Do you ever feel like you’re trying to reinvent something?
Well, imagine I’m trying to recreate Penguin Books, by investigating it’s story page by page.
Tell me, geniuses, beautiful bookworms, anybody!, tell me: what idea, thought, what a crazy dream had Allen Lane when he started first ten copies? What was the base.
Answer the question which makes me go mad: if the idea behind Penguin Books was so simple why had no one ever thought of it before?
What was the aim of creating new publish house? What was this insane book addicted person thinking about?

I’m gonna die among these searches…

Happy Birthday Penguin.
Launched on 30 July 1935. This is a Green Ariel, a unique proof copy before Penguin had decided on the colour coding. This was eventually published in blue not green which became the hallmark of the crime titles. As far as I know this is the only copy in a dust jacket known to exist.
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