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So these are actually all the people that I follow but I won’t unfollow anyways so.. Yeah :) Of course some people in this list have became real good friends of mine but I am way too scared that if I’m going to mark names that I forget some names so.. Here you go :) Sorry if I misspelled your name but these are many names so yeah.

A: alittleallovertheplace – alleriana - bmars-news

B: bokingwithbruno – billboard – blackandwhiteparty - brbdancingthrulife – brunofanfiction - brunorocksburst – brunosbockinbabe – brunogifs – brunomarsfans - brurih - bruno-audio

C: cherrythirst

D: dry-tears-xx - dutchdiamonds

E: echosei - earth2mars-d – eliesjuh

F: fanfictionfrommars - fatmareda - forever-young-a

G: ghoulishthemes

H: heeline-bm - hooliganf0rever – hooligantolittlemonster – hawaiiandragon – hooligandictionary

I: inmany – itsalishamars – irideincisimaginarycarrot – irocthegrenade - i-willtrytofixyouu – ilovemusicandmore - iamzangief

J: jacobinao – jessicacabanexpozay

K: kimvanderwiel

L: lenagaidash - let-l0ve-rule – letusbok – lovemybruno - larissaferrariq

M: marsuns – movingthestill – marssarshere – musicandlove - marsandbeyond-d - misszintaaaa - mebrustamars

N: nushii – niggapinomars

O: onarockettomars

P: privateagentmars – psychofactz - phalliwells - pollyv

R: rhapsodyincolour – raininhawaii

S: somewhereinbrooklyn-fanfiction

T: thepigglydiggly – tippingtimeless – trustindestiny - thishooliganlivesonmars

U: un0rth0d0xjukebox - unorthodoxbruno

W: wedreamandsmile

X: xmiesie

Y: youreallaboutme - youjustrealized

I was tagged by Alleriana and Luuhooligan :)
  1. How are you today? I’m doing okay, not great but not bad either.
  2. Do you miss your childhood? Everyday, yes.
  3. Ever fell in love with someone you shouldn’t? At the moment, he has a girlfriend already. Ulgh. Oh and of course Bruno is one of those persons as well.
  4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? America.
  5. Opinion on same-sex marriage? I’m not against it or anything, do whatever you like, marry whoever you love.
  6. If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do? Probably tell my crush how I feel about him and then kiss him and then fly to Bruno Mars and fuck his brains out. Yes.
  7. What do you do for fun? I play the piano :)
  8. What would you do if someone just walked up to you and kissed you? KISS ME!
  9. Books or movies? Movies, I’m lazy
  10. Why did you join Tumblr in first place? Because of Cherrythirst aka Ecem, I followed her on Twitter and always saw this ‘tumblr’ thing.
  11. Do you have a favourite word? (okay that was random..) I say 'prima’ a lot, which means 'Great’ or 'Perfect’.
  12. Biggest Wish? Getting a boyfriend for god sake.
  13. One thing you regret? One thing from my past I definitely regret.
  14. Best day of your life so far? Seeing Bruno live :)
  15. wanna marry one day? Yes I do! 
  16. favorite song? MOONSHINE!
  17. What would you do if you would win in lottery? Make sure Bruno gives me a private concert.
  18. What would be your super-power? To steal all the other super powers, duh? (Hmm creative huh?)
  19. What do you want people to remember about you? That I have always stayed nice to everyone.
  20. Would you lie to someone you love? Depends on the lie of course.
  21. How would you describe yourself in 1 word? Changing.
  22. summer or winter? Summer!

Thank you my angels :)