampire Chronicles Aesthetics: Interview w/ the Vampires

u whining coward of a vampire who prowls the night killing alley cats and rats and staring for hrs at candles as if they were ppl and standing in the rain like a zombie until ur clothes are drenched and u smell like old wardrobe trunks in attics and have the look of a baffled idiot at the zoo.

(Inspired by Bad Shakespeare Aesthetics!)


Lysandra’s story

“I used my abilities. Sometimes I was a human; sometimes i wore the skins of other street children with high standing in their packs; sometimes i became an alley cat or a rat or a gull. And then I learned that if I made myself prettier – if I made myself beautiful – when i begged for money, it came far faster. I was wearing one of those beautiful faces the day magic fell. And I’ve been stuck ever since.”
“And this is the form Arobynn spotted you in a few years later”

My Only, My Hiro- YandereTadashi Chapter 1

This is an expansion of rochichan’s yandere Tadashi comic. 

Here’s the link to both parts:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Hiro was just walking back from the university. Tadashi was cleaning up his lab and at first Hiro waited for him. But after waiting for a while he decided to go ahead and start on his way home. The sun was beginning to set, and Hiro didn’t want to walk home in the dark. Hiro had no way of knowing that simply wanting to be home before dark, would change his life forever.

As Hiro was walking it was beginning to get darker and darker so he took a shortcut he had taken many times before. It was not an alley. And he hated it when people called it that. It was just a gap between two buildings. One of them an apartment that barely anyone lived in, and the other an abandoned building…okay maybe it was an alley. He just never thought of it that way because he’d never felt in danger walking down it. Alley’s were supposed to be seedy places, covered in garbage, infested with rats and alley cats. This was just a space in between two nice looking red brick buildings and the only thing that could be considered dirty in it was an old aluminum trash can. Hiro slipped in between the two buildings and started heading for the cafe. He was almost half out of it when he heard “Hey you!” from behind him.

Hiro glanced back and saw a stocky man with mop black hair dressed in plainclothes,smoking a cigarette. His nose was curled in a sneer twisting his nose piercings into odd angles. Hiro narrowed his eyes. Ever since he’d quit bot fighting he had been dogged by Yama’s thugs trying to get a rematch out of him. He turned around and continued walking trying to ignore him. “Hey I’m talking to you!” the thug yelled.

Hiro turned around again and snapped “What do you want?”

The thug scowled. “Yama’s gettin impatient. He’s challenged you and no one ever ignores a challenge from Yama.”

“Yeah well there’s a first time for everything! Tell Yama I’m not interested.” Hiro retorted.

“Hey you little bastard! Don’t you understand English?!” The thug yelled.

“I’ve told all your little friends this and I’m telling you too! I’ve quit the bot fighting business!” Hiro reached into his shoulder bag and pulled a stack of bills out of his wallet, chucking it at the thug. “Here! If it’ll get Yama off my back! Now leave me alone!”

The thug grabbed Hiro by the shoulder and forced him up against the brick wall. The thug pulled a knife and held it under his chin. Hiro’s eyes widened and he pressed himself as close to the wall as he could to avoid the tip of the knife that was scarcely pricking the skin on his neck.

“Yama ain’t lookin for money. He wants his pride back. And I ain’t here to persuade ya. I’m here to bring ya to Yama by any means necessary. And guess what?” The thug leaned forward, a malevolent smirk on his face and an insidious look in his eyes. “He said he didn’t care what shape you was in. Just as long as you can play. Said I could have a little…fun with ya first.”

Hiro’s heart race and terror surged through his bloodstream. He could feel the thug’s breath on his neck and he twisted his head away and squeezed his eyes shut. He felt tears prick his shut eyes and he grit his teeth but didn’t dare scream ,should he get his throat cut out.

Somebody please help me!” He screamed in his mind.

The next thing he heard was a horrible crushing sound. Opening his eyes the first things he saw were the thug’s body flying off to the side and bruised knuckles that were clenched so hard they were white.

“Tadashi!” He cried out in relief. It seemed Hiro’s brother had come to rescue him again. Hiro looked up at his brother….and his joy faded. His brother was….different. He was panting heavily and his eyes were filled with hatred, revulsion, and another dark something that he couldn’t interpret. He barely had time to process this before Tadashi threw himself at the thug and began viciously beating him. The thug tried to defend himself but Tadashi knocked the knife from his hand. Tadashi punched him again and again, breaking his teeth, blood was beginning to stain his knuckles. The thug gurgled through the blood and broken teeth in his mouth, his face was swelling and turning purple.

“Tadashi!” Hiro cried out, surprised at his brother’s sudden violence.. “STOP! He’s had enough! HE’S HAD ENOUGH!”

Tadashi stopped hitting him, but he wasn’t nearly done yet. He looked down at the thug who continued to gurgle for mercy. Time seemed to stand still for those few moments, before Tadashi’s hand uncurled, reached for the discarded knife on the ground, clenched it in his fist, and raised it above his head.


The knife came down and punctured his chest. The thug was screaming through the blood in his mouth which, horrifyingly, also caused him to begin to choke on his own broken teeth. The knife was pulled out of his chest and thrust into his stomach. Tadashi stabbed and stabbed at the thug, blood splattering all over the ground and all over Tadashi. The thug was convulsing and writhing in his own blood, his pleas for mercy muffled by the blood, gagging as his broken teeth scraped at the inside of his throat.

Hiro stood there, a horrified expression frozen on his face,tears in his eyes, trembling violently as Tadashi continued to plunge the cold steel into the thug’s chest and stomach. Finally ,after what seemed like an eternity, the thug stopped struggling and Tadashi’s hand stilled. Hiro’s violent shaking spread into his speech as he stuttered out in small voice thick with fear “T-T-T-T-Tadashi?”

His older brother turned his head and looked at him. His face was covered in blood and his eyes were full of concern and relief, a slight smile was on his face. The image of such a common expression for his brother with his face covered in blood, as he leaned over the body of the man he just murdered, made Hiro nearly vomit. The tears that were resting on the brim of his eyes began to stream down his cheeks.

Tadashi rushed over to him. Hiro was frozen in place as Tadashi kneeled down and drew him into his arms, placing one hand one the back of his head and the other on his back.

“Shhh. Shh. It’s okay now, Hiro.” Tadashi attempted to soothe the trembling boy. Hiro felt sick as he felt the blood on his brother’s hands seeping into his clothes and smearing into his hair. As terrified as he was, he was unable to move. He felt a horrible stew of emotions stirring up in his stomach. He was petrified as he tried to comprehend what he just saw. His brother, his sweet, charming, loving, gentle brother who would never hurt anyone, had just murdered a man. Once his mind put the pieces together, brain cells firing, he jumped away from his brother.

He looked up at his brother’s confused expression. “T-Tadashi-what the hell did you do?!” Tadashi reached out toward him and said

“It’s okay Hiro. He won’t hurt you anymore.” Hiro flinched away from his brothers hand. “What you did to that guy was insane! You shouldn’t have done that!” Hiro was nearly screaming.

Tadashi looked slightly confused. “Don’t tell me you expected me to let that guy go after seeing him touch you like that.” He stated, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “NO! It’s not even that! It’s-You-You didn’t have to kill him! Why would you do that?!”

Tadashi began to approach his little brother again, his hand outstretched to take his brother’s hand. “Hiro, you need to understand I did that because I love you-“

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” Hiro cried, slapping his brothers hand away from him. A strange unhinged expression came over his brothers face.

“Why don't you understand?”

He whispered dementedly.

“Why? Why? Why? Why? Why don’t you understand I did this because I care about you?!”

He was starting to shout now and Hiro turned to run but Tadashi grabbed his wrist and gripped it so hard, pain shot through his arm. “Dashi! AH! Let me go!” 

“Why don’t you understand I had no choice?! He would have destroyed you! He could have killed you!" Tadashi was gripping his wrist harder and harder until it felt like he would break it, and Hiro kept thrashing more and more scratching at his older brother’s fingers, trying to get free.

"Why don’t you understand I only want to protect you! You don’t understand! I will make you understand!

"GET AWAY FROM ME!” Hiro screamed finally tearing himself away from Tadashi’s grip and running as fast as he could down the alley and away from Tadashi. The older boy stood shocked for a moment before his face contorted in anger. His eyes shot around the alley before they fell on the aluminum trash can. He grabbed the lid. Hiro was rounding the corner out of the alley when Tadashi started running.


Hiro heard his name roared by his hysterical brother. He let out fearful whimper and forced himself to run faster. His lungs were burning but he didn’t dare stop running. He was headed around to the back of the abandoned building where the large wall of tall wooden fence broke off for a short chain link fence. All he needed to do was hop the chain link fence, cut through that back yard, get inside the cafe and call 911. He was just about to jump the fence when Tadashi cut him off and started to advance towards him.


Frantic and filled with adrenaline Hiro’s eyes darted around before laying eyes on the back door to the abandoned building. He rushed for the door.


He screamed. Hiro wrenched the door open, ran inside and slammed it behind him. It didn’t stop his brother for long. Tadashi threw the door open. His maniacal eyes scanned the trashed old apartment.


He heard heavy running steps on the floor above him. A smile curled onto his lips. Hiro bolted into the old bedroom, terror surging through his veins as he heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. He quickly raced into the attached walk in closet ,buried himself behind the old hung up coats and hid. A few moments later Tadashi burst into the room. Hiro heard him tromping around the room. “Where are you!?” He hissed. The sound of furniture crashing filled the air. The commotion suddenly stopped and the only noise the terrified boy could hear was the heavy breath of his pursuer and his own pounding heart. He prayed his brother would give up and look somewhere else. The tension hung heavy in the air and pressed with titanic weight on his chest. Hopelessness and fear filled his body as he heard steps coming toward the closet. He pressed himself to the wall behind the coats not even daring to breathe as he heard the knob turn and the door open. His brother entered the closet, his eyes scanning over the room. Hiro’s hands were clamped over his mouth to prevent the terrified whimpers from spilling from his lips. His stomach sank when he saw his brother approach the corner of the closet he hid in. He saw Tadashi’s hands weave between the coats and pull them aside. His face curled into a smirk. “There you are!” He hissed. Hiro darted out from between the coats and ran for the door, but in two quick strides Tadashi had beat him there and shut the door pinning him against it.

Hiro was trapped. Pressed up against the door he looked with terrified eyes into the dark ones of his brother, a wicked glint was in his eyes, trash can lid clenched in his hand.

"I really didn’t want to have to do this Hiro! I didn’t want to have to hurt you! But bad boys who misbehave must be punished!” He barked.

Hiro’s eyes filled with tears as he whispered hopelessly “Dashi! Please don’t!” Tadashi’s assured expression faltered for a moment as he looked down at his terrified little brother. But he put his doubts aside. This was for his own good he told himself. “Now be a good boy,” He drawled. “and lie down for your nap!” And with that Tadashi raised the trash can lid and struck his little brother hard across the side of his head. Hiro slumped to the ground, unconscious. Tadashi scooped up his brothers lifeless body and left the abandoned house.


The first thing Hiro registered as his mind teetered on the edge of regaining consciousness was a stinging pain on the side of his head. As he groggily struggled to arouse himself from the clutching darkness he became aware of his body yet again and began to stir slightly. But when he attempted to move his body he found he couldn’t get far as something was hindering him. His confusion caused him to rise more quickly. His eyes opened and his blurry vision came into focus and as it did he realized that he did not recognize his location. The walls were dark indicating it to be nighttime and the only light in the room was moonlight spilling through a small window above a bed that he seemed to be resting on. Finally dropping his eyes to his immobile limbs Hiro was horrified to find his arms and legs bound to the bed with what appeared to be a black wire. He struggled against them for a second but stopped when he realized his back was pressed up against something solid and warm. Two strong arms wrapped around his chest. Hiro didn’t even have to turn to know who his captor was.

“D-dashi?” he uttered.

“Hey baby bro.” he cooed into his ear, nuzzling into Hiro’s hair. “Your awake.”

“Where are we?” he whimpered.

“Somewhere safe……somewhere no one will ever hurt you again…..”


“Shhhh its okay now. Shhh….”

Hiro felt tears filling his eye’s and cascading down his cheeks. Tadashi turned Hiro toward him and wiped his tears away with his thumbs. Tadashi wore a calm and contented expression as he cradled his brothers face in his hands. “Shhh! Now don’t cry! This is a wonderful thing!” He pressed his forehead against Hiro’s and looked him in his terrified eyes. “It’s what we’ve always wanted!Just you and me and no one else! Forever!“ 

 His voice took on a gravely and grim tone. He then drew him into his arms and threaded his fingers into his hair.

To be continued…..

Month Overview: February 2016

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Leave it to the cops to break up a party. Their ragtag group scattered into the surrounding alleys like rats- all except Clear, who had decided to take the high route instinctively. He fled through the veranda and pulled himself up onto the roof, boots planted onto the shingles just as the floodlights poured into the house.

His head whipped back and forth as he tried to figure out which direction Aoba had fled, but between the sirens and the loudmouth on the megaphone, his voice was impossible to pinpoint accurately.

“So noisy!” Clear stamped his foot in frustration before taking off towards Platinum Jail. That was the plan anyway, right? Aoba would probably be waiting there. He skipped across the rooftops as easily as a game of hopscotch, peering down into the alleys occasionally to see if he could catch anyone en route.

A familiar smiley button reflected a glint of light in the dark. He only knew one person who dressed that way.

Noiz-saaan!” Clear called out to him loudly, waving his arms over his head to catch his attention (as if he wasn’t being conspicuous enough already.) “Up here!”