Friendzone Advice From Barry Allen:

Captain Canary Son: So…Cisco was telling me that you were in the Friendzone with Iris for years before you two dated.

Barry *sets coffee mug down*: Mhm; what about it?

Captain Canary Son: How did you get out?

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A dangerous plan, just this time
A stranger’s hand clutched in mine
I’ll take this chance, so call me blind
I’ve been waiting all my life

I wanna post the painting ive worked on recently but it’s supposed to be a set of two so have this for now
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Does Barry not realize the reason why things are so bad in the future is because he became such a selfish person the moment he got together with Iris? He literally becomes less of himself around her and shuts off everyone else. Iris clearly brought out the worst in him. Even Savitar said he’s the real villain. Eobard Thawne at the beginning said something very similar. Killer Frost of the future pointed this out when she said in 3x19 “there’s no hate in your eyes…yet.” Savitar has to be Barry of the future. Look at all the clues that add up!
—  Anonymous