Spin The Bottle || @allen-the-14th

She’d somehow been drug to the Order’s New Year’s party. She wasn’t anti-social but parties weren’t exactly her thing, blowing a puff through her hair she stood against a wall at the back of the room. If it weren’t for two things she wouldn’t even be there; that would be Lenalee's incessant begging and a certain white haired boy whom she absolutely adored (not that she was too aware of this). When he first arrived she gave him an upturned nose and an air of disapproval, the little brat got on her every nerve. Yet, after months of working with him she noticed strange feelings, not like she knew what they were or cared. She simply brushed them off as nothing and tried to move on. But they kept coming back, every time she saw him, her heart would race and her usual ‘che’ was softened by a pink blush. Every time she looked at him those damn emotions would come back. She wondered what was wrong with her. Was she malfunctioning? How was she supposed to know?

With a scowl on her face she looked over the finders and other exorcists, almost judging their every action. She was eyeing over a group of people laughing, probably about something stupid, when she noticed a familiar flash of white locks. The boy turned and smiled with a gentle wave. 

Her instant reaction was too look away, hiding the rising color in her cheeks, thanking God he was too far away to actually see it.

“Sh-shit…. those weird symptoms are back.” she muttered to herself. Her body instantly tensing up when she noticed him walking towards her. “D-damn white haired, why does he always have to talk to me and make me annoyed…” with an inaudible gulp she rid herself of the blush trying to take over her face and turned to face him. “Che, what do you want?”