“Band of Brothers’ actors singing drill songs at the Bastogne War Museum”

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Please help. My history teacher is annoying and I think she’s trying to suggest that same sex couples are bad for education by flaunting statistics about the dropout rate of children raised by same sex couples and the only response I can think of is that the argument assumes high school is important and I’m suffering please make me feel better

presumably he’s going off of the Douglas W. Allen study? it’s a trash study, here’s a couple links debunking it:

also, Douglas W. Allen is bitterly anti-LGBT and has stated that he believes gay people will go to hell: so basically the study is a sham created by a bigoted liar.

now, it’s not the first time someone has attempted a sham study in this vein- Mark Regnerus made a similarly ideologically motivated farce study, which has similarly been widely debunked:

at any rate, while there have been a few bullshit studies motivated by prejudice in this vein, this meta-study on the subject shows that over the course of 19,000 studies, the overwhelming weight of evidence shows no significant difference between children raised by same-gender couples compared to children rasied by het couples: