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D.Gray man Fluff!!! Please

I don’t normally do more than 3 for headcanons but since they’re all pretty short, I made an exception :) please enjoy (I don’t know if these are fluffy enough though :,) rip)


  • Gives surprise kisses on the nose, cheeks, eyelid, ears, hands, everywhere tbh
  • Every morning, without ever forgetting, will say “I love you” with a good morning kiss when you exit your room
  • Runs to you like a little puppy when you return from a mission and takes you to the cafeteria
  • Will actually share food with you and loves to feed you himself
  • He stops whatever he’s doing if he catches you playing with Timcanpy and just watches with the most loving smile ever (Link always comments how creepy / strange Allen looks)


  • Loves playing with your hair (if it’s long, he’ll be braiding it all day but if it’s short, he’ll be running his fingers through “soft heaven”)
  • Cannot ever say no to you and will constantly be told that you’re being spoiled by him
  • He has no limits to public affection and will either have an arm around your waist, showering you with kisses, or complimenting your everything
  • Literally cries with happiness every single he gets to see you in your casual clothes (out of uniform) along with a waterfall of compliments
  • Loves naps and sleeping even more if you’re with him in his arms


  • Will always sit next to you in public or privacy (out of jealousy and desire to be near you)
  • If you’re sad or emotionally in pain, he pats your head while quietly assuring you until you feel better
  • When cuddling (which is rare), he likes you in front with his arms around you while his head is buried into your hair or the crook of your neck
  • If he’s done something faster than you (eating, dressing, getting checked up by the doctors) he will stand and wait without complaint (even if Allen and Lavi’s presence is annoying the heck out of him)
  • If you get injured, he’s apologizing every few minutes for not being able to help (even if he couldn’t have been around), fully aware of how fragile humans can be, especially when you can’t just heal yourself like he can


  • Will only flirt / woo ladies if he desperately HAS to (it hurts his heart to see you later knowing that he flirted with someone else)
  • Loves playing jokes and teasing you but can’t ever keep it going for long
  • As much as he likes his human friends, he always misses you and wishes to see you soon
  • If you’re ever jealous about anyone, he will spend the next hours whispering how you’re perfect and that you’re the real perfect one
  • When someone (usually Sheril or Earl) calls you “Tyki’s little lover,” he freezes and has to remind himself about how you’re his and no one else’s for a moment (he just can’t believe it)

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Because Barry came and went from Earth-38 so quickly the first time, he was only seen helping Supergirl once and then disappeared from the public. Due to his quick blip of existence, he became more of a legend than a full fledged hero on Kara’s Earth, and therefore his “story” was turned into a movie. Of course the backstory of the Flash was laughably wrong and a romance plot with Supergirl was made. When Kara showed the Earth-1 heroes the movie, Oliver died laughing, Iris thought the actor was hot “but not as hot as you baby”, and the others just thought it was strange.

Anon: How would they react to their s/o's writing skills and creativity and herself in general getting offended and insulted by her classmate? They just came home to see her sobbing in her knees,lap top with insults opened in front of them?

Hello sweetie! Sorry for this being late whomever you are, dear anon. But here it is, although I should have probably warned that for these sort of asks I’ll be choosing only two of the 2p’s. So if you want someone specific please do put their country down, and if not then I will simply put them in a generator and have them picked out for me.
Either way, here is 2p! America and 2p! Japan. :)

2p! America/ Allen: In all honesty, Allen would be more amused than anything by the way his s/o reacts. She’s more affronted by her bully than actually hurt, so he enjoys watching her rant and rave with a passion when she tells him about the situation.
Of course, over time, the bullying would get worse, more than his s/o can take all at once and so when he finds her crying, Allen is no longer amused. He isn’t happy to know that his spit fire of a girl is being so emotionally abused and thus would decide to take matters into his own hands…. by giving some friendly advice in kind for the treatment.

2p! Japan/ Kuro: I honestly do not think the s/o would immediately tell Kuro anything, feeling as if she needed to confront this herself. Of course when everything you say gets laughed at, she’d slowly become timid by nature. With only those biting words rotating around her daily, she’ll begin to suffocate, and her heart and voice would shut down.
Kuro will then begin to notice her detachment and would one day find her crying, trying to stifle her sobs as best as she could. It is then that his s/o would tell him about the bullying and how weak and ashamed she felt for letting it all get to her.
Kuro would give her comfort. Allowing himself to be her courage and support.


“That right there - that’s what I’ve always liked about you…” Thawne started with a wicked smirk curling at his top lip to reveal a set of teeth that suddenly seemed too sharp. “You’re just too smart for you’re own good.”

“Dr. Wells…” You weren’t sure how to get out of this, but playing dumb seemed to be the way to go even though you were currently handcuffed in a room you never knew existed in S.T.A.R. Labs. You still had to try. Quickly forcing a laugh that sounded too nervous for your liking, you asked, “Are you feeling okay? I think you’ve been working too-”

“Stop.” He growled. “You know who I am, don’t you? Say it.” 

You pursed your lips and shook your head chaotically in a last attempt to lie to the man who had the power to reach through your body and stop your heart…

“Go on…” He urged through a rough whisper, his voice menacing and dark. “Say it.”

“Eobard Thawne.” You managed in a jittery tone… “Are you going to kill me?”

“Oh, no.” He said with a dark laugh. “I’ve got bigger plans for you…”

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Hey folks! I’ve finished all my do-wops and shenanigans for the summer like short film projects and trips to Disneyland, so I’ve finally got enough free time to open commissions!! 

All the info you’ll need is posted above. You can choose between:

-Busts: usually waist up drawing of a character(s).
-Full Body: … a full body drawing of a character(s).
and -Action Panel: one flat rate drawing for 4 (and additional $4 for any additional). Flat rate for Flat Color and Fancy Color for ALL characters as well. Action Panel is just a dynamic scene of 4 characters of your choice with a roughed in to completed background. 

In the style of:

-Line Art: drawing with clean lines, no color.
-Flat Color: quick and simple color pass under line drawing.
and -Fancy Color: colorized line with more detailed coloring and gradients/overlays/textures etc.

All the prices are as listed above (*Edit* I forgot to include that any additional character for busts is $4, such as in the Full Body package). 

You can choose any character(s) and any pose. I do fandom art, OCs, portraits of yourselves for avatars/profile pics or other people for gifts, etc. 

Payments are through PayPal and upfront! Once the payment is processed, expect your commission within 2 weeks. Commissions will be completed in the order received!

For commissions and inquiries, message me through here or my email ( Please provide the package and type you want, the character(s), pose/action, mood you’re going for, and any additional notes you feel are necessary to satisfying your commission desires. Thanks guys!

**EDIT** Commissions are currently closed. 



Day One: Alternate Universe (Revolution!AU)
ColdFlash stuck in the Revolution verse?

I 100% didn’t come up with the idea. I saw it done with aplacecalledshutupandstayhere and I really wanted to try my hand at it. (I also really just wanted an excuse to put Len in a Militia outfit)

When the power goes out, Len and his rouges manage to take over Central City. However in order to maintain his foothold (and make use of his Cold Gun again) Leonard Snart needs turn the power back on. In order to do so he must find Barry Allen an old ally/enemy who he’s convinced has the solution.