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Following Spree !!

I only follow about 100 blogs and my dash is unbelievably dead ;;

So please reblog (to spread the word) if you post the following:

— the 100 [bonus if you ship bellarke]
— teen wolf
— agent carter
— arrow [bonus if you ship olicity]
— the flash [bonus if you ship snowbarry or westallen]
— once upon a time
— agents of shield
— the maze runner
— the hunger games
— captain america / avengers / anything marvel
— anything else??

   If I haven't said anything lately, thank you so much universe 
for the zombie apocalypse! And for Dr. Merch and my
whole situation. And for, what else, the badlands nuclear
power plant! And yes points to you universe, points to you,
for dragging my ass all the way to South Dakota to die!

That was sarcasm.

Ultimate ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Evil Iguana Productions


EIP IS BACK! With a new and hilarious video called Swish Pan starring Allen Murphy, Craig Deering, and Tony Jordan.