allentown girls

Masterlsit of roles Rachel Berry could play

Under the cut are a ton (about 50) of roles Rachel Berry could possibly play. These are all my opinion, but I took into consideration vocal and acting range, what Rachel herself would be comfortable with, and in some cases race. These range from age 7-35 so they could be roles Rachel played in the past, she currently is in, or wishes to play. It’s always good to be able to reference such things, yes?

There’s a link to the Wikipedia page for each musical but I recommend doing some research past that if your Rachel is currently in the musical, as she’d definitely be talking about it. I also said the stage range (the ages the actor could be to play the role, which don’t necessarily match with the age of the character), whether it’s a lead, secondary lead, or supporting role, and a short description of each character. I didn’t include roles that she’s played in the show (Janet from Rocky Horror, Maria from West Side Story, Fanny in Funny Girl, etc) and I also left out the usual roles mentioned for Rachel (Elphaba, Yentl, etc). This is to broaden your choices, so doing that just wouldn’t be helpful, right? Right.

So, I hope this super mega-list actually helps everyone out! Enjoy!

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