Zack Snyder’s WATCHMEN (2009): Superhero Metafiction - A Video Essay

So it looks like my prayers for a Video Essay, that does not pretentiously stroke it’s chin about how bad Zack Snyder is, has finally  been answered..

The guy who made this has a good understanding of Snyder’s intentions as well as its aim to complementing Moore’s deconstruction of Superhero comics with a deconstruction of Superhero movies.

@comingupforblair, @thatchinesesupermanfan and @lyrafay I think you guys will enjoy this video. 

Webcomic Tip #2

Just because you have a billion fucking characters doesn’t mean the world is fleshed out and full of lore.

Populated, yes.

Full of potential lore, sure.

Having 5 characters randomly introduced without giving me a good reason to care about them is bad writing, and unfortunately something I see too much.

Look small child unless you are the Lord of Snakes Allen Moore and can’t make nameless background characters seem interesting give your characters time to grow.

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UK: Exclusive preview screening at the Science Museum with talk from director Morten Tyldum on 12th November at 7:30 pm Tickets £20

US: Preview screening at 92Y on 16 November 2014 with Benedict Cumberbatch giving a talk after Tickets on sale to the public on 4 November

Preview screening on 19th November at 6:30 pm at Museum of the Moving Image in New York as part of the World Science Festival - screenwriter Graham Moore in attendance

Additionally screening at MoMa on 19th November at 7:30 pm with Graham Moore, Allen Leech and Matthew Goode in attendance