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Meanwhile, in allergic-to-nearly-everything land. -points at self- I thankfully don’t have food allergies (that we’ve found, anyway) but seasonal in all four seasons, plus animal dander. I know them scabby nose feels, had that happen several winters.

It’s poplar fluff season. No one here is happy during poplar fluff season even in good years, and with this year being even worse than usual….

I have one friend who has ALL the animal allergies plus food intolerances plus seasonal allergies… I feel bad for her.

Gnhgnhgn I am glad I don’t have allergies. Here, let me hold you and pet you.

(I usually get scabby lip towards the end of winter from sheer dryness - scabby nostril is new and unsettling for me)

Rant #1 Allergies

 Nature must hate me. It’s like air has a grudge against me. I can’t breathe without coughing, can’t step outside for ten minutes without getting a migraine headache. Dandelions have become my mortal enemy. I would pull every one of the pollen-producing buggers if it didn't make me feel sick to get near them. Those of us who are constantly hacking through the day have formed a sort of un-spoken bond. We congregate around tissue boxes and at water fountains. We sort of nod at each other, exchanging looks that say, I feel ya, brother.

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