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Rule One: Always post the rules.
Rule Two: Answer the questions asked by your tagger and ask eleven more.
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  • 1: What was the last book you read and what did you think of it?

Last book i read was called The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. It was really fascinating, hilarious, and suspenseful. i was on my metaphorical, literary toes til the very last page. also, it gave an interesting insight on the inner workings of the upper class in relation to government corruption, it was spiritual but by no means a heavy read. light, fun, but informative. basically i think you should read it 1000%

  • 2: What was the last tv show you binge watched?

ahhhh, In the Flesh? does that count? even tho i’m not done s2 yet lol i took a break to catch up on oitnb s2 i’m terrible at tv shows i stopped watching suits s4 too oops

  • 3: What was the pairing for the last fic you read?


  • 4: Got any piercings? Do you want any (more)?

one in each ear, standard lobe. i want my helix and upper lobes done too tho

  • 5: What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on?

hmm…nyc, disney land or that random road trip to yasooj in iran when i was like, 5,

  • 6: Favourite drink? (Don’t pick water)

i LOVE water tho wth :( okay uhhhhh… white tea

  • 7: What would your patronus be?

a panda, apparently (cus they’re chilled, cute, eat green things and they need to form a bond w/ others before they mate)

  • 8: Got any skills/talents? (even unusual ones)

when i’m feeling inappropriately sad or happy i write things. also i have a coolish tongue

  • 9: What do you have hanging/stuck up on your wall?

nothing as of yet, moving and all

  • 10: Preferred footwear?

flats or converse 

  • 11: Top 5 things to do where you live

my entire french oral presentation was on this lmao

  1. shop
  2. eat
  3. beach (only in the winter/fall unless ur insane)
  4. theme parks
  5. shop and eat at the same place (sh it works)

okay, my questions:

  • Most embarrassing song(s) on your music-listening-device-of-choice?
  • Do you cook? If so, what dish(es)? If not, would you like to?
  • do u like plants
  • Favourite fictional character? why?
  • Favourite time of the year? why? do you get exam/test-time deja-vu when you see ‘why’ at the end of a q?
  • What’s something you know you do differently than most others?
  • Summarise the human condition in its entirety in 5 words.
  • What’s something you find difficult to do?
  • What’s a show/movie you loved as a kid but now realise is completely messed up?
  • What’s one thing you wished you did more of?
  • What is art? What is science? Is there a difference? Discuss. (8 marks) or alternatively, what’s a language you wanna learn?













it’s against the rules but we’re all rebels here yeah i’d be happy if you guys just answered my qs even if you didn’t bother making new qs and tagging ppl etc have fun

ordell  asked:

what is it that u dislike about drake? :) have u heard the lord knows track with rick ross? Its also one of my fav beats ever, just blaze went in, and everyone says drake killed it.

Lol this is so random, i dont listen to drake or rick ross so no idea dude