“In July of 1964, one year before his music changed from acoustic to electric, I photographed Bob Dylan for LOOK magazine. I spent time with him at his home in Woodstock, New York, in Greenwich Village, and at the Newport Folk Festival. The story was never published. After reviewing the proposed layout, the editors declared Dylan to be "too scruffy for a family magazine” and killed the story.“ (Douglas R. Gilbert)

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For more than a week, Gilbert photographed a surprisingly open Bob Dylan, smiling and relaxed among friends like musician John Sebastian and poet Allen Ginsberg. Following Dylan from Woodstock to Greenwich Village to the Newport Folk Festival, Gilbert captured Dylan in his many guises, from the budding family man to Village bohemian to spellbinding performer.

Just a few months after these images were taken, Dylan would undergo striking stylistic and personal changes, and render himself inaccessible to media except under very controlled circumstances. (read more)

Find more photos on Gilbert’s website.

Happy Birthday Mr. Dylan! I can’t wait to hear and see you again at the end of June!

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