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“Barry, I swear to god. If you walk up and down once more you’ll get a punch in the face.” Cisco said pushing him into a chair.

“Sorry…. I’m just really nervous. What if she says no? Or what if she ends up divorcing me?” He asked Cisco sitting up in the chair.

“Dude. She already said yes to going out with you, moving in with you and to be your fiancée. I’m pretty sure she’ll say yes to be your wife.” Cisco said patting him on the shoulder.

“She’s here!” Barry said standing up and fixing his tie.

“To be honest… I’m surprised that it’s (Y/N) that’s late and not you.” Cisco mumbled as he watched you walk down the isle 15 minutes late.

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okay but picture this:

Barry tells Cisco that he’s going to propose to Iris, and Cisco is so excited and agrees to help set up this very elaborate proposal. So they get engaged and Cisco is LIVING. He’s so insanely excited for them and decides that he is going to make this the best wedding in the history of weddings. And Iris and Barry just go along with it because he’s so happy for them and seems to set on planning this wedding. He’s simultaneously the planner, best man, maid of honor, and literally every other role that you can have at a wedding. He takes the course to get ordained online and during the ceremony makes a bunch of movie references, most of which only Barry gets and so he’s laughing and smiling all the way through the service because his best friend is making jokes and he’s actually about to marry his soulmate and everything is so surreal and he’s happier than he’s ever been. Cisco asks Jay to stay at STAR Labs that day so that no one has to worry about any meta attacks, The Flash from Earth-3 has everything handled.
But the entire wedding is so beautiful and Iris and Barry are so impressed that Cisco did all of this by himself and of course Cisco is just blows it off like it wasn’t a big deal because he just wants his friends to be happy, and they are because Cisco helped in making this one of the best days of their life.


Look me in the eye and tell me that Barry Allen won’t cry at his wedding to Iris West. 


Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen’s 50th Wedding Anniversary (from November 24, 1966)

“All my life, I’ve never been anywhere without feeling like I should be some place else, like I hadn’t found where I belonged. But when I’m with you, steadfast and solid, I know I am in the right place. The only place where I know for sure who I am. Wherever I belong, Barry Allen It is with you.” — The Life Story of The Flash (1997)

WestAllen Wedding Headcanons

Because I went to a wedding this weekend, I was in the mood. These will probably never happen on the show, but I still thought they would be fun!

1. Barry and Iris get married on a Saturday. At Barry’s suggestion, they exchange their own set of private vows the day before the wedding on the Jitters rooftop because Barry takes the concept of marriage seriously to the extent that he wants a special moment alone with Iris to declare his genuine love for her free of anyone else’s eyes.

2. Iris is relatively chill about the wedding planning. Linda is the one who takes it upon herself to be the unofficial wedding planner. She goes totally Bridezilla on Iris’s behalf, and on several occasions, reprimands Iris for being too calm and not taking the wedding seriously. It’s not that Iris doesn’t care, because she has dreamed about her wedding like a lot of people do, but the happiness that comes with marrying Barry is too powerful to allow for room for stress and to get caught up in silly wedding details.

3. It’s a decently-sized wedding, but nothing as big as Oliver’s wedding might be. Besides the main characters, the guest list includes Earth 2 Harry and Jesse, Oliver and Felicity, Diggle and Lyla, Dr. Martin Stein and his wife, Jax, various West relatives, Iris’s closest friends from CCPN, Tracy from Jitters, Barry and Iris’s friends from their respective schools, Barry and Joe’s coworkers from the police department, etc. Captain Singh attends with his husband, claps Barry on the shoulder and says, “Didn’t I tell you to never get married, Allen?” Barry gulps, because of course Captain Singh would reprimand him even on his wedding day. Out of all the guests, Captain Singh turns out to be the second most outrageous dancer (after Cisco of course and only because he’s drunk), taking command of the floor. He and Cisco have a dance-off.

4. Iris wears a sweetheart top, fitted, mermaid-style gown with lace as the defining feature. Caitlin convinces her not to go ball-gown style because Barry is tall and lean so she’ll appear too puffy standing next to him, and Iris is petite so a heavy dress might overwhelm her. And anyway, Iris can rock a tight dress. Linda also points out that if she wears a ball-gown style dress, Barry will step all over it being the klutz he is. She still has a long train that Barry accidentally steps on anyway. Her hair is pulled back in wispy updo style with textured tresses, still loose enough so that a few curls frame her face and her veil reaches her mid-back.

5. The inner rims of their wedding bands are engraved with “She is Home” and “He is Home” respectively.

6. Before the ceremony, Joe has a heart-to-heart alone with them, first one with Barry, then one with Iris. He tells Barry there’s no better man he could ever entrust with his daughter, and while he is certain Barry will treat Iris the way she deserves, he needs Barry to make just a single promise to him, which is that he will never take Iris’s love for granted. Barry’s face falls a little at this, like he’s hurt to learn Joe of all people might not believe he appreciates Iris. Joe realizes what Barry thinks he is insinuating and smiles, telling him that’s not what he meant, he only knows that Barry can feel broken sometimes and he wants him to remember on difficult days that he will always have Iris and her fierce love. When Joe meets up with Iris, he can’t help the tears that fall when he sees his baby girl all dressed to get married. Iris promptly starts to cry at the sight of Joe crying and even Linda can’t make any snark remark about tears ruining makeup. Linda leaves respectfully to give them their private moment. Joe says even though he always knew this day was coming (and that Barry was probably going to be the groom, he adds as a light side note so she doesn’t cry further. It works: Iris swats him playfully through her tears), and as much as he is so happy for her and Barry, it is still hard for him to give his Iris away, even to someone perfect for her like Barry.

7. Joe kisses Iris on the forehead before she takes his arm and he walks her down the aisle, and he also kisses her on the forehead a second time when they reach Barry at the end of the aisle.

8. Cisco yells, “Kiss her!” after the officiator pronounces Barry and Iris husband and wife. Wally side-eyes him, but even he can’t help beaming at the happy couple embracing.

9. Throughout the reception after they’re officially married, Barry doesn’t want to let go of Iris at all, holding her hand, staying by her side, following her or leading her next to him, unable to take his eyes off her, watching her every move with his smile not even faltering in the slightest. The guests laugh at him and “Awwww” them and find it endearing. Eventually though, Linda gets fed up and forces his hand from Iris’s because “I know she’s your wife, but I wanna dance with her too, Allen! Clingy, much?” she accuses when Barry pouts and finally lets go of Iris, but not before Iris laughs and takes Barry’s face in her hands, kissing him and promising, “I’ll be right back, Bear.”

10. So that no guests are suspicious, they appear to leave for their honeymoon in a decked out car with Barry driving and Iris in the passenger seat. Everyone sends them off cheering, but those aware of Barry’s secret know that Barry actually plans to pull over, carry Iris out of the car, bridal-style, in her dress and everything, smile sweetly at her before kissing her, asking, “Ready?” to which she’ll respond by throwing her head back and laughing, “Yes,” tightening her arms around his neck before he speeds them off to the first city on their list.


Aca-Wedding: Chapter 4

Summary: Two years since graduation, the Trebles and Bellas are reunited again in Tasmania for the aca-wedding they never thought would happen and let’s just say a lot has changed, and yet maybe everything is still the same.

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The Greatest Gift

Westallen fic by BriellaBleu,  Chapters:1/1


It’s Barry and Iris’ first wedding anniversary and though it is defintely not a competition Iris is determined that her gift will beat Barry’s for once.

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To my left was Barry – looking hella sharp in a Hugo Boss tuxedo. Future-Me had a slick goatee and was sporting some serious bling – like a pair of solid gold Louis Vuitton cufflinks. Shiny. Joe was also there, holding a bible…that’s when I realized, this was a wedding! Not just any wedding, this was my wedding! (x)

Still not over Barry going out of his way to give Iris the closure that was ripped away from her. This was something that Iris really and truly needed and even though the show hasn’t done the best job of being consistent with it, the abruptness of Eddie’s death affected our girl a lot. Now she doesn’t have to wonder about what would Eddie think or say because Barry gave that to her. This is right up there with the 360 kiss for me except maybe even better because it’s just an expression of the pure, selfless love he has for her. Barry really has grown, it’s hard to tell because he does so many stupid things but somewhere in all the stupid, he really matured