Rooftop of Allen House, looking out over corner of Washington and Worcester Streets circa 1965-1980, Boston Landmarks Commission image collection, (Collection #5210.004) City of Boston Archives

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Last night I randomly decided that the previously named Edgar Allen Poe asylum is not really called that. It’s also not one building. As a collective, they are known as that. However, there are three separate houses. Edgar House is for younger children, those 12 and under. It’s a largely residential facility that also does some out patient work, and tries to keep children at home while still giving them the structure they need. Allen House is for teenagers who are struggling with a variety of issues. Mini went there for awhile, in 7th/8th grade. She still went to the normal school however it was determined that Andi was not really in a position to handle her at home, given that she didn’t have much experience with that stuff, and had to support the whole family. She was home on passes often though, and eventually was allowed to come home. But that’s why in the original story I didn’t know she had a younger sister for awhile, because she was away. At Allen House. She might still be there when Alex meets Terry, I’m not sure. It was during Alex’s relationship with Birtch that she was sent there in the first place, because Andi couldn’t deal with both of those at home, and Mini hated that Alex was always the one that got the attention. It put a strain on Alex and Mini’s already damaged relationship, because Mini felt like Alex was always getting the attention, and that people cared about her more, while Alex felt like Mini thought she was getting abused on purpose, and doing it for attention, and making shit up. Eventually, they become close again. Way later on, when Taevynne is in the picture and Alex starts defending her to Hemming. Allen House is also where Ellie went to live at various points during her teenage years when Angel couldn’t handle her anymore, or just didn’t care enough. 

Poe House is for adults. It’s a smaller facility, because there is less need. That’s where Ellie is now, given that she’s entirely non-verbal and not entirely emotionally mature due to the fact that she shut down at age 9. I think she may also have a history of self-harming behavior, and refusal to cooperate with authorities. She’s also got a lot of trust issues. I need to develop her more. She’s high functioning though, and does go out on passes often enough. 

Anyone watching Ghost Hunters right now...

First off, welcome to Monticello, home of War Eagle Boats and ghosts.

Secondly, this shit is legit. That shit really does happen in the Allen House, trust me I know.


In Memorium:

The ‘Double-J Power Play’ at Ormond Smokos

August, 2012 - May, 2013

Granted to us such little time,
but fruitful so that here, in rhyme,
we mourn that we did not deserve
longer to dwell on Josh’s curves.

We can but frame these treasured sights,
and thank the Gods he had no tights,
and turn our minds to seasons when
Allen bequeathed us such loose men.

And Jack, on whom we pinned our hopes,
that he’d bum someone else’s smokes -
his costumes left a memory here,
of a man who did it for the beer.

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old, (although the freshers will probably still be about the same age);
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn (that’s for the courts to do);
At the going down of the sun, and when we stay up all night and watch it rise up again while wearing traffic-cones as hats,
We will remember them.

Finally got round to doing this! I’m sorry for the lack of bracelets/earrings, but it was really hard to find ones I think Jenna would wear and any I did find were way more expensive than the ones I already had on there :(

Jenna Inspired Jewellery by catherine1998-1 featuring an elephant necklace

House of Harlow 1960 teal jewelry, £31 / Crystal pendant, £29 / ABS by Allen Schwartz yellow gold earrings, £29 / Carolina Glamour Collection black onyx pendant, £19 / Bohemian jewelry / Gypsy Soul lion necklace, £16 / Bling Jewelry pave earrings, £16 / Locket ring / Natalie B feather ring, £15 / Bling Jewelry band ring, £15 / Accessorize elephant necklace, £13 / Crystal pendant / Bling Jewelry bracelet jewelry, £9.63 / Vintage opal ring, £8.24 / House of Harlow 1960 ring, £6.42 / Madison Parker coil bracelet, £6.40 / Engraved bracelet

cuppycakevsworld asked:

((*loud grin*)) Oliver: Oliver was in a rush. After he had made sure his hair was perfect and he had put a ton of makeup on to make sure he had no facial flaws, he ran to buy a dozen red roses. After he had done that, He quickly ran to Allen's house, knocking on the front door. "This time, I will admit it." He breathed to himself. (*smashes face into wall* Can't start roleplays. I sorry.))

(Hhhhhhhh *vibrates excitedly* It’s no problem sugar) Allen answered the door, raising an eyebrow at Oliver and tucking a hand into the pocket of his hoodie. “Hey, Ollie. What brings you by?” He leaned against the door frame and smiled. “Come all the way out here just to see li'l ol’ me?”


-Dr. Valack is back! We now know why he no longer has a third eye. That scene was disgusting but kind of satisfying in a weird way.  I’m thinking the dread doctors took his eye so he couldn’t see the future or see them?
-We still don’t know what Valack is, so we don’t really know if he had the ability to see the future or some other type of special ability that would make him a target of the doctors.
-  Valack knows enough about the Dread Doctors to write a book.  I would like to know how he knows so much. When did he first learn of the doctors? How long have they been around? Who are they?
-We still don’t know Theo’s connection to the doctors. Why is he working for them? Was he created by them?
-I don’t like the possible Theo/Malia relationship. I am a fan of Stydia, but I still don’t want Malia to be with Theo.
-The Desert Wolf is probably responsible for the death of Malia’s mom and sister. Why would she go after her own daughter?
-Parrish is still stealing the bodies. He does appear to be very angelic in those scenes, so maybe he’s an angel. Angels are sometimes associated with fire.