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Would it be offensive to depict a black male character with albinism if the albinism served to make it more difficult for other characters to learn about his past? The setting has a very grey and gray morality, so should I make him non-violent to stay as far away from the Albino Villain trope as possible? Thank you for your time.

Black man with Albinism

This is very vague. Especially the first sentence. How is his albinism making his past ambiguous? Because he doesn’t have melanin? 

Sorry to break it to you, but race =/= skin color. Black people with albinism still look black. I mean, I may be white skinned but I still got an afro and Jackson 5 nostrils. I could definitely pass for mixed, but I’m still clearly part of the african diaspora and so is your character.

~ Mod Brei

New Cinelli / Mash steel track frame. 

Same great Mash influenced Cinelli build, Columbus tubing. 

This frame set has removable cant brake studs, and can be built several ways. Single Speed Cyclocross, Track, Work, and Criterium.

Available in 5 sizes: 50, 53, 55, 57, and 60

Includes the frame, fork, sealed headset, seat collar, and brake studs.

27.2 Seat Post

English/68 Bottom Bracket

1 1/8th Threadless Headset

100/120 hub spacing.

We are pleased to share a special project we have been working on with Chas Christiansen and the team at Columbus/Cinelli. Enclosed are some details of our first Columbus steel frame set. This unique platform is intended to solve for a broad range of needs with one bike. Chas travels heavily—racing alley cats, working as a messenger, racing cyclocross—so this bike was born from those diverse needs. The geo has a high bottom bracket and is aggressive in nature, but allows for weight to be carried on the front rack while feeling stable. The frame and fork have removable canti brake studs, so the bike can be ridden as a clean fixed gear, or single speed cyclocross frame set including internal cable routing for the rear brake. Both the frame and fork will clear 35c tires for dirt, or a smooth street tire. We kept a raw look that preserves the weld heat markings by adding a clear coat to the steel. This treatment celebrates Columbus, whom we are proud to call family. Garrett Chow drew on the historical Cinelli and Columbus art archive to detail this frame set in a timeless manner.

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Have you ever done alley cat races? Looks fun although dangerous.

I have. Not as dangerous as crits though.

Id rather do alley cat than a crit any day. My first crit was in 1997 and first alleycat in 1998.