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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Opening Night Press Interview

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A whisper in the ear + yullen?

Oooh I think you might’ve wanted something sweeter, but this is what I first thought of. Ty for the request!

the way you said I love you prompt list [any pairings]

A whisper in the ear

Kanda leaned against the storefront as he waited on Allen to finish shopping, and just on the other side of the glass double-doors was a gaggle of teenagers. That in itself was annoying, but then they had to go and talk too.

“It doesn’t look real to me. It has to be fake,” One of the teens said, staring unabashedly through the windows. “Don’t be stupid.”

“Dyed hair looks dyed. That doesn’t,” Another said, this time pointing.

Allen was almost done, Kanda told himself. No need to get worked up over a bunch of teens. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes, focusing instead on the rumble of cars driving by, the occasional breeze, the quiet swish of the doors opening.

Then, “He looks freaky!”

Kanda crossed the short distance without even a thought, looming over the kids. “Watch your fucking mouth,” Kanda snapped, because yeah they’re just kids but fuck if they aren’t being annoying and rude.

“What the hell’s your problem?” One of them demanded.

Kanda cocked a brow, unimpressed. “My problem is you little assholes here talking shit about my boyfriend.”

It was galling, Kanda thought, that when the doors opened and Allen stepped through, he recognized him on sound alone. He closed his eyes for a moment, then turned towards Allen. What damn timing.

Allen’s brows rose as he took in the situation before he offered a smile. “Is there something wrong?” He asked charmingly, breaking out the I’ll-steal-candy-from-kids-and-you-won’t-even-mind smile.

“Not a damn thing,” Kanda said, side-eyeing the teens in what he thought was a threatening enough manner.

“Don’t go bullying kids, Kanda,” Allen admonished. What the fuck. Here Kanda was defending his honor and Allen couldn’t even appreciate it. “Here, take some of these.” Kanda grudgingly accepted some of the groceries. With his free hand Allen guided Kanda’s shoulder aside so they could leave, but not before he offered the little shits another smile. “Sorry about that - but you really should stop talking about people, especially when they’re not five feet away.”

With that, Allen walked off, Kanda beside him. It took only a few steps before Allen’s hand drifted from his shoulder, down his back, and into his back-pocket.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Kanda demanded, brow raised.  

Allen laughed, sounding delighted. Then, he drifted closer, turning his head towards Kanda until his lips brushed the shell of his ear. Kanda repressed a shiver, hating the way heat crept across the back of his neck.

“Thank you,” Allen whispered, laughter in his voice. “I love you.”

Kanda turned away and Allen pressed a kiss to his nape. Hissing, he jerked his hand up to cover it, and Allen kissed the back of his hand too, and then his cheek, and by then Kanda had started speed walking away, leaving behind a laughing Allen.

He thought about telling Allen to shut up, but then he sighed, squeezing back when Allen came and held his hand.

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this isn't necessarily a request but y'know what is a good and pure mental image? poker pair forehead kisses. allen kissing tyki's stigmata, one by one, reaffirming that he loves even this side of him. tyki pressing sweet, reassuring kisses to allen's skin, carefully avoiding his scar out of a badly-hidden fear that it'll react to him as a Noah and hurt his boy, until one day Allen guides his hand to rest on the scar, dragging it slowly down over his closed eye to prove he won't get hurt... :)

listenn,, i know u said it wasnt a request but u cant expect me to read this (the sweetest most pure and wholesome thing i’ve ever?) and not do anything about it. So. Ur just gonna have to deal with 1,300 words of Tykillen fluff okay ur actions have repercussions js

Allen dozed somewhere between sleep and half-wakefulness, whatever consciousness he had focused only on the warm hand trailing over his stomach and waist, up his chest and across his collarbone. Slow and calm and Tyki. Not because Allen knew Tyki’s touch so intimately (he did) or because he remembered them falling asleep just like this (he definitely did), but because no-one touched him like Tyki did. No-one’s hands were as gentle, as careful or as reverent as Tyki’s were when he traced undefinable patterns across Allen’s body. Painting him with love, his fingertips the softest brushes.

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9th April 1970 | The McCartney LP press kit was distributed 
The original one consisted of a general information page, a Q&A with Paul (complete with coffee stain), a track-by-track explanation page & a lyrics section. The above scans show the original various coloured A4 paper the document was printed on.

“..there was no way I could sit around and do a press conference… if the Evening Standard wants to know what’s going on, there’s my press release.

The press kit devised by Paul and Apple Records, sent out with promo copies of the McCartney LP, is a raw and poignant document of its time. In it, he explains the making of the album and offers information about its individual tracks. But, at the same time, in April of 1970, it was Paul’s comments about The Beatles that would make all the headlines.

Although the group was effectively finished by this point, no announcement had been made. Almost as an afterthought, Paul broaches the subject as he prepared the world for his solo debut. To a series of questions about The Beatles’ future, he replies with terse negativity.
       → Was he planning a new album or single with the group? No.”
            → Could he foresee more songs from the Lennon & McCartney team? No.”
                 → Did the group actually have a future? Time will tell.”
                      → Was the situation permanent or temporary? I don’t know.” 
It was enough to set the alarm bells ringing. As Paul’s words were flashed around the world after the 10th of April, it quickly became apparent that The Beatles were no more.

Paul’s only ambition, he declares, “is to grow up”. Painful as the break-up was, it was a necessary step in his development as a human being and as an artist.

2p! FACE reaction: s/o is scared of thunder.

2p France/Francois Bonnefoy

Francois grunted as he retreated back indoors. He usually would smoke on the porch around this time of day but the rain was making it almost impossible. “Back so soon?” s/o questioned as they looked for something good to watch on the television. “Just wanted to spend more time with you.” He shrugged, practically emotionless. “HAH- no really… What’s going on?” They laughed. Francois said nothing and instead pointed out of the window. s/o fell silent once more and continued their search for a good show. The wind picked up and before they knew it, the power went out. A soft rumble could be heard in the distance. “I’ll go get the flashlights.” Francois stated, walking into another room. Lightning flashes could be seen through the window, the rumbling was gradually getting louder. s/o started growing paranoid, they curled up in blankets and hugged a pillow for so called ‘protection’. Francois entered the room once more, noticing a little fort they created around themselves. He gave an amused look and sat down next to them. s/o had practically jumped when they heard a startling noise. This noise was something they were all too familiar with. s/o was very frightened of this particular noise, it was thunder. Francois took a mental note of this and pulled his s/o closer to him. He said nothing, but it seemed like s/o was contempt with his actions since they had fallen asleep. Francois didn’t move a muscle. Then again, he rarely does.

2p America/Allen F. Jones

“W-what the hell?!” Allen yelled in surprise as s/o had dropped their game controller in order to cling to him. “I-I’m sorry! I was just startled.” s/o apologized as they stopped clutching onto him. “Whoa- wait. Hold on… Are you afraid of thunder?” Allen asked, pressing pause on his game. This was an action he never did, which took s/o off guard. “Afraid? Me? No… never.” They declined, averting their eyes. “Sure~ Whatever you say doll.” He smirked knowingly. The two continued to play the game until the torturous sound of thunder rang in their ears. s/o panicked and closed their eyes, covering their ears. “AHA!” Allen laughed, bringing his s/o closer. “You didn’t have to hide it doll. I think it’s cute.” He commented, engulfing their body in a protective hug. “That’s exactly why I wanted to hide it.” They sighed.

2p Canada/Mattieu Williams

s/o patted Kuma on the head, the polar bear had grunted in response. “We should head back.” Matt said, picking his stuff off of the ground. “Looks like a storm’s coming our way. We wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a ton of tall pine trees when lightning strikes.” He stated. putting his hand on his s/o shoulder. “Yeah…” s/o agreed, trailing off. “I know you’re afraid of thunder, so I thought we could check in at the old cabin and head back in the morning.” He suggested. “I-I am not afraid of thunder!” They defended. “Uh huh…” The Canadian raised his brow in disbelief. “Either way. We should stay at the Cabin tonight.” Mattieu said, pointing up ahead at the cabin. s/o let out an audible gasp as they heard thunder off in the distance. Mattieu snickered, but didn’t say anything to make them upset. Another lighting strike was all it took to make s/o practically jump through the roof. “R-right!! So, to the cabin then?” They picked up their steps, eager to get inside. “I told you..” Matt smirked. “SHUT UP…”

2p England/Oliver Kirkland

Oliver had just arrived back at home during the worst of the storm. “Poppet! I’m home! Such nasty weather out there hm?” The cheerful strawberry blonde said, entering the living room. “O-ollie…” s/o trembled, they were wrapped up in blankets and had a bad case of the hiccups. “Oh my goodness! Are you afraid of the thunder? I am so sorry for leaving you here all by yourself! You poor thing..!” Oliver rushed over to them. “It’s alright poppet… I’m here now.” He cooed, wrapping them up in his warm embrace. “I won’t leave you. So, you can just close your eyes until the storm is over.” He assured, gently stroking their head.


Animedia July 2016 Issue

Pictures are incredibly bad but this is the best I can do for now since I don’t have a scanner. 

The Animedia issue has 

1. An interview with Hoshino-sensei (the colour spread)

2. A special interview with the director of the anime and Allen’s seiyuu. (sketches of OT4 + Link)

3. A joint artwork by the director of the anime and the character designer (Allen in a hoodie.) + a list of the merchandise that will be available.

4. The last one is a fanart sent in to the magazine wwww (Lavi’s asking someone to save his soul)

Photos belong to me (rielity), please do not repost.

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How would Tyki say to Allen that he loves him and viceversa?

Hey there, anon! 

Tyki is someone who tends to convey things through touch and physical affection, so I imagine him always pulling Allen close or pressing his mouth into Allen’s hair.  He’ll do this for a few seconds, before finally whispering, “I love you.”

As for Allen, he doesn’t usually say such things in public - admitting he loves Tyki is just such a vulnerable experience, and it’s usually done in a quiet moment - sometimes early mornings when he’s just woken up for example.  He’ll nuzzle into Tyki a bit, before murmuring he loves him.  In the evening before bed Allen also tends to say “I love you” as well.

2p! AmeCan NSFW

Allen sat motionless, pressed against the wall of the kitchen. Matt gently inserted his most favourite snack into him. One, two, three, four times. Allen felt his ice cold exterior shiver with anticipation. Matt pushed down on his knob, grinning lazily as he pulled out a tub of cold butter. Allen couldn’t wait to watch Matt smear it all over his snack. Matt gently lifted Allen’s most sensitive part of himself, rubbing his thumb against it absentmindedly. Allen heated up as he was plugged into the wall, the electricity rampaging through his body. Matt was satisfied, and watched his trusty ol’ toaster cook up his favourite snack.

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So wait.... um Price do you sorta understand what's happening in Master of the Heavenly Yard? I'm lost RIP

The plot as I understand it is, roughly:

Allen goes to find Riliane (presumably with Nemesis in tow but she doesn’t come up much in the song). Gammon is rallying the Tasan party to go track down and destroy the sin contractors, believing them responsible for the world ending. They go to attack Riliane, who is unprotected as her ministers are still sleeping from Eve’s actions in SCAP. Clarith helps her to safety, and Riliane decides to deal with the problem herself rather than waiting around any more. There are heroes and commoners who, I believe, decide that they must stop Gammon because he’s looking at things all wrong, and so they take up arms against the Tasan party.

Allen opens up the black box. This part is a little more vague, likely because it’s going to be clearer in the novel, but I think he uses it to institute a reset of the world so they can start over without all the nonsense the gods left behind in their legacy. I think this is what leads people to getting sucked into the black box. Nemesis is there too. The Not Eve part is too vague to get a handle on what’s going on there, of course. MEANWHILE, Riliane goes to confront the Master of the Court, who she believes is behind Gammon and his troops. Gear seems to try to stop her, but ultimately she prevails over them and (I think) assimilates MotC somehow.

Allen finds Riliane at last, but at this point she has changed. MotC reawakened the will of Ma (I think) inside of Riliane. Gammon presses Allen to kill Riliane in order to save the world, but he chooses to take a third option instead (not clear what that is) and save both Riliane and the world. Then time goes on again and a new, better world is born (I think with the two of them watching over it or something like that).