TURF for

Photography Thanh Nguyen
Fashion Cat Morrison
Model Ava at The MGMT
Hair & Make-Up Xeneb Allen using Kevin Murphy, Nars and Giorgio Armani Cosmetics
Photography Assistant Jess Garcia
Fashion Assistant Danielle Arbaci

the one with the shower

requested by @znationx10k

AU in which you and 10k share a room and end up having to share a shower as well

You find an old condo on a lake somewhere in one of the Middle states. It’s more of a cabin than a condo, and even has a few dead deer on the wall (one of which was zombified, and not very fun to kill). But it has electricity, and maybe, just maybe, running water.

There’s only a few bedrooms, so everyone is split up, and you inevitably end up with 10k. Murphy and Doc always share, as do Mack and Addy. That leaves Cassandra and Warren, who refuse to be stuck with the ‘teenage hormones’.

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Suicide Squad Trailer Spoof by Evil Iguana Productions