allergy pride

the-alter-of-stolen-things  asked:

Today I feel proud because I had a really bad allergic reaction and my throat tightened/I couldn't breathe and my skin was beet red/hot/tingly and I eventually threw up but I stayed calm through the whole thing! I've never had an allergic reaction so I had no previous experience with it and here I was, taking it like a champ. I'm so proud my myself!

You are a champ!!!! 

20 Questions

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Name: Laura

Nickname: Laurie, or Chanel #3 to @whatisaweekend

Birth Month: March

Height: 5′5

Ethnicity: American 

Orientation: What a personal question lol. I think I might be bi??? but I’ve only ever dated guys, so I’m not 100% sure

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries and fresh pineapple

Favorite Season: Spring, despite my horrendous seasonal allergies

Favorite Book(s): Pride & Prejudice, the Harry Potter Series, the Outlander series 

Favorite Flowers: Stargazer lilies, violets, orchids

Favorite Scent: Freshly baked cookies

Favorite Animal: Amur tiger

Favorite Beverage: Extra dirty gin martini

Average Hours of Sleep: 5 to 7

Favorite Fictional Characters: Ahaha Killian Jones, Jamie Fraser, Demelza Poldark, Lizzie Bennett, Matthew Crawley, Nick Miller, Ben Wyatt, Prof. McGonagall (anyone played by Maggie Smith tbh), Ella Lopez, and sooooo many more

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: Just the comforter

Dream Trip: Touring the continent (aka all of Europe)

Blog Created: Sometime in 2011 or 2012, I think. Who even knows

Number of Followers: it says 160, but idk how many of those are actual people

Tag 20 people: I’m not tagging 20, that’s too many. @prodigiousreblogger @jennykisssedme @whylimewhyanything @whforreal @carrieg425 @noshippingallowed @bestof60 @breezylouisey @canuck-sassenach @superaloyavanza @foldingstars295 @trulyprincesspenelope @contemplatingoutlander @cmhoughton @mackenzielass4ever @aliceinoutlanerland You’ve all probably already been tagged, but whatever. @ Anyone else who wants to play: tag, you’re it

in a t shirt with the sun on your shoulders and a coffee cup pressed against your lips
a miracle that I will never be worthy of
laughing at the way I dance around the kitchen at 2 am
kissing me softly
like if you press too hard I might shatter
telling me
“this is okay. this is okay.
—  Girls like girls– Lily Rain