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Could you please write some 2p AmeIta with Luci pestering Al for attention? You don't have to if you don't want to or if you think it's OOC, I was just wondering. Thanks! (and Happy Holidays!)

There’s a rhythmic tapping as his nails hit the table over and over. Possibly annoying to others but no where near as bad as anything he could be doing. Still, his tapping does nothing to gain the attention of Allen as he’s too absorbed in his game. 

“Fuuuuuck,” He drawls out as another death flashes across the screen. Luciano rolls his eyes. He’s seen that screen just as many times as Allen has yet the American still goes back to playing. It’s starting to really bug Luciano.

He doesn’t visit often and this amount of being ignored is ridiculous. Allen continues to play, pressing buttons in an organised fashion and cursing lowly when he dies yet again.

“Really?” Luciano finally asks him. Allen pauses and blinks innocently at him, a first since he never does anything with innocence. The game flashes another death  since Allen hadn’t been paying attention and his attention goes right back to that.

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9th April 1970 | The McCartney LP press kit was distributed 
The original one consisted of a general information page, a Q&A with Paul (complete with coffee stain), a track-by-track explanation page & a lyrics section. The above scans show the original various coloured A4 paper the document was printed on.

“..there was no way I could sit around and do a press conference… if the Evening Standard wants to know what’s going on, there’s my press release.

The press kit devised by Paul and Apple Records, sent out with promo copies of the McCartney LP, is a raw and poignant document of its time. In it, he explains the making of the album and offers information about its individual tracks. But, at the same time, in April of 1970, it was Paul’s comments about The Beatles that would make all the headlines.

Although the group was effectively finished by this point, no announcement had been made. Almost as an afterthought, Paul broaches the subject as he prepared the world for his solo debut. To a series of questions about The Beatles’ future, he replies with terse negativity.
       → Was he planning a new album or single with the group? No.”
            → Could he foresee more songs from the Lennon & McCartney team? No.”
                 → Did the group actually have a future? Time will tell.”
                      → Was the situation permanent or temporary? I don’t know.” 
It was enough to set the alarm bells ringing. As Paul’s words were flashed around the world after the 10th of April, it quickly became apparent that The Beatles were no more.

Paul’s only ambition, he declares, “is to grow up”. Painful as the break-up was, it was a necessary step in his development as a human being and as an artist.
Watch the Cast of Downton Abbey Guess the Meaning of 1920s Slang

Ahead of the Jan. 3, 2016, U.S. premiere of the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey, stars Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, Allen Leech and Kevin Doyle joined TIME at the Plaza Hotel—somewhere the Crawley family might really have seen if they visited New York City in the 1920s—to discuss the show’s take on history and to test their own knowledge of historical 1920s slang. (All terminology and definitions were found in the second edition of Cassell’s Dictionary of Slang.)

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Allen Ginsberg and Thelonious Monk at Baroness Pannonica (“Nica”) Koenigswarter’s apartment, New York City, 1961

From Bill Morgan’s I Celebrate Myself - The (Somewhat) Private Life of Allen Ginsberg: When Thelonious Monk performed for a few weeks, Allen listened to him almost every night after Peter left for work. On one night Allen handed Monk a copy of Howl and Other Poems, then a week later asked him what he thought. Monk said he was almost finished with it but Allen continued to press him; “Well, what do you think? "It makes sense”, was Monk’s funny, spur-of-the-moment answer, which delighted Allen so much that he repeated it countless times.

DA Press Evening

I’ve been asked by several people via text and messages to share a little about the Downton Abbey press event last night. I’ll do my best, but if you have specific questions, inbox me and I’ll do my best to answer.

First of all, I have to thank a lovely friend for the invitation to attend. I was truly not expecting to attend this amazing event and through her generosity, I was given an opportunity of a lifetime. You know who you are, and I am truly grateful!

The rest is under the “read more” to avoid spoilers and to keep the post shorter!

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A Stunning Display at the EFG Ferrari Owners’ Concours 

The Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain 2015 National Event at Stapleford Park last weekend (July 11th & 12th) saw a stunning display of cars and high quality of entries for the EFG Concours.

Held in the splendid setting of Stapleford Park in Leicestershire, which the Club had exclusively, the annual Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain National Event is a member’s only event which this year saw over 400 Ferrari’s attending along with in excess of 600 members to celebrate all things Ferrari.

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Kristen at the Press Junket at the Cannes Film Festival 2016 - Video