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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Opening Night Press Interview

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A whisper in the ear + yullen?

Oooh I think you might’ve wanted something sweeter, but this is what I first thought of. Ty for the request!

the way you said I love you prompt list [any pairings]

A whisper in the ear

Kanda leaned against the storefront as he waited on Allen to finish shopping, and just on the other side of the glass double-doors was a gaggle of teenagers. That in itself was annoying, but then they had to go and talk too.

“It doesn’t look real to me. It has to be fake,” One of the teens said, staring unabashedly through the windows. “Don’t be stupid.”

“Dyed hair looks dyed. That doesn’t,” Another said, this time pointing.

Allen was almost done, Kanda told himself. No need to get worked up over a bunch of teens. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes, focusing instead on the rumble of cars driving by, the occasional breeze, the quiet swish of the doors opening.

Then, “He looks freaky!”

Kanda crossed the short distance without even a thought, looming over the kids. “Watch your fucking mouth,” Kanda snapped, because yeah they’re just kids but fuck if they aren’t being annoying and rude.

“What the hell’s your problem?” One of them demanded.

Kanda cocked a brow, unimpressed. “My problem is you little assholes here talking shit about my boyfriend.”

It was galling, Kanda thought, that when the doors opened and Allen stepped through, he recognized him on sound alone. He closed his eyes for a moment, then turned towards Allen. What damn timing.

Allen’s brows rose as he took in the situation before he offered a smile. “Is there something wrong?” He asked charmingly, breaking out the I’ll-steal-candy-from-kids-and-you-won’t-even-mind smile.

“Not a damn thing,” Kanda said, side-eyeing the teens in what he thought was a threatening enough manner.

“Don’t go bullying kids, Kanda,” Allen admonished. What the fuck. Here Kanda was defending his honor and Allen couldn’t even appreciate it. “Here, take some of these.” Kanda grudgingly accepted some of the groceries. With his free hand Allen guided Kanda’s shoulder aside so they could leave, but not before he offered the little shits another smile. “Sorry about that - but you really should stop talking about people, especially when they’re not five feet away.”

With that, Allen walked off, Kanda beside him. It took only a few steps before Allen’s hand drifted from his shoulder, down his back, and into his back-pocket.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Kanda demanded, brow raised.  

Allen laughed, sounding delighted. Then, he drifted closer, turning his head towards Kanda until his lips brushed the shell of his ear. Kanda repressed a shiver, hating the way heat crept across the back of his neck.

“Thank you,” Allen whispered, laughter in his voice. “I love you.”

Kanda turned away and Allen pressed a kiss to his nape. Hissing, he jerked his hand up to cover it, and Allen kissed the back of his hand too, and then his cheek, and by then Kanda had started speed walking away, leaving behind a laughing Allen.

He thought about telling Allen to shut up, but then he sighed, squeezing back when Allen came and held his hand.

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this isn't necessarily a request but y'know what is a good and pure mental image? poker pair forehead kisses. allen kissing tyki's stigmata, one by one, reaffirming that he loves even this side of him. tyki pressing sweet, reassuring kisses to allen's skin, carefully avoiding his scar out of a badly-hidden fear that it'll react to him as a Noah and hurt his boy, until one day Allen guides his hand to rest on the scar, dragging it slowly down over his closed eye to prove he won't get hurt... :)

listenn,, i know u said it wasnt a request but u cant expect me to read this (the sweetest most pure and wholesome thing i’ve ever?) and not do anything about it. So. Ur just gonna have to deal with 1,300 words of Tykillen fluff okay ur actions have repercussions js

Allen dozed somewhere between sleep and half-wakefulness, whatever consciousness he had focused only on the warm hand trailing over his stomach and waist, up his chest and across his collarbone. Slow and calm and Tyki. Not because Allen knew Tyki’s touch so intimately (he did) or because he remembered them falling asleep just like this (he definitely did), but because no-one touched him like Tyki did. No-one’s hands were as gentle, as careful or as reverent as Tyki’s were when he traced undefinable patterns across Allen’s body. Painting him with love, his fingertips the softest brushes.

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9th April 1970 | The McCartney LP press kit was distributed 
The original one consisted of a general information page, a Q&A with Paul (complete with coffee stain), a track-by-track explanation page & a lyrics section. The above scans show the original various coloured A4 paper the document was printed on.

“..there was no way I could sit around and do a press conference… if the Evening Standard wants to know what’s going on, there’s my press release.

The press kit devised by Paul and Apple Records, sent out with promo copies of the McCartney LP, is a raw and poignant document of its time. In it, he explains the making of the album and offers information about its individual tracks. But, at the same time, in April of 1970, it was Paul’s comments about The Beatles that would make all the headlines.

Although the group was effectively finished by this point, no announcement had been made. Almost as an afterthought, Paul broaches the subject as he prepared the world for his solo debut. To a series of questions about The Beatles’ future, he replies with terse negativity.
       → Was he planning a new album or single with the group? No.”
            → Could he foresee more songs from the Lennon & McCartney team? No.”
                 → Did the group actually have a future? Time will tell.”
                      → Was the situation permanent or temporary? I don’t know.” 
It was enough to set the alarm bells ringing. As Paul’s words were flashed around the world after the 10th of April, it quickly became apparent that The Beatles were no more.

Paul’s only ambition, he declares, “is to grow up”. Painful as the break-up was, it was a necessary step in his development as a human being and as an artist.


Animedia July 2016 Issue

Pictures are incredibly bad but this is the best I can do for now since I don’t have a scanner. 

The Animedia issue has 

1. An interview with Hoshino-sensei (the colour spread)

2. A special interview with the director of the anime and Allen’s seiyuu. (sketches of OT4 + Link)

3. A joint artwork by the director of the anime and the character designer (Allen in a hoodie.) + a list of the merchandise that will be available.

4. The last one is a fanart sent in to the magazine wwww (Lavi’s asking someone to save his soul)

Photos belong to me (rielity), please do not repost.

Long Lost Letter That Inspired On the Road Found in Oakland

In December 1950, Jack Kerouac got a letter from his friend Neal Cassady, which recounted a wild weekend in Denver that included climbing out a window to escape the discovery of his affair with a babysitter. According to Kerouac, it was this letter that inspired him to write On the Road in the energetic, disruptive way he did. Also according to Kerouac, this famed epistle had probably been dropped off the side of a houseboat decades ago, never to be held or read ever again.

It turns out Kerouac was, happily, wrong.

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Beatdom Books author John Tytell is quote several times in this article.

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2p usuk lemon or fluff?

“Allen, dear, that’s too much…” Oliver sighed as he watched the American put way, way too much baking soda into the bowl. Allen let out a groan as he looked back at his boyfriend. Oliver had offered to teach him how to make cookies (vegan friendly, of course), but Allen was having trouble with it, which Oliver found both amusing and exasperating. “It’s not my fault, I told you I wouldn’t be good at this. I can cook, I just can’t bake. Especially not these dumbass cookies.” Allen said, glaring down at the bowl that was now more baking soda than anything.

Oliver pursed his lips together. “Language.” He said sternly, then sighed and picked up the bowl. “Well, we can’t get it out, it’s already begun to mix with everything else… I suppose we’ll just have to start from scratch, then…” He sighed sadly. “What a waste of good ingredients…”

Allen then grinned wide and looked at Oliver, making his way over to him so that he was right next to the shorter man, and smiled at the strawberry blonde. “Or, we could do something else other than baking, dollface~” He nearly purred as he spoke, and Oliver could feel his face heating up as Allen leaned down, pressing a kiss right below his earlobe. “W-Well…” Oliver started, already extremely flustered. “I-I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take a break…”

As he ended the sentence, Allen’s smile widened and he quite literally swept Oliver off his feet, ready to show off what he was actually good at.

Tree (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: Another request! Bear in mind it’s 4 AM and I’m not sure what’s real anymore, so please give me some credit. Hope you like it! Love you! Stay safe and be good!

Request:  “I was wondering when you were going to notice.” with Barry

Originally posted by atravelgirl

             I looked at the beautiful tree I somehow managed to bring to the flat. It was huge and within seconds the whole apartment smelled like forest.  Barry was going to love it, as soon as he stops for a second to actually notice it, that is. He had this weird habit of just ignoring things that were obvious and right in front of him. Example being my huge crush, that I had on him, before he actually asked me out. Then again he was a busy man - balancing his CSI career, being the hero of Central City and recently entertaining his girlfriend couldn’t really be easy.

             I sighed in content, proud of myself. He probably forgot about Christmas, he probably didn’t even notice it was December and I couldn’t blame him. Dealing with the Flashpoint and its consequences, would do that to you. He lost the track of time.

             I started decorating, humming to the Christmas songs playing in the background. I knew I had time, I paid Cisco with sweets to update me on my man’s location at all times. I had at least two hours to pull it off and I knew he was going to be so happy.


‘Y/N! I’m home!’ he said the moment he stepped into our flat.

             Looking at two cups of hot chocolate, I smirked. Of course I knew he was here. It wasn’t cheap but I knew. I took the cups and went to greet him.

‘Welcome home, Barry’ I said, smiling at him brightly and passing him the mug.

             His eyes lighted up and he pressed a kiss to my forehead. Whenever he came back the whole flat seemed to feel more like home. Without his presence it felt empty, duller and lacking the warmth. The moment he stepped in, it regained all of that. It felt homely, warm and you could feel the love spreading throughout.

‘How was work?’ I asked sitting on the couch and eyeing him warily, waiting for any sign that he noticed a huge tree next to the TV.

             But no. His eyes were glued to mine and as romantic as that may seem, I really wanted him to see and praise my hard work. He smiled and started to talk about his work. I didn’t know if that means I was a bad girlfriend but I couldn’t focus on his science rant, only thinking when and if he was going to notice. At one point he stopped talking altogether and I started wondering if he asked me a question. I looked up and saw his beautiful eyes focused on the Christmas tree.

             I saw it all in slow motion. His eyes widening, his lips forming a small ‘o’ and then the most beautiful smile gracing his face. I felt butterflies raging in my tummy and I smiled seeing the happiness my effort caused him.

‘I was wondering when you were going to notice’ I whispered, not really wanting to destroy this beautiful moment.

             He looked at me and in few seconds I was in his arms, his face really close to mine, our foreheads touching.

‘It’s wonderful’ he said quietly, peppering my face with small kisses ‘I can’t believe you let me bore you to death, when you did this amazing thing… and I haven’t even noticed… It’s beautiful, Y/N, thank you for doing that…’

             I knew he was stressed before, with all the things he caused by changing the timeline and trying so badly to fix them. And now I could finally see all that tension leaving his body. Of course he didn’t forgive himself entirely, but he was calmer. I didn’t anticipate how the small gesture can ease some of the weight from your shoulder.

‘I love you, Barry Allen’ I whispered, pressing my lips to his ‘Never forget that.’

‘Sometimes the only thing that makes sense is being with you’ he said quietly ‘The only thing that’s easy is coming home to you every day… Being with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me and you cannot phantom how much I love you, Y/N’

             I hugged him, feeling the tears threatening to fall. I knew exactly how he felt because sometimes it was hard to understand how much I loved him. But like he said, it was easy and it should be. It should be easy to love another person, because only then you knew it’s real.


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A Stunning Display at the EFG Ferrari Owners’ Concours 

The Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain 2015 National Event at Stapleford Park last weekend (July 11th & 12th) saw a stunning display of cars and high quality of entries for the EFG Concours.

Held in the splendid setting of Stapleford Park in Leicestershire, which the Club had exclusively, the annual Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain National Event is a member’s only event which this year saw over 400 Ferrari’s attending along with in excess of 600 members to celebrate all things Ferrari.

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