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20 months

Happy 20 months babe. Woop woop, we’re still going strong! Haha, anyways.. I either write you a letter, or post something for you when it comes to these little “anniversaries”. I appreciate having you in my life. I love the fact that you’re my best friend, and now, something more than that. I love how comfortable we are with each other. If I want to scream BLOOP BLOOP LOOLI LOOOI AHHHH, or some other random thing.. You wouldn’t judge me and think “I’m going out with a psycho”, but you’d most likely make similar sounds WITH me. If I decide to roll around on the floor, and act like a caterpillar, you’d probably either give me a weird look, or even roll around/ act like a caterpillar with me too. You let me be me, and I can’t ask for anything better. I’m not going to lie, but I still get the butterflies with you. I still feel crazy about you, and I smile and laugh to myself when I think about the good old days with each other. It’s pretty unexplainable, but one things for sure is that God has placed an amazing person in my life. 

Remember on myspace, how I used to do those “secret shout outs”? I’m sure I’ve already shown you this, but here you go again.

You mean A LOT to me. I dont think anyone understands how much. I may say it to people, but i really dont think they know how much i mean it. You know sometimes i ask myself about you, but i’m afraid that i know the answer, but i don’t want to believe myself. cuz i dont want anything to change. besides it seems so wrong. 

apparently, I wrote this two years ago (Jan 09). And when I said “Sometimes I ask myself about you”, that actually meant whether or not I was falling for my best friend. When I said “But I’m afraid that I know answer”, meant  YES I was actually building feelings for you around that time, and the “I don’t want to believe myself”, was me being in-denial.

There you have it! I loves you dog. Happy 1 year & 8 months ;P AWWWWHHH YEEEEEEEEE . haha sike .